Honoring My Sister Doreen Pt. 2

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Throughout the rest of the week, nothing really happened. I was very busy with creating designs for my client’s, and Doreen was swamped with homework. Sunday however, I was able to spend time sort of say, with my sister. I did take her and her new best friend Monica, to an amusement park. They had a blast going on the rides, and winning prizes. Even I played a few games where I won them each a prize, and one for me that I really liked as a c***d. They spent a lot of energy running around the park. When we left for home, they both dozed off in the car, Doreen laying her head on my shoulder. I pulled up to Monica’s driveway, waking her up telling her she’s home. Half asleep,she told Doreen she’d see her tomorrow at school. Her parents thanked me for taking Monica to the park with Doreen. I told them she had a great time, and really clicked with my sister.

After dropping off Monica, it was off to home. Doreen sat close to me, laying her head on my lap. I rubbed her arm as she placed her hand on my leg. She moved her hand higher, going up my shorts. My cock was getting hard as I felt her fingers rubbing my inner thigh. I reached down, feeling her tit.

“I wish it was tomorrow.” She said.

“Why’s that?”

“Because it’s been a while since we kissed in your room. I can’t wait to do it again.”

“Neither can I.”

We were home within minutes. We grabbed our stuff out of the car, and went inside. Doreen took her shower, and got ready for bed. I went to my room to check on my messages. Then I took my shower, and also got ready for bed. The next morning, I was woken up by my mother.

“Allen. Allen! Wake up honey,”

“Huh? What? What is it mom?”

“Doreen is staying home from school. She’s not feeling well.”

“Probably from all the crap she ate yesterday at the park.” I replied stretching and yawning.

“I’m just letting you know that she’s staying home.”

“Okay mom. I got some stuff to do on my computer. You’re okay if she decides to lay down in my bed while I’m working. She may decide to come in here so she knows that somebody’s here with her.”

“I’m okay with that. Do you think she would do that and not stay in her bed?”

“Don’t know. But if she did, I just didn’t want you to be surprised if you saw her sleeping on my bed. But if not, I’ll check on her.”

“How long will you be on your computer?” She asked.

“Most of the day. I got new requests for web designs. I’ll be talking to several of them today.”

“Would she be in the way, or be a distraction if she did stay here in your room?”

“Depends how sick she is. But if I tell her she needs to be quiet and get her rest, she’ll listen to me.”

“Well you get dressed, and I’ll tell her to come in here. Just let her know when it’s okay.”

“Okay mom.”

She left the room, going into Doreen’s. I could here her tell my sister to go into my room when I said it was okay. When mom left for work with dad, Doreen opened my door, entering my room. She was clad in a pink robe, as she closed the door behind her.

“You’re not sick are you.” I asked not believing she was.

“No! I faked I had a belly ache, and that I felt like throwing up. I told them it was from all the junk food from yesterday.”

“You’re lucky they bought it. Though I said the same thing to mom.”

“I had to look very convincing. Even going to the bathroom and forcing myself to throw up. When mom heard that, she was hooked.” She said giggling.

“I hope you brushed and gargled. I don’t want to taste puke.” I said with a sour look on my face.

“Relax!! I did. You think I enjoy the taste of vomit?” Now standing in front of me. “Wow!! I never saw you in your underwear before. Is that bulge your ‘you know what’?”

“Yes Doreen. It’s call a dick. Other names are cock, pecker, jimmy, dork, johnson, just to name a few. You don’t need to call it a you know what!!”

“What would you like me to call it then?” amazed at all the names it’s called.

“Call it dick or pecker.” I said.

“Okay. So how many names are there for my vagina? I heard you say pussy. What other names are there?” She asked curiously.

“Look, do you want to make out or what?” I said trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, let’s make out.”

I sat down on the bed as she got on my lap. She wasted no time placing her lips on mine. Her mouth opened up, sticking her tongue out waiting for me to accept it in my mouth. Her kissing was improving greatly over the past week or so. We kissed for a while until she stopped, and got off me. Standing in front of me, she untied her matching pink belt around her robe. The ends hung down loosely in front of her robe. She slowly opened up her robe, revealing her naked body from underneath the pink cloth. She slipped her robe passed her shoulders, letting it fall from her body onto the floor. She looked at me somewhat nervously, her body shaking, as she stood there naked before my very eyes.

“I wanted to show you everything.” She said twisting her hips. I wanted to show you my body.”

“Turn around.” I commanded.

She turned, showing me her nice small ass. Then turned back facing me. She stood there as I scoped her from chest to legs. She was slim and slender. Her tits were proportionate to her girth. They were nice and round, and firm. Her pink areola’s were plump looking now like strawberries on top of a big scoop of solid vanilla ice scream. My eyes scanned lower, looking at her slim stomach. Her belly button was shallow, with a thin nub in the center. I looked lower, seeing her curvy hips, and her lightly haired slit in between her closed legs.

I then stood up. Looking at her, I grabbed my underwear at the waist band. She watched as I pulled them down, letting them fall to my feet. She looked in awe as she saw my cock for the first time. Stepping out of my underwear, I grabbed my cock, and pressed the head to her slit, flickering it up and down the crack of her pussy.

“That feels nice.” She said looking down

“Would you like to feel it between your legs?” I asked.

“Sure.” Smiling eagerly.

She spread her legs just enough to put my cock between her legs. She closed her legs tight as I dry humped her. I could feel her pussy getting wet as my cock glided over her twat.

“Is this sex?” She asked.

“No, I would have to put this inside you to be considered sex.”

“You mean inside my pussy? You can do that?”

“Yes I can. Would you like me too?”

“I don’t know. Won’t it hurt?”

“A little. But I promise, I’ll be gentle.”

“Okay. I’ll let you.”

“Let me just get something first.” I said sitting her on the bed.

I went into my closet, retrieving an old beach towel I was meaning to throw out. Folding it, I placed it on the bed, where her ass was going to be.

“Why you doing that AJ?”

“Have you ever had sex before?”


“Then I’m going to need this towel. When I go inside you, I’m going to break a thin piece of skin that’s inside your pussy. It’s going to sting few a moment, but it’s going to bleed out a little. I don’t want any on my sheets.”

“Oh! Will it hurt much?” Feeling nervous.

“It may feel like a bee sting. Then it will subside.”

She laid down on the bed. I laid along side of her, kissing her while caressing her body. My hand went in between her legs, rubbing her young pussy. My middle finger split her vulva, feeling the thin skin of her labia. Doreen moaned and jolted as my fingers rubbed her pussy. Her body tingled, and her breasts got hard as I played with her virgin twat. She turned to her side, reaching down feeling my cock. She glided her fingers, feeling every part of my pecker. She pushed me onto my back, grabbing my cock in her hand.

“That’s it Doreen. Now stroke your hand up and down. Don’t squeeze too tight, and don’t stroke too fast.”

She did what I told her to do. She slowly, and gently, stroked my cock. I moaned in pleasure as her small hand jerked me off.

“Does that really make you feel good AJ?” Asking curiously.

“Yes baby. It does. Just like how you felt when I played with you.”

“I did like that. Made my body tingle all over. Will sex feel the same way?”

“Yes it will.”

“Then let’s do it. Let’s have sex.”

I had her remove her hand, then told her to lay on her back. I got on top of her, then told her to spread her legs. I placed my cock to the entrance of her twat, lining it up to the lower part of her labia. She yelped as I pushed my cock through her tight pussy. My dick split her labia, stretching it against her vulva. Her teeth clenched, and tears were squeezed out of her eyes, as my cock went further in.

“You’re doing fine baby.” I reassured her.

“It hurts AJ! It feels good, but boy does it hurt.”

“It’s your first time. I promise, it gets better the more you do it.”

“You better be right. This may be my first and only time.”

“Come on Doreen. Look at mom. How do you think she had four k**s? Mom and dad had sex plenty of times. And often, she was the one that wanted to have sex before dad did. We can do this. You can do this. And believe me, you’ll want it again and again.”

“Okay AJ. I can do this. It doesn’t hurt as much now.”

“There’s still one more small pain. You ready?”

“I’m ready.”

She took a deep breath as I pushed my cock deeper into her twat. The tip hit her hymen. I told her, “Here we go.” as my cock ruptured her membrane. She cried out as her hymen broke. I stopped letting her recover from the pain. She took a few more deep breaths as the pain finally subsided. I asked her if she was alright now, and she nodded yes. I lowered myself down, my body pressed against hers. She wrapped her arms around me as I slowly pumped my cock inside her pussy. She spread her skinny legs further, relieving some of the pressure. She didn’t feel as much pain this way, and I was able to pump a little faster every few seconds.Her moans were getting to become more frequent. Soon she was matching my thrusts, moving her ass upward as I went down. Her pussy was very tight. But then again, I was fucking a twelve yr old virgin.

“Oh my God, AJ. I feel like I’m going to burst!!” She said closing in on her first orgasm.

I too was ready to blow my load. I was so turned on about her orgasm, that I didn’t take my cock out in time. As she came, I shot my load right inside her pussy. I never even bothered to take it out even after the first squirt filled her twat.

“Oh shit Doreen. Oh shit!! Please don’t be mad with me.” I said nervously.

“What’s wrong AJ?”

“Have you had your period yet?”

“Yeah. Almost a year ago. Why? What’s wrong?”

“I just came in you. I wasn’t suppose to do that.”

“It’s okay AJ. I’m not mad at you. I felt you do that. It was hot when I felt it hit me inside. It was really cool. ”

“Um. Have you thought how I may have just gotten you pregnant?”

“I’m pregnant?” She said surprised.

“No. But it could happen within the next day or two.”

“So how will I know?”

“If you miss a period, or getting morning sickness.”

“I just had my period less than two weeks ago. I’m going to have to wait that long? AJ, I don’t care. I liked having sex with you, and you’re right, I want it more.”

“A couple weeks went by and she did have her period. Only thing was, she did get pregnant. Our parents caught us in the act. At first they were pissed, but when Doreen said she loved me, and when they found out she was pregnant,they allowed us to be together. Her and the baby moved into my room. She went back to school, and I stayed home working and taking care of our son.

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