Hometown Ch. 05

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Note: Read chapters one thru four to get up to speed. All rights reserved.


Ellen and Jim were home when Mark dropped off Dawn. Both were standing by the door when she walked in. “Mom…Dad.”

“We’ve been worried silly wondering where you were,” Jim started. “Who were you with?”

“I was at a party.” She turned and looked at her Mom. “I told you last week about the party.”

“I don’t remember,” Ellen confessed.

“You were lost in space like both of you have been the past week or so.”

Ellen knew that their minds had been on the possibility of soft swinging. “I think I do recall. It was at Paul’s house.”

“Thank you,” she said glaring at her father. “And I went with Mark Wright.” She turned and hurried up the stairs.

“Wait!” Ellen said but it was too late. “I don’t trust the Wrights.”

“Me neither but if we are to purchase the hardware store they are the biggest customer. Maybe it’s good that she dates the kid.” Jim said grabbing her arm.


The next two weeks were quiet as Ted notified the regional bank that he suspected foul play with some bank loans involving bank employees. They sent an investigator of which Ted told the bank employees he was there doing a routine audit. The first night he arrived Ted invited him to his new house, which was finally furnished.

“Very nice,” Mack Gray said looking around the inside before stepping out on the patio to look at the lake. Ted followed him outside and offered him a beer.

“If you are wondering how I paid for this house all I can say was that I had a very nice divorce settlement,” Ted injected.

“I’ve seen your account information,” Mack grinned.

“Looks like you beat me to it.”

For the next hour Ted and Mack sat on the patio while the inspector was brought up to date.

“So let’s see if I have it right. You believe that George Wright has exchanged properties with the previous bank manager and the assistant bank manager for favors. The favor being paying no interest on the loans.”

“That I can prove. Both have huge homes in this neighborhood well beyond what their bank accounts and salaries would justify. I’m also looking into some type of payback from the local hardware store. Each time the store receives a big order from Wright the hardware store owner removes large amounts of cash from his account.”

“So Wright gives him the big order and the hardware store owner pays him back in cash. All it looks on Wright’s books is a big payout.”

“With no income.”

“And no income tax,” Mack grinned. “Looks like we will need the feds on this as well.”

“I think it goes deeper than this but I haven’t had enough time to search,” Ted said. “This is a small town and the old saying about scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours definitely exists.”

“What about this new company that took the place of the tire company?”

“From what I gather all of their checks are issued at their corporate headquarters in New York.”

“Give me a week to dig some and we will call in the troops,” Mack grinned. “Now are you sure that you have not received any favors from this Wright guy?”

“Nope, I paid cash for the house and paid asking price which was on the house before I arrived.”


Ted thought. “Well the only thing he threw in was the mail box out on the street.” Ted saw the man thinking. “I’ll pay for it tomorrow.”


As Ted walked him to the door the guy stopped by the white leather sofa. “Did someone cut themselves on your new couch?”

“I’m not sure where the blood came from,” he said. “The furniture company is stopping by tomorrow to clean it.”


Kathy was on cloud nine. She had closure on her last guy and it looked like Ted was the real thing. Her mother kept asking about the relationship but she refused to share any information. Ted stopped in for coffee everyday and that Monday he didn’t show up. After lunchtime she decided to pay his office a visit. “Please tell Ted that Kathy is here,” she said to the cute blonde receptionist.

“Uh…Mr. Givens is busy,” Laura said realizing that Kathy was her boss’ girlfriend.

Kathy peeked back through the small side windows next to his door and saw him talking to another man. “Is he breaking for lunch?”

Laura looked at his calendar on her computer. “Yes, in about ten minutes.”

“I’ll wait. Say is Connie Here?”

“I sure am,” Connie said from behind her.

Kathy turned and smiled. “Well, I guess it’s about time I visited my Godmother.” They moved together for a big hug.

After moving into Connie’s office the door was closed. “So I hear that you are dating Ted.”

Kathy tried not to smile but couldn’t help it. “Yes, I used to kick him when I was small.”

Connie laughed. “Maybe I should have kicked a few men. When I heard that you two were dating I was overjoyed. How is your mother taking it?”

“Good I think. She’s been on me for years to find a man and now that I’m serious about someone she keeps telling me to take my time.”

“Well, I guess pendik escort you know Ted had a rough time with his first wife although financially he came out pretty well.”

“Yeah, I guess he got enough to pay cash for his house,” she grinned.

“You don’t know do you?”

Kathy sat back. “I guess not. What don’t I know?”

“Damn, I could lose my job but you are my God daughter.”

“I swear I won’t say anything. Even to Ted.”

“Since it seems you already love him you can’t be doing it for money.”

The younger woman sat forward. “Oh my God. How much is he worth?”

“Well, the last time I looked he has over 40 million tied up in various stocks, bonds and accounts.”

The number was too high for Kathy to comprehend at first. Her body sank back in the chair. “Forty……..did you say million?”

“That is just in our banking system. I’m not sure what he might have elsewhere.”

Kathy was still in shock when someone tapped on the door. It opened and Ted stuck his head inside.

“I hear you want to go to lunch,” he smiled.

“Uh…la…la…lun….lunch. Yes….definitely lunch,” she stuttered. Somehow she managed to stand and walk from the room.

“Are you OK?” Ted asked seeing something was wrong.

“Yes,” she said wondering if his fortune was something positive or negative.


“So what did you find out?” George asked his son at the breakfast table the next morning.

“What?” Mark asked not understanding his question. “About what?”

“Ted Givens?”

“Geez Dad. We were at a party and really didn’t have time to talk.” He lied.

“Well I’m counting on you to find out about Dawn. I need an angle on this guy and so far she is my best chance.”

“Angle…why would you have an angle with Dawn?”

“Not with her….with her father. I gave him some money a while back to loosen up old Gates. At first Gates wouldn’t take the higher price and return cash back to me. So I worked through Jim.”

“Shit,” Mark thought. He knew that if Dawn found out that he was given the task of finding out about Ted that their relationship would be ended before it started. “I… uh will see what I can find out.”


Ted held Kathy’s hand as they walked across the street to the pub. She still wasn’t saying much, which kind of bothered him. After sitting in one of the booths he turned to kiss her but she shied away. “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” she lied. Actually 40 million things were up with her at that moment.

“I missed you last night,” he whispered moving his right hand to her left thigh under the table. “Maybe you can come over tonight.”

“I..uh..am not sure. My mother has something going on with uh…her friends and…I uh…may have to..you know..help.”

He could tell she was making it up as she came up with an excuse not to see him. He was about to dig deeper but the waitress came and took their order. Then the drinks came and then Rebecca showed up. “Well I hear that you two are dating.”

Ted wanted to fire her right there but held back. “What do you want Rebecca?”

“Nothing. I thought I’d stop by and say hello.” She started to sit across from them but Ted’s left hand reached out and stopped her.

“Sorry but we wanted to eat alone,” he said firmly. “Maybe some other time.”

She glared at Kathy who glared back. They had never gotten along since they were small kids at the playground.

“I hope you haven’t done anything with her,” Kathy said not looking his way.

“What did I do?” He whispered.

“Nothing.” For the rest of the lunch it remained cold. He paid and as they walked towards the bank he stopped.

“I must have done something. Talk to me.”

“Nothing. I’m just getting used to having a..a boyfriend in a town where everyone knows your secrets. But I guess some secrets are well hidden.”

“What?” He was totally puzzled.

“I’ve got to go,” she said turning and lightly kissing his cheek.

“I’ll call you later,” he said but she didn’t turn around.

When he returned to the bank he found Dawn waiting for him. “Hi little sis. What’s up?”

“I need to discuss financial matters,” she said proudly.

“Wow you said a big word,” he joked before ducking her right hand in jest.

They moved into his office and he closed the door. “What do you want to buy?” He had been expecting her to buy a new car or something.

“A hardware store,” she smiled.

He should have seen it coming. “For your Dad.”

“No, for my family. Daddy said that old man Jake was lowering his price $20,000 but we have to buy it before the end of the month.”

“It’s going to take longer than that to get the money from my father’s account and transferred to your name. Besides I’m helping your father do a complete check of the books before any offer is made.”

“But what about the deal?”

“From what I’ve seen so far the sales have been very good but the profit sucks. You live on the profit.”

“OK, I guess you know best.”

He stared into her eyes. “Something is escort pendik different about you. What is it?”

“Oh God can you tell?” She giggled. “I guess you can say that I’m a woman now.”

For some reason he put two and two together. “You were at my house.”

She sat forward. “Uh yes…but how did you know?”

He thought about the bloodstain but didn’t want to get into it with her. “Let’s just say I know. May I ask who?”

“Well he hasn’t called me yet today so I think I need to keep it quiet.”

“I hope you used protection.”

“Says the frying pan to the skillet. Did you use protection with my mother?”

He coughed. “Damn girl you do say what you want don’t’ you?”

“Yes, it must be a family thing,” she said sticking out her long pink tongue.

“OK be careful and please don’t tell your parents that you used my house to lose your cherry.”

“I won’t,” she said standing and walking around the desk to hug him. “I love you brother.”

“Me too,” he replied. “But you still can’t get your money until it is released.”

“Darn, you are not as easy as my mother said you are,” she laughed before turning and running out the door.

Ted was laughing until he saw her in the parking lot and a car pull up next to her. A young man jumped out and walked up to her before they kissed. What bothered him was the magnetic sign on the car door that said “Wright Construction”. A few minutes later he walked into Connie’s office. “Does George Wright have a son?”

“Yes, Mark. But he’s a great kid not like his parents.”

He chuckled as he thought about the old phrase, “Two wrongs don’t make a Wright.”


Rebecca noticed the man sitting in the small conference room. She had asked him if he needed any assistance and he was quick to say no. However Connie was constantly going back and forth from the file room with boxes of old account information. She waited until her workday was over before she called George.

“I need to meet you as soon as possible,” she left on his voice mail. Three minutes later he called back.

“What the hell is going on?” He snapped.

“I don’t know and that’s what scares me. Ted has a man going through the account boxes.”

“You told me that it was completely covered,” George said angrily.

“It is…I meant it is unless you are actually looking for it. I can’t shred the actual account data. Even if I did it is backed up electronically.”

“Fuck Rebecca. I don’t know how you are going to do it but you better find a way to erase the money I transferred into your account.”

“I’ll try tomorrow.” They hung up and she sat in her car trying to come up with a plan. Somehow she needed to get Ted off her tail.


Mark was washing his car when Dawn pulled into his driveway. He turned and smiled. “Hi, I was just going to call you.”

“Sure,” she said not really believing him. “Do you need some help?” She jumped from her car wearing a loose white tee shirt and beige shorts.

“Yeah…grab that soapy sponge from the bucket and wipe down the front grill.”

Dawn made sure to push out her ass as he sprayed down the passenger side of the car. She was totally bent over when the hard spray smacked her between her ass cheeks. “HEY!” She cried and turned. This time the spray completely covered her front from her face down to her feet. The white tee shirt quickly turned transparent.

Her hands moved out to block the fountain of water as she walked towards him.

Mark’s eyes captured her dark nipples through the wet material. It distracted him enough to cause him to lose concentration and allowed her to grab the hose. “Stop,” he cried when she turned the water towards him.

By the time they were done both were totally saturated. “What now?” she asked looking at the shape of his manhood under his damp nylon shorts.

“Uh…my parents are not at home.”

“Are they expected back soon?”

“Na…they are spending a day at another lake three hours south of here. They won’t be back until tonight.”

“So what are we waiting for?” He laughed as he raced her to the front door.

“Let’s try it a different way,” Dawn said after freeing Mark’s long thin cock.

“Are you sure you were a virgin the other night?” He asked after she pushed him on his back and straddled his hips. As her moist hole slid down his pole her hands reached down and grabbed onto his shoulders.

“Yes silly. But I’ve read about all the different ways we can…you know…fuck.”

“Ummm,” Mark groaned when she reached bottom and slowly pushed back upward. His hands cupped her firm titties and played while she fucked him. He was in control until she squeezed him internally. “Oh Don’t!”

“Don’t you like it?” She asked in her little girl voice.

“Yes too much. If you want me to last longer stop squeezing.”

“OK,” she whispered moving her body fully on top of him before sliding forward and back over and over. This time they took their time kissing and touching. His fingers fondled and gently caressed her full breasts and pendik escort bayan rigid nips. Later they did the same to her wonderful buttocks.

“Mark, why did we wait this long to date?” She whispered.


“To date? Why didn’t we do it sooner?”


“I guess it’s true that men go brain dead when they fuck,” she whispered as their stomachs slapped together.

After five minutes both were ready. “Dawn…I’m close.”

“Me too,” she smiled. “Are you ready?”

“YES…NOW!” His hands cupped her ass and guided it up and down.

“I’M CUMING!” She screamed.


Jim had to work a little longer that day because he was alone in the store. It was getting dark when he pulled into the driveway of the house. The garage door was open so he walked into the house expecting to hear the TV but it was very quiet. He was about to announce his entry when he heard his wife giggling in the distance. He put down his lunch pail and tiptoed down the hallway towards the small den in the back. As he got closer he could make out the voices.

“Stop it,” Ellen said to the handsome man sitting next to her. “My husband will be home soon and you shouldn’t be doing what you are doing.”

Bob Lemon couldn’t believe his luck. He had been flirting with this beautiful blonde woman for over two years and that day she invited him to her house. “But you said you two have an open marriage.” He dropped his hand to the bare thigh between her short skirt and her knee.

“I didn’t say open…I mean maybe I did but we haven’t really talked about it much.” Her hand fell on top of his as he forcefully slid his fingers between her hot thighs. “We agreed to soft swing.”

“Good, so why don’t we practice a little bit before he gets here?” He felt her fingers loosen up slightly and took advantage of it. Seconds later he discovered that her panties were dripping wet. “Uh..oh, you either peed your pants or you are very turned on.”

“Ohhhh,” Ellen moaned as her legs opened allowing him to pull the pink elastic until her golden pussy mound was visible. “I’m so hot.”

Jim wanted to run in and pull the man’s fingers from under her skirt but at the same time wanted to see how far she was going to go. They were both turned on after their experience with Brenda but this was with another man, and a young handsome one at that. He moved back and around until he could see them better on the sofa. Now he had a bird’s eye view of her legs widely open and the man’s middle finger gliding up and down her pink pussy folds.

“Oh baby,” Bob whispered as he reached up to pull off her panties. He knew she was so hot that maybe she would forget this soft swing madness and let him fuck her. “I’ve got something a lot harder and bigger for you.”

“What?” She asked coming out of her daze. She looked down to see her pink undies bunched up at her knees. “Stop…Jim will be home soon.”

Jim took that as a cue to move back to the garage door and open it before closing it loudly. “I’M HOME!” He smiled as he took his time putting his lunch pail in the kitchen. “Where are you?”

Ellen pushed the man back and stood up to pull her panties back into place. She didn’t try to hide her sex from his eyes because she hoped that he would be seeing everything pretty soon. “BACK HERE!” She yelled.

A few moments later Jim walked in. “Hi…I guess we have a guest for dinner.” He moved over to shake the man’s hand. “I’m Jim.”

“Uh…Bob,” the man said nervously.

“Bob handles the delivery of my supplies,” Ellen grinned. “Remember I’ve told you about him?”

Jim did remember her mention someone as a possible male threesome but at the time didn’t take her seriously. “Uh…sure. Where is Dawn at tonight?”

“She is over at the Wrights and won’t be back for quite a while.”

“Uh…could I talk to you alone for a minute?”

Ellen could see he wasn’t very happy. “OK, be right back,” she directed at Bob.

After entering the kitchen Jim turned and faced her. “Don’t tell me that you are considering having a threesome with him.”

“Why not?” Ellen asked. “We had one with a woman and now I want to experience two guys at the same time.”

“I thought we were going to swap with another couple. You know a man and a woman.”

“We will but Bob was in town and is available. Plus he doesn’t live here and won’t be telling anyone.”

“Shit Ellen he’s wearing a wedding ring. What if his wife finds out and makes a big scene?”

“He said maybe next time he’s coming through he will bring her and we can help him convince her to soft swap with us.”

“I…uh..am not sure if I can do this…you know..watch you with another man.”

“But I can watch you with another woman right? Well I’m going to do it whether you do it or not.” She turned and walked back towards the den.

“She’s right,” Jim said after downing one beer and finishing half of another one.


Bob was trying to hear what was being said but they were too far away. From the tone he knew that they were arguing about something. He was about to get up and leave when she walked back in.

“You are not going anywhere,” she said as she sat down next to him. This time she didn’t care that her skirt was almost up to her pink triangle. “Where were we?”

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