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Cindy sat there, thoughts running through her mind. They had plans to go on cruise to the Caribbean for Ryan’s retirement and birthday. Then stay in Florida to see if they liked the state, maybe live there permanently. She was frightened for her husband when they arrived at the ER in an ambulance.

Then two doctors came in, one in surgical clothes. One was Ryan and Cindy’s doctor.

Cindy looked them in the eyes and became really frightened as something seemed to pass over her.

She heard them talk about is heart, coronary something. Then something about his head.

Cindy’s ears were ringing when her doctor said before she passed out.

“They did everything they could.”

Cindy found her husband had been hiding things about himself from her and the Police Department.

Ryan had health issues he hadn’t told anyone about, not even his wife. His heart was in poor condition and his doctor told him he needed to retire, soon. He was hardheaded Irish and didn’t follow all the doctor’s recommendations about smoking, drinking and his weight. He even hid his medications.

The funeral was held with all the pomp and ceremony for a police officer. There was one woman police officer that sat with Cindy. She told Cindy that her husband had confided in her at times as she held her hand.

There wasn’t any family for Cindy, she was an only child. Ryan’s family she hadn’t spoken to them in so many, many, years. She wouldn’t have known them anyway; she didn’t have any contact information. Ryan and Cindy didn’t have children, so she was alone.

That policewoman, Angela, took Cindy home and stayed with her that night. She had been checking in on Cindy since that horrible day, even her neighbors shunned her. Cindy didn’t have anyone for her, except Angela.

Cindy couldn’t believe she was a widow at 40 years of age. Angela gave her something to help her rest and put Cindy to bed.

Cindy awakened without the alarm; old habits are hard to change. She sat up still groggy with sleep. She reached over to shake Ryan before she went to make coffee and a breakfast.

Angela sat up blinking her eyes looking at Cindy. Cindy stared at her as everything rushed back in from the last few weeks and tears filled her eyes.

Angela told her she was having bad dreams that is why she was in the bed with her. She reached over and cradled Cindy cooing to her.

They had become friends after Angela telling her she had lost her husband too. That was some years back when he had been deployed overseas. It was like they had common ground between them.

Cindy was getting excited packing for the cruise. She had tried to cancel the cruise, but she would have lost a lot of money. Angela told her she should take the cruise to get away for a while. Angela had vacation time coming on the same dates and offered to join her if Cindy wished.

Cindy was thrilled, she didn’t want to go alone. She told Angela how much fun they would have on the cruise. Angela laughed at her eight years older friend bouncing around acting like a schoolgirl.

They boarded the ship, found their suite and began arranging their things. Then it was off to explore the ship after a quick lunch.

They enjoyed a delicious dinner and as night was falling went to a nightclub for some entertainment. Angela and Cindy sat at a table watching the crowd, Angie keeping Cindy’s mind occupied.

Angie had more drink than Cindy when a nice-looking gentleman approached their table. He asked if either one of them would like to dance.

Cindy declined, she wasn’t ready for that yet, it had only been seven months. She sat and watched them have a couple of dances. Angie came back with her new friend trying to persuade Cindy to dance, but Cindy wouldn’t dance.

After another drink and Angie dancing some more Cindy decided she was going to their cabin. Angie wasn’t ready to go and pouted slightly. Cindy giggled at her giving her a hug telling Angie she has a key.

Cindy had gotten ready for bed when there was a knock on the door, it was room service.

She let the young man in watching him in her white robe.

He set the wine down and opened it then poured it. She wanted to give a tip, but he declined saying that had been taken care of already, he turned and left.

There was note attached.

‘Angela and Friend, Nice to make your acquaintance Cindy. Enjoy sexy lady. Angela thinks so too’

Cindy smiled as she sipped her sweet red wine. She also felt a rush go through her body. She went to the full-length mirror and stripped down naked. She gazed at herself holding her wine. ‘They said I was sexy’ as she smiled, she hadn’t felt sexy in a long time. She slipped her rob on over her nakedness.

She filled her wine glass and stepped out on the small balcony. She stared up at the moon as ocean breeze fluttered her robe and hair. She felt free at that moment from the world with the breeze caressing her nakedness.

She turned to enter the room and gasped Angie was back and not alone. She ducked behind almanbahis the curtain that was on the inside of the door. They were in an embrace and kissing passionately, Cindy watched.

Angie was soon nearly naked and so was her friend as Cindy looked on. Soon the fires were beginning to burn inside of her, Cindy touched herself.

Cindy started getting a chill and her wine glass was empty, she took a deep breath. She slid the glass door back and stepped in and shut it. They didn’t notice.

She walked over to the low table to refill her wine glass her robe gaping open. That is when she was noticed.

Angela squealed and the man blurted out ‘Oh, shit!’ then smirked. He tried to hide his obvious erection trying to poke through his boxer briefs. Then Angela spoke in a drunken drawl.

“Ya wanna have some fun wih sstud muffinn, wih me. Whe-el le’ ya washh. I go firss.”

Angie giggled as she downed a large swallow of Cindy’s wine. Cindy laughed at her intoxicated friend shaking head telling her ‘No’. But Cindy got pulled down by her friend into the sofa anyway.

A naked Angie reached for Cindy’s robe trying to pull it off Cindy’s shoulders. Stud Muffin grabbed the wine glass before it got spilt as her robe slipped down wide open.

“Angie! what the fuck!”

“See, I toll you, s,tud, sexssy.” Angie giggled. “

Angela head slid down into Cindy’s lap with a sigh with ass in the air. Stud Muffin stared down at Angela from behind as Cindy giggled watching him.

“Well, Stud, you going to stare it to death or fuck it.”

Cindy chuckled looking at him noticing he wasn’t quite ready for action at that moment. She motioned him over and pulled his stretchy boxer briefs down quickly filling her mouth with his dick. After a few minutes he was ready, so was Cindy.

He kneeled in the sofa behind Angela sinking inside of her as Cindy watched. That didn’t last long, as her friend collapsed down flat faced down. Stud and Cindy got to giggling at Angela, talking to each other.

Cindy got mischievous then, slipping out from under her passed out friend. She took Stud’s cock and began performing oral sex, telling where his semen was going to go.

Cindy was a bit vocal as she applied her skills. When he came, he spewed out his spunk on Angela. It landed in her hair, face, and breasts.

Cindy told Stud what she was going to tell Angela when she awoke later in the morning and reached for her phone to stop the video recording. That got them both laughing again.

Stud decided he needed to get back to his cabin, but Cindy wanted to have some fun too. She kissed him seductively as she stroked his dick.

“You sure you can’t stay just awhile longer.”

Cindy moved her kisses down his body until she had his wonderful dick in her mouth again. This time Stud reciprocated the pleasure. Cindy felt his tongue slip through her cleft sending chills through her body as they laid on the floor next to the sofa.

She felt her orgasm begin to rush through her as her toes curled. Stud felt her tense as he pushed his shaft deep into Cindy’s mouth. Her back arched up from her orgasm and intrusion in her throat.

She straightened up quickly twitching her pelvis over Stud’s mouth and face, moaning loudly to the ceiling. Suddenly she was sent to the floor on her back, hands gripping the back of her knees.

Cindy reached down guiding his sloppy wet dick into her heated tunnel. Once in, he slipped all the way in until his hips rested on Cindy’s upturned ass, she moaned out. She felt him get is rhythm as her muscles gripped his nice cock with her legs high in the air.

“Don’t come in me.” Cindy gasped. “Put on Angie.”

He slammed into Cindy, who only urged him on. Cindy’s pleasure surged through her. Cindy’s moans and gasps rang out in the cabin. She was pushing back to match his thrusts until he suddenly left her as she started coming once more.

She opened her eyes watching him spew himself on Angela again. She asked Stud if he had anything left, she wanted more. It had been a really long time since Cindy had dick.

Stud shook his head chuckling before saying he needed to go it was getting late as he sat on the floor. Cindy pouted as she rose up taking his dick in her mouth again. She looked up at him stroking him.

“You sure you have to go.”

A few minutes of chuckling he was dressed then gone, telling Cindy maybe they will see each other again as he closed the door. It was just after midnight when Cindy slipped into bed leaving her trashed and naked friend on the sofa.

It was just before noon when Cindy woke up from a wonderful sleep. She stretched still feeling a glow inside of her, she went to check on Angela.

Angel was definitely complaining when Cindy roused her. She went to the bathroom room to relieve herself, coming back out complaining some more. She stood naked in front of Cindy as she looked down her body and pulled at her hair.

“What the fuck!”

Cindy took on an impish grin before saying “You don’t almanbahis giriş remember? The THREE guys?”

Cindy looked at her smirking as Angela shook her head, in disbelief. Angela turned and went to clean herself off as Cindy laughed heartily.

They went to lunch with Angela eating a lighter lunch. They lounged near the pool as Angela recovered from her alcohol fueled evening. Angela took a little nap.

Cindy wandered away for a stroll finding herself looking over the railing out to sea. When a voice that sounded familiar spoke a few feet from her. She looked that direction. It was Stud Muffin and a woman, then the woman was walking away.

She strolled over close to him and spoke as the breeze flowed through her hair as she leaned on the rail staring out at the sea.

“Wonderful isn’t it, so calming and beautiful.”

Stud Muffin looked at her and became tense as Cindy smiled at him.

“Yes, it is.” Stud said looking at her and shifting his weight, then looking over his shoulder quickly.

Then that woman came back and stepped between them taking Stud Muffin’s arm. He bent down and gave her a quick kiss. Cindy realized quickly what that meant seeing the ring on her finger.

“Hi, my name is Cynthia, most people call me Cindy.”

The woman introduced herself as Charolette or Charlie has her friends called her and her husband Jonathan.

That is when Cindy’s timer went off and Angela walked up. Angie hadn’t realized or noticed Stud Muffin yet as the three women stood alongside each other.

“Hey Babe! What were you going to do? Let me burn to a crisp or what?”

She asked as her auburn hair fluttered and gave Cindy a quick kiss on the cheek. She looked at the couple standing there.

Charolette didn’t know what to think of that neither did Stud Muffin a.k.a Jonathan. Angela quickly came to her senses and leaned into Cindy whispering ‘That’s the guy!’ Cindy had to think quick to keep their now secret.

She introduced Angela to Charolette and Jonathan, then Angela as her very close

and dear friend. Charolette gave Cindy and Angela a very curious look.

Charolette and John bid their farewell turned and left with Charolette clinging to her husband’s arm. She glanced back at Cindy and Angela with a frown. Cindy saw that and put a long loving kiss on Angie’s lips.

“What are doing Cindy?”

“Keeping your ass out of trouble Angie, well our asses. Maybe Stud Muffin’s too.”

Angie giggled looking at her friend then spoke.

“Did you get some of him last night? I don’t remember everything.”

Cindy just looked at Angela when a smirk crossed her lips.

“Good for you! sweety.” Angie said.

They wandered off towards the pool to get a cool drink. Angela spotted the flow- rider pool and wanted to go play, telling Cindy she hadn’t done anything like that since she was a teenager.

They sat in the shade enjoying their day. They were watching the swimming pool crowd. Charolette walked up greeting them and setting down in a chair at their table. They talked a few minutes before Charolette asked her question.

“Do you think, umm, my husband would, you know, other women?”

Cindy and Angie looked at each other and back at Charolette. Cindy shook her head ‘No’ then asked her why she thought that. Charolette told them Jon had been watching us several times and not paying attention to her, and he kept looking at other women too.

“It’s the way he looks that bothers me.”

The conversation stunned Cindy, Angie took Cindy’s hand on top the table, looking into Cindy’s eyes. She blew a small kiss towards her, Charolette definitely got the signal they were a couple, partners maybe, she relaxed. Then Angie turned to Charlie.

“Sweety, you’re a hotty, men see you, and watch you too. You’re beautiful, sexy, and scrumptious looking.”

Angie said, as she gave a body shudder, licking her lips with a ‘mm, sound.

Charolette’s jaw dropped as she blushed deeply. Cindy spoke out sternly as Angie took her other hand stroking the young mother’s forearm leaning in for a possible kiss.


Angela looked at Cindy with an impish look. Charolette looked at Cindy frightened now and blushing deeply.

“I can’t help it if her husband is a dickhead and can’t see it.”

Then a small voice spoke up close to them.

“Mommy, what’s a dickhead?”

The three of them looked at the two little boys that had showed up at the table. The older one giggled as Charolett told the younger one that is grown up talk and not to say that. Charolette ushered her boys away quickly to get ice cream.

Cindy and Angela discussed this chance meeting with Charolette and what it signaled. Cindy felt confident Angela wasn’t finished with this yet.

Cindy and Angie went to nice dinner that evening then a comedy show after that. They went to a lounge for a couple drinks. They spotted Jonathan at the lounge where he looked at them, nodded, then left. They enjoyed a couple drinks and returned almanbahis yeni giriş to their cabin.

Cindy had showered and was watching a movie when Angie came to set down. They talked about their day laughing. They soon concentrated on the movie as Cindy leaned over placing her head on Angela’s shoulder. Something she had always done with her husband.

Angela giggled asking if Cindy needed cuddles. Cindy sat back up straight apologizing. Angela reached out and pulled her back wrapping an arm around Cindy.

“It’s okay, I kind of like it really.”

Cindy noticed as the movie continued occasionally Angie would stroke her bare arm. Then Angie had Cindy lay down flat her head resting in Angie’s lap.

Angie began rubbing up and down Cindy’s back over Cindy’s camisole top. Then that caressing hand slipped under her top traveling down to Cindy’s mid-back. Cindy was enjoying this attention but had a question on her mind.

“Angela can I ask you something and you not get angry?”

“Sure babe, what’s that?”

“Are you,, like..?”

Angela began to giggle a little knowing what her friend was implying.

“No, I am not. Well not full blown anyway.”

Cindy sat up looking at her friend embarrassed now. Angela reached out and cupped Cindy’s face then kissed her tenderly on the lips. She looked Cindy in the eyes telling her she was bi-sexual which caused Cindy to blush even more.

Cindy even more curious, asking about Charolette. Why Angie made an obvious sexual pass at Charolette. Angie giggled telling her Charolette’s self-esteem and confidence tank was running low.

Cindy understood that reflecting on herself since Ryan had passed. That is when Angie really shocked her.

“Cynthia, it has been hard for me to keep my hands off of YOU. I have grown to really care about you and I have been worried about you lately, up here.”

Angie reached up and tapped Cindy on the side of the head. The rest of the evening was filled with cuddling and a few stray strokes from Angela as they finished their movie.

They met up again with Charolette and her two boys headed for the pool. The three of them reached the pool and they decided to join the boys.

Angie and Cindy quickly pulled off their long-tailed tops. Charolette made a production out of skimming off her snug shorts. Then spreading her legs in a certain pose to pull her tank top off.

Cindy snickered and Angie’s jaw dropped, her pep talk must have worked. Charolette’s, swimsuit, was two triangular pieces of cloth covering her nice sized firm breasts. The bottoms had crisscrossed strands at her shapely hips. The swimsuit was all yellow.

Angela let out slow whistle. There were a few other whistles heard too.

She turned to get in the pool with her boys, smiling. Angie came back from gawking and giggled telling her to look up on the balcony. There were a number of men leaning on the railing now. Charolette turned and spotted her husband and waved to him, four other men waved back besides her husband.

They got in the pool and played with boys splashing around. The five of them even got into pool-noddle battles. Little Ryan spotted Angie’s tattoo and asked what that was, Angie told him it is a Marine insignia.

Charolette asked had she served in the military and Angie confirmed she had. Now Charolette was full of questions, Cindy felt left out of the conversation and entertained the boys.

Cindy saw Jonathan squatted down by Charolette and Angela and went back over to them. She just got there at the end of Jon speaking.

“I’ve had this swimsuit for three years, I even put it on for you when I first bought it. You liked it then.” Charolette told him.

Just then an older gentleman came up behind Jon asking who these lovely ladies were, referring to Jon as JohnBoy.

Introductions were made including the boys. Next thing everyone knew Jonathan went swimming. As Johanthan floundered the man gave Charolette a very nice gentlemanly compliment then turned and walked away after saying ‘Oopsey’.

Angela started laughing so hard she got out of the pool; the boys even began giggling. Charolette attended to her husband thrashing in the water. Charolette also had some questions for her husband right then Cindy figured.

The three amigos stayed at the pool awhile longer after Jonathan stormed off to change clothes and dry out.

Cindy and Angela had a nice dinner with the ship’s Captain. They saw that gentleman at the table also. They didn’t get to speak but he kept looking at Angela at times nodding to her. Cindy noticed Angela nod back, like some kind of inside knowledge.

Cindy and Angela walked around after dinner also taking in a comedy show. Then Angela guided them to a cabin not far from their cabin. She knocked on the door which was answered by Charolette dressed for an evening out. Cindy had no idea what Angela had done.

“Ready?” Angela asked.

Charolette confirmed she was ready to go. Cindy asked what about the boys. Charolette said Jon was taking care of them, he was not in a good mood. Angela, hearing that, just had to call out.

“See Ya later, JohnBoy, we’ll have her back sometime tonight.”

Charolette chastised her but then giggled as she heard her husband grumble something as she closed the door.

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