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There was a chill in the air as we got into the car, but the sun was already burning off the early morning dew, and the low lying mist seemed to give the impression that even the clouds were still sleeping in the fields.

‘It’s going to be a hot day,’ I said.

‘In more ways than one,’ he laughed, setting a whole host of butterflies into flight in my stomach.

I tried to swallow the lump that had appeared in my throat and searched through my bag for a strip of gum. I needed to occupy my mind on the mundane instead of what we were about to do. I found one solitary piece caught between the pages of my diary and tore it in half, pressing the largest half into his mouth as we traveled in comfortable silence.

I was glad of the silence. I didn’t trust myself to speak right now — worried that if he asked me whether I wanted to back out I might just have said yes, but neither of us spoke and I could only wonder if he was as nervous as I was.

I glanced at his profile as he drove. He didn’t look nervous. His mouth was curved into a half smile as he moved the wheel with one thumb and forefinger. His other hand crept across the gap between us and rested on my thigh, squeezing it affectionately; slipping his hand beneath my skirt so that his finger tips brushed against the sensitive flesh at the base of my belly. My skin fluttered beneath his soft touch and I caught my breath, trying to sift the excitement out of the fear that still churned in my belly.

I thought I was ready for this, but suddenly, the idea of sharing him with her was filling my head with jealous, negative thoughts. Sometimes I felt as if he’d coerced me into this whole threesome thing — working on me when I was at my most vulnerable — chipping away at my reluctance as his lips touched mine and whispering against my ear as his hard cock nudged against my entrance — times when I would have agreed to anything to feel him inside me — times when the lines between fantasy and reality were blurred by passion and lust.

‘You’ll love it,’ he said, as if he had read my thoughts.

I smiled back. I never could resist his smile. Even after ten years of marriage it still had the power to make my heart flutter each time he directed it solely at me. I didn’t know how I would feel if the warmth of that smile were to be bestowed upon another pretty face. I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and looked out of the window, playing out an imaginary scene in my head, trying to get my mind-set right, reassuring myself that I wanted this as much as he did. I imagined I was leading her by the hand to my husband’s bed; presenting her like a birthday gift I’d picked out especially for him and I would watch as he unwrapped her and smile as he tasted her for the first time.

I hadn’t told him, but the thought of becoming a member of his harem actually excited me, and in total conflict to my growing jealousy, I secretly longed to have to compete for his affections and take my turn on his cock. It stirred a strange dormant lust buried deep in my psyche. But even so, I still had no wish to be replaced in his affections. I still wanted it to be me who he called his special girl, and me who he reached out for to cuddle in the early hours of the morning, and I couldn’t help but feel that she would come between us.

The sun was higher in the sky now, its warmth radiating through the windscreen and warmed my goose-fleshed skin.

He looked at me. ‘What’re you thinking?’ A gentle smile curved his lips.

‘I was just wondering how your cock would react to her lips.’

‘That just got me hard,’ he growled and my belly fluttered.

I reached out and grabbed his cock, reassured by the hard lump that filled my hand through the material of his shorts.

‘And I was wondering what I would see in your eyes as I ran my tongue over her dark, fat nipples.’ I said it for him. I knew it was what he wanted to hear.

‘Are you kidding? You know I’d love that.’ I could sense the excited anticipation in his voice and I knew I couldn’t pull out now. I couldn’t be the one to disappoint him.

I turned my face away and looked out of the window, afraid that he would see the doubt in my eyes, and we traveled in silence again. He had one hand on the steering wheel, the other covering mine as it rested on his thigh, his thumb gently, rhythmically stroking the back of my hand. It was an absent minded gesture — one I couldn’t see him sharing with the two of us.


‘Do you want to stop for coffee?’ His voice brought me out of my thoughts.

I glanced at the clock on the dashboard. It was 11:30. We’d be there in less than an hour. My stomach lurched. I felt dizzy and for a moment I couldn’t focus. This was silly. This was supposed to be fun — not terrifying.


We’d planned to meet for lunch in the same little beach side restaurant I’d met her in last week. I wondered if Kate was there yet, and what she was wearing, and how she had done her beautiful, long black hair. I knew that he would like to see it falling loose over her slender shoulders, her nipples peeping seductively almanbahis adres through the dark, silken veil. I hoped she would have it tied back in a ponytail. Even though Mark had found her on an internet site and seen pictures of her, he’d never actually met her in person and I didn’t want her to make too striking a first impression on him.

At thirty seven she was five years older than me. Her olive complexion and dark hair contrasted with my fair skin and blonde hair in a way that made me think how good we would look to him — lying together amidst a crumpled white sheet — our limbs entwined, our breasts squashed together, and our thighs shimmering with his issue as he stood over us holding his spent cock in his fist — the triumphant master of his own harem.

It had been me who had driven down to meet her, and I knew how beautiful she was in real life. I was scared that he would think so too. We had ordered lunch and sat at a table on the sea front, listening to the gently lapping waves and enjoying the warmth of the Spring sun on our faces. At first the conversation had been a little stilted but then she reached across the table and touched the tips of her fingers against mine. A pulse of sexually charged electricity traveled straight to my pussy. It wasn’t that I was attracted to her, just that I knew what Mark had planned for us. You didn’t have to be bisexual to take part in this kind of thing. It was the thought of exciting Mark that turned me on — to be able to watch his cock harden as Kate and I explored each others bodies.

‘How will it feel for you to see my fingers wrapped around his cock?’ she asked.

I couldn’t answer. My heart had begun to pound in my throat. When these kind of thoughts were only in my head it was easy to control my feelings. If it scared me, all I had to do was think about something else, but when they slipped from her lips it made it difficult to avoid the reality of what we were about to embark upon and the doubts and fears that I had came flooding back.

‘Or my lips — do you think you could handle seeing my lips wrapped around his cock — and him enjoying me instead of you?’

I didn’t know what to say. I wished that he was here to hold my hand and reassure me.

‘I’m ok with it,’ I lied, trying to sound grown up and cool.

Kate seemed to sense my reluctance and backed off a little, turning her attention to me instead of Mark.

‘Maybe if we get to know each other a little better it will make it easier for both of us.’ She reached out and ran her fingers across the small of my back, stroking the flesh that was exposed above the waistband of my jeans and sending an unexpected frisson of pleasure straight to my crotch. I gasped and she moved in closer, her lips brushing against mine in a whisper of a kiss. I looked around nervously to see if anyone was watching. It wasn’t right — not without him being here. I needed him to be watching our first tentative explorations. I wanted him to hear our impassioned mews as our fingers searched out each others throbbing clits, and for him to have his cock in his hand as our limbs entwined, but I said nothing and was grateful when our lunch arrived.

She asked me questions about Mark as we ate:

‘What turns him on?’

‘He’s a breast man,’ I replied, my eyes lowering to the visible swell of Kate’s breasts over her low cut top. ‘He’ll love yours.’ I smiled. This I was used to. I had shared him with every pair of breasts he’d ever seen without a shred of jealousy.

‘Is he rough in bed? Do you like to be tied up?’

They were odd questions to ask someone you had just met and I pondered my answer for a moment. We had done those things but most of all I thought of Mark as a gentle caring lover…even when he was being rough.

‘He is gentle and loving.’ In my mind I was watching his lips traveling the length of my naked body, planting soft kisses on his journey, the whisper of his breath warming my skin, whilst his hands circled my wrists and pinned them to the bed. ‘But he can also be very forceful.’

‘Does he make you cum?’

I blushed, embarrassed at having to talk about such intimate things with a virtual stranger but she was right, it was helping to make us closer — and at the same time she was learning things about Mark that would be helpful when they did eventually meet — things that normal lovers learned along the journey of courtship.

The questions she was asking gave me the impression she was experienced at this kind of thing.

‘Have you done this before?’ It was a genuine question but also a handy ruse to get out of answering her probing question.

‘No,’ she answered quickly and for the first time since we’d met I saw uncertainty in her eyes.

She made no attempt to expand on her curt answer and I lacked the courage to press her any further.

‘So, does he make you cum, Olivia?’ She wasn’t going to give in.

‘Yes.’ I hoped my one word answer would surface but she pressed further.

‘How? What does he do for you? How does he make you feel? How does he touch you? I want to know almanbahis adresi all about him.’

I was suddenly reminded of his smile, and the way it made me feel when it shone on me alone. I didn’t want to tell her that. I was a little uncomfortable with her need to know so much about him. I’d been scared that it would be me she wanted to get to know more but now that she was showing so much interest in Mark I felt jealously protective of him.

‘I want him to make me cum like he does to you. Do you mind?’ ‘Of course not,’ I lied. I couldn’t possibly say yes, but in truth I found myself reluctant to tell her too much. I didn’t want her to get to know the man I knew and loved. He was mine and I was a little scared of allowing anyone into the private space that only the two of us occupied.

Mark and I had made some tentative ground rules. We’d agreed that Kate was to be more of an accessory in our sex life, but sitting here watching her talk and smile, and toy nervously with her hair, I was seeing the real person, and like me, she had fears and expectations, and feelings that I couldn’t trample on.

This wasn’t going to be as easy as he thought. She wasn’t a toy we could return to the cupboard once we’d satisfied our own needs. We couldn’t, as he had jokingly mentioned, keep her as our sex slave.

When he’d talked about keeping her bound and naked in a cage in the corner of our bedroom it had made my pussy throb so hard that I’d almost insisted that he did it to me. The thought of being kept under lock and key whilst she lay on my bed playing with his cock scared the hell out of me but it also excited me more than I dared to admit to anyone.


‘You’re very quiet,’ he said as I sat nursing my mug of black coffee.

‘Just a little nervous — aren’t you?’

He nodded and then smiled, and I knew he was more excited than nervous. I knew that it wouldn’t take much to get his cock hard.

I slipped one foot out of my flip flop and touched my bare toes against his leg under the table, running them up to the hem of his shorts before resting my foot against his crotch.

‘Do you think you’re good enough to please two girls?’ I teased.

‘It’s not about pleasing you. I’m expecting the two of you to go out of your way to keep me satisfied.’

I blushed and my heart skipped a beat. It turned me on something fierce when he put me in my place, and as I felt his cock grow beneath my toes, it was matched by a pleasant throb between my own legs. I wanted him right now, but he seemed keen to get there — to her.

‘We best get on.’ He stood up and drained his coffee cup.

I was dragging my feet, annoyed by his rebuff, but also starting to enjoy the heightened sense of anticipation that kept my pulse racing a little too fast, and fed the gentle throb between my legs.

He took my hand as we strolled back towards the car, our fingers entwined. He squeezed gently and we smiled at each other as if we shared an extra special secret.

The leather seat was hot against my back as I climbed back into the car.

‘Kate and I did a bit more than chat last week,’ I blurted and watched his fingers tighten around the steering wheel. He looked a little un-nerved.

‘Go on,’ he said.

I was tempted to make the details of our meeting more explicit than they’d actually been. I knew it would get him hard if I told him we’d gone to the beach and that she’d made me strip naked and forced me to suck on her nipples and finger myself in front of everyone sunbathing there. I also wanted to make sure that he went to meet her with at least the scent of my lips on his cock. I couldn’t quite shake off the feeling that he might just find her more attractive than me — or that she would be better at sex than me. It made me want to raise my game — but I told him the truth.

‘She unbuttoned my shirt and pushed her hand inside my bra,’ I whispered, my words almost drowned out by the air conditioning kicking in as he started the engine.

‘Did you like that?’ he asked. His voice was calm but I could see his growing excitement.

I wanted to tell him that it had been hot and that I’d loved the feel of her fingers as she squeezed my flesh and tweaked my nipple, but in truth, although it hadn’t exactly been unpleasant, neither had it really done anything for me. It was only the thought of him watching her hands kneading my breasts that sent a tingle running down my spine now.

I laughed a little nervously. He was staring at me — waiting for the details. I touched her breasts and she touched mine, suddenly sounded a little childish.

‘It felt good,’ I lied. ‘And she kissed me when I left.’ I blushed as I remembered the moment. ‘I’d been expecting a peck on the cheek but she caught hold of my face between her hands, and as our mouths touched she ran her tongue over my lips almost as if she was tasting me.’ I blushed, embarrassed by his undivided attention on my words.

‘That’s so fucking hot,’ he said.

‘She asked whether you would want to watch the two of us playing together or whether you wanted the almanbahis adres two of us to just pleasure you.’

‘What did you say?’

‘I said you’d probably want both.’

‘Good girl,’ he laughed and I reached over and put my hand in his lap.

‘Mmmmmmm, I think that excited you.’ I slipped my hand inside his shorts and pulled out his hard cock. This time I refused to be brushed aside and shifted in my seat so that I could lower my head into his lap. He lifted his arm from the steering wheel to stroke my back, and a long low moan escaped from his lips as the tip of my wet tongue touched the tip of his hard cock. It was hot in my hands, his head sticky with the juice of his arousal.

I held him with one hand whilst my tongue explored his swollen head, savoring the familiar taste of him and breathing in his freshly showered scent. I wanted him all to myself. I didn’t want another girl’s lips on his cock — it was mine. He belonged to me.

As he grew in my fist I O’ed my mouth and very slowly lowered my head onto him until my lips were almost touching his crotch and I could feel the tip of his cock nudge against my tonsils. I wanted this to be a moment he wouldn’t forget in a hurry, and as I dragged my lips back up the length of his cock he murmured his approval. I could feel him pulsing in my mouth. I could hear his heavy breathing. I moved my mouth up and down the length of his erection — slowly at first, moving with the guiding thrusts of his hips, swirling my tongue around the head of his cock, tasting his excitement, and then speeding up as his hand moved to the back of my head — urging me to move faster — to take him deeper, until I finally felt his cock explode onto my tongue.

I licked him clean as he continued to drive, and folded his softened cock back into his shorts in a way that only a long term married couple could. He adjusted and smiled at me.

‘Are we there yet?’ I sat up and slipped back into my seat belt.

‘I am,’ he smiled, and we settled back into a comfortable silence as he drove.

I loved these moments of intimacy when no words were needed between us, and I didn’t want Kate breaking this special bond we shared. There was a good reason why the phrase ‘three’s a crowd’ had been invented.

I could see the coastline in the distance now. Fine golden sand lined the edges of the narrowing roads and the smell of the ocean hung in the hot air. The realization that we were nearly there made my tummy lurch again, but I smiled to myself. This time, when she kissed me, she would taste him on my lips.


By the time we got there the sun was high in the sky, but the seaside resort was still quiet and very few people were using the beach-side cafe this early in the year, even though the day was unexpectedly hot and sunny.

We parked close to the shore and walked back along the esplanade towards the little red slate roofed cafe. I could feel the heat from the pavement through my flip-flops, but a gentle sea breeze was keeping the air temperature a few degrees cooler. I slipped my hand into his and he squeezed it tightly.

‘Don’t worry, It’ll be fun.’

I didn’t want to ever let go of his hand. I loved the feel of it enveloping mine — his strong grip, his reassuring squeeze and the way his fingers played with mine.

I noticed her at once, even though she was sitting with her back to us. Her hair hung loose in a shimmering veil around her shoulders and the strap of her red bra had slipped off her tanned shoulder. It was to this shoulder that Mark predictably reached out and touched, his strong fingers gently curling around her arm as he spoke.

‘Hi, Kate, It’s really good to meet you at last.’ She turned and smiled and immediately jumped up to greet us, grabbing hold of me first and pulling me into her arms as if I were an old friend.

I wondered if she could taste his cum on my lips as she kissed me, and if she’d guess where my mouth had last been…I really hoped that she could.

Then Kate turned her attention to him. She seemed a little more reserved with him, placing her hands on his bare forearms and looking up into his eyes for a long time before she spoke.

I watched his face. His eyes seemed to sparkle as he looked at her, and I watched the hairs on his arms stand on end in reaction to her touch as they kissed. How long had it been since he’d reacted to my touch like that? But I swallowed back my envy and smiled. It was only natural that he would be excited by her — she was new to him — he was thinking about what was to come. It was me he would cuddle up in bed with tonight.

We sat down, our knees touching beneath the small round table.

‘Did you have a good journey?’ She touched his hand as she filled his glass from the bottle of wine she’d already bought.

I felt my hackles rise in response. Knowing that his cock would soon be inside her made these pleasantries seem strangely surreal. I could feel the sexual tension between them and it appeared to exclude me. They talked almost as if they knew each other well — not the words so much — it was more what they didn’t say that made it weird. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it bothered me — already I felt like an outsider in their conversation. I was being stupid; all I had to do was join in. No-one had purposely excluded me. Kate poured me wine and this time she spoke to me.

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