His Chinese Valentine

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“I bought this valentines day card and little present in case you want to send one before your trip,” Lesley said as she accompanied him to the ground floor. Jack smiled as he walked to the waiting cab. Lesley was a super efficient Personal assistant. She catered for his every need. He shook his head there was only one problem she was an incurable romantic always trying to set him up with a partner.

He did not even know what day was Valentines Day let alone have anyone he wanted to send a card. He was to Lesley’s disappointment a confirmed bachelor. Settling down to a life with one woman was not on his agenda at this time.

A lifestyle that had him spend six or seven months of every year in Asia plus his commitment to building his business meant little time for women. He tucked the card and present in his briefcase as he headed for the airport.

Twelve hours later, he exited the international terminal in Guangzhou to be met by his interpreter and driver. They went directly to a series of meetings with senior trade officials followed by a formal dinner. It was after nine that night when he booked into his five star hotel.

Jack had had more than his share to drink and looked for the two free bottles of water normally provided by the Hotel. He searched quickly and could not find them so he drank a bottle from the mini bar. I will have to fix this in the morning he thought I don’t want to be paying for water.

The next morning he was up early heading off for his morning walk before the room attendants on his floor started work. He was hot when he returned and saw their trolley down the hall. Knowing that he would need more than the two small bottles provided he fumbled around for a tip.

Jack wandered down to the trolley and found a tiny woman working in an empty room. He called and asked for water. The woman had been working quietly not expecting a visitor. She was startled by his voice and at first did not understand.

He asked for water then pretended to drink. He was making no progress when he saw the water bottles on her trolley. He moved in beside her and picked one up unscrewing the top before gulping it down. She smiled at last understanding what he had wanted. He signaled with his fingers and said two more.

Her face broke into a beautiful smile as she reached around him for more bottles. “Thanks,” he whispered. He looked at her she was probably thirty or forty with a very pretty face and a slim Asian body.

Taking the bottles, he slipped her the ten dollars. No, she signaled waving her hands. “Yes” he said pushing the money at her. No, no, she shook her head.

This could go on forever Jack decided. He put the bottles on top of her trolley and took her hand looking in to her wide Asian eyes, He nodded his head, “yes,” he said and folded her hands over the money.

Today he could not tell you why he did it but he leant forward and before she could move away kissed her on the cheek. “Thank you,” he called as he took his water and went back to his room.

He had showered and was ready to go down for breakfast when there was a knock on his door. It was the attendant; she had two more bottles of water. She signaled do you want these. When he nodded yes, she moved past him to put the bottles in the bathroom.

When she turned to come out, he studied her more closely. She was five foot nothing. Her uniform of black cotton pants and white blouse prevented him seeing whether she had boobs or a flat Asian bum but her happy face surrounded by her shiny black hair made him feel good.

Thinking that she could be handy with other items hotels supply in small quantities he took her hand and led her down to his desk. She pulled away and jammed the door open then came back to stand beside him. He pointed to the small box of green tea and sugar. “More coffee,” he whispered picking up a sachet. She nodded her head went to her trolley and returned with two more plus some whitener.

“Thank you, give me extra each day,” he whispered. Realizing she didn’t understand he again without thinking leant over and kissed her cheek. She moved her head to the side but did no pull away. They stood there for a minute. Then he gave her another ten dollars and again signaled as he said, “Give me more each day.”

When he left his room after breakfast, he saw her working in the hall. He waved and she waved back. After his first meeting, he returned to the hotel for lunch. On his way to his room, he saw her again and she waved. He had removed his coat and tie when there was a knock on the door.

She was standing outside with his laundry. “Yes it should have gone,” he cried. She pointed inside and followed him. Going to a drawer, she pulled out the slip he had to complete with his laundry. “Oh hell,” he said as he realized that he had forgotten to fill it out this morning when he had been trying to talk to her.

He sat at the desk and completed the form while she stood beside him and watched. The form completed he stood up and handed it back. Sweeping gaziantep escortları a few local coins and notes off the desk, he handed them to her with the form. She stood waiting a question on her face, so he leant over and kissed her on the cheek. This time she did not pull away.

His afternoon and night program was so busy that he did no return to his room until late that night. He thought of her and wondered what she thought of his kisses as he made himself a couple of cups of coffee and unwound.

The next morning Anne one of the woman delegates to the conference joined him on his walk. She wore tight jogging pants and a top that highlighted her big boobs. After watching everything jiggle for an hour his erection pushed up against the front of his shorts. They rode up in the lift discussing the conference they would both attend for the next six days.

When Anne left the lift he straightened his cock in his shorts He smiled to himself I might be a bachelor but I am bloody human. Maybe it’s my turn to get lucky.

In his room, he showered quickly and wrapped himself in the hotel dressing gown. The knock on the door did not surprise him. It was his new friend. She had water bottles in her hand.

He signaled her inside and went to close the door. She quickly pushed the door open and slipped a stop to hold it. She is a nice little thing he thought as he followed her into the bathroom and stood close behind her. She placed the bottles on the shelf and turned quickly their bodies bumping together.

Jack did not move back. He liked the feel of her small body. He looked down into her smiling face and kissed her on the cheek. She turned and looked at him then quite deliberately, her hands reached up and dragged his head down. Her tongue filled his mouth. They kissed vigorously for a few minutes while his hands roved over her tiny body. Then just as quickly as she had kissed him she broke away smiling and went to the door waving goodbye.

John was stunned. What do I do now he thought to himself as he sat in the conference. She can only speak two or three words of English. I can speak less mandarin. I don’t even know her name. Where do we go from here?

He stayed in his room that afternoon but she did not appear. He wandered outside down the corridor but did not see her. Oh well he thought she was just being kind but I hope I’m wrong.

The next morning Anne took his arm as they returned from their walk and suggested that they go to the conference dinner together. Her tight jogging gear highlighted her well-rounded assets making him horny once again.

When he returned from breakfast, his room had been cleaned and four bottles of water stood on the shelf. His friend was nowhere to be seen obviously working in one of the rooms.

He was horny. He hid the sugar sachets and walked down the hall to her trolley. She was making a bed. He stood and watched until she realized he was watching. She came to the trolley and he mimed and said more sugar then turned away and returned to his room.

A few minutes later he heard her trolley stop outside his open door. He held his breath as she pulled her trolley across the door as she entered. He followed her to the minibar and put his arm around her as she sorted the sachets.

He ran his hand over her rear and pulled her close she turned her mouth opening as he kissed her. She returned his kisses as he ran his hands up under her blouse to feel her small hard breast. She did not pull away She gasped and wriggled her body against his when he opened his dressing gown and placed her hand on his now hard cock. Her eyes grew wide when she looked at his erection.

It was his turn to gasp when she held his balls then rolled his hard cock in her hands. He signaled towards the bed. She shook her head and pulled away heading for the door.

The conference kept him busy until mid afternoon. He returned to the hotel with her on his mind. As he exited the lift on his floor, he saw her again; she was with a supervisor in the hallway. She did not return his wave. He went to conference dinner with Anne that night.

He returned from their morning walk sporting a colossal erection. He had been frustrated the night before when a number of colleagues joined him and Anne when they decided to walk home along the riverfront to their hotel.

They joined them for coffee in the lobby and rode up with them in the lift. He decided not to invite Anne for a drink in his room because he was sure they would have tagged along. What his chances were with Anne he did not know. All he knew that his little Chinese friend had made him think of sex, he was horny.

Back in his room after his walk he showered then opened the door to his room and left it open. He sat watching TV where he could see the hall and waited. A few minutes later, she drifted past. When she did not come back, he dressed for breakfast and went down to the coffee shop.

His mind was full of her and the possibilities as he ate breakfast. I only wish I knew a few words of mandarin he thought as he exited the lift on his floor. His heart beat a little faster when he spied her and her trolley down near his room.

Opening his door, he beckoned her inside. She pushed her trolley to his door and placed it so it had to be moved to get in or out. Noticing this move, he threw caution to the wind.

He slipped his arm around her and lifted her off the ground as he kissed her. She moaned and shuddered in his arms as her mouth opened in that unusual fashion that he now expected and her tongue filled his mouth. With his mind set on undressing her, he moved so that it was impossible to see them from the hall.

She did not object so he stood her on his bed and lifted the bottom of her blouse up until he could see her small soft breast in her tiny bra. Her body was trembling now, her moans growing louder as his teeth bit down on her nipple.

A laugh in the corridor made her jump and push him away. Her hands signaled no more as she maneuvered her breast back in her bra and smoothed her blouse.

She went straight to the trolley looked up the hall spoke to someone rearranging items on the trolley while they spoke. He was disappointed when she pushed the trolley away from the door and moved down the hall.

The speakers and interpreters at the conference droned on while he tried to think of a way to get her in his bed. He realized that it would be difficult while her supervisor and work mates were working nearby. He could not invite her out because he could not speak mandarin and even if he did where would he take her.

When he returned to the hotel one of the other room attendants smiled at him and pointed down the hall to his little friend. She knows, he thought. I hope my little mate does not get into any trouble.

She had been waiting. She had a paper in her hand and signaled that she wanted to show it to him. He walked down and stood close beside her. It was the room list showing who occupied each room and when they were booking out.

She pointed to his name and the line that showed he was out the next day. He pointed to his chest and then to his name and answered, “yes that’s me.” He could think of nothing to say as her face fell and she walked off down the hall.

Back in his room, he found Lesley’s Valentines Day card and present. Rushing out into the hall, he ran into the two room attendants. Without a thought for her friend, he kissed her on the cheek and gave her the card with its big red heart on the front and the present. For you, he signaled as he kissed her again.

They giggled as they inspected the card. He tried to tell them both about St. Valentines day explaining as best he could that it was a day for lovers. Her colleague seemed to understand and talked excitedly. His little mate blushed giving him some hope that she understood.

When other guests moved in to the far end of the hall, he was forced to return to his room but not before he kissed her on the cheek and squeezed her hand making her blush.

In his room, he stalked up and down as he tried to think of someway they could get together. His brain worked over time. In twenty-four hours, he would be on the plane. He might never get a chance to see her again.

He was frustrated growing more anxious every minute. Time was running out. He did not know how he could find the time and a place to be with her. He threw his door open wide and fixed it open. It was an invitation he hoped she would accept. Minutes later his heart skipped a beat as she knocked and entered.

Jack moved closer to watch as she moved to the bedside clock and pointed to the time. Once she was sure, she had his attention she turned the hands until they showed 6 o’clock. She pointed to him and then to herself then back to the clock. He realized she was trying to give him a message and asked, “Here at 6 o’clock.”

It took minutes until he understood her message. She would see him here in the room in the morning at six. He had to leave the hotel by nine so he nodded and signaled yes. A smile lit up her tiny face as she went to the door and waved as she left.

Jack spent a restless night. He woke two or three times during the night wondering whether he had read her signals right. He set the alarm for five forty five and shot out of bed when it went off. He showered, shaved, and left off his underclothes wearing only the hotel dressing gown.

He was a bundle of frustration when at six fifteen she knocked on his door. Not a word was said as he swept her into his arms and slammed the door shut. They struggled to kiss each other while trying to undress.

She was moaning and wriggling as her clothes dropped away. He held her away from his body so he could look at her. She was probably over forty he thought. However, she had the body of a younger woman not an ounce of fat. Her black nipples caught his eye they stood out like golf tees from her soft brown breasts.

He lifted her up on the bed slipping off his dressing gown as he laid her down. Now they were both nude. She was speaking quietly. He did not understand but took it to be words encouraging him to get on with it.

A full thatch of black hair covered her pussy. He licked his lips as the room grew quiet neither speaking as they studied each other. He wondered what she was thinking, her eyes staring as he slipped a condom on his bobbing cock.

He realized that words were not needed; they both knew what they wanted. He moved to lie on the bed beside her then kissed her as his fingers parted the thatch of hair and found her moist pussy lips. She moved to accommodate his hand her legs spreading wider as her tongue again filled his mouth.

Jack’s fingers pushed into her pussy his thumb pushing up to find her clit. He groaned when he discovered that it stood up hard and erect. Kissing her all over her face, he kissed down over her chin to her chest finally sucking her long black nipple into his mouth.

He sucked from one nipple to the other before deciding to continue down to her pussy. He groaned when she stopped him grabbing him by the ears and pushing his head back up to her nipples.

Jack could tell by the shudders that shook her body that this mouth was setting her on fire. Her nipples grew hard in his mouth as her fingers gripped his back. She was speaking words he did not understand, but he did not need to know mandarin to work out what she wanted. She wanted him to fuck her.

Not yet, he thought as he moved one finger then two deep into her warm welcoming hole. He extended his thumb so that he rubbed her clit each time he pushed his fingers home. She was wet now, her body moving in harmony with his fingers. She pushed her body up off the bed so her pussy was hard against his hand and wriggled it trying to extract more out of his actions.

It was his turn to groan when her hands found his cock and pulled it down to rub it over the lips of her pussy. Her moisture made his cock wet making it easy to slide between her pussy lips and ease it home. They both stopped moving as his cock filled her pussy. He looked at her and licked his lips she nodded understanding what must happen next.

Her legs immediately gripped his waist as she pushed her body up off the bed to receive him. My god she is tight for a little old woman he thought as they started to move. They stared at each other as he repeatedly pushed home and slowly withdrew.

Jack could feel her pussy walls closing tighter on his cock every time he moved. It was fantastic. He pushed his arms out straight so he could look at her face. She was flushed her light brown face showing her excitement. She was beautiful. He knew she would not understand but told her so anyway.

Her eyes acknowledged his words before she pulled his body back down and raised her head to bite him hard on his nipple. He screamed, “Oh shit,” as she did it again and again. It hurt but at the same time turned him on, he could feel his cock expand then his breathing became noisy in his ears as he came.

He pulled away from her mouth as his cock erupted filling her pussy. She responded by pumping his cock with her pussy and pulling him down so she could again bite his nipple. He collapsed on her tiny body as the last of his come drained from his sagging cock.

She hasn’t come he thought as he regained his breath. I can’t leave her like that. He battled her hands as she tried to stop him from kissing down over her stomach to her pussy. He could not understand why but it was obvious that she was struggling and fighting to stop him kissing between her legs.

She was still crying and struggling when his tongue reached her clit. Within seconds, she stopped struggling and relaxed, groaning quietly as his tongue licked her pussy from top to bottom and his teeth nibbled her clit.

He looked up through the thatch of pussy hair to her breasts and moved one hand so his fingers could pull on her nipple. She was no longer trying to stop his mouth reaching her clit in fact she was now bearing down on his face so his mouth could devour it.

Keeping her clit lightly clenched in his teeth, he ran his other hand up her leg and slid it under his chin until he could feel her pussy lips. He curved his hand so the fingers pointed up and while his mouth sucked her clit slid his hand in and up caressing the upper inside of her pussy.

He could smell and feel her arousal. She was talking excitedly once more. She knew he could not understand. He felt her words were more her reaction to a tongue in her pussy for the very first time than any effort to speak to him.

He started to move his fingers in and out building up the speed as she groaned and moaned, her pussy both welcoming and demanding his attention. He was mesmerized by the changes that flashed across her face and body.

Her eyes opened wide as she gasped and her pussy walls contracted on his fingers she seemed to hold her breath. Then with a whine, her body bucked and she came. He had never experienced so much moisture. It was a flood. He thought for a minute it was pee but he tasted it as it flooded over his face and his hands it was come.

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