Holly Joins The Team

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It was a big day for Holly Anderson. She had been in college for about a month, but today was the first official day of practice with the basketball team. She was attending a very prestigious university, known both for its excellent academics as well as its athletics. Holly was on a “full-ride” scholarship, based on the fact that she was all-State in two sports in high school, plus had been valedictorian of her graduating class with a perfect 4.0 GPA. Of course, she knew that all of the other girls on the team were like her, extremely smart and very skilled athletically, or they wouldn’t have been invited to attend this university.

Holly is 18 years old, tall (6’1″) and slender, with long muscular legs. Her breasts are small but firm, and her nipples are very sensitive. She has a gorgeous face, long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She feels her best feature is her tight ass, and Holly loves wearing short skirts and tight pants to show it off. She has moved away from home for school, and she is living in the athletic dorms. Her roommate is Melissa, another freshman and a volleyball player. Melissa is also tall and slender, with wavy brunette hair past her shoulders. She tends to dress more plainly, jeans and t-shirts, but Holly has noticed Melissa’s tight ass in those jeans.

Holly and Melissa had spent hours talking, about their sports, their coaches, their classes, their lives at home. Holly is from Pennsylvania, Melissa from Nebraska. Melissa talked about the boy friend she had at home, he is attending college on a wrestling scholarship.

Holly wrinkled up her nose. “Wrestling? I always thought that was a sissy sport, guys wanting to be close to other guys so they can practice their ‘special holds’!”

Melissa laughed. “Maybe some of them, but not Rick. He was always horny when he finished a match, and several times we ended up in his car in the parking lot right afterward, fucking like rabbits.”

Holly just shook her head… “God, girl, you’re awful. I never really found a guy that interested me.”

Back in high school, between homework and sports, Holly was always too busy for a boy friend. Besides, she heard all her friends talking about the guys they went out with, and it always sounded to Holly like the boys were really only looking for sex. She didn’t feel she was ready for that kind of relationship yet. She had kissed a couple of guys, though it hadn’t done much for her. She had even kissed several of the girls at a “pajama party” one night with the basketball team when the girls were talking about boys and sex and had ended up all kissing each other. The pajama party had turned very sexy, she still remembered hearing several of the other girls masturbating in their sleeping bags after the lights were out. The soft moans and deep breathing had made her very wet, but she had been too shy to touch herself with the other girls there.

She did masturbate often, alone in her room at night, and sometimes she surprised herself by imagining herself kissing a girl again, and even more. She remembered how warm it had made her feel inside, far more than with any boy. Her virgin pussy would get wet, remembering how soft a girl’s lips were against hers. She fantasized about how a girl’s hands would feel on her body, so soft and tender. Holly’s fingers would be all over her mound, teasing her clit and sliding inside her pussy, while the fingers of her other hand were pulling and pinching her sensitive nipples. Many nights she would give herself a good cum before she went to sleep, muffling her moans with her pillow.

The first day of practice was pretty heavy, and Holly was one of only two freshmen on the varsity. The rest of the players all knew each other, and knew the plays. The other freshman girl twisted her ankle pretty severely partway through the session, and had been taken to the trainer’s room. After practice was done, Holly was exhausted, but was very happy when the coach took her aside and complimented her on how well she had done. As they trooped into the locker room, the other girls commented that it had been a hard practice for the first day.

“Oh, good, then it’s not just me… I was beginning to wonder if I should even BE here!” Holly said to the girl undressing at the locker next to hers. Shandra is the team’s point guard, a senior, a very pretty black girl about 5’9″. She is slim, but when Shandra removes her sports bra, Holly is surprised to see her Çankaya Rus Escort small breasts have very long nipples which are clearly erect. Holly has never seen a black girl nude before, so she stares a bit.

Shandra smiled at Holly, then took her nipples between her fingers and pulled on them, stretching them away from her body. She let go, and her nipples snapped back against her body. The dark nipples are sticking straight out, at least an inch long. “Don’t worry baby, you’ll do fine here, you have already picked up more in one day than any freshman I’ve seen, including myself. You like these?” she asked Holly.

The younger girl is stunned. “Uhhhh… Yeah, very sexy!”

“Take a taste if you’d like…” Shandra says.

Holly looked at the black girl with wide eyes, then Sandra pointed behind Holly. She turned around to see two of the girls kissing each other and teasing each other’s breasts. Beside them were two other girls, sitting next to each other on the bench nude, with their legs spread wide, kissing deeply and fingering each other’s pussies. She was surprised to see that both girls were completely shaved. Looking around, it looked like she was the only one who had any pubic hair at all.

Shandra broke her daze by saying, “We are all family here… But no men allowed. That is one rule coach has, at least in season. After we are done in March, be the biggest slut you want. But during the season, no men. So we make do with each other…”

“She never told me that…” Holly said, still in shock from seeing the two sexy girls going at it so near to her.

“Well, baby, that’s one of the ‘unwritten’ rules… The NCAA probably wouldn’t like it if they knew that rule existed. But we know about it, and live with it, and I hope it’s not a problem.”

“Uhhhhh… Not really. I’ve never had sex with a guy, anyway. Or a girl, either…” Holly was kind of ashamed to admit.

“Ooooooh, girls, we have a virgin here!” Shandra said loudly.

The other girls gathered around, pressing close to Holly, their hands removing the young girl’s workout clothes. One girl knelt at Holly’s feet and began to kiss her way up her thighs. There were soft hands all over Holly’s body. Two other girls leaned in and began kissing and licking at Holly’s ears, neck, chin and face. Holly had never felt anything like this, and she felt her knees getting wobbly.

She heard Shandra’s voice in her ear, whispering, “It’s okay, baby, just relax and go with it.”

Holly could not do anything else. She leaned back into the girl behind her. The feelings were amazing, soft hands caressing her all over, a mouth at each of her hard nipples, another mouth between her legs licking her, she just closed her eyes and rolled her head back. A soft moan escaped Holly’s lips, and in an instant a pair of soft lips was against hers. The girl kissing Holly slid her tongue forward, across Holly’s bottom lip, and Holly’s only response was to open her mouth wide and invite the other girl’s tongue inside.

Holly felt herself being lifted up, then placed on her back on a bench. Immediately, it felt like there were about 100 pairs of lips and hands kissing and touching every inch of her body. The girl kissing her was darting her tongue in and out, sliding her tongue deep into Holly’s mouth. The girl at her pussy lifted Holly’s legs and placed them over her shoulders, spreading Holly wide open. Holly felt a finger sliding into her pussy, and all she could do was moan louder and arch her hips up against the intruder, forcing it deeper inside herself. She wrapped her legs around the other girl’s face, grinding her pussy into it.

Holly was experiencing feelings like she had never even imagined. She had fantasized about being with another girl, feeling soft skin against hers, kissing soft lips. But nothing had prepared her for what she was feeling now. Her nipples were so hard Holly thought they might burst. And each one had a girl’s lips attached to it, sucking and chewing. She had never had anything but her own finger in her pussy, and now there were a tongue and a finger, fucking her together, licking her clit and sliding in and out.

Holly was floating, the sensations were so incredible. She knew she was soaking wet, could feel her juices running out of her pussy. The tongue between her legs was busy, licking and sucking her, darting in Keçiören Rus Escort and out. Holly was moaning and arching her hips up, fucking back against the finger inside her. She could feel herself getting closer and closer to orgasm, and she knew it was going to be the most intense one she had ever felt. Her body stiffened, and she screamed. Her hips were spasming uncontrollably, and she felt the finger being slammed into her pussy deeper and harder. Her convusions continued, and she could feel her juices squirting out of her with every little spasm. The tongue between her thighs kept licking, prolonging the young girl’s pleasure.

As Holly’s breathing started to return to normal, the girl at her mouth broke the kiss. Holly opened her eyes, to see a wet, shaved pussy being lowered toward her face. Holly moaned and stretched her tongue out, and as the pussy got close Holly flicked her tongue across an obviously erect clit. The girl above her moaned, then lowered her hips so that her pussy was squarely against Holly’s face. The blonde girl got busy with her tongue, remembering how it had felt to her, sliding it in and out, then up and across the hard clit.

Holly reached up and found the girl’s breast with her hand. She pulled and twisted on the nipple, and was rewarded with another moan. The girl above her was soaking wet, and was grinding her dripping pussy into Holly’s face. As Holly licked the girl above her, she could feel her trembling and knew she was ready to cum. Another girl had moved between Holly’s legs and was sucking on Holly’s clit.

Holly squeezed hard on the nipple in her fingers, and the girl above her moaned and Holly got her first taste of girl cum as she felt the girl’s juices flow into her mouth. Holly licked and sucked, reaching her tongue as deep inside as she could, loving how it tasted and felt on her tongue. When the girl’s orgasm slowed, she stepped off and Holly saw a black pussy being lowered in its place.

She looked up quickly and saw it was Shandra. Holly wanted to be good for Shandra, since she had been so nice to her. Holly slid her tongue between Shandra’s lips, and the black girl began riding Holly’s face. Grinding her pussy into Holly, thrusting hard against her. Moaning, “Yes, little baby girl, suck it, stick your tonuge into me, suck my pussy, make me cum all over your face…”

Holly reached up to Shandra’s nipples, to find a hand on one and a mouth on the other. She reached around and slid her finger into Shandra’s pussy from behind, remembering how good it had felt to be fucked by both a finger and tongue together. Shandra moaned and pushed back against Holly’s finger, “Yeah, baby, that’s it, fuck me so good….”

It wasn’t long before Shandra exploded and covered Holly’s face with her juices. Shandra climbed off, and another girl mounted the young girl’s face. Holly lay on that bench until she had sucked the whole team, making each of them cum at least once, and she had cum more times than she could count.

When the last girl climbed off Holly’s face, the blonde girl was almost disappointed that no one replaced her. She was laying there, sticking her tongue out, sliding it in and out, waiting for the next pussy.

Shandra was sitting on the floor, next to Holly’s head. She turned Holly’s face to hers and they kissed. Holly was surprised to feel that Shandra had a tongue stud. Holly loved how it felt on her tongue, and could only imagine how good it would feel against her clit.

Shandra broke the kiss, then said, “Okay, baby… You are officially a member of the team. And I know I speak for everyone when I say we are glad you’re here. Are you SURE you’ve never licked a pussy before?”

Holly said, “Yes, I’m sure… I think I would remember if I had!”

Shandra laughed out loud. “Well, then, baby, you have natural ability! And I hope we can work together, to nurture that talent…”

Shandra laughed again, and the other girls did, too.

“I think we’re ready for our showers now,” said Shandra. “Holly, will you lead us in?”

Holly stood on wobbly legs, and reeled back into Shandra. The black girl caught her, and held her for an instant until Holly’s head cleared. Holly took Shandra’s hand, and the two of them walked into the showers together.

“Oooooooh, Shandra, looks like you found yourself a girlfriend!” The other girls on Etimesgut Rus Escort the team started teasing Holly and Shandra, and the blonde girl felt good to be accepted so readily. Plus, she hoped a little bit that she and Shandra could be together.

The girls all gathered around, and washed Holly. Of course, they spent a lot of time teasing the young girl’s nipples and pussy… Holly leaned back into the girls behind her, and surrendered herself to the feelings.

After they were done showering, the girls dressed in their street clothes and headed back to their dorm. Holly was very hungry so she went to the dining hall and Shandra joined her.

“So tell me about yourself, Holly…”

“Well, I’m went to high school in Pennsylvania, but I lived in California until 5 years ago. I have always wanted to go here, and I really feel lucky to get a full ride. I know that the education I get here will take me a long way in life. How about you, Shandra, where are you from?”

“I’m from Southern California, East Los Angeles. I grew up in what a lot of people might call a ghetto but I knew at an early age that school and athletics would be the thing that got me out. I hate going home, it is so depressing, so many people that have just given up. My mom is still there, with four of my younger brothers and sisters. My father split when I was little, and he was killed in a drive-by shooting when I was 11.”

“Oh, Shandra, that’s horrible!”

“Yeah, but unfortunately it’s a fact of life in ‘the hood,’ plus he wasn’t very involved in my life. I made up my mind at an early age to get out as soon as I could. I hope to play pro ball in Europe when I graduate, and hopefully make enough money to get my family out of there, too.”

“Sounds like you have more motivation than a lot of people…”

“Yes, I try never to forget where I came from and where I want to go. There are too many people that I went to school with that are dead or in jail now, and I refuse to let that happen to me.”

“So tell me, Shandra… Off season, do you have a boy friend?”

“No, I don’t… The guys I meet just seem so shallow, only at college for partying and to fuck anything that moves. Neither of those things interest me, so I stay single. You’ll find that a lot of the team members, in fact many of the women athletes, don’t have much interest in guys.”

“I can totally relate to that… Back home, the guys all seemed like sex-crazed little boys, running around with their tongues hanging out, drooling and staring at the pretty girls.”

Shandra laughed. “That’s a good way to put it. And you’ll find that nothing has changed here, the guys are just the same. And that’s why I stick to girls. At least with a woman, you know your partner knows how to please you, and besides, kissing a woman is so much nicer than kissing a guy.”

“I totally agree about that, girl! I kissed a couple girls at home, and I loved it. The guys always seem so pushy, and they all seem to thnk that if you kiss them once you should have sex with them.”

Shandra laughed again. “Girl, you seem to have things figured out! And don’t worry, you will do JUST fine here… You are gorgeous, and I know that if you want a full-time girl friend, you will have no trouble finding one.”

“Thanks, Shandra, you are very pretty yourself!” Holly smiled, and inside was hoping that Shandra’s words meant that maybe, just maybe, the black girl was interested in her.

“Thanks, doll… So what classes you taking this term?”

Holly listed them off, and Shandra was surprised at her academic load. Holly had taken several college level courses at home, so she had jumped into a couple of second-year courses. Shandra had taken a couple of the same classes, so she offered to help Holly if she needed it.

“Thanks, Shandra, that sounds great!” Holly was excited that she had made a new friend so quickly, and especially someone who understood her, and understood that she wasn’t interested in guys.

The girls exchanged phone numbers, and promised to get together the following night after practice. They hugged, and each headed off to their own rooms. Holly was floating, in a daze… She had finally experienced sex with someone else, and it had been a woman. Well, about a dozen women… And she felt like she and Shandra had clicked, that maybe they were going to become close.

Holly was looking forward to college life!!!

* * * * *

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of our college girl. Please send me feedback, I love to hear from my readers, and especially the sexy women out there! Tell me what you liked, if anything could be improved, how it made you feel, or if you have any ideas for the next installment…

Licks and Kisses to everyone, especially the women…


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