Hot and Fuzzy Pt. 04

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Hi, everyone again. So after the rip-roaring success of the first sex-story I ever wrote I decided to have a crack at an entirely new sex story…ish, this time based on my favourite buddy cop movie.

As such there will be mild spoilers for the film on which this work is loosely based and so I would suggest you watch that film first.

Also this is part 4 of 7 (not including the prelude) so thanks to all that have stayed with this so far. This part does feature a couple of scenes of MM sex, so if that turns you off I’ll see you in part 5.

And finally for everyone already familiar with the film, all participating characters in the following works are over 18.

That’s it.

Day 3

A Couple’s Secrets.

My alarm went off and I found I could barely open my eyes as sexual exhaustion from the last two days seemed to cling to me like a sloth clinging to a sturdy branch. I looked down and could see mini-Mike standing to attention as if the last two night’s exertions hadn’t happened. I turned to the left and there next to me was my wife, Mel, still asleep. I wondered if I should wake her, if I should ask her for more, if I should leave her with another piece of me before I head into work.

Mini-Mike could clearly handle the effort.

It would be easy enough to pull the covers back and nuzzle into her neck, my hands moving round her body to fondle those fantastic globes of hers through her delicate, flimsy pyjamas. Her attention gathered and her face looking back I could keep kissing her whilst my hands undressed her and felt her hands move over my skin. I’d beg her for a quickie and she’d just nod, moving me on top and inside her in seconds, our kisses becoming more frantic as I powered into her, Mel’s delicious cunny holding me firm as we gaze at each in a lust-filled haze, before I flip her over and pull her arse into the air and slam my fuck-stick deep inside her pussy vigorosuly before blowing my wad deep inside her.

What a start to the day.

However, as she let out an enormous snore and a tiny fart I decided against that. I daren’t risk waking her up and risk receiving her wrath for an unwanted wake-up call. Before I headed out for my run I quietly consulted my best and most knowledgeable bud. Whispering as quietly as possible, I asked “Is today gonna be better than yesterday?” shaking him briefly so as not to make too much noise. The triangle slowly emerged, its message ominous.

Very doubtful.

Very doubtful? He must not have heard me, I logically concluded, before jogging out, getting back promptly to find Mel still asleep which I took as a huge compliment to my incredible manly prowess, showered, then headed on down to breakfast, although as soon as I did I felt regret at my decision. Behind a couple of doors sounds of sex could be heard. Breathless sighs and moans of encouragement would waft from the rooms into the hall.

“I fucking love your cock!”

“Your tongue…it’s amazing, babe!”

“You’re fucking filling my insides!”


I felt my cock swell in my trousers and it took a huge effort of will to move forward and ignore it, even though with every step my mind would replay those words and sounds and I could just imagine what lascivious activities were occurring behind those closed doors.

I made my way downstairs only to be met by emptiness. I was the only one in the lonesome dining area. I went to my usual table and sat down awaiting service from Sylvia. I expected to see her bouncing head of exotic red hair coming over like flames made flesh, but nothing did. I was sitting alone in the dining area wondering if I’d been caught out by the clocks going back or something as I remained there solitary and hungry. I got up and headed for the kitchen and peered through the round window in the door.

There, leaning back against one of the work tops, was Shaun, Sylvia’s strapping husband with his trousers around his ankles. In front of him on their knees were two people. One I recognised was Sylvia, Shaun’s wife, with her top down and her tits out, running her tongue up and down Shaun’s heavy meat, occasionally looking up at him, affectionately. Next to her was someone that I did not recognise. Some guy in his twenties with scruffy blonde hair who was sucking on the end of Shaun’s cock like he was sucking on a gobstopper, occasionally moving his mouth back to roll his tongue around the end before moving his mouth back over the end again.

I looked around me to make sure I wasn’t spotted leering in and acting like some kind of perverted voyeur. As I was unspotted here I kept on looking. I noticed now that as well as tending to Shaun’s needs, Sylvia was running her hand up and down the new guy’s dick as well, keeping him hard whilst taking turns with Shaun’s cock in her mouth. The big guy looked down with a smile and nodded at his wife, clearly giving her a sign as she started sucking at him with more purpose whilst the fellow next to her sucked on one of Shaun’s balls.

This triggered something within him and Shaun Büyükesat Escort started to pull at the end of his rod before it exploded all over Sylvia’s face and tits, only to have the young man next to her start to lick it off and suckle on her boobs. Sylvia rocked her head back, spotted my face in the glass and smiled. Instinctively I pulled my head away and returned to my seat. Like that would mean that I wasn’t there and hadn’t seen anything. What a dumb move. Sylvia to her credit walked out, buttoning up her top as she approached my table with her notepad and a wry grin on her face.

“See anything you like?” Sylvia asked.

“Excuse me?” I countered, nervously.

“On the menu?” Sylvia pressed.

“Oh, right,” I stated as I worked out what she meant. I decided against my usual order and selected a pretty colourful affair for breakfast with fried-egg, waffles and black pudding stacks that felt like it was about 70% grease going down, but it wasn’t my stomach that was the problem. My mind was a maelstrom after the last 48 hours of sex and voyeurism. I’d had more sex over the last few days than I’d had in years. I felt 10 years younger both physically and emotionally. When Catherine moved her body next to mine and I slid my hand over skin that rippled and wobbled under my touch. Being with her was like feeling the flames of being a teenager again when you just want to spend hours in bed with your new-found love. It was a completely different vibe to Mel.

When I was with Mel she seemed to smoulder in bed, with flesh so hot you could fry an egg on it. The pure unfiltered lust I felt at being with her again was powerful and consuming but was it enough any more. I didn’t know and needed time to get my head in gear, a nice relaxing day with no big surprises and no inexplicable deaths. I finished my disgusting breakfast on autopilot and before I knew it was staring at an empty plate.

“Wow! You demolished that stack,” Sylvia remarked as she came over to clear my plate, moving quickly and deliberately around the table, her hair bouncing all over the place like I was being lapped at by flames before she went on her way. At that point my phone went.

“Angelo,” I began before hearing something so incredible I could only think of one word in response.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The house was in bits. Me and Dani had dropped off Tristan Taylor the previous evening and whilst his house was a building site and there were plenty of renovations going on, there was at least a relatively large property standing…this was just rubble, a few flames were still scattered around, presumably as part of some kind of explosion. As I stood there the ambulance crew gurneyed out the charred and crumpled remains of Tristan Taylor.

“Looks like Mr Taylor has been crushed by one of the dodgy diggers he hired,” Doctor Diviner surmised. At the meeting of the FSO (Forston Surveillance Organisation, I assumed) she had been dressed very formally and she continued in that vein today with a dapper three-piece suit. “His desire to be a property developer seems to have been the cause of his demise”.

“How?” I asked, perplexed at such an assessment.

“It’s no surprise that he hired dodgy equipment and dodgy builders. I would suspect that the caterpillar tracks indicate that an errant spark could have started that device, it trundled forward, brought the house down, hit a gas main and…BOOM!” Doctor Diviner replied with an explosion hand gesture.

“Sounds about right. Place was a death-trap,” said Dani echoing the Doctor’s sentiment.

“Really? So Catherine Carter’s hubby is just run over by his own combine and now Tristan Taylor is run over by his own digger!” I stated angrily as everyone else made light of Tristan’s demise.

“Wait, are you saying CATHERINE killed her own husband AND killed Tristan. Why?” Dani pondered. It stopped me in my tracks as I knew there was no way Catherine killed her other half, but if that was the case, who did?

“Look, all I’m saying is we shouldn’t rule out foul play,” I offered, cautiously.

“I’d agree with that,” a male voice responded from behind me. I turned around to see the double mustachioed faces of DS Booker and DC Barber as they came over and surveyed the site of desolation. “Bloody hell! What a mess!”

“I just can’t see how this was an accident,” I commented. There’d clearly been an explosion of some kind but I just couldn’t see how that would have occurred.

“Buddy and I figured that whoever saw him alive last likely killed him,” DS Booker stated. The words hanging in the air like a not-so-subtle threat. “Namely Sergeant Michael-O Angle-O and Constable Dani Fanny Forrest-O”.

“Hey, they have similar names to us,” Dani chuckled.

“DO YOU THINK THIS MAN’S DEATH IS FUNNY?!” I exploded in fury. For a moment there was silence until an almighty crack was heard. We all turned to see one of the ambulance crew struggle to fit Tristan Taylor’s Elvankent Escort misshapen corpse into a body bag as they struggled to push him inside the black plastic coverall.

“Come on, you awkward bastard!” The ambulance man swore as tried to jiggle him inside whilst bending ligaments that had become solid through heat and rigour. The two buddies turned to look at me.

“Okay, that was pretty funny, but you do have to take investigating this seriously!” I told DS Booker who moved closer to me so that we were eye to eye.

“And we will. We’ll take into account the Doctor’s report and have CSI do a sweep of the area to see if there’s any evidence of foul play,” DS Booker commented.

“Yeah, we do know what we’re doing. Wurzels, we ain’t,” DC Barber interjected with a self-satisfied look.

“Well, except for your auntie and uncle,” I reminded him.

“Yeah, but they’re just weird,” DC Barber replied. At that, the two Buddies swanned-off into the gathered bodies that were there to gawp at the disaster that had unfolded, of which Dani and I were also a part. Then, behind the gawpers and slack-jawed gawkers a familiar sight appeared. Byron Butcher was driving past in his urine yellow convertible jaguar with “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus blaring out. There was something about him and this entire situation that seemed off, seemed to be too good to be true, especially when I weighed into the mix the death of Catherine’s husband. It was then that I got a buzz on my hip. I removed my phone and looked at the message.

Hey, sexy. I loved last night. Tonight, you can wear the blindfold and I’ll do the fantasy. X x x

Seeing this made me smile as I wondered what sordid imagery I’d be privy to tonight care of Mel’s vivid imagination. Bondage? Threesome? I had no idea but my dick responded immediately on reading that message.

“Good news?” Dani asked?

“The best,” I replied, whilst a grin grew across my face. Mel was somehow back to being mine again. Admittedly part of me was worried about all the philandering over the last two days but I’d have to worry about that another time. Right now I had another day of uneventful policing to get through.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Mel hit the send button but her stomach was doing backflips as she did. Last night was fun, a lot of fun, more fun than Michael and her had experienced for a long time, but it wasn’t seeing him again that put her in a horny mood, and the guilt of that was chewing her up inside.

Mel had arrived at Forston Police Station the previous day and after getting bamboozled by the grumpy sergeant (“How would I know?! Nobody tells me nuthin” is what he kept saying) Mel had started to feel frustrated till an older gent walked out and noticed her at reception.

“Melissa? Melissa Angelo?” the older man remarked.

“Yes?” Mel responded as she had no idea who this guy was.

“I’m Chief Inspector Frank Forrester, I’m Michael’s boss. How are you?” Frank replied, shaking Mel’s hand vigorously.

“I’m well. Sorry, how do you know who I am?” Mel asked.

“How do I know? I know because your other half doesn’t stop talking about you,” Frank chuckled. Mel felt her heart flutter at that. The two of them had been struggling for some time, leaving Mel feeling alone, frustrated and upset. In her work she was always getting propositioned but turned down the advances even though it felt so much harder to do so, but her other half, he still loved her. Maybe there was hope for them here after all. “Come on in and meet some of the gang” Frank continued. “Oh, and call me Frank”.

Mel followed Frank inside and met the bizarre William Wheeler who was a little younger than Frank but seemed much more eccentric.

“Mah yur host thing seen perts yers,” William stated as he shook Mel’s hand.

“Keep it clean, William. This is Michael’s wife!” Frank admonished him. The two of them moved throughout the station meeting the buddies, Francine and Roger Roper who was still tutting and shaking his head as he spied the young evangelists.

“Oh my, you’re gorgeous!” came a sultry voice from behind Mel. Mel turned and leaning against a door frame with her arms folded was Talia. “Hi. I’m Talia” Talia stated, her eyes flicking to Frank for approval before she walked over and wrapped her arms around Mel, giving her a huge hug. “I’ve been so looking forward to meeting you,” Talia continued before stepping back and planting a gentle kiss upon Mel’s lips, immediately followed by two stronger ones, the last with the merest glance of a tongue across Mel’s lips. “That’s how we greet each other here”.

“Oh,” Mel sighed, before gulping hard. Mel had some experience when she was younger but she had not been kissed like that by another woman for years. Mel was transfixed staring into Talia’s deep blue eyes.

“Say, chief. As it’s quiet why don’t I show Mel around a bit. I’ve been all over this place quite a few times,” Talia commented. Mel’s eyes grew larger Beşevler Escort in fear and anticipation. Even though she was arguably more statuesque and taut than Talia, she felt like a baby lamb about to be devoured by a giant anaconda.

“I think that’s a great idea,” Frank said, clapping his hands in glee. Talia gave a toothy smile as she leered over Mel’s body. Mel felt oddly self-conscious as Talia licked her lips. “Tell you what, Constable, why don’t you take a personal day to help out young Melissa here,” Frank continued. Mel had only known Frank for a few minutes but she felt there was this odd father/daughter vibe between the two of them already.

“Great idea, Chief,” Talia replied, grabbing Mel by the hand and gently tugging her out of the office. “Don’t worry, Mel. We’ll have a blast today,” Talia stated as the two of them headed to the police lockers. As soon as they entered Talia headed to her locker and began to strip.

“So, how do you like Forston so far?” Talia asked as she removed her standard issue white blouse and unzipped her skirt.

“It seems nice,” Mel lied. Truth was she hated it. The place was just as bad as she feared with somewhere between little and nothing to interest a dazzling urbanite like her.

“You hate it, don’t you?” Talia laughed as she removed her bra and panties in front of a shocked Mel.

“Is it that obvious?” Mel asked, trying to pry her eyes away from Talia’s athletic physique. Mel couldn’t help but compare herself against the female cop as she stood there open and unabashed by her nakedness in the locker room. Talia pulled a t-shirt over her unsupported 36c’s and slid a pair of lacy panties on before adding some slim fit jeans over the top. The kiss and Talia’s nude form had left Mel ever-so-slightly perturbed but she just gulped and flicked her hair back to regain her sense of self and composure.

“I get it. Someone like yourself must feel like there’s nothing to do here, but let me tell you, within a week, you won’t want to live anywhere else,” Talia promised with a mischievous grin, grabbing Mel’s hand before escorting her out of the police station.

“So, I could show you the shops and the pub and the Cathedral but that’s pretty boring so tell me, Mel,” Talia began. “Do you like to sweat?”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Even Mel had to agree, the Forston leisure centre/gymnasium was a work to behold. There was a solid square for dedicated floorwork, a free weights section, aerobics equipment and even a pool. Talia signed Mel in as a guest whilst doing her best to act as a sales rep for the place and get her to become a permanent member. They went into the changing rooms and thankfully Talia had a spare, loose T before they went on the floor.

The two women worked out in the aerobics and floor sections for an hour, during which Mel couldn’t help but notice the appreciative stares that both she and Talia were receiving. The place wasn’t particularly busy with about eight or nine guys and three or four women in the place, however the stares were coming from everyone, making Mel feel very self-conscious as Talia made Mel sweat through the T with a round-robin of floor and equipment-based aerobics. By the time Mel finished she started to feel like her old self again as Mel and her new-found friend giggled like schoolgirls. Mel found herself getting pulled into Talia’s social orbit.

They headed back into the changing rooms, the two women stripping off for the shower cubicles, the water invigorating Mel after her strenuous workout on the floor. Back in London a number of her girlfriends seem to view working out as an excuse to chat and chill, rather than put in effort, but with Talia, Mel had been pushed, forced to give effort and so the shower wasn’t washing off disappointment over another poor workout but making her refreshed after a challenging afternoon. Mel switched off the shower, wrapped the towel around herself and stepped out.

“Hey, sexy. Wondered where you’d got to?” Talia laughed. Mel turned only to be greeted by the sight of another starkers Talia, her abs sticking out and looking tight, her defined muscles pointing down to her trimmed pussy, water drops holding onto some of the hairs down there. Mel could feel herself staring and, worse than that, could feel herself getting wet, the warmness stirring through her nether regions as she looked over Talia’s sleek frame.

“I was just…” Mel began, then stopped. From an open shower area two guys walked past without a stitch on. Mel instinctively looked them up and down before looking away as she felt their eyes on her.

“It’s unisex showers. It’s an adults only gym,” Talia explained.

“Oh,” Mel timidly responded as Talia went to her locker and plonked her stuff on a bench. Mel was trying to get her stuff out whilst also keeping an eye on the two naked guys who were chatting and laughing as if it was all the most natural thing in the world. As one of them turned, Mel couldn’t help but notice that one of them was now semi-erect. Her eyes locked on the fleshy monster that appeared to be stirring from its slumber and as she did she felt herself start to heat up between her legs, just as she did after Talia’s kiss and naked display. The changing room door then opened and four more guys walked in, nodded in the direction of Talia and Mel and also began stripping off.

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