Hot For Teacher Ch. 01

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Rebecca threw her pencil down in frustration. It had been three weeks since Jon had taken her virginity. Three weeks of waking up drenched in sweat, mid orgasm from her dreams of him. Three weeks of walking into school with a pounding heart every morning.

Three weeks of Jon completely ignoring her.

After the… incident, Rebecca returned to school the next day with anticipation. She sat through her morning classes impatiently, watching the clock tick by every agonising second until it was finally time for her History lesson. She walked into the classroom prepared to try and mask her emotions, and the surely palpable tension that would be present in the room when she laid eyes on him.

Only when she walked into the room she wasn’t met with the 6″4, crystal eyed Jon, but the grey skinned Mr Lloyd, informing the class of Mr Tate’s absence due to illness. Rebecca’s heart sunk, and the rest of the day passed in a mist of disappointment. The next day she walked past his classroom to see

Mr Lloyd still manning the desk, and once again no Jon. And for the next five days of school, there was no Jon to be seen. Rebecca had been going crazy, she began to wonder if he was ever going to come back, she was convinced he had left the school for good, hell maybe even the country.

Then, on a Tuesday afternoon she had walked into his classroom for her History lesson, not a hint of apprehension in her as she muttered an apology for her tardiness to Mr Lloyd. The returning comment however, was in the deep gravelly voice that brought colour to her pale cheeks and set her heart racing. She looked up to see Jon walking towards her with urgency, and she forgot where they were, she was sure he was intent on kissing her. She almost reached up on tiptoes, until she saw his arm outstretched. He was simply handing her a textbook that the rest of the class had been issued. She took it, thanking him, and looked up at his face. He wasn’t looking directly at her, and she noticed a lack of warmth in the set of his jaw, the tightness around his eyes. She walked in a daze to her desk, a myriad of emotions wracking through her.

The lesson passed quickly, and by the end of it Rebecca couldn’t have answered a single question on the topic of the French Revolution if her life depended on it. Jon had never once looked into her eyes, or even in her particular direction. She assured herself that it was just in front of the class, that he was being careful, sensible even. But it soon became clear that he had no intention of speaking to Rebecca, or repeating last week at all. Every time she walked past him in the corridor she stared at him solidly. He steadfastly ignored her, no matter how far away other people were. He never seemed to be alone in his classroom during breaks or after school either. He was always with another teacher, Rebecca had no chance of speaking to him. Slowly her feelings turned from hurt to frustration and all she wanted was to talk to him, to yell at him, to kiss him.

The cough of her Maths teacher brought Rebecca back to reality, and she picked her pencil up to carry on writing. He could only keep himself surrounded for so long. She could wait.


As soon as Jon had been left standing alone in an empty classroom with the damp panties of his student, a wave of guilt had began crushing over him. He had gathered up his things, hurried to his car and raced home. Pacing all night with a glass of whisky in his hand, he berated himself emphatically, furious at himself for having been so weak. What he had done was abhorrent, amoral, the worst thing he could do in his profession. He was disgusting, the whole thing had been wrong.

But then why could he not stop thinking about it? He could still smell her on his skin, could tast her on his tongue, could hear her moan when he closed his eyes.

This was ridiculous! It was wrong, he had more self control than that! He had almost convinced himself that he would be fine, until he put his hand in his pocket and realised he still had her damp knickers.

He had taken some time off, needing time to mentally prepare himself to stay away from her. The longer he went without seeing her, the easier he was finding it to quash his feelings for her. He went to the gym every day to release the tension in his body, and after about a week he felt strong enough to return to the school. After all, he had fucked her now; she would be out of his system surely?

When her class had filed in during their lesson he noticed she wasn’t there. He felt concerned- he hadn’t thought about how she was feeling. Maybe she had taken time from the school too? Perhaps she’d left altogether? Whilst he definitely felt relieved that the situation might be less problematic than he thought, he couldn’t deny the feeling of disappointment that stirred in his stomach at the idea of never seeing her again. But then he heard a soft knock on the door.

Before he even turned a flood of emotions washed over him, it was bursa escort as though no time had gone by at all. He felt elated, his cock stiffened, his stomach tensed, even his mouth watered. He still felt the same way before they had fucked; on the contrary, rather than being out of his system it was as though he craved her more, like she was a drug to him and the only way to assuage this desire would be to pound into her, to make her moan for him, to make tears come down from her eyes as she came again and again around his cock. He swallowed and turned around, taking in the sight of her. She looked dejected as she muttered an apology, she wasn’t looking at him, but was heading in the direction of her seat. He felt anxious; was she upset that he was back? Did she want to forget the whole thing? It made sense, she was a young smart girl with a whole world ahead of her, she would want to forget the whole thing as well as him.

He was crushed, but he knew that this was a good thing really; they needed to forget about it, and this would make it easier. He excused her lateness as he picked up a textbook and walked over to give it to her. She had looked up at him, but he couldn’t see the expression on her face as he was trying hard not to look at her- he couldn’t stand to look at her if he couldn’t do anything about it, and he was scared of the expression he would find on her face. The rest of the lesson he had ignored her, and then every time he passed her in the corridor he pretended he couldn’t see her. He never let himself be alone in his classroom, he was too scared to be alone in case he saw her and couldn’t control himself. He was doing the right thing. But that didn’t mean he was happy.


It was a Thursday evening, Rebecca had stayed late completing her Literature coursework. She had been the last one left in the room, and had helped her teacher Ms Bernstein pack everything into the car, before returning to the school to get her things from her locker. The school was deserted, but she decided to swing past the history department on the off chance that Mr Tate would still be in his room. He was. But he was there with Ms Curtis, a young attractive blonde teacher, who was sat across the desk from him smiling and laughing at something he had said. Rebecca stood looking through the open door for a second, feeling sick and furious. She was about to walk away, but then she felt a wave of boldness wash over her, and she walked forward and knocked loudly on the door.


Jon had stayed really late at the school. He had a lot of work to catch up on due to his absence, and he didn’t want to go home. The place had started to feel like a prison for his thoughts about Rebecca. At school he felt more aware of the risks of it all, the reality of the situation. He had been marking in his classroom when Felicity, his colleague had walked in. They had always gotten on, strictly in a friendly sense, but he didn’t really feel ready for he company at that point. Or any company for that matter. It was well past school hours, it was unlikely that there would be any students left in the school at this time, and he was pretty sure there were only a handful of teachers. Still, she sat opposite him on the desk, she had to meet someone in town and it was easier to go straight from the school rather than head home first. They were discussing a pupil of theirs when a loud knock came at the door. Jon turned and his heart stopped.


‘Excuse me sir, I wanted to ask you some questions about the essay’

Rebecca’s voice was loud and clear. She was too angry with him to feel nervous, the three weeks of frustration felt like they were pushing her into the room. Mr Tate looked over at her, then at Ms Curtis, and he cleared his throat.

‘Perhaps this could wait till another time Rebecca?’

Rebecca jaw clenched, and she flushed embarrassedly, but she didn’t turn away.

‘I’d rather talk to you now sir, when I know I’ve got your attention.’

Jon’s eyes flashed angrily, and he glanced over at his co-worker nervously. Ms Curtis simply chuckled and stood up though, walking towards the class room door. Jon walked with her, a tight smile on his face.

‘I wish my students were as eager as yours are Mr Tate! See you tomorrow’, she called as she walked out of the classroom and down the corridor.

Jon and Rebecca watched her go, and then he looked down at her angrily. She matched his expression as she looked into his eyes. Jon’s mouth set in a grim line, and he grabbed Rebecca’s arm above the elbow, pushing her into the classroom, to the back of the room. He got his keys from his pocket and unlocked a door at the back of the classroom, leading her into the history storage room that was adjacent to his classroom. It was a dark room, full of metal filing cabinets and boxes of papers stacked high against all walls, but there were only two doors, from either Mr Tate’s room or from the room of Mr Baynes, the teacher next door, and Job knew he had bursa escort bayan already gone home.

The door clicked shut behind Mr Tate as he let go of Rebecca’s elbow roughly. They stood in the dim light of the room, both of them breathing heavily as they stared at each other angrily.

‘What do you think you’re doing?!’ Jon snarled at Rebecca. He couldn’t believe how indiscreet she had just been.

Rebecca wasn’t expecting the full force of his anger, but she could easily match it.

‘Me? What are you doing Mr Tate?! You’ve been ignoring me ever since what happened, I can’t take it any more! You don’t think I’ve noticed your efforts to avoid me? It’s pathetic!’

Jon was confused. He thought she hadn’t wanted to carry things on either. He started to feel slightly relieved, against his better judgement.

‘I thought you wanted to forget about it too?’ Jon asked of her.

Rebecca blinked. ‘Of course I didn’t. Haven’t you noticed? I’ve not been able to take my eyes off you. I hated it when you were gone.’ Rebecca’s voice cracked.

Jon started to feel awful. He had been treating her quite poorly he supposed.

A wave of anger swept over Rebecca again as Jon said nothing in reply.

‘You just kept on ignoring me too! Would it have been so hard to acknowledge me even once?!’ Rebecca shouted.

Jon shushed her angrily, stepping toward her.

‘Don’t be ridiculous Rebecca! What do you expect me to do, bring a bunch of flowers to History class? This isn’t a normal situation, nothing here is simple! What do you want from me?’

Rebecca stepped forward looking up furiously at Jon.

‘All I know is that what happened the other week meant a hell of a lot to me, and I thought it did to you too, but clearly I was wrong!’

Mr Tate’s breath caught in his mouth, and he felt as though she had just slapped him in the face. She looked up at him as he stood for a split second with his mouth open in shock. Then, too quickly for her to comprehend, he had grabbed her head, his hands fisting in her hair as he angled her face upwards. She gasped and he swooped down, kissing her ferociously. Her blood boiled, and her hands reached up to grasp his broad shoulders, wrap around his neck, run through his hair. His hands slid down her body, gripping her waist tightly, his fingers digging into her. She could feel his erect cock pressed against her, and she moaned into his mouth urgently.

He pushed her backwards until her back hit the side of a filing cabinet, the metal cooling her feverish skin through her school shirt. His hands travelled under her shirt and up her body, grabbing her breasts through her bra, feeling the nipples harden through the lace. He kissed her neck and bit her soft flesh as she gasped in his ear, her hand gripping his hair and pulling at it.

Rebecca was blind with pleasure, her pussy was wet and aching. She started unbuttoning Mark’s shirt, she wanted to feel his skin on hers. His mouth was at her collarbone, his fingers stroking her nipples so that they were painfully erect.

She managed to push his shirt over his shoulders, and he let it drop before fumbling with her own buttons. Impatiently he ripped at her school shirt, pulling it open in one quick move before lowering his head down to her breasts. Her back arched away from the cabinets as he pulled her bra cups down, her breasts pushed upwards by the underwire, and his lips closing over her left nipple.

One hand was pressed against the filing cabinet, next to her head, but the other travelled over her hot skin and down her panties. He dipped his finger into her pussy, and his face came away from her body as he moaned at how wet she was. He looked into her eyes lustfully as she panted up at him. His finger moved up to circle her clit and she groaned loudly. He kissed her again to keep her quiet as he circled her clit twice, then three times. Her eyes rolled back back as she felt a tension building up in her at the touch of his fingers. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she gasped, shocked at how amazing the feeling was. His finger slipped inside her, stroking her g-spot as his thumb carried on circling her clit. She was panting, struggling to breathe in between his kisses, she was about to come and then-

Jon stopped. She groaned in frustration and looked up him. He looked smug, but still angry. She was so close, she tried to grind forward on him, just a bit of friction was all she needed, but he placed a hand on the bottom of her stomach, stopping her from moving. He took his hand out of her knickers and pressed his wet finger against her lips and she sucked at it, looking into his eyes hungrily as she did.

He couldn’t believe how good she was at this already. Only three weeks ago had she been clumsily kissing him, and now she was wantonly pressed against a filing cabinet, her tits trussed up by her bra as she sucked her own juices from his fingers. He was still so angry at her for being so careless in front escort bursa of another teacher, for saying it meant nothing to him. He leaned forward, taking his hand out of her mouth and stroking her nipples as he hissed in her ear- ‘you wanted to come just then didn’t you?’

She whimpered and nodded.

He bit and sucked at her neck.

‘You know why I wouldn’t let you?’

Rebecca was senseless, she was just on the edge of coming, and his words were driving her crazy. She felt Jon’s teeth under her ear and shuddered.

‘Why wouldn’t I let you come Rebecca?’

She remembered the last time they’d fucked, and without thinking about it she breathed- ‘because I was bad?’

He smiled against her neck. Then he felt her small hands at his belt as she began unbuckling it. He helped her, pulling his cock out so it sprang free. He closed in on her again, kissing her as his hands stroked over her waist, under her skirt to pull her knickers off. They fell to the floor and his hands moved up her pale legs to grip her thighs, lifting and parting them. Rebecca whimpered as he slid her up the filing cabinet, her legs bent limply at the knee as Jon effortlessly lifted her. For a second she was looking down at him, her pussy was ready, she could feel heat coming off his body and his chest pressed against hers. Then he lowered her, and she sunk onto his cock.

She gasped as she felt him stretching her. He was bigger than she remembered. She had been so close to coming before, and she longed for him to start thrusting deeply into her.

Jon groaned gutterly as he felt her, warm and tight, wrapped round his cock. He looked at her face, her brown eyes clouded with lust, her full lips, red and slightly swollen from his kisses were parted as she gasped.

He began thrusting into her, slamming her against the filing cabinet, his hands still supporting her thighs and grunting with each thrust. Rebecca’s head was raised to the ceiling, her mouth open as she groaned, pushing her pelvis forward to meet Jon’s thrusts. The tension built tight within her, and she was on the edge of coming. Jon slammed into her, grinding his pelvis into hers. The friction against her clit, and the feeling of Jon’s dick circling deep inside her pushed Rebecca over the edge, and she came hard, her nails digging into the back of Jon’s neck and her teeth sinking into his shoulder to stop herself screaming.

The feeling of Rebecca’s pussy clenching around his cock drove Jon crazy, and he began slamming into into her even more furiously, lifting her away from the cabinet and slamming her into it again and again. The cabinet rattled and creaked, papers falling to the floor as Rebecca groaned into Jon’s ear, her face against his neck.

‘You ready to come again for me?’

Rebecca whimpered in response. She was exhausted, only just coming down from her first orgasm, but she felt herself getting closer again at his words. Jon ground his pelvis into hers again, and Rebecca gasped.

‘Do you still think this means nothing to me?’, Jon spat through gritted teeth, rolling his hips against her.

Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, and she managed to infinitesimally shake her head.

‘Tell me you’re sorry’, Jon leant forward and hissed in her ear, before biting down on her neck again. Her fingers dug into him, sliding down his back. She was so close.

‘Say it Rebecca’, Jon stilled, and she growled in exasperation.

His lips were on her earlobe, his breath against her neck. She was so hypersensitive, so close to coming again, she could feel him in her, stretching her, but he wouldn’t move. She wiggled her hips, gasping at the jolts that went through her, and she heard Jon’s sharp intake of breath, before he pressed his pelvis harder against hers. She couldn’t move at all now. She was completely powerless, and her mind was foggy.

‘Say it’, Jon’s voice was strained and urgent, but serious. She surrendered.

‘Sorry’ she breathed, and Jon snarled triumphantly, pulling his cock almost completely out of her and driving it back in again. It took three long, hard strokes of his cock for Rebecca to cry out as she came again, harder and longer than the first time. Her legs wrapped round Jon, squeezing him as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her. He pressed his hand to her mouth silencing her as he drove into her deeply one last time as he came. The feeling of Jon’s cock shooting cum into her pussy made Rebecca’s orgasm carry on for longer and longer, twitching around his dick until she finally came down, Jon’s dick still inside her. His forehead was pressed to hers as they both slowed their breathing.

‘Never’, he growled, ‘question my feelings for you again’. Jon pulled away from her, gently placing her back on the floor. He turned away from her, zipping his fly and picking his shirt back up from the floor. He kept his back to her as he slipped the shirt back over his shoulder and buttoned it up. When he turned to her she was stood against the cabinet, buttoning her shirt. Her hair was messed up, and her face was flushed. He wanted her again, almost instantly.

She looked up at him, a strange mixture of happiness and apprehension on her face.

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