Hospital Fund Raiser

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Slavia is 31 never married, she is a beautiful sexy Russian woman. She is at a hospital fund raiser, all the big donors to the hospital foundation is there, vying to impress each other with preening of plumage as well as large donations as the evening wore on. Slavia felt uncomfortable being with the stilted world of moneyed philanthropists inside. She had attempted to exit, but was intercepted in the hall by a large elderly dame of society who enjoyed nothing more than to recall tales from her long ago youth by the hour. Exasperated, she conceded defeat to a boring evening trapped by the old heifer being gracious and accommodating. Just then Mr. Malone, the executive director walked up with two drinks in hand. ” There you are, Slavia. I was wondering where you went off to. Here is the drink you sent me search of. Mrs. Johnson, you’ll have to let me borrow this little girl for a while if you don’t mind.” Having said that I deftly steered her down the hall by placing my hand around her waist and guided her into my private office. I shut the door behind her and she turned, taking a good look at me. He was probably around sixty, but it was hard to say. My silvery gray hair gave me a distinguished look, but everyone who knew me said that I had gray hair since I was in my thirties. Tall and rugged, I looked every bit my role as executive director and I carried the air of authority effortlessly.

” Here is your drink,” I said smiling as I handed her a glass of wine. ” No thank you. I don’t drink,” She countered.
I smiled slyly, my dark eyes flashing, ” As a professinal career woman…I’m sure you want things to go well for you in your work. You are in a position to help your self a great deal, even though you may not know it.” Confused, She looks at me. I move in closer, my eyes taking in all of her body in a slow lingering glance. ” I can make sure you do very well here with my help from time to time. I want to get to know you better and I hope you will like me as a friend.” In saying that I ran my hand down her back to her ass, grabbing and squeezing. She pulled away sharply and I smiled, slightly surprised. ” Well, I thought you might be open to playing a little with me. If you don’t, things could be made very difficult for you and I know you don’t want that, do you? I will make it very worthwhile for you if you will be cooperative with me. I know you would hate to lose out on opportunities bayrampaşa escort that could really advance your career.” Her first impulse is run. But she knew that I was completely capable of ruining her career if I didn’t get what I wanted. She took a deep breath. ” What do you want me to do?” She stammered. ” First of all, why don’t you lose your panties, pull up your dress and sit on the edge of my desk for me like a good little girl and spread those legs?” I leered. She blushed deeply and without stopping to think picked up the glass of wine I had offered her and threw it in my face. ” How dare you!” She fumed. ” I can’t believe you would say such a filthy indecent thing to me!”

Wiping my face very calmly with my handkerchief I looked her in the eyes, ” You’ll do as I say or I can see to it that you won’t be employed here. I have great influence that would keep you from being employed anywhere else for that matter. I have enjoyed looking at you for quite some time now and I would really enjoy getting to violate your stunning body. Now, be a good little girl and drop your panties for me. I think you’ll enjoy what I have in mind.” Her mind raced through her options. She could run for help but who would believe her. She believed I would do exactly what I said I would. I was known for being quite ruthless and she couldn’t afford to take the chance that she would be fired and blackballed. If she cooperated just this once it could help her career. She would just have to make sure she was never in a situation with me alone again in the future. Feeling like a cornered animal, she decided she would do as I asked this once. Complicating the situation is the fact that she didn’t have any panties on to lose. She had masturbated in the bathroom that evening before she had left for the party. She had quickly put on a black lace garter belt and stockings afterwards but no panties in her rush to finish getting ready. So here she is facing this disgusting older man with no panties, wearing a garter belt and having an obviously wet pussy. She took a deep breath as she pulled her slinky black dress up to her hips and sat nervously on the edge of the desk, spreading her legs slightly. I pushed both of her knees wider and ordered her to pull her legs back slightly, revealing her still engorged clit and swollen lips. As she did so, she could tell that her cum was still oozing from istanbul eskort her slit. Not only had she masturbated earlier in the evening, but she had vigorously masturbated that morning, so there is plenty of her thick cum inside of her. She had been dripping all day. She always loved the sensation of having her juices still in her afterwards. She wondered if this would be enough to stop me, when I saw she was wet and hadn’t cleaned up. To her surprise it had quite the opposite effect.

My eyes gleamed. ” What luck! I never dreamed I’d be getting a little cream pie like this tonight. Your dildos must be wearing you out. How many times a day are you masturbating?” ” Three, sometimes four times,” She mumbled, embarrassed by my steady gaze at her cunt. I laughed softly as I begin stroking her clit. ” I guess I’d want it four times a day too if I had a little hole like this to rape.” Even though she had intended on participating in some play just to help her career, she soon could not help be conscious of the fact that my smooth experienced touch to her now throbbing clit is making her grow more lustful by the second. Her clit swelled even more, intensely sensitive from the rough treatment it had been given earlier by her. Without any encouragement she voluntarily spread her legs apart further, opening herself for whatever I cared to give her. I made note of her cooperation and took the opportunity to insert two of my fingers into her slit. She is very tight and sore from her eariler attentions, but her cum is keeping her lubed nicely as I begin fucking her with my fingers roughly. Soon she is producing enough pussy juice that she is absolutely sloppy with desire, the desk below her is a growing puddle of mixed honey. She gasped slightly when I dropped to my knees and begin licking the juices pouring from her pussy. Obviously evidence of arousal. I lapped up the cream pouring from her. Her pussy tightened even more as I probed into her with my tongue and she writhed as I came violently while being licked and tongue fucked. He arose from my spread thighs, his face wet with a mixture of John’s cum and my juice. He unzipped his pants and didn’t bother taking them off, just releasing his huge swollen cock as he motioned for me to lie back on the desk. He pulled me by my hips to the edge, placing my still black stocking clad legs over his shoulders, and quickly found her hole with my escort şişli cock. In one fast thrust I penetrated her deeply as she cried out softly with pain and surprise. Her cries stimulated me even more and I buried it in her again and again.

” I can see you need a big cock many times a day. You have a nice tight hole and you certainly know how to take a dick. You were made to fuck.” I gave her hard thrust after thrust, holding her hips to keep her from sliding back on the polished desk. His efforts caused my pussy to suck and pull at his dick and I crashed with a huge climax, my entire body shuddering as I impaled her. I momentarily swelled and with a growl begin pumping her full of my cum, throbbing as I added my offering to her full cunt until his body relaxed, satiated. He pulled out of me and took a last look at my pink ravaged slit, filled to overflowing from my efforts. ” Get down on the floor on your hands and knees,” I growled. Slavia got down on the floor, I moved back around behind her and slide two fingers into her cunt, now wet with my cum. She gritted her teeth as my fingers sank into her and resisted the wave of pleasure that rolled over her. I aimed my cock at her pussy and sank it slowly, almost leisurely into her. I’m still large and she is still tight so it took some work on my part. She held deathly still, feeling every inch of my cock pushing into her tight hole. It had been so long since she had been fucked and it felt both wonderful and terrible. She wanted no part of this but her body ached for it, cried out for it, very much against her will. I took my time fitting myself comfortably inside her again, then I took her hips and begin to fuck her, my cock sinking deep into her feeling amazing but she hated it. Urging her to meet my thrusts as I begin to fuck her harder, reaching around and stroking her swollen clit. She bit back a groan as my fingers connected with her pleasure nub and involuntarily stroked backward against my cock. ” Oh yeah,” I groaned. ” God you still feel tight.”

I’m slamming my huge cock into her hard and deep taking her breath away. The sensations rocking through her were too much to handle with the combination of my cock and fingers and she soon found herself trembling in orgasm. That is the end of me as I unload in her again. I’m panting as I pull out and fall into a chair and ordered her to clean me up. She took me in her mouth and cleaned me off, tasting my bitter seed and feeling nausated. Finally I let her go and she yanked on her clothes and fled from the office. She stopped in the bathroom and cleaned herself up as best she can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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