Hood Ornament

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I arrived at the car first, after searching blocks for it, I stood in front of it like a great explorer. He pushed me up against the side of his car and pushed me against it to kiss me. “I want you in me.” I said into his ear.

“Not here.”

“What’s wrong with right here?”

“We’re in the middle of a street.”


“What if someone sees us?”

“It’s three AM. Everyone is asleep. And so what, what if someone sees us.”

“What if we get caught? Or are you not afraid of being caught anymore? Are you not afraid of the police or whatever fine it is for committing lewd acts in public?”

“Since when did you start worrying about everything. We’re not going to get caught. Who cares about a fine?”

“Maybe you have lots of extra money, I don’t.”

“We won’t get caught. I think I already mentioned that but if we do, I know special ways to get them to let us go.”

“You have to be kidding me.”

“I’ll just suck Mr. Police officers dick.”

He started to back away from me. He took the car keys out of his pocket.

“I was joking. God. I just want to have a little fun. I’m horny. When was the last time I was horny? When was the last time we had sex?”

“Sometime last week.”

“Remember when we used to have sex all the time. It wasn’t that long ago. We haven’t been dating long enough for our relationship to turn boring. We used to fuck as soon as we got home from our jobs, after dinner, in the middle of prime bursa escort time and then once or twice more before bed. Okay, we’ll I’m exaggerating but I just want you to fuck me.”

“I don’t know.”

“If you don’t want to do it out here we can get in the backseat.”

“That’s always so uncomfortable and you complain the next day about your hip or how a seatbelt buckle dug into your back.”

“Remember the night we got lost and we ended up in that industrial area. We parked right in the middle of the street and fucked. Let’s get lost again if you won’t do it here.”

“I’m tired.”

“Do you not want to fuck me?”

“Trust me I do.”

“Then fuck me.”

“We’re just an half hour away from home.”

“But then we have to find parking and that’s another half hour or who knows how long. By then you’ll just want to go to sleep but if that’s what you want, we’ll go home.”

“Thank you.”

“You really don’t want to sleep with me?”

“That’s not it.”

“Then what is?”

“I just don’t want to do it here.”

“Have a sense of adventure.” I pulled up my skirt just enough to show him the bottom of my panties. “Please.”

He came back to me but instead of kissing me he tried to push my skirt back down. I started to laugh I had to. This was the first time ever he wasn’t ripping of my clothes. We wrestled for control. Well he wrestled, I let him win that battle and I moved my hands onto his zipper. I found it and unzipped bursa escort bayan it before he could stop me. I looked into his eyes. “Just a quickie.”

“What are you trying to say, that I don’t last long enough?” Finally, he smiled.

I undid his belt and the button, I put my hand inside his boxers. He was already hard.

He pushed me against the car and pushed me onto it. He pushed my legs apart and with his fingers, he delicately moved the satin fabric of my panties away. A finger accidently brushed my lips and a warm rush flew through me. The hood was cold but I didn’t care. I pulled his cock out of his boxers. He looked around, there were no lights on in any of the apartments on the street and nothing moved. But he had to be paranoid.

He put his cock against my lips. I guided him in with my hand. He slowly filled me. Our first night together, he spent so much time kissing my body and licking all of me that I thought we were never going to get to the fucking. Don’t get me wrong I loved it but I don’t think he understood how much he was teasing me. Tonight, we didn’t have time for another performance like that.

“Fuck me baby.”

He paused to look around again.

“No, I said fuck me.”

He laughed.

“No, really baby, don’t take your time. Fuck me. Fuck me like an animal, or however you want to describe it. I don’t care.”

He quickened the pace. He started to fuck me.

He pushed my top above my breasts. I was a little escort bursa more than surprised but I helped him.

“I didn’t think you’d care who saw us.”

“I don’t.” I let him release the my breasts from their cups. The cool air made my nipples a little more hard.

He started to fuck me harder. He watched my breasts bounce as he went deep in me. I wrapped my legs around him to hold on. He was pushing so hard the car started to move a little with each thrust. I started to sweat even though it was cold outside.

I felt him inside of me. I felt it inside of me. I knew I was going to orgasm. I leaned back on the hood and enjoyed the ride. I looked up at the stars and felt like I was in heaven too.

“Headlights.” Up the street about three blocks away, he spotted a car turning onto the street.

I sat back up and pulled my top back down. He pulled out of me and was about to zip up his pants. “I don’t think so. You better keep fucking me. You’re not letting me go like this.”

A few more thrusts and I was there, I let out a moan and the car was only a block away. A few more thrusts and I felt him explode into me. The car was on the same block now but neither of us could move. He was stuck deep inside of me. He used his shirt to cover what we were doing as much as he could.

I don’t know if the people in the car even noticed us. And if they did notice us I don’t think they knew what we were doing.

Once, the car passed he pulled himself out. “I could’ve stayed like that forever.” We readjusted our clothes then finally climbed into the car.

“I’m glad you made me do that.”

“I know, I’m such a mean girlfriend but yeah, we have to do that again.”

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