Holly Gets Even

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Fictional. Erotic. Vice principal/student.

Based very loosely on some truth.


Holly Rogers once was a huge nerd.

Reddish brown hair, brown eyes, and black rimmed glasses.

Straight A’s all through middle school, bookworm, and studied a lot.

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers were always very strict.

She attended a private high school-an all girls’ one. Very expensive, but her parents believed it was well worth it after reading that many of the professors had published books, TED Talks,or held successful conferences.

Teen girls can be very nasty to each other and due to Holly’s awkwardness, poor social skills, and intelligence, she was sometimes an easy target.

One of her bullies (Gianna Perez) had gone to the same middle school as her, so she tried to be friendly and sit at her lunch table in the cafeteria one day. Gianna simply glared at Holly. Gianna sat with some of the prettiest and most popular girls in the high school. They were older.

“Sorry, do I know you?” Gianna asked.

Holly blinked. Startled, but not backing down.

“We umm..you know, went to middle school together. You were in four of my classes. I’d help you with your homework. How’s it going?” She shot a smile at her.

Gianna looked her up and down.

Said something to one of the other popular girls, who instantly laughed.

“Still no boobies, huh?” Gianna blurted out.

Her other friends laughed. They were quite big on top. Immediately, Holly’s eyes blurred.

She rushed off to the girls’ bathroom and just cried in a stall for a few minutes.

She felt her A cup breasts with her hands.

Seemed fine to her. Why did Gianna have to be so cruel? How could she embarrass her like that? After Holly had helped her with math and science?

Unfortunately, Gianna would try to trip Holly when she’d walk to her seat in their Creative Writing class together that semester. Gianna’s friends Rochelle and Emily would Mersin Escort giggle mischievously.

Other bullying included but not limited to: TPing Holly’s house, spitting spit wads at her, and spilling food or drinks on her.

Usually, because Gianna’s father was very well respected and rich as well as the vice principal of the elite high school, Gianna wouldn’t get much punishment. Usually just a talk with her father or Saturday detentions.

Holly used her pent up hostility as energy to do better at her exams and schoolwork. Again, she received very impressive grades though not as high as middle school ones.


Holly’s reclusive life was rather boring. That was until her 18th birthday, when she replaced her bulky glasses with colored green contacts and her breasts had grown to a 34C.

She also had tried out for her school’s varsity tennis team and became one of the best athletes. She even made a few friends on the team: Jade and Sloan. They weren’t very outgoing or popular either.

Then something brilliant happened: one Saturday night, Jade and Sloan convinced Holly to sneak into a slightly scandalous nightclub: Xavier’s. They assured her she’d have a great time and maybe find a boyfriend.

However, after a half hour, Sloan and Jade had spotted some cute older guys and had left poor Holly alone at the bar.

As Holly was pulling out her phone to check the time and her messages, she suddenly heard a familiar man’s voice nearby.

“Holly? Is that you?”

She quickly turned her head and locked eyes with the vice principal of her high school, Mr. Adrian Perez! Immediately, Holly blushed and started to try to rush away, but Adrian laughed a bit. “No, don’t go!” he called.

He grabbed her arm slightly, then got slightly nervous. Holly turned around.

What the hell was her lame vice principal doing here?! But she had to admit: he did look soooo

sexy that night! Mersin Escort Bayan A light blue shirt and black dress pants. His dark hair kind of toussled.

“You look…” he paused then looked her up and down. Briefly Holly thought about his bitch of a daughter. He took a drink of his beer.

“Different but in a good way.”

“You aren’t gonna’ tell my parents?” she wanted to know.

He smirked. Then winked.

“Tell them what?” he teased.

“I was young like you once. I used to do some…wild things,” he added. Took another drink. Holly smiled and felt her body relax a bit.

Who would’ve thought Gianna’s dad was so nice and cool?! He seemed the polar opposite of his daughter.

“Hey, play some pool with me?” he suggested.

Holly hesitated.

“Well, I guess that’s ok. My friends…they kind of ditched me.”

She followed him to a few pool tables at the other end of the place. His cologne smelled so amazing! It wasn’t too strong, just nice.

Holly watched Adrian set up the balls.

“I’m uh…sorry about my daughter. She was never the same after her mom and I got divorced many years ago,” he explained.

“Oh no. I’m sorry,” Holly replied.

“Then her mom died in a car accident on the way to her dance recital, when Gianna was 14,” Adrian explained further.

“Oh wow, that’s awful!” Holly said.

Adrian broke first. One striped ball landed in a side pocket.

She felt slightly remorseful for Gianna. It must’ve been so hard to go through a huge sudden loss like that.

“Anyway…” he paused. Leaned casually over the pool table. Lined up his shot.

Sent two more striped balls into the pockets.

“Damn, you’re really good!” Holly gushed.

Adrian grinned. Holly stared into his brown soothing eyes for awhile.

She was starting to feel…tingly. Turned on.

She caught him ogling her chest a few minutes later, as she lined up her shot.

“Here,let me help you.”

Soon, Escort Mersin Adrian stood behind her, against her back. He placed one hand on hers.

She let out a small sigh. Her breathing quickened. She felt his cock poking her from behind. How hot. She wondered how big he was- I’ll drive you home,” he said.

“then you’ll ride on my cock.”

“Sounds good,” Holly agreed.

It was like everyone else around them faded away. Holly said bye to her two friends.


Within 20 minutes, Holly was on top of Adrian and Adrian laid on his bed. They’d forgotten to close the door fully. His hands explored under her shirt as he kept tongue kissing her.

“You’re so beautiful,” he sighed as he watched her lift her blue shirt up. It got stuck at one point. He smiled but helped her take it fully off.

Soon they were tangled up in each other.

Completely naked.

Holly gripped the covers of the blanket while Adrian thrusted his hips back and forth. Gradually he picked up speed. Holly’s moans got louder and louder. “Oh fuck,” she cried out.

He leaned in to pause and kiss her neck again.

“Take my huge cock…you like it?” he spoke sexily.

Holly nodded. “I love it,” she answered. He banged her even harder.

She rubbed her hands over his chest.

He was kind of ripped and muscular, but not too much.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Holly moaned.

She’d never had sex before, but had kissed a boy on a date once. She trembled slightly under him.

“I’m…so mad…at…my daughter for…fucking with you,” he breathed.

“So I’ll…fuck the shit…out of you,” he added.

“How s-s-sweet,” Holly replied. Moaned again.

She could hardly think logically anymore, with how he kept fucking her so impressively.

“You’re really gonna’ get it now,” Adrian said.

“Yeah? Show me,” Holly replied.

“Prove it.”

They switched positions, as he took her from behind. After a while, he got in a steady rhythm and as he thrusted, massaged her soft breasts with his hands.

She moaned into a pillow. Cried a bit.

Soon, her entire body was shaking as they came.

Afterwards, they cuddled a bit.

Holly drifted off to sleep.

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