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She had been sent to nap but first, finally, with a small delighted grin that most people would not understand, she tore at the button closure to her jeans. Most people were not usually denied what she was about to do. Not teased and toyed with for days. Not kept constantly on the edge.

Tugging the hip hugger jeans down and peeling them off of her legs she kicked them to the side then fell backwards onto her bed in one fluid motion. Not bothering to remove her top or bra, she laid back in a position that was all too familiar after the night before. Legs spread, cool air rushing over hot moist flesh-in a ritual that was so very natural despite that is was only done for the past few days she slid her hands over her breasts, down her stomach and across the insides of her thighs. Fingers drifting inwards toward where she ached most for a touch and in a perverse moment of self denial reverses the direction and enjoys the sensation of the slippery fabric against her skin.

Cupping both breasts she rubs her palms over the hardened beads of her nipples. Her top moves like silk on water over the shiny brassier. Arching into her own hands she plucks and pulls at her nipple through the clothing, teasing them to tightened points. As her breath becomes hurried she strokes her belly again, unable to stop her hands from drifting any longer. Scratching her nails down her sides she feels her nipples react as they always do to such actions. Aching and begging to be rubbed, sucked, and bitten. Not today however. Her bare thighs are silky and smooth. The golden skin warms to her touch, they part without hesitation and the heady scent of her heat rises. Her teeth dig into her full kuşadası escort bottom lip, tugging at it as her fingers feather lightly over the outer folds of her pussy. Coming away damp she takes one moment to run her fingertips across her tongue. Her own flavor driving her desire higher.

With a small growl of satisfaction she circles one finger around her wet hardened clit, her hips rising to the touch. Her eyes close as her finger traces the slit, a path made easy by her own slippery juices. Whimpering she begins a motion she knows well, and has been denied. Her middle finger sliding into her sopping slit and her palm rubbing her clit in a circular motion, in her mind’s eye.

He was watching her, his eyes never leaving her body and a small smile that she knew so well playing about his lips. She kept her eyes open, wanting to see if her actions pleased him. Her legs spread wide her fingers slowly working in and out of her pussy. She knew her ass glistened with her heat. As it should after three days of being kept at the height of lust. She slid her finger from her slit and traced the damp outer lips, and then her clit with it. Rocking her hips as the finger ran across the center of her pleasure. She lifts the finger to her lips, his eyes following it, and darts her tongue out to taste. Delicious. Lapping her palm clean then sliding the finger into her mouth, back and forth, sucking it until every trace of her was gone from it. Her entire body rocked from the loss of her hand, and appeasing it she returned to her task.

Panting softly now she squeezed her eyes tight, slipping her finger from her pussy to rub solely at her clit. Two kuşadası escort bayan fingers trapping the bud between them and working it. She only stops to dip them into her pussy, soaking them once more before returning.

She was on her knees where she belonged, staring up at him with pure lust in her eyes. That same smile looked down at her and he nodded. Resisting the urge to squeal with delight she undid his pants. Sheer will power kept her from tearing them down his legs. Parting the front she presses her face to his boxers a moment, inhaling the scent of him deeply. Then tugs that waist band down as well, leaving him exposed to her. Running her fingers along his length slowly she is rewarded with the sounds of his pleasure. She takes the time to enjoy the power a woman can wield over a mans body when she seeks his pleasure, then tosses that thought to the side to flick her tongue out over the head of him. The musky taste of man fills her mouth when she grows impatient and wraps her lips around the tip of his cock. Humming with pleasure her tongue laps out to wet his flesh even as her lips slide along it. Sucking her way back up and returning to best what she had done before. Pushing herself to slide all of him past her lips. She had gone as far as she could and was sliding back up once more when his hands tangled themselves in her hair. She nearly came at that sensation, then he pulled her down onto his shaft. Feeling him sliding into her throat she sucked and swallowed as she could. He rocked his hips back, almost to the point of sliding out of her mouth before thrusting forward once more and burying him in her.

Her hips rocked escort kuşadası upwards, a shattered cry tearing from her throat. Furiously working her swollen pussy, she thrust her finger inside for a quick fuck. Her panting filled the air while her body tightened.

The desk was cold against her bare hips. She would not have known that if not for her skirt being shoved up around her waist in a most undignified manner. Her hands braced against the flat surface as she waited. She could hear him moving behind her but did not look, keeping her eyes on her curling fingers. The first smack of his hands on her bare flesh took her by surprise. Her head snapped up and a startled cry escaped before she could muffle it. She stopped herself from glancing back to ask him why he would do this. The second fleshy thwack was less startling but no less painful. On the opposite cheek this time it stung enough to draw hot tears to her eyes. She squeezed them close. No use crying now was there? He continued to spank her and she stood there, legs spread, and took it. Every contact of his hand on her ass echoed in her swollen pussy. Her quim dripped down her thighs now and she was sure he would notice, if not see it certainly smell her rising heat. As if reading her mind he suddenly stopped. He stands behind her, both hands cupping her red burning cheeks if a soft caress. “Are you wet girl?” She shudders at that and nods slowly. She knows he is smiling, that would please him her lust. His fingers reach between her thighs and part her folds, confirming that she is indeed very wet for him. One finger slides along her dripping slit to touch her aching clit. “Good girl.”

Panting hard now she arches into her fingers. Her body tightens and shatters. Stifling a scream she slows the pace of her hand in gradual degrees. Riding the tide of her orgasm in slow cresting waves. Dipping one finger into her own cum she proceeds to lick it clean, purring contentedly. Now she can nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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