Him and I

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Big Tits

I don’t remember exactly where we were when we met- everything but him seems blurred. I remember the intense attraction, his sparkly mischievous eyes. The way his stare lingered on me, like he wanted to devour me.

Our first date I took a girlfriend along to be sure I was safe. Our attraction was undeniable. I motivated change in him- he wanted to be everything I found attractive. He started working out because I was at the gym and training very hard. He soon lost a lot of weight and I knew it was because he wanted to look good for me. He asked me to take him out shopping and he let me kit him out head to toe G.Q style. God it was sexy, even choosing his fragrance and suggesting how he should design his goatee. He did it all to please me and it did. I wanted him so badly, yet we had not yet slept together.

I was a virgin and after a handful of dates with him I had decided I wanted him to be the one. He was 33, I was 20.

He would take note of anything I liked and without me knowing it, purchase those things. I remember when he presented me with a gorgeous sheer lace top and the lovely reg garnet necklace I had seen the same day. He insisted that this was what I was wearing and I somehow didnt feel like I had the ability to refuse him. He ordered I was to wear it bra-less, which made me nervous. I had very nice full, ample 34C tits with fair complexion and very big nipples with light brown areolas that he loved to tweak. Before we entered the bar noticed me hiding my breasts- my nipples were big and hard from the cold and my nipples tended to draw a lot of attention. I shyly referred to it to him as CTS, Cold titty syndrome. bursa escort He took a look and I knew his cock was immediately hard looking upon my big stiff nipples protruding from my top, the dark areolas visible through the sheer lace. He slapped my hands down & instead lifted my top and sucked hard enough to hurt on both nipples. I yelped, helplessly loving it. He slapped my pussy and sent me into the bar, hungrily watching the response of the bar to my entrance. I was shocked by the erotic turn of events and his control of me- reeling from it but excited by it as well.

I was getting a lot of attention from the men in the room. He told me I could have anyone I wanted. He loved to watch other men hunger for me, looking at my tits and ass.

Before long, he pulled me onto his lap and whispered in my ear. His order was that I go to the bathroom and rub my pussy till I came, then bring and hand feed him the pussy juice from my fingers. I was also to return with my g string.

I returned from the bathroom and shyly gave him my underwear, which he put to his nose and took a swiff. I had been too nervous to make myself cum, plus it was his hand I wanted and not mine. His cock was bulging big and hard as anything after taking my panties from me and now and it was his turn to shoot pool. He told me he couldnt play while he had a stiffy, but I insisted I wanted to see him in front of the crowd proudly showing his stiff cock- which was stiff on account of me. I loved it knowing that I made his cock hard. It empowered me so much. He walked out and played his shot sheepishly and I loved that I had control of him for that moment.

It wasnt bursa escort bayan to last though. Upon his return, he seated me across from him and there were 3 other males sitting on the long stool on either side of him. He leaned across the table and ordered me to open my legs. I was wearing a tight slinky black skirt and heels underneath the table, minus any underwear. I angrily refused, feeling humiliated and confused but he ordered me again- forcefully. Slowly I opened my legs- wider and wider till he nodded it was okay. The men ducked their heads below the table and looked at my swollen, wet pussy. I felt humiliated & tears escaped from my eyes, but I was also very turned on. He had made sure that my pussy looked attractive for the men to gaze upon by taking me to my first pussy wax the day before at the mall.

I didnt know what was to happen- he simply took control. He told the salesperson how he wanted my pussy to look and stayed in the room for the wax, even holding my underwear in place while she waxed. I knew he was finding the whole thing intensely erotic, sliding his fingers inside my cunt whenever he got a chance.

The men looked at my pussy hungrily and I began to fear that he was going to let them touch me. My imagination did slip to a strange mouth clamping down on my pussy, tongue licking and eating me out underneath the table till I cum. But in reality I wouldnt have been able to withstand it and he knew it. He firmly told them no touching and after a while, allowed me to close my legs.

We went to the car then and he toyed with me, teasing and flicking my clit and sucking on my tits. My freshly waxed escort bursa pussy felt really senstive and so swollen and achy that I felt I would burst. He was teasing me and I began to feel angry. I pleaded with him for his cock and to please fuck me, but he continued to toy with me and told me he didnt want to fuck me for the first time in a bar car park. It was so erotic and the evening and been so highly charged though – I wanted nothing more and needed the escape. I told him if he didnt fuck me right then, that was it.

He knew I was serious, horny and angry. He drew my seat back, took out his cock and sat astride me. He rubbed his luscious cock all over my cunt, teasing my clit with his head. He flicked his fingers at my clit roughly, which gave me a shock but drove me crazy and clamped hungrily down in a hickey bite on my neck. The pain was so sweet and delicious- the pain of first entry was offset by him biting down on my neck. Then as he kept thusting his cock into my engorged pussy I felt like I was going to pass out from ecstasy. Our juices combined and I loved the slurping sound our fucking made and the sound of his body slapping against mine- the sound of raw fucking.

His mouth moved to my tits, which he sucked roughly on. How did he know I would love this level of pain? How did he know I wouldnt cry? God help me I loved it and I wanted more more more. Then I screamed by orgasm, just as the security officer tapped on the windows telling us to move on. He took another thrust in me after the security guard tapped and exploded cum into my already glistening cunt. My pussy could have cried when he took his cock away from it.

Off we drove, back to the house he shared with his mother. He took me into the garage, undressed me and began another round of beautiful torment there. But that is another story..

That was the true beginning of Him and I.

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