High School Reunion

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I sat in my car in the dark at the back of the car park watching all the couples walk into my old High School for the “Turning Forty” reunion. I had been divorced for over eleven years and did not have a girl friend to accompany me to this sort of social event.

I was in two minds whether to attend or not. While I did want to see some of my old friends again, the thought of the “Oh your by yourself?” remarks was giving me second thoughts. I watched the couples as the lights fell on them and after recognizing some of my best mates from all those years ago decided to go and have a few laughs.

A few deep breaths later I got out of my car and started walking across the car park.

“David, David, wait!”

I heard a female voice call out from behind me so I turned around to see who wanted my attention. To my surprise a solitary figure was running towards me and as she came into the light I recognized an old classmate, Janet Fleming Twenty-three years ago I worshipped Janet from afar, she was the most popular girl in school. Attractive, clever and a great personality, she was completely out of my league in those days. The years had not spoiled her good looks and she obviously worked hard at keeping her lovely figure.

“Hi Janet, nice to see you again, gosh, you’ve hardly changed at all.” I said with a grin.

“Oh David, lovely to see you too, are you here alone?” Janet inquired hopefully.

“Yes I am, I was debating whether to go in or not to be honest.”

“Oh gosh, me too, my hubby and I split up last year, should have been twenty years ago.” Janet paused then asked, “Would you be my partner for tonight? I know we hardly talked when we were at school and I regret that every time I look through the old school photos.”

“Really?” I exclaimed, hardly believing my luck. Janet Fleming with me in front all our old friends? Wow! “Look Janet you were totally out of my league in those days, but I’d be delighted and honored to be your partner for tonight.”

Janet beamed at me as I held out my arm for her. We laughed as we linked arms and walked in through the doors of the old gymnasium where the reunion was being held. Nametags were laid out on a table and just as well as I was soon to find out.

Janet and I were soon mixing with our old friends, some of whom I would not have recognized without the assistance of the nametags. Alcoholic drinks were available that helped many to relax and be their selves. Lots of laughter filled the room as comments on gray or balding hair were made to some of the guys. There was a lot to catch up on as we learnt about each other’s families, jobs, homes, holidays and experiences. Of course there was much reminiscing of the years we spent at the school and the truth was stretched in many a story.

Janet stayed close to me and we attracted many stares and glances from our old classmates. Some of my old mates grinned and winked at me enviously which did my ego no end of good. After a while someone started playing records from our school days and Janet and I were soon dancing around the gym floor.

“Like to take a walk down the old corridors?” I asked during a break in the music.

“Oh David, that would be fun,” Janet replied, linking her arm in mine and pulling me towards the teaching rooms.

The corridors were nearly empty, only a few other couples touring like Janet and I. The two of us laughingly swapped opinions of some of our old classmates as we wandered the passages. The science and art rooms held memories for both of us and we exchanged memories of the teachers that had tried so hard to give us knowledge of the various subjects.

“You know David, I’m really glad I came tonight and met up with you,” Janet said, “I am enjoying myself so much. I think it’s even better like this than trying to explain everything to a partner that wasn’t here at the time.”

“I’m glad you said that, because I feel the same way,” I replied. “In a way it’s funny, we both attended the same primary and high schools and never really spoke. God, you were so popular with all the guys, and with good reason. I never stood a chance back then, I didn’t even know what confidence and self esteem were, let alone have any.”

Janet surprised me by giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Well you seem to have done alright since then David, perhaps it’s fate that we met like this?”

“Perhaps it is?” I replied, aware of my face turning red, “Come on I want to have a look at the wood work classrooms. I really learnt a lot there, skills that come in handy every now and then.”

Janet and I held hands as we walked along the memory filled corridors.

“David, when we were at primary school, what was the teacher’s name? The one that used to strap the boys when you played up?”

“Oh you mean Mr. Hughes.” I laughed, “Yes, I can remember getting the strap with Maysie, Willow and Forbesy, and just because we farted! Ha ha! We were eleven years old and had no control of the exhaust pipe at all.”

Janet kuşadası escort laughed and then surprised by asking, “What did the strap feel like on your bare hand? Did it hurt much?”

“Oh it stung quite a bit,” I replied, surprised and quietly pleased at Janet’s interest. “It depended on who Mr. Hughes was giving it too. He was pretty light with me but some of the serial offenders like Ken, Barry and the Zom he used to hit pretty hard.”

Janet looked around to see if anyone else was near and then asked in a half whisper.
“Can I tell you something David?” She said excitedly and continued before I could answer. “Just between you and I, promise you won’t tell anyone, ok?”

“Cross my heart, your secret’s safe with me,” I replied, hoping that she was continuing on the same subject.

“Well, when you boys got the strap I got so excited, in fact just thinking about it still has the same effect on me right now.” Janet blushed and looked down at the floor. “I suppose you think I’m silly.”

“Not at all Janet,” I said, grasping her shoulders and hugging her to me, “In fact I have met quite a few ladies who get turned on at the thought of being spanked or strapped.”

“Don’t fuck about with me David, You’re not playing a joke on me are you?” Janet pushed me away and looked me straight in the eyes.

“I’m serious Janet,” I replied, returning her stare. “I’m telling you that I have spanked a few ladies who enjoy and get off on C.P.”

“C.P.” What does C.P. stand for?” Janet voice was still uncertain.

“C.P. stands for Corporal Punishment, spanking, strapping, whipping, canes, that sort of thing.”

I was aware of footsteps coming towards us, “Someone’s coming.” I said and grabbed Janet in a giant hug and kissed her full on the lips.

It took just a few seconds before Janet reacted and returned my kiss. I heard the footsteps turn the corner, stop when the couple saw us and retreat back down the corridor.

Janet and I both laughed as we broke from the kiss, “Well, that will be all over the gym when we go back,” she said with a giggle. “Mmmmmm that was nice, we must do it again.”

With that she wrapped her arms around me and we kissed deeply, just like I had dreamed of as a teenager all those years ago.

I could have stayed there like that for a lot longer but the school bell rang to get us all to return for supper.

As we walked hand in hand back to the gym Janet said, “I want to talk to you more about this C.P. stuff sometime, it and you have really got me intrigued.”

“Well, would you like to go out for dinner sometime?” I asked. “How about I cook, come to my place and I’ll put my skills on display.”

“I assume you mean your culinary skills?” Janet teased, “David I would love to, how about tomorrow night?”

“Rush, rush, all you women want to do is rush,” I laughed, “I would love to have you for dinner Janet, whoops sorry, I mean I would love to have you come for dinner! Fancy using bad English while we are here at school!”

We hugged and laughed and then returned to the gym. Just about everyone was looking at us as we walked in the door and I could not keep a huge grin from my face. After the supper and a couple of speeches the boys and girls split into their old groups. Some of my old mates were practically green as they questioned me about my relationship with the lovely Janet. I just laughed and told them they were jealous, and a few agreed. We swapped stories of our days at the school and the time flew by, soon it was time to say our farewells and leave.

As Janet and I walked hand in hand across the car park she said, “I had a great time David and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night,”

“Likewise from me too Janet,” I replied as we reached her car. I reached into my pocket for my notepad. “Here, I’ll write down my address and phone number, do you have access to a computer?”

“Yes of course, doesn’t everyone who has kids have a computer these days? Why?”

“I’ll put down my email address and also a couple of web sites about spanking,” I said with a grin, “I’m sure you will find them interesting, see you tomorrow night about seven?”

Janet smiled, “Oh I’ll be there for sure, two nights out in a row with great company, my luck has changed at last!”

A wolf whistle came from across the car park as we kissed goodbye and we grinned at the noise.

“See you tomorrow night David,” Janet said as she climbed into her car, “And thanks again, I had a great night.”

“Me too, see you later.” I was certainly looking forward to tomorrow night.

Fortunately the next day was Saturday so I had plenty of time to clean my home and prepare the meal. I chose pumpkin soup, a simple pasta main course with salad and cheesecake for dessert. A couple of times during the day I checked for incoming emails and was delighted to receive a couple from Janet. The first confirmed how much she had enjoyed the previous evening and that she was definitely coming kuşadası escort bayan tonight. The second was short and to the point -‘WOW those spanking sites are great! Love Janet.’ I grinned at the second message and made a few extra ‘just in case’ preparations for the evening.

Everything was ready when seven o’clock soon came around and the front door bell rang a few minutes later. I opened the door wide and Janet almost rushed in, a bunch of flowers in one hand and a cold bottle of wine in the other. Janet looked stunning wearing a loose short black skirt topped by a bright red blouse.

“My parents taught me to never arrive empty handed,” She said as I took the flowers and wine from her. We kissed briefly then I ushered her into the living room.

I soon had the flowers in a vase and the cork out of the wine. We toasted each other then I gave her a quick tour of my home before we went into the kitchen so I could serve dinner. Because the previous evening had been so easy the two of us were relaxed and chatted easily as we caught up on our personal history since leaving high school.

The main course was about half way through when Janet suddenly changed the subject.

“Ok David, now tell me about this spanking stuff, how come you are such an expert on the subject?” She inquired, “And don’t worry, anything you say or do won’t be taken down and used in evidence against you, ha ha, this is our secret.”

“Hmmmm I was wondering when you were going to ask about this,” I replied, “Well it’s like this honey, you don’t mind if I call you honey do you?”

Janet reached across the small table and squeezed my hand, “David, I love to be called honey. This may sound corny but I feel so good being with you, I wish you were calling me honey twenty or so years ago. But hindsight is always twenty-twenty isn’t it? So let’s make the most of tonight and see what the future holds.”

I returned her smile and continued. “Well after I left school I met a girl who at the time I thought was very kinky. She got really turned on by being spanked before having sex and I found that I loved to spank too. We didn’t last long but I have retained my interest in spanking ever since. To take a lady’s skirt off, place her over my knees and turn her arse cheeks pink is just a delight for me. And hopefully the outcome is just as delightful and enjoyable for her also. Usually the lady is like you, intrigued and turned on by the thought of being spanked. And I want to stress, spanking can be sensual pleasure, it doesn’t have to be painful.”

I smiled to myself as I noticed that Janet was squirming in her chair and just picking at the pasta and salad. This evening was certainly looking very promising in more ways than one.

“Hmmm” Janet said, dropping her knife and fork on the table. “Well you certainly have got me interested, to be quite blunt I am very turned on right now. Shit and I thought that my fantasies from primary school were crazy. Now I find out that thousands, if not millions of people have the same needs and I’m not so mad after all.”

“Well I guess that most of the old friends we saw last night would think we are crazy. But as long as it’s safe, sane and consensual and a safe word is adhered to, then two people can have a lot of fun,” I replied.

“What sort of safe words do people use?” Janet asked.

“Many use words like ‘mercy’ or ‘red’, never words like ‘stop’ or ‘no more’.” I explained, “Some like to use a word that means something to just them.” I took a deep breath, looked her straight in the eyes and asked, “What safe word would you like to use Janet?”

“Mr. Hughes,” Janet replied in a most definite manner. “Mr. Bloody Hughes started this fixation of mine and he can damn well stop it too.”

I stood and held out my hand, “Come on, you have waited long enough Janet, let me make your fantasies come true.”

“Now? Already? You mean right now? Here?” Janet’s words came tumbling out but she stood and took my hand. “Oh God, you won’t hurt me will you David? I’m sorry, I mean I know you won’t hurt me. I know I can trust you but damn, where’s your toilet? Give me five minutes, ok?”

“Relax honey,” I laughed at her jumble of words as I pointed out the way to the toilet, “Nothing’s going to happen that you don’t want too, I promise.”

I made a few further preparations while Janet was in the bathroom. Five minutes later she was back in the living room and almost falling into my open arms. I hugged her to me for a short time then stepped back and held her at arm length.

“Yes or no? No pressure from me honey, it’s your decision.”

“Yes, definitely yes. Where do we do it?” Janet sounded very determined.

I took two paces back, pulling Janet with me, and sat in the center of my recently purchased couch. I turned her around, unbuttoned and unzipped the short black skirt and turned her to face me again. I looked up to see Janet biting her bottom lip apprehensively, so I blew her a kiss before escort kuşadası lowering her skirt to the floor. I sucked in my breath as I saw the red and black thong covering her pussy. A nervous shiver ran through Janet as I guided her down and over my knees. A moan of apprehension escaped her lips as I settled her into position, my right hand spreading her legs a little wider apart. My left hand stroked Janet’s back while my right rubbed her buttocks.

“Keep breathing deeply,” I ordered, “It will help to keep you relaxed.”

“Relaxed! How in hell do you expect me to be relaxed? Will you fucking get on with it David!”

“Tsk, tsk, such unladylike language,” I laughed, “Mr. Hughes would not like to hear that from his favorite student.”

I massaged and rubbed Janet’s cheeks for a few minutes, a relaxation technique to get her accustomed to my touch. Then I raised my hand and started to spank gently, covering Janet’s arse and upper thighs. To my surprise there was hardly any reaction, just a low “mmmmmmm” and a little wiggle of her hips. Gradually I increased the pressure of the spanks until the white skin turned a pale pink. The only sound in the room was that of my hand hitting Janet’s smooth skin with the occasional yelp as I mixed in a few hard spanks.

I stopped and asked, “Are you going ok Janet?”

“Oh yes, keep going, spank me hard David!”

That delightful request was answered by some hard whacks that I knew would sting.
Janet wriggled around on my knees and yelped at each strike of my hand.

“Whack, whack, whack!”

I was really enjoying myself as Janet’s arse cheeks turned a lovely shade of pink. Each spank brought a gasp or yelp from my lovely new friend and she gave a low moan as I suddenly stopped.

I grasped the elastic of her thong and started to ease it down over Janet’s buttocks. For a second her body stiffened with surprise, then she relaxed and raised her hips a little in assistance. I slowly peeled the thong out of her arse crack and down until it slipped off her feet onto the floor. A long moan escaped Janet’s lips as I spread her legs wider apart, to my delight her pussy was hairless and smooth.

I resisted the temptation to play and returned to spanking Janet’s now bare cheeks.

“Whack, whack, whack!” The spanks were now quite hard and must have been stinging quite a lot but apart from the yelps and a few rude words there was no sign of Janet needing to use the safe word. I made sure that all of her cheeks and upper thighs were well warmed before I grasped a wooden hairbrush that I had hidden under a pillow.

“Shit! What in the hell is that?” Janet yelled as I rubbed the cool timber over her warm arse. Her head turned and looked up at me so I held the brush for her to see.
“Oh god, a bloody hairbrush, I might have known you would be prepared.” Her head dropped down to look at the carpet once again and she stayed in position over my lap.

Janet moaned in expectation as I rubbed the hairbrush a few more times, then I raised it and brought it down with a sharp “thwack”.

“Owwww that stings!” she cried.

Using short sharp flicks of the hairbrush I beat a rapid pattern of whacks all over her cheeks. Each hit had Janet crying out and squirming on my knees and she was soon giving little sobs as tears trickled down her cheeks. I wondered how much she could take and after six slow hard whacks I found out.

“Mr. Hughes, Mr. Hughes,” Janet cried out loudly as she burst into tears.

I dropped the hairbrush and slipped both my arms under Janet’s shaking body, turning her over and cradling her in my arms. The tears continued to flow as I placed a handkerchief in one of her trembling hands. The sobbing slowly decreased as my lovely new friend snuggled her head into my shoulder, and finally she blew her nose and looked up with a wan smile.

“I made a mess of your hanky,” she said with a giggle. “Ohhhhh wow David, now that stung like hell, but I was getting more turned on the longer the damn hairbrush hit my arse.” Janet looked down as if suddenly realizing that her pussy was bare and in full view. “But I guess you can see and smell that?”

“Oh yes I knew that not long after we started,” I laughed, “It’s nothing to worry about honey, in fact it’s quite normal. You said the fantasy had been exciting you for years and now the reality has proved it.”

“Mmmm it sure has you naughty man, shit my arse still stings,” Janet smiled with a wicked glint in her eyes, “I’m so glad we met again last night, so what else did you have in mind for tonight?

“Just you calm down a little more before we continue young lady,” I replied as I stroked her hair back off her face. “The night is still young, you weren’t planning to go home tonight were you?”

Janet’s face blushed a similar color to her bottom, “Well to be truthful I did put a toothbrush in my bag.”

We kissed as I continued to hold her tight. I was sorely tempted to carry her into the bedroom right there and then but I resisted as there was no rush and the night was going so well.

I started to unbutton her red blouse and she grinned at me. “Mmmm you have me at a disadvantage and to be truthful I’m not used to this situation. I usually seem to be the one manipulating the circumstances.”

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