His Infectious Vitality

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The crisp, New England air wafted in a soft, fresh breeze along the path as the two young men walked side by side. While the warmth of the mid-afternoon sun danced among the multicolored leaves. Although, the brisk, autumn chill made their breath linger with faint wisps of steam in the air.

Although, it did make a convenient excuse to press in close to each other. To share the comfort of their combined warmth as they strolled towards the coffee shop. Hoping to grab a quick, warming drink before they began the day.

The two had met on a day much like this one, several years ago, while attending the University of Vermont. Seth had been a frequent runner back then and was usually out running whenever he’d had some free time. Not only because he liked to stay in shape, but it was a good way to clear his head before or after classes. Although, it was more that he felt it a duty to keep the perfect ass and thighs nature had gifted him with, in good form.

It was on one of those usual mornings, pre-class runs that he’d met Nigel. Like an appearance of Adonis himself, the young man had emerged from the light morning fog before him. Long, slender legs pumped and chest heaved at the exertion of pushing him through the brisk, early air. Which shifted against the tight fit of his light blue running shorts.

His slender body twisted and moved in an almost fluid-like grace that drug ones gaze up to watch as he ran past. The young man couldn’t be more than six feet tall, five-foot-seven or eight at most. While his lean, twinkish body couldn’t be more than one-hundred and fifty pounds. Which explained why the white, long-sleeved UVM sweatshirt he wore hung loose in such an alluring way.

All of which begged to be pulled off. Allowing the delicious flesh underneath to be revealed and admired. So, Seth fell into line just behind him almost without thinking. As he thought of a way to strike up a casual conversation.

“Hey there, good morning,” Seth offered, his tone timorous yet friendly.

“Well good morning to you too,” Nigel replied with an unguarded look at the athletic body that ran next to him.

The young man’s open, hungry glance was enough to let Seth know he had an opening. And, of course, that Nigel would be quite receptive of it.

Perhaps it was something about the way his long, dark-blonde hair rippled in his wake. Or how his tight little ass filled out those running shorts. Either way, he’d soon caught up to him, and they began to chat for the rest of the run. Their respective routes taking them along the same path.

During which, kept finding innocent reasons to fall behind for a moment every now and then. Each gave him a chance to give his body another quick, covetous inspection. One that would always end up focusing on Nigel’s firm, round posterior. Seth hadn’t ever seen one quite as firm or muffin-like on a guy before, it was quite an impressive sight.

Their conversation led to more personal matters as they ran onward. Nigel mentioned he was a sophomore and lived right there, within the Trinity Campus at Ready hall. He was born and raised there in Vermont and hoped to one day work as a teacher.

While Seth indicated that he’d been working a nursing degree and was looking into getting a job as a paramedic. While adding in as casual a way he could, that he lived, literally, across the street from him, in Sichel hall. Which he took as a sign from the well-oiled Gods of homoerotic love. A sign that this had been the work of fate and it was all meant to happen.

After the run, as they cooled off and walked back to their respective dorms together. Where Nigel managed to buck up the courage to ask if they’d want to get together sometime. Maybe for coffee or some other clichéd thing that Seth had found rather adorable at the time.

It’d made him want to jump the young man right then and there. But decided to play things cool for the time being, no need to rush things along. That had burned him before, and he’d missed out on more than one relationship because of it.

As it turned out, Nigel had been somewhat anxious himself as he’d called later that very night. Where he’d asked, in a bit too nonchalant a manner, about spending the evening together.

Seth had almost cheered at the question. But managed to agree with enough forced, casual reluctance to not make it obvious. Not wanting Nigel to see how much he was looking forward to seeing him just yet.

It hadn’t taken him too long to get ready, as he was still dressed. So, he was at Nigel’s door well within thirty minutes as he took a few slow breaths to calm himself before knocking.

Whom answered the door with casual grace and a warm smile that sent Seth’s heart fluttering. His hair, recently cleaned and free of the day’s detritus, pulled back behind his cute, little ears to display his youthful face. The bright, green eye’s of which, flashed with an intensity that all but pulled Seth into the room. As Nigel placed a glass of wine into topkapı escort his unresistant hand.

The room was that of a typical college dorm. Small and almost bare of any furnishing. With only a simple bed, desk, chair, and a rather off-putting plaid loveseat by the rooms only window. The loveseat made him wonder whether Nigel actually had that bad of a taste in furniture. Or if he, like all college students, had simple inherited or gotten it for the usual price of such things. Free.

They sat and chatted for several hours, forgetting about going out. Both of them still as eager to get to know each other as before. The conversation soon wandered into their sex life, as things usually do.

Where Nigel explained, with some timidity, that he’d only ever had one serious boyfriend. Back in high school, where it’d been depressingly short-lived and a bit overdramatic. He’d tried to date several people there at the college his freshman year. But, for some reason, nothing had ever panned out, no matter how much effort he’d put into it.

Seth listened with a mix of emotions, feeling the first pangs of serious kinship starting to flare up. As he’d never had much success either. Before replying with a bit about his own foray with the dark whims of love and relationships.

His longest relationship had lasted about a year and it seemed to be getting serious. That is, until they found out they were headed to different universities. There had been some half-hearted discussion about a long-distance relationship. Or even one of them trying to transfer, but nothing had ever come of it. The whole affair had been a rather hard break-up for him.

The two bonded over their shared relationship history and other similar interest. Until it grew late and, with some reluctance, they decided to end the evening. Although, with the promise of getting together again very soon.

As Seth left, however, Nigel sidled up to him, grabbed his arm, and, before Seth could react, leaned in to kiss him. The soft, warm embrace of his delicate lips was a delightful caress against his own. The simple act was more than enough to convince him that he was ready to commit himself to a relationship with the little twink. For as long as he hoped it was going to last.

They began dating not long after that with as much regularity as they could afford. Not wanting to let it interfere with their busy college schedule. But, despite the haphazard timetable, they managed steady progress. Until they felt it was time to move in together.

Partly because it saved time and money as they didn’t have to call each other to make plans. Though, it was also because they’d begun to pretty much spend all their time in one, or the other dorm room anyway. So, it made sense to move in together.

After graduation, they’d managed to find a nice apartment in town. One with the added bonus of it being central to where each of them had gotten employment in their respective careers. Everything was looking and feeling good for both of them. So much so, that they began to imagine spending the rest of their lives together.

Which was how they still felt that early morning. As they turned off the main road, still holding each other close. To sidle down the side street to their regular café to enjoy breakfast together.

The two stopped with a disappointed and confused look crept across their faces. The stood that held their regular café was dark and quite empty. Its windows boarded up from the inside and front door well secured with a rather massive and over-the-top padlock.

While a small sign indicated that the bistro would be closed for some time. During which, they did some much-needed renovations. All while touting the promise of better Wi-Fi and a larger selection of sugary confections. As well as the other usual stimulants to keep people excited about their reopening. It seemed a little too hopeful to be taken seriously, however.

Seeing as they had no other option, the two men strolled back to the main road. Hand in hand, as they looked to see what their other options were. They ambled along for almost an hour, chatting and enjoying the fresh air. Soon, they came to another of the local coffee-shops, its doors open and welcoming. The air was filled the alluring scent of fresh-baked bread, and the clinking sound of chinaware that beckoned them inside.

Seth shrugged and led them inside. Where there were plenty of tables available, so they chose one near the front. As Seth wanted to enjoy the way the morning light played against Nigel’s hair and light skin.

Seth went to wash his hands real quick in the men’s room and found Nigel sitting with a strange look when he got back. “What’s wrong with you,” Seth asked with a wry look as he lowered himself into the chair across from Nigel.

“Oh my God,” Nigel began in a hushed, almost awed, tone as he gave the room a conspiratorial glance, “Did you see our waiter?”

“No… eyüp escort not really,” Seth replied, his eyes scanning the area around them, “Why?”

In answer, Nigel pointed across the room. A feat which he tried to accomplish with as much subtlety as his excitement could allow, which wasn’t much. Standing there, as he took an elderly couples order with polite patience, was the form of an ebony Apollo.

The man towered at least six feet above the polished, wooden floor of the café. His obsidian skin pulled taught as it rippled over a body of pure muscle. A body that filled his modest clothing out quite well if Seth was any judge.

Seth couldn’t help but cast a quick glance down at the man’s ass. Something that had become somewhat of a habit when he met new people and was quite pleased with the result. Which rose to a delightful tingle as the man turned to walk toward them, a pleasant smile on his face. Mostly because it brought the exquisite evidence of a nice, full package nestled within the straining fabric of his pants.

“Good morning, gentlemen,” he said with the same, soft smile and a slight Barbadian accent. While his towering form stepped up to the table to loom over them. “Can I interest you in one of our specialty coffees or teas to stave off the autumn chill?”

Seth noticed the man’s strong scent almost immediately. It wasn’t offensive or particularly strong, just a little… odd. Under the strong, earthy fragrance of his cologne, was something else. Something that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Nigel gave the man a look that indicated he was rather interested in something that probably wasn’t on the menu. “Oh… well… um…” he stammered for a moment before getting control of himself. “Yes, I’m sure whatever the house special is will be fine.”

The waiter nodded and looked toward Seth, who shrugged and assented to the same thing. However, as he turned to leave, something in his gaze caught Nigel’s eye and it spurred him on.

“I’m sorry,” he added, his voice a little squeaky with nervous, youthful excitement, “But… I didn’t get your name?”

“Of course,” the waiter replied with a slight, apologetic look, “It’s Devon.”

He gave them both a warm smile and a slight nod of the head. But his eyes lingered on Nigel for a moment with a gaze that contained something rather curious. Having noticed the look the young man was giving him.

“Well,” Nigel said with a wry little smile as his eyes drank in all they could of the man, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Devon. Have you been around here very long? I’m surprised we haven’t run into each other before now.”

“No, not really,” Devon replied with a shrug of his broad muscular shoulders. “I only just moved up here about six months ago, as I prefer the climate up here. Something about these brisk Fall mornings that I find so… well… invigorating. Plus, it’s a lot better for my health, too.”

Seth noticed something about Nigel’s reaction in the corner of his eye. The young man seemed a bit taken by their server, then again, who wouldn’t be. Still, he found the little twink’s growing infatuation with the ebony Heracles a little off. Although, the adorable way he was acting let any concern for it slip from his mind.

“So, you’re a relative newcomer to town then?” Nigel asked with eager apprehension as he shifted in the seat. “If you’d like, we could show you around sometime?”

Devon chuckled, amused by the young man’s interest. “It’s not as though I got here yesterday, but I appreciate the offer,” he replied. Then looked down at them in thought before adding, “Although, it would be fun to spend an evening with a couple of pleasant gentlemen. Such as yourselves.”

Nigel almost squealed with delight. Loving the idea of spending an afternoon of casual conversation and sightseeing with the man. He caught himself and looked over at Seth with a look of slight embarrassment. Having been so open in coveting the experience of spending time with another man. However, Seth let out a soft chortle and only shook his head at the young man’s puppy love.

Seeing as Nigel was too busy raping Devon with his eyes, Seth decided to move the conversation along. “You mentioned something about your health?” Seth inquired, “I hope it wasn’t anything too serious. Although, I hear the fresh air up here can do wonders for the body.”

“Oh…” Devon replied with an apprehensive look as his face fell a little bit. “Nothing too serious, but it might be… someday, if it progresses too much.” The two looked up at him with a curious expression as the man shifted a little under their intense gaze. “You see,” he continued, after feeling he couldn’t put it off any longer. “I have HIV, nothing serious yet, but… you know… it’s only a matter of time.”

Seth nodded, understanding what it meant while having a pretty good idea about how the man felt. Nigel, however, perked up at this, a strange, lustful bayrampaşa escort spark lighting up in his eye. He leaned forward to give the man a second, more appreciative look, as a noticeable bulge grew in his jeans.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Nigel offered in a soothing tone, as his hand drifted up to touch Devon’s arm. His fingers gripping the bare flesh of his arm in a gentle, reassuring way. “Is there… anything I could do to help?”

Something about Devon being HIV positive drove his cock to harden quicker than ever before. It could have been the danger involved with it, to be so close to toxic death and not care about it. Whatever it was, he loved it. The feeling it sent through him was far more than just addictive, it was gloriously erotic. It made him willing to do anything to have it last as long as it could.

Devon was rather taken aback by his sudden interest. Yet quite flattered by it, all the same. The affection sent a small tingle of its own down his spine. Where he felt his pants grow a little tighter under the intense gaze of the young, white boy before him.

They continued to chat with each other for the rest of the morning. Devon helped other customers but would always come back to speak with them whenever he could. Even sitting down with them to share a cup of coffee at one point during his break. Soon though, it was well towards noon and they had to get going or risk getting nothing done that day. However, arrangements were made for them to get together later in the evening for dinner.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful, aside from Nigel’s constant daydreaming, that is. Which kept causing him to either fall behind or losing track of the conversation. The man really was a little slut at heart. One that couldn’t keep his mind off the thought of getting his boy-cunt filled long enough to give a simple opinion on something. Part of that, though, was why Seth put up with him as much as he did, and of course, his adorable little ass.

“Hey, glad you could make it. You find the place alright?” Seth asked Devon as he ushered him into the house that night.

“Oh Yeah, no problem at all,” Devon replied with a jovial smile as he removed his coat and placed it in the hallway closet. “I am known for my good sense of direction, after all.”

They exchanged the usual pleasantries and assembled in the dining room to eat. It was a simple meal. As Seth wasn’t much of a cook and Nigel was less than useless in the kitchen unless it involved mixing a drink. But it was more than able to satisfy their needs. Especially with the conversation that their company added to the occasion.

Throughout the meal, Nigel couldn’t keep his eyes off Devon. Who soon began to reciprocate the subtle glances and even threw out the occasional flirt or two. Seth couldn’t help but notice it. So, he spent a good portion of the meal watching the two exchange suggestive looks and meaningful expressions. It made him quite glad that they didn’t have anything in the room that was too flammable. If they had, then the palpable heat radiating between them could have easily burned the apartment to the ground.

Things got a bit more serious when the meal finally ended. Seth noticed Nigel rub against Devon as they cleared the table. Where his hand wandered down to tease at some very sensitive places. All while giving his cute “fuck me” puppy-dog eyes that Seth knew all too well. That, and making a very noticeable effort to let his tight little ass stick out in a rather alluring way.

It didn’t help that he’d worn the special pair of shorts Seth had gotten him for his birthday. The ones that hugged his shapely rear end in just the right way drag one’s eyes to it. By the time they sat down on the couch to watch a movie, Devon seemed quite ready to pounce on the little twink.

It started innocently enough. Devon began to rub Nigel’s feet as they sat on the couch, snuggled up close. But as the movie progressed, they began to pay less and less attention to it. In the dim, flickering light of the living room, Devon’s hands started to crawl up Nigel’s legs. Slow and tentative at first. With quick furtive glances toward Seth to see if he noticed or would likely raise a fit about it.

“You know,” Seth said as a casual way to interject himself into the spectacle taking place a couple of feet from him. “Nigel’s perfect little feet and cute, tight ass were one of the reasons I fell in love with him. So, I can see why you’d appreciate them so much.”

“Yes,” Devon replied. Half-distracted with the tender ministrations he was still applying to Nigel’s legs. ‘They are quite… appealing, aren’t they?”

Seth fell back into silence as they continued. During which, his gaze shifted between the flickering screen and the ongoing display of erotic tension on the couch. Part of him wanted to say something, wanted to put a stop to it before it got too serious. But Nigel seemed to be enjoying himself and, so long as kept an eye on the two horny studs, there didn’t seem to be any harm in it.

But he underestimated just how far they were willing to take it. as well as how much Nigel’s ass craved the apparent monster hidden away, just inside Devon’s pants. Seth’s inaction, or visible objection of any kind to the proceedings, only spurned the two on. Devon most of all.

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