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Gavin and Barbara thoroughly enjoyed ‘Walk The Line’, the story of the love between Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Gavin had his arm around Barbara throughout the film but she made him concentrate the whole time. As the credits finally began to roll she leaned towards him, kissed him on the cheek and squeezed his fat but soft cock through his jeans.

“I really enjoyed that,” she smiled, squeezing his by now stiffer cock again. “Have you got something here that I can enjoy too?”

“I hope so,” croaked Gavin as they rose from their seats and shuffled out with the rest of the cinema crowd. “Let’s get to the car.”

All the way home Barbara softly fondled Gavin’s crotch. Secretly she was very excited. Gavin’s cock felt huge. She had seen a few by now but this felt enormous!

“Park around the corner where it’s quieter,” said Barbara. “Your car will be safer there until the morning.”

Until the morning! Fuckin’ Hell, thought Gavin, things are looking up! His cock was looking up too as Barbara continued her fondling.

He carefully parked and turned to look at her. She had moved close in to him, her full lips wet and inviting. He kissed her, putting one arm around her and the other on to her breasts. Barbara tugged on his zip but had difficulty because of the folds in his trousers. She tore her lips away from his.

“Get your fucking cock out Gavin!” she gasped. “I want to play with it!”

Gavin eased his zip down. He looked at Barbara as she stared at the gap, lips apart. He reached into his pants and produced his cock. It was erect, fat hard and long. Barbara took a deep breath and reached out for it. Gavin took her hands.

“Fairs fair darling,” he said. “A cock for a pair of tits; is that a fair trade?”

Barbara giggled and undid a few buttons. Gavin’s eyes filled with a view of acres of upper tit flesh. Then two hard nipples burst into view and he groaned as he grabbed hold of Barbara’s flesh. She in turn gripped and fondled his penis as their lips meshed again. Gavin’s car rocked.

“Oh my God Barbara darling,” he gasped, “I wanna fuck your tits. They are magnificent! They feel so full!”

Barbara let go of him and opened the car door.

“I’ll do you a trade,” she laughed. “I’ll let you fuck my titties if you promise to fuck my pussy. Is that OK? And don’t put him away; I want to watch him all the way upstairs!”

Although he was a little nervous about walking around with his cock out Gavin did it. He couldn’t not do so as Barbara had left her breasts on full view as she backed up the stairs, watching his cock bobbing up and down as he walked. He had shrunk a little but his tool was still long and fat, about seven inches long.

As soon as she had locked her door Barbara led Gavin to her bedroom. She turned and dropped her blouse and bra, watching Gavin’s cock stiffen up. She unzipped her jeans and slid them off, along with her pumps. She left her panties on, thinking that he might like to do that.

Gavin was following suit, stripping off and throwing his clothes anywhere. Barbara tutted and picked them up, telling him that someone might fall over them in the dark. She didn’t elaborate. Gavin just watched her almost naked body moving around the bed. He took himself in hand and moved towards her.

Barbara saw him coming and jumped on the bed. She lay on her back and took her breasts in both hands.

“It was these that you said you wanted to fuck first, wasn’t it?” she smiled. “I’m ready now Gavin; get mounted and do your worst!”

In a trice, or less, Gavin was there! He straddled Barbara’s chest. She pulled her breasts apart and he thrust his tool into the valley. She folded her flesh over his shaft. It felt wonderful, a huge hot cock between her titties.

“Ohhhh Gavin darling, your cock feels wonderful!” she gasped. “Give me some hard thrusts up my titty tunnel. Get them wet though!”

Gavin was making pre cum but to supplement that he dribbled saliva onto Barbara’s breasts. Her movements and his thrusting soon gave them the oiling that was needed. Gavin speeded up and soon felt his balls signalling to him.

“I’m going to come soon Barbara,” he panted. “Is it OK to come on you here?”

“That’s what you came in here to do, isn’t it?” cried Barbara. “Just pull back when you come; I want to see it as well as feel it!”

Gavin groaned and pulled his cock out of Barbara’s hot sticky channel. His urethra flexed and delivered a thick white spurt of spunk into the valley between her tits. Barbara watched fascinated as spurt after spurt began to fill the space.

Gavin finished and retreated to sit on Barbara’s pantie covered fanny. He carefully laid his shrinking prick over her belly button. A final drip trickled into the little hole.

Barbara squeezed her breasts more closely together with her upper arms and dipped her fingers into Gavin’s spunk. She spread the offering more evenly and scraped some on to her erect nipples. She sucked on her sticky fingertips.

“That was tremendous Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort Gavin. Thank you so much. I’ve never watched a boy shoot his load before; that’s why I was so keen to watch you do it. It doesn’t taste bad either. I’m going to have some more!”

Gavin watched fascinated as she did just that. First of all she pushed her breasts up towards her mouth and sucked her nipples. Then her fingers gathered more and she sucked it off them too. Finally she massaged the rest into her skin. By the time she had finished Gavin was almost hard again. Barbara reached for her prize.

“Oooo, this is lovely!” she cooed. “It’s almost rock hard again. I’ve got a feeling that I’m gonna get a pussy-full soon. Am I right?”

Gavin didn’t answer. He raised himself and then positioned himself between Barbara’s thighs. His cock rested on top of her pubic hair, just above her clitoris. Barbara regained possession of his shaft and began to rub the tip up and down her crack. Juice started to excrete from her labia.

“It’s time now Gavin darling,” she whispered. Let’s get you in me. I want fucking, hard!”

She placed the tip of Gavin’s cock at her hot wet hole. With her other hand she pulled him to her by his buttocks. His nine-inch plus ramrod eased its way up her cunt. Barbara gasped as he hit the top.

“Ohhhh my God Gavin, you are so big!” she exclaimed. “That’s wonderful! Why haven’t I heard about your size before? No other girl has ever said!”

Gavin stopped deep inside Barbara and held his breath and gritted his teeth. At last he felt a little control return and he breathed out.

“That’s because no other girl has ever seen my penis. I’m a virgin. Apart from Betty this morning no other girl has seen it. Ohhhh God Babs, I can feel every millimetre of your hot wet cunt. I’m wanting to squirt inside you already! I’m sorry!”

Barbara clamped her cunny muscles around Gavin’s huge cock.

“A fuckin’ virgin! Wow!” she gasped. “No wonder you got a new hard-on so quickly. It’s OK Gav, you can fuck me hard for as long as you can and then shoot your load up inside of me. You’re bound to get hard again for me. Wow, a virgin! I’ve not had many but I’ve never had a virgin! OK, fuck me now!”

She released his hard poker and he began to thrust. She felt very powerful as she joined in, trying not to make him come yet. She could do that next time. She wondered how much cum he would have this time.

Gavin was out of his mind with joy! He was vaguely aware of shafting his ramrod furiously in and out of a very hot juicy passage. His seed was waiting at the exit of his balls but he didn’t want this feeling to stop yet. He rammed home harder and Barbara reciprocated, lifting and dropping her cunt up and down his shaft.

The tide broke. Gavin groaned long and deeply as his spunk shot from his cock. He spurted again and again; Barbara moaned below him, her arms wrapped tightly around him. She was thinking of Betty and managed to have a gentle come herself. She felt very wet and full of spunk.

“I’m sorry Barbara darling,” groaned Gavin. “I couldn’t hold it any longer.”

“That’s alright Gavin,” she whispered in his ear. “Just stay in me and I’ll make your cock grow again soon. Are you comfortable?”

“I’ll say,” said Gavin. “Aren’t I too heavy for you though?”

“No way,” giggled Barbara. “Why do you think I’ve got nice big tits for you to rest on? With your long fat cock tucked away inside of me I couldn’t feel better. Now, can you feel this?”

She gently flexed her cunt muscles up and down his fat but soft cock. She didn’t need an answer to her question. Gavin’s prick was definitely stiffening up again. He moaned softly with pleasure.

“Ohhhh Gavin,” she gasped; “you’re growing again. I can feel it all the way up my cunny. Do you want to fuck me again?”

“You bet,” said Gavin, beginning to shaft in and out of Barbara’s hot, sperm filled twat. “I’m going to last for ages this time, you see if I don’t!”

They soon got into a rhythm, mutually enjoying themselves. Barbara eased his engine into a slightly different angle of attack and he was now rubbing on both her clitoris and on her g-spot. She howled into an orgasm, expelling hot juices all along his shaft. This lubricated their joining and now Gavin could feel almost no friction. He was going to last longer!

He looked down on to Barbara, his sweat dripping on to her face. She grinned up at him.

“Ohhh Gav, this is the best I’ve ever had it! I’m going to come again in a minute. I might even come several times before you shoot again.”

“Don’t worry Babs, I feel that I’ll be able to come again anyway. This is fantastic. Your pussy feels so hot and wet. I just love it, and you, so much.”

Barbara didn’t hear him; she was coming again! She didn’t stop fucking afterwards. She squeezed Gavin’s cock again and dug her fingers into his rump. Soon he moaned again as he fountained his offering deep into her cunt. After a while they stopped again, still joined.

“We’ll have to move now darling and clean up a bit. I’m full of sperm and you are dripping sweat all over me. Pull him out slowly and rest him on my belly. God, you’re still so long but you’re ever so sticky. Let me wipe you down. No! Better still; let me do this for you! I’ve never done it before so it will be a first for both of us.”

Barbara lifted Gavin’s soft but long fat tool and raised her head. She opened her mouth and swallowed his sticky member. She sucked and licked until it was clean of their combined juices. She released him.

“Hmn, that was nice,” she smiled. “I must remember to do that again.”

After licking her fingers Barbara wiped them all over Gavin’s face to remove his sweat. She rolled him off her body and got up to go to the bathroom. Gavin stood too and clasped her in his arms and kissed her.

“Steady darling,” giggled Barbara. “I’m going to drip all over the floor unless I get to the loo!”

She disengaged from Gavin and went and sat on the toilet. Gavin followed her and watched fascinated as first a thick stream of white goo dribbled from her cunt, followed by a firm stream of piss from her urethra. Barbara wiped herself dry with tissues and flushed the toilet.

“Come on Gavin, let’s go back to bed. You will stay, won’t you? We might want to do it again in the night.”

Gavin had a piss and happily went back to the rumpled bed. Barbara checked her flat, switching off lights. Then, with a smile, she secretly unlocked her outside door and returned to Gavin. She switched off the overhead light, kissed him lovingly and gently held his growing cock.

Soon they were sound asleep, their arms wrapped around each other.


Betty had also gone to the movies, seeing something called ‘Brokeback Mountain’, which she didn’t like very much. Then she had gone to a club where she could get in without paying.

Now, at one thirty in the morning, she was at the door of Barbara’s flat. She was excited, and very horny, as she tried to open the door without making a sound. Soon she was inside, trying to make sure that she could remember the layout in the darkness.

That’s right, this was the sitting room and the bedroom door would be over to her right somewhere. Ah, she felt the back of the sofa!

Betty quickly stripped naked, dropping her clothes on to the sofa and then silently moved over to the bedroom door, trying to remember if it squeaked or not. It didn’t and she was inside, trying to make out the figures against the pale sheets of the bed. Just then the moon peeked out from behind a cloud and she had a momentary glimpse of Barbara and Gavin in the bed.

Barbara was on the left side with Gavin almost in the middle as he cuddled into his new love. A duvet covered the couple with a large vacant space on the right hand side of the bed.

Betty eased on to the bed, trying to make as little disturbance as she could. She made it but she had nothing to cover herself. She took hold of the edge of the duvet and gently pulled it over her. Neither Gavin nor Barbara moved. God, Betty thought, they must be really shagged out!

Betty began to relax as the duvet and Gavin’s adjacent body began to warm her. She began to notice the quite strong aroma of sex and her horniness began to return. She turned towards the sleeping couple and allowed her left hand to slip between her thighs until she found her pussy.

She slipped a couple of fingers inside herself and began to agitate her clitoris. She made juice and she soon heard a little squelching sound as her fingers frigged her cunt. She made her fingers and then her hand very wet and slippery.

Betty took a taste and a sniff of her sexy aroma and then started the game. She carefully reached over Gavin’s naked body without touching him. Her first contact with his body was when she gently wrapped her sticky fingers around his fat soft cock. She took a full handful but was careful not to squeeze. She waited for Gavin’s re-action.

Gavin’s cock thickened and grew longer. It stiffened too, enabling Betty to commence frigging it slowly. The cock soon erected fully into a magnificent throbbing column of hot flesh. Betty frigged harder and Gavin moaned softly.

“Oh God Barbara darling, that’s wonderful! I want to fuck you again already!”

Barbara was now fully awake and aware of what was going on. She reached over Gavin and captured one of Betty’s generous tits.

“I want to fuck you again too Gavin,” she whispered, trying to make out that the sound was coming from the other side of him. “Lie on your back darling and I will get up on top of you!”

Gavin turned and Betty mounted his hips. She was still holding his cock so had no difficulty in offering his hard shaft to her cunt. The long hard ramrod slid home and Betty just had to let out a long moan as she felt Gavin’s knob end reach her cervix.

Gavin thrust upwards into a molten tunnel and Betty ground down on to her joystick. She was in heaven as this wonderful cock filled her every nook and cranny. She also knew in the back of her mind that this cock had probably fucked at least twice already tonight so she was in for a fantastic long ride!

Gavin may have been a virgin about three hours ago but his subconscious was telling him that something was different here. This cunt surely felt deeper and wider than he remembered? Was there more heat coming from his right hand side? He put out his hands, one to his right and one upwards.

He was right! His left hand encountered a beautiful fleshy breast with a fat hard nipple! His right hand filled with another breast, not quite so big but definitely not one of the same pair!

“What the fuck?” he said.

There was a giggle, no, two different giggles as Barbara reached up and switched on the overhead light.

“Surprise, surprise,” she laughed. “Do you like your mid night present darling Gavin?”

Gavin took it all in his stride. He squeezed Barbara and Betty’s tits harder and increased the speed of his thrusting!

“Christ!” he gasped as he fucked upwards into Betty. “I love you both! I want to fuck you both! I wish I had two cocks!”

Barbara knelt beside him and fed two fingers of his right hand into her soggy wet pussy. Her juices began to run out over his hand.

“If you had two cocks I would let you do this to me with it,” she gasped as she frigged herself faster and faster. “Are you coming yet Betty darling?”

“Ooooowwww yessss, ooooowwww fuckin’ yessss,” howled Betty as she thrust Gavin’s prick to the top of her passage, squirting her hot cum all along his shaft.

Soon Betty collapsed on to Gavin’s chest, still moving gently up and down his soaking shaft. Barbara moved to see her lover’s cock being stimulated by Betty’s hot sticky cunt.

Barbara reached out and gently removed Gavin’s cock from Betty’s hole. It crossed her mind to re-insert it into her arsehole but her need was greater. She manoeuvred her body until she was astride him, facing his feet.

Pushing Betty up Gavin’s chest gave her the room to hold his cock up and to fall quickly down on to his shaft. Gavin was enveloped by hot wet cunt yet again!

Barbara’s push on Betty slid her up Gavin’s chest. Suddenly his vision was full of open wet pussy. Next instant his mouth was full of the same! He thrust his tongue deep into her hole. Betty screamed into another orgasm and flooded Gavin’s mouth with her excretions.

The girls were both in ecstasy! Not only did Barbara have Gavin’s cock pumping deep inside her fanny but also Betty was almost squirting into his mouth. On top of this their bum cheeks were rubbing against each other and when Gavin reached up with both hands and grasped one each of their tits they both howled simultaneously.

It could not continue. Despite the passions the girls were now heavy on Gavin’s body. He persuaded them to lie down so that he could straddle their generous chests. He kneaded their big breasts, his cock swinging from side to side, dripping pussy juice and pre-cum on to their generous slopes.

Barbara reached out and took hold of his shaft and then looked at Betty.

“Was it as good as you hoped, Betty darling?” she whispered.

“Ohhhh yes,” breathed Betty. “He didn’t come in me though but it was stupendous. Can I have it again soon?”

“In an hour or two, I expect,” giggled Barbara.

Betty leaned over and the girls kissed, almost automatically feeling into each other’s pussies. Gavin looked down on to the erotic sight and groaned. He knocked Barbara’s hand from his cock and began to toss himself off fervently. The girls both looked up at his cock and hand and were rewarded with great gouts of spunk all over their faces. Gavin continued to wank, coating four breasts with the rest of his offering.

Gavin staggered off the bed and went to the bathroom. When he returned he was confronted with the sight of Barbara and Betty licking his spunk from their bodies. It had already gone from their faces and now their breasts were being cleaned, emphasised by sucking and pulling on big hard teats!

Gavin’s cock grew yet again.


It was no good; Gavin couldn’t really raise it again. The girls took pity on him and they snuggled down together in Barbara’s big bed. What a wonderful feeling to be cushioned by four big warm breasts and two soft pairs of large rounded buttocks.

Gavin slept the sleep of the almost innocent until feeling cooler down one side disturbed him. He opened his eyes to see Betty standing by the bed, stretching her lovely body to ease out the kinks.

She had her back to him, her arms raised as she stretched. Something else rose as he watched her. He reached out and stroked his hand over one of her buttocks. Betty gasped and turned to him.

Her juicy shaved pussy was right before him so he kissed it. Betty gasped again and held his head to her crack. Gavin reached up and held her big tits. Betty now reached for his hard stiff cock.

“Quick,” Betty whispered. “I’ve got to go for work but I’ve got time for you to shoot me a load! Come on; get up now!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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