Hot For a Retired Teacher Ch. 01

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Over the years I have become interested in the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, and have made an effort to see his work where I can. Fortunately, there is a substantial body of it, mostly in the Chicago area and in the upper Midwest. Some has been preserved, mostly by private groups, but occasionally by others. One such is the Walter home near Independence Iowa, which has been turned into a state park. I was in the Waterloo area, and decided to check out the house, since it was fairly close by. It was a weekday in early September, so there were not many visitors.

At the appointed time, the tour started. The only other participants were a couple who appeared to be in their mid to late 60’s. The wife had caught my eye. She was a slender blonde wearing jeans and a black men’s style shirt. She was rather small breasted, so even though she had the top three buttons open, she was not showing any cleavage to speak of. Still, she seemed to have an appeal. As we went through the house, she was quite interested in how it was laid out, appliances, furniture, etc., and was looking here and there, checking out all the details she could find. The husband seemed largely uninterested, as if he were just along for the ride, even humoring his wife’s almost obsessive interest. In the living room was a grand piano. The wife asked if anyone played it. The ranger giving the tour said, not much now, but visitors are encouraged to play if they can, as it keeps the instrument in shape. I play piano, so I knocked out a couple of Bach Two Part Inventions and part of a Mozart sonata. I’m a little rusty from lack of practice, but everyone seemed impressed. At the conclusion of the house tour, we were encouraged to go down to the lake the home was built on and see the boat house, which, like most Wright designs, was distinctive.

The wife went down to look at it, and I followed a few minutes later, after checking some other features I wanted to see again in the house. When I got to the boat house, I found the wife inside, looking at the interior. She saw me come in and smiled.

“You play the piano beautifully,” she said.

“I do OK,” I replied. “I really need to practice more.”

“No, that was great. I really enjoyed it. I was imagining what it must have been like to live in the house, with my husband playing for me like that.”

I laughed. “We haven’t even really met, but already you have me married up and playing your piano.”

She smiled again. “Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?? I’m Donna.”

“Tom,” I said. We shook hands. “I saw you were really getting into the house.”

“Yes. I really like Frank Lloyd Wright’s design work. I took an architecture course last year, it really turned me on to his work. Since then I’ve been seeking out the places he designed that are open to the public. This one is fairly close to the house-we live in the Quad Cities area, though we came up last night and stayed at the Park Inn over in Mason City.”

“Yes, I saw that it had reopened. How was it?? I have not had a chance to stay there,” I asked.

“Very nice,” said Donna. “The room was elegant, and the restaurant there is very good. If you get the chance, do it, you’ll like it.”

“I surely will,” I said. “It’s about a day’s drive for me to come up, so that will make a great stopping point if I’m going north. You’ll also have to tour the Stockman home in Mason City if you have not already; it’s open for tours as well.”

“We saw it yesterday when we arrived. I enjoyed it, but I practically had to drag my husband there,” said Donna with a hint of annoyance.

I chuckled. “I got the impression he’d rather be somewhere else.”

“He’d rather be almost anywhere else,” said Donna, laughing. “He retired a little less than three years ago, and would rather be fishing or tinkering with some electronic gadget!!”

“I can see that,” I said. “A lot of people spend their working lives dreaming of being in a bass boat, or hunting down sharks. On the other hand, it’s also good to get out and broaden one’s experience. You can’t fish ALL the time.”

“You haven’t met Frank!!” said Donna, laughing. “He could wake up with a fishing pole in his hand, and not Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort let go til he went to bed. I’d do more of these on my own, but I don’t drive long distances well, so he takes me. To be honest, I think he’s just looking for more fishing holes. He really is a good guy, just obsessed. He spent most of his career in a technical field, and he tends to get single minded about things. It’s tech stuff or fishing. He doesn’t always see the value in the more aesthetic things in life.”

I thought a minute. “I was going to ask if you’ve ever been to the Price Tower in Bartlesville, but I guess that’s a silly question.”

“No,” Donna answered. “It’s on my list though. It’s one of his more interesting buildings. I understand you can stay there.”

“You can,” I said. “It was designed as a mixed use building, and has rooms on three floors. The rates are reasonable too. I’ve stayed there several times.”

“Really!!” said Donna, perking up. “I’d love to do that, but I’ll never get Frank to take me that far, and it’s too much to do on my own. How are the rooms??”

“Fifties modern, about what you’d expect for the period, but obviously with the Wright flair. You’d like it.”

Donna looked at me, her soft brown eyes glistening in the shadow of the boathouse. “I bet I would. I just have to figure out a way.”

I dug out a piece of paper from my pocket and wrote down my email address. “Please don’t think me too forward, but if you can ever get to southwest Missouri, I’d be happy to take you the rest of the way. Just shoot me a message, we’ll work it out.”

Donna looked at my address, folded the paper in half and stuck it in the front pocket of her jeans. She thanked me, and we headed back up to the house, where Frank and the ranger were waiting to go back to the visitor center. We all had a pleasant chat on the way back up, said our good byes and headed away.

Like most far from home encounters of this nature, I did not expect to hear from Donna. I was quite surprised when one day late in May the following year, I got an email from an unfamiliar address with Price Tower in the subject line. I don’t usually open emails if I don’t know the sender, or have an idea where it’s coming from. Nevertheless, I thought this might be the one I was looking for. Sure enough, it was from Donna. She had decided that she wanted to see Price Tower, among other things, and was planning to make the trip to Oklahoma. She asked if I serious about my offer to take her there. I emailed back, saying, yes, I was indeed still interested, and sent my phone number along with asking for hers so we could make arrangements. Several emails and a couple of phone calls later, it was set. Donna would come down mid June, and I would take her over to Bartlesville, as well as show her Crystal Bridges in northwest Arkansas, and some buildings designed by Wright protégé Fay Jones in the area.

It was a Thursday late afternoon when Donna arrived. She’d had a good trip down from Illinois, despite the 500 mile ride. We went to dinner at one of the local Mexican places, something she thought she’d enjoy, since there were not many in her area. I told her I was surprised to hear from her.

“I wanted to see a couple of interesting historic places in the area, just a day trip. I had asked my husband if he wanted to come along, and he was really resisting the idea, and said, essentially, why don’t you just go on your own. So I did. While I was out, I got thinking about all the places I want to see, and I thought about you and the conversation we had last year up in Iowa. I still had your email, so I sent a message.”

“I’m glad you did,” I said. “After nine months, I didn’t think it was going to ever happen-I mean, you’re from far away, married and all that. I had hoped to hear from you, since I had no way of contacting you, and pursuing married women is a chancy business anyway.”

“I had forgotten I had your email,” Donna replied. “I figured you were mostly wanting to get in my pants as it was, and really had no plans to get in touch til a couple of weeks ago when Frank and I had that blow out. Besides, who would want to hook up with a 68 year old retired school teacher?? After that, I told him there were some places I wanted to go see, and he could come or not, but I was not going to sit around and waste my retirement turning into a vegetable. He said to go, have fun, he wasn’t interested. I was apprehensive at first, but as I got into the trip, I found I was enjoying the ride, and the new found sense of freedom, not to mention the excitement of possibility with someone new, something I had not felt in many, many years. So here I sit, after 45 years of marriage, having dinner with another man. I just hope you’re as real as you told me in your emails.”

“I hope to be,” I said. “I think what I have lined up will prove it.”

“OK,” said Donna looking at me with her soft brown eyes. “What do you have set up??”

“Tomorrow, we’ll go to Crystal Bridges down in Bentonville, with a stop at the chapel in Bella Vista on the way. It was designed by Fay Jones,” I said. We can have lunch on the square in Bentonville, or there are other places in the area that are also fun, and good.” Then we’re off to Bartlesville, where I have a room for us at Price Tower, and a surprise.”

“A surprise??” said Donna, her eyes perking up. “What might that be??”

“If I told you, it would spoil it,” I said, teasing her. “But I think you’ll enjoy it.”

We finished dinner and went back to my place. We shared some wine and talked late, telling each other our stories and getting to know each other much better than we had in a chance meeting and a couple of emails. Finally, having exhausted ourselves, we headed for bed. I had prepared the spare bedroom for Donna-I had a pretty good idea of where things would lead, but didn’t want to seem too forward-but she went with me to my room. She looked at me anxiously, then kissed me tentatively. Our eyes met again. I could see she was still wrestling with the new and unusual turn her life had taken.

“I know this is all new for you, and I don’t want you to feel pressured,” I said to her, hoping to allay any fears. “I have a spare bedroom if you want it.”

“No, I’m OK being here. It is different, I have not been with anyone else in a long time. I just need to go slow. But I want to stay with you.”

I pointed her to the bathroom, getting her a couple of towels and a washcloth. While she was in the bathroom, I stripped down and put on a pair of boxers and got into bed. Donna came out in the light blue tank top she had on when she got to my place, only now without her bra, and white bikini panties. Her breasts were small but shapely, a little hang, but no real sag; and she has what I call “cheerleader legs,” nicely shaped and well toned. She was wearing khaki shorts when she arrived, and I had wondered how she’d look out of them. I was impressed now that I’d had the chance to find out. She got into bed with me, and we kissed gently for a few minutes. I could see she was tired, as it had been a long day for her, so I held her as she curled up with her back to me, and we drifted off to sleep together.

I awoke the next morning around 7:30 to find Donna snuggled up to me, only now my hand was holding her left nipple. Instinctively I rubbed her breast, then realized she had shed her tank top at some point overnight. I hesitated a moment, then Donna stirred, and held onto my arm, gently, lovingly caressing it.

“That feels nice, honey,” she said sleepily.

I took that as a signal, and continued to caress her tit. She turned slowly as she woke up, and kissed me. “That’s a nice wake up,” she said. “I need a minute.”

With that she got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I watched as she walked to the door, clad only in white cotton bikini panties, her little tits bouncing as she walked. I took the opportunity to get up and brush my teeth-morning breath is NOT sexy-then use the toilet while she brushed hers. I was done first, and went back to bed, removing my shorts as I got in. Donna was back in the bedroom a moment later, standing before me in just panties. She looked at me, and pulled them down, revealing a thin wisp of blonde hair and a slightly spread slit that just barely exposed her inner lips. She smiled and climbed into bed with me, resuming her position. Her back was to me, and again I reached over her, taking her breast in my hand. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and index finger, making her squirm.

“That will wake me up!!” she said, smiling over her shoulder at me. She reached back and started stroking my growing hard on. “Hot for teacher??”

I laughed. “Now you have the answer to your question. I definitely want to hook up with this 68 year old retired teacher.” I kissed her neck, making her giggle playfully.

We continued to play with each other, Donna stroking me to full erection, and I getting her nipples erect, and then reaching down to play with her clit. She took my cock and rubbed it on her pussy, playing it over her clit. I pushed back and forth, rubbing the head over it til I felt her back arch and she shook. I then slipped the head inside her, going in til my shaft was about halfway in. I held there as she adjusted to my cock inside her, playing gently with her clit. I felt her shudder again, so I pulled back, teased her clit with my cockhead, and slid in, all the way this time, til my balls rested on her hot spot.

“Mmmmm…” cooed Donna, snuggling close to me, getting my dick better seated inside her. “I love how you fill me, and your balls are so big!! They feel great up against me like that.”

I slowly started pumping in and out of her, going in as deep as I could, holding there for a minute, then pulling all the way back out. I’d tease her clit and push back in slowly. Her sighs grew more urgent as I’d tease her clit first with my cockhead, then with my tightening balls. After about 10 minutes, she let out a moan, I felt her hips shake, and her pussy gushed with juice. I held my cock deep inside her as she came.

“Ohhhhh…that was wonderful. I haven’t come like that in ages. Come for me, baby. I want to feel it inside me.”

I was already close by then, and it would not be long. A couple more strokes and I was ready. Donna sensed it too. “You’re so big inside me, I feel you pulsing. Let me have it, I want your come…” her voice trailed off. I started to shoot a long burst of sperm inside her, coating her deepest reaches with my seed, then more as I released, long slow jets of come that flooded her and spilled back onto my balls and down the back of her thighs. My balls pulsing on her clit made her come again, crying out as we had our mutual orgasm. I held her tight to me as we came, feeling her tits in my hand and how her nipples were so hard. As we finished and relaxed, I slowly pulled out then pushed back into her, feeling the sloppiness of her flooded pussy. Finally I slipped out, and Donna rolled over to face me, our eyes meeting.

“That was wonderful!!” she said, her eyes sparkling. “It’s been almost 50 years since I told someone to come inside me like that, and did you ever. I’m soaked!!” Donna giggled as a streak of come leaked out of her pussy and onto the sheet.

“I’m glad I could make you feel that way again. As you can tell, I was really turned on being with you. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out, or if you’d have second thoughts by the time you got here.”

Donna looked at me. “I had a lot of them on the way, and a couple of times I thought, this is crazy, I can’t be seeing someone else while I’m gone, and I almost turned back. But you seemed so welcoming and sincere when we talked, and I thought about what I’d be doing if I just gave up, so I kept going-and here I am. Then last night when you gave me the option of staying in your spare room, and didn’t force anything, I felt really comfortable. Making love just now was beautiful-I love waking up that way. I don’t regret it at all. Let’s see where it goes, and let’s have fun together, wherever it leads.” Donna leaned to me and kissed me, long and deep, and I held her tight.

We broke our kiss, and I said to Donna, “We have a big day, we should get going-much as I’d love to spend it right here.”

“You’re right, we should get going,” said Donna as she got out of bed. She turned to face me; as she did, a stream of come slowly ran down her right thigh. She looked down. “I guess I’ll need a shower!!” she said, scooping up the stray come and licking it off her finger. She smiled and headed for the bathroom. This was the start of what would turn out to be a wonderful relationship.

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