Him Under Her Desk

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I’ll be thinking about discreetly hiding under your desk so I can have a taste of that delectable warmth.

Hmmm, you tucked neatly under my desk (it’s a big desk- you’ll have room 🙂 ) my blue dress today tugged up around my hips, with my legs thrown over your shoulders opening up my soft folds for your skilled tongue to snake it’s way in and out, making me squirm in my chair, as you revel in the fact I have to keep a straight face with clients as you lap at my wetness from below, knowing you are driving me wild…

My tongue not only focusing on your delicious folds of wetness, but also tasting every inch of your inner thighs. Licking back and forth – leaving my own trails of wetness from my hungry tongue – always coming back to your inviting home – the tip of my tongue slowly licking up and down each of your engorged lips – lightly venturing inside your even wetter hole to retrieve some of that delectable essence – eventually finding it’s way to your throbbing clit, slowly and lightly licking around and around it as your hands clamp down on the edges of your desk trying to maintain composure.

Ahhhhh, I love it. That thrill of having to keep composure while wanting to scream out!!
You dipping your tongue into my warm hole, the sweetness rolling onto your tongue like nectar. You notice my hips pushing up to meet your hungry mouth. Spreading my legs as far as my skirt will let me as an offering to you. Wider, wider- thighs shaking around you.

And as your inviting thighs spread out, I accept your invitation and bring the hunger of my entire tongue to the delicious task of slowly tongue fucking your hot, wet pussy. My mouth pressed firmly against your lips as my tongue pushes it’s way deeply inside Manisa Escort of you, then back out and again inside. Over and over again. Tasting your entire musky essence. Your juices smearing my face. My fingers pulling your lips even wider so my tongue can go even deeper.

The most feminine part of my being, splayed out for you to feast on. My hard little bud twitching, jealous of the attention you are giving my sopping wet pussy. Your tongue moving in and out, faster and faster and your fingers hold my lips open wide.

Your tongue, now coated in my sweet juices, travels south to my tight rim. I gasp at first, my body tensing, as you smile, seeing the effect you have on me. Your soft yet firm hands move out to my hips as to coax my legs open further, giving you access to both holes. Good thing everyone in the office is out to lunch and we can close the doors… Alone at last…

You scoot your tush down further in the seat, desiring – craving – electricity coursing through your body in expectation of my tongue exploring your darkest and tightest of areas. My thumb slides inside of your pussy, thoroughly enjoying the moist sensations it leaves behind so that it can focus on your clit while the very tip of my tongue begins rimming you – circling your dark hole – moistening it for it’s further passage of exploration.

You can tell my body is initially resisting. My long, shapely legs are tense now, my abdomen taught. But you press on, convinced I will thank you when you’re done.

You take such care to be gentle and accommodating- circling, wetting, lubing me with your own saliva, mixed with my juices. It is then that my little clit betrays me. Your thumb, slick with my oils, has Manisa Escort Bayan been circling it. Finally giving it the attention it’s been craving. Unconsciously, it forces my legs open wider as I melt into submission, giving you full access on the most intimate level. You know I’m completely yours now. You feel my cheeks relax as your daring tongue and fingers get a little more brave…

I love tasting every inch of your body – first it was your pussy and now your ass. Every lick, every nibble, every kiss, it’s all about experiencing who you are at your most intimate level while relishing in bringing you closer and closer to your height of release. My tongue pushes it’s way inside your ass – not deeply, just near the outer rim but your body responds approvingly, your moans fueling my passions. While my tongue explores your ass, I slide two fingers deeply inside your pussy, feeling it’s heat while lightly touching your G-spot. I withdraw those same fingers and bring them to your hungry mouth – you taste yourself while our eyes lock, your’s in half closed ecstacy, mine in a hungry mission to enrich that ecstacy. I bring my wet fingers back down and as my tongue makes it’s way back to your clit, you feel one of those wet fingers slowly pushing it’s way inside your tight but willing ass.

I am practically crazed now. My body teetering on the edge, knowing that once I fall into my first orgasm, I won’t be able to stop. And knowing how starved you are for me, I know you won’t be content with just one orgasm for your good girl.

I lick my lips and taste my sweet juices. This is what you’ve been devouring? It’s almost intoxicating. It incites a fire in me, knowing you are literally drinking Escort Manisa me in.

Your brave finger, coated from my own saliva, makes it’s way through my tight bud. You hear me gasp. It enrages your lust for me. Your lips cover my clit now as you begin nursing it lightly, my breath is getting short. Your fingers move deeper…

Slowly deeper and slowly faster. My finger invades a part of your body that doesn’t often get attention but is so connected with every other part of your sexual being. At first it stops at the first knuckle, withdrawing and entering again. Juices from your pussy dripping downwards, ensuring this invasion is smooth and sensual. Deeper, to the second knuckle. Your body tensing with every push inwards. Your desire for the entire finger to fill you from behind which I eventually do. And while my finger explores, my tongue, mouth and teeth have their own feast as your throbbing clit is licked – nibbled – sucked – only to be licked again.

I want you to make me come.

My middle finger deeply penetrating your ass, back and forth, over and over again. My thumb not wanting to be left out of the fun finds a warm, welcoming, wet home inside your pussy as my tongue hungrily devours your attentive clit. One of your hands grabs the armrest of your chair while your other hand buries itself in my hair, pulling my face harder against your pussy. Your pelvis lifts off the seat but my fingers and my mouth stay with you – enjoying the ride of bringing you to ecstacy. One finger deeply in your ass, another deeply in your pussy, my lips sucking your clit deeply inside my mouth, my teeth rubbing against it……….. your body tenses – both hands now gripping my head – your thighs clamped against my head – your head thrown back, mouth open in a silent moan with no breath escaping – electricity coursing through your body – your legs spasm in release – your juices flowing in freedom as my tongue moves away from your twitching clit to delicately lick at your lips once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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