Hot, Hot Summer Day

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Almost every day, I would go on a walk around my neighborhood for exercise. I usually went about 30, 40 minutes away, to this scenic towpath where a lot of other people walked. I would put a pair of headphones on and zone out, taking in nature around me.

A few times, I noticed this guy walking up and down the towpath. He stood out because he never wore a shirt on hot days, just shorts. He’s older than me (I’m 30, he looked about 40-45). His body was nothing but muscle, toned pecs and biceps that glistened from his sweat. And he would always seem to notice me, my toned smaller body, long, muscular legs and ass. I knew I was bi-curious, but I’d never acted on any of these feelings, and I usually watched porn to satisfy my cravings, never pursuing much with actual people.

But seeing this guy walking up and down these trails did something to me. On days that I would see him walking, and I knew I had to pass him, I did my best to avoid any eye contact, avoiding looking at his body at all. I would usually put on a serious face and make it seem like I didn’t notice him at all. I was slightly fearful and unsure of my feelings, and didn’t want to give anything away to anyone, especially this guy with his tanned skin and rippling muscles ugh.

But one hot, hot day when we passed by each other, I actually did make eye contact with him, and he held up a hand, waving to me and smiling. I smiled and waved back, and felt my heartbeat jump in my chest. I passed by and then the image of his hot, strong body flashed in my head. I suddenly noticed my own body, the sweat dripping down my back, around the curve of my ass. My whole body hot and hard. I kept walking on, but that look from him had me throbbing hot all over. I imagined his body against mine, nude and sweaty, his hands squeezing my ass as he starts pecking my lips, attempting to kiss me. I start to get lost in my fantasy, but I’m forced to cool myself down because there’s other people walking out here, and my cock is starting to get hard. And so I take a few deep breaths and continue my walk, looping around and back to the park entrance.

I make it seem like I’m heading straight back to my house, but I pause at the entrance and look around. I don’t see him anywhere. I look quickly at the cars and people, but no sign of him. Sighing, I continue my walk home and get inside, cooling off and sipping ice water. I get a shower and smoke a little weed, relaxing. But my wind wanders and my cock grows raging hard, veiny and purple. I put on some porn to masturbate to (two guys kissing) but I don’t even watch the porn, the kissing sounds are just there in the background as I stroke myself off. My cock is so hard, I grip and stroke it slowly, pinching my nipples and rubbing my chest. I imagine that stranger’s big strong hands all over me, his strong body against mine, his hard cock against my hard cock. I moan loudly and squirt cum all over, panting and breathing. Wow. Just thinking about this guy made me cum like nothing before, I could only imagine if something actually happened with him.

And for the rest of the day, I go around in a half dream state, masturbating a few more times, the image of that guy’s muscles on repeat in my head. There’s no way I can reach out to him, I have to wait until I see him again, and so all I can do to snuff my desires is masturbate, and I do it frequently over the next few days, always thinking about that guy and his strong body.

I continue with my daily walks, but don’t run into this stranger the next few days. The lust and desire for him start to leave my mind completely, and then one Sunday afternoon I see him walking again, coming up far from the other end of the towpath. It’s another hot day out, so hot that there’s hardly any people around. This actually makes me even more nervous as I see him approaching, shirtless like usual, muscles strong and glistening. We get close to each other, and I can tell that he’s looking at me from far off, he hasn’t stopped actually. I’ve been trying to look all around, to not make it obvious that I’m checking him out, but my eyes keep drifting back to his body, and I notice how he’s staring at me. We get very close and I gulp hard, my throat tight, my heart beating. I lift my hand up to wave, but that’s when this stranger looks at me and makes a motion towards his ears, signalling me to take my headphones off.

I take them off and look at him, saying “Yeah?” Maybe he just wanted to know what time it was or something.

“Hey, how’s it going? I always notice you walking out here.” Oh god, my heart started thumping and my body felt hot, so hot under the sun. His voice was calming, he sounded really nice.

“Yeah, it’s good exercise, good to get out, you know?” I say, laughing slightly.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m here,” he says in return. He laughs slightly, but then he stops sort of abruptly and just stands there, a serious look on his face as he begins to look me up and down. I’m not sure what to do. I clear my throat and I feel his eyes on my lower body, my ass, and the etlik eve gelen escort bulge in my shorts which is starting to grow.

“What’s your name?” He asks.

“St..Steven,” I manage to stutter out.

“Steven? Cool. I’m Jeff, good to meet you walking buddy.” And he holds his hand out, (presumably) for me to shake. I grab his hand and he shakes my hand, very slowly, his hand so big and strong.

“Well, I better get back to my walk,” I say, nervously laughing again. He was so close to me, I could feel the heat coming off his body. My dick was getting hard. But there were a few other people out here, not to mention houses surrounding us with open windows and people. He understood this too.

“Yeah, gotta get going. Might stick around and relax a little in the park once I’m done with my walk. It’s just soooo hot out today.” When he says “sooo hot” he places a hand on my chest and lets it fall down, feeling and touching my stomach and abdomen. I shudder at the touch, and my cock twitches. He only touches me for a moment though, not making it seem obvious to people around us. And then he’s gone, walking off behind me.

I stand there for a few seconds before my brain can make up it’s mind to move on. I walk on slowly, but my cock is starting to press against my shorts, and it’s noticeable. I readjust myself so that my cock is pressed down, against my leg, but it’s still bulging and hard. My head is dizzy, I have to balance myself to keep walking. Luckily, there aren’t too many people out, and they’re pretty far away from me. And so I walk on, planning to make my usual loop back to the entrance, and that’s when everything he just said hits me in the face.

He really said he’d be waiting at the entrance. Did this mean he’d be waiting there for me? And should I go through with this? My first gay fantasy, no. It can’t be. I walk slowly, deliberately to sort this out in my head. My cock is still half-erect and my body is tingly and hot. I’m horny, so horny. I can’t deny it. Maybe we’ll just talk or something, see what happens. He seemed like a nice guy. Oh god. The closer I get back to the entrance of the park, the more nervous I become.

And when I reach the entrance, that’s when I see him, sitting at the main bench. He notices me and waves me over. My head tries to snap me out of this, back to reality, telling me to walk past him, go home, but my cock leads me on, right towards him. There’s a few other people around, but they don’t notice us, busy with their own exercise routine. I sit down on the bench next to him.

“Hot one out today, huh?” he asks.

“Yeah, for sure.”

“See this? Look at me, I’m all sweaty. Here, feel.”

He reaches out and grabs my hand, placing it on his chest. I dart my head around, but luckily, no one is around at the moment. I let my hand glide across his strong chest muscles, wet from sweat but hard and bulging. I gulp and quickly return my hand back to me.

“Y..yeah you’re right. Ha, real sweaty.”

Jeff laughs at this and keeps his gaze on me, my eyes looking away now, at the ground, as I’m overcome with a sexual nervousness. My cock is swollen and sticky now, from all the sweat and precum.

“Say, how’d you feel about coming back to my place for a minute? I live right up the road. We can get something ice cold to drink. I’ll drop you off right back here when we’re done.”

“Um, I don’t know, ha,” I said.

“Aw come on, it’s too hot out today. You know you want to come get a nice, refreshing drink. I can tell you need it too, you’re all sweaty, look.” He glides his fingers up and down my forearm, causing me to jump. He draws his hand back as people approach, a family looking at us odd. Did they see that? Oh god, here I am, sweaty and flustered, so turned on with this muscular guy with no shirt on.

“Ok, sure, let’s go,” I say. At that point I just wanted to get out of there, away from so many people. And we slowly walk over to his car. I climb in and slump down into the passenger seat, Jeff getting behind the wheel.

“Yeah, I live only about 3 minutes from here, that’s why I’m here walking so much. How about you?”

“Yeah I live pretty close, that’s why I walk too.”

“I see, I see,” he says laughing, placing a hand on my leg. I stay completely frozen as his strong hand rests on my leg. I feel my breathing tense up. He begins to move his hand up and down, rolling my shorts further and further up my leg. I just sit there, readjusting my legs to let my cock breath, it pushes violently against the zipper of my shorts.

“Mmm,” I involuntarily moan at the feeling. “What are you doing Jeff?” Jeff just smiles, his hand still caressing my leg. He lets it rest there for another minute and then lifts it up, back to his side.

“Oh, nothing,” he says, smirking.

I kept glancing over at his muscular body. That 3 minute car ride felt like an eternity. Every little bump Jeff would put his hand on my leg again, pretending like he was trying to keep gölbaşı sınırsız escort me safe or something. I was unsure what to do, so inexperienced with this, I just let him touch me, each time his hand found a different spot. We came to a large pothole and it seemed like Jeff hit in on purpose, the car bouncing. Jeff held his hand out when he hit it, and he deliberately laid on my cock, squeezing it slightly though my shorts. The feeling was so intense, my cock was hard and warm in his hand. He let it rest there for a minute, gently squeezing my dick, then bringing his hand back to the wheel. My face was red hot.

“Damn potholes,” he said, smirking again. I just looked ahead at the road, my mouth half hung open, my body on fire. I didn’t know what to do or say. I just felt very, very turned on, each second more than the last.

We reached his house, and began to get out of the car, Jeff opening up my door and leading me towards his front porch. He fumbled with his keys for a minute, and I took this chance to look at his body more, so rippled and muscular. God he was so hot. What was he planning to do to me? It turned me on to think about it, was he going to dominate me, with those big, strong muscles of his? Suddenly I felt very slutty, giddy almost, and very horny.

He popped open the door, and we walked inside, the cool air conditioning hitting my skin. It felt so good. He led me to this kitchen and got us some glasses of ice water. We stood there, sipping our water, and then Jeff approached me closely, his body only inches from mine. I sat my water down and gulped. Jeff, very slowly placed his hand on my sides. He moved them down to my hips and looked at me, causing me to look away, nervous. I could feel his bulge, through his shorts, he was as hard as I was, our cocks pressed together through our shorts.

“You know, Steven, I always see you walking around those trails.” His voice was close to my ear now, calm and soothing. “You have such a nice body.” His hand began travelling down my backside as he said this, touching my ass. I jumped a little, bumping into the counter behind me. “I’ve wanted to hold you like this for so long now, to just feel this soft little ass.” He squeezed my ass now, causing me to sigh under my breath. Oh god

I just breathed softly and let his hands caress my ass, the feeling was so good. His strong hands just working and massaging my ass, making me feel vulnerable. He leaned down and kissed me on the side of the neck. It made me shiver. I always fantasized about being kissed there. His tongue was wet and hot on my neck. I forced myself forward a bit, humping my cock on his. Wanting more of him.

“Here, let me take this off. It’s not fair that I’m the only one without a shirt.” And he began to lift my shirt, up and over my head. He tossed the shirt and looked at my body. The way he eyed my body, hungrily, it turned me on. I wasn’t as big and buff as Jeff, but I had a toned stomach and abs, and he noticed, rubbing a hand down my abdomen.

“Uhhh,” I gave out a little moan of pleasure.

We were both shirtless now, our muscles glistening from sweat. I stood there, frozen, cock bulging hard, Jeff looking at my body. He brushed a finger softly against my nipple. The sensation was so good, I moaned. My nipples were so sensitive, the soft brushing of his fingers felt amazing. And instinctively, I reached out my hands to feel his body, hit hot, rippling body. I let my hands rest on his strong chest muscles, and I moved them down, running over his abdomen, which was a rippling 6-pack, and down his sides. His body was hot and sweaty like mine.

“You have a really nice body,” I said, almost whispering, close to Jeff.

Jeff slid his hands down my back again and took hold of my ass, pulling me towards him. “Ohhh,” I said. Our cocks met again, through our shorts, and the feeling was amazing. Something about my cock next to his, both of us just rock hard for each other, it made me feel crazy with lust.

Jeff leaned down to kiss me, and I instantly opened my mouth, wanting his wet tongue inside of me. He didn’t disappoint, locking his lips to mine, and swirling his tongue against mine. It felt amazing, our two tongues sliding, wet as our hands began to caress each other’s body. I broke our kiss for a moment just to moan a soft “Oh yeah,” and then our lips met again, Jeff forcing his tongue further into my mouth, dominating my mouth.

At this point he had me backed up against his counter and he was rubbing his body against mine, our two cocks hard and grinding. We kissed frantically as we humped, his hand squeezing my soft ass. And then his hand traveled down my front, massaging my abs and stomach, pulling the zipper on my shorts down. My shorts fell to the floor and then he began to tug at my boxers. He slid them down slow, the fabric feeling so good on my skin, my whole body was alive with sexual energy. My cock sprang up into the air, hard as a rock, naked, some precum whipping off my cock, hitting Jeff’s body. cebeci escort bayan

Jeff stands back and takes his own shorts and boxers off, revealing his veiny cock. His dick is thicker than mine, about the same length. But it looks so muscular, like the rest of his body, warm precum resting on the tip. I gasp and so many thoughts go through my head. I want his cock so bad. I want to lick it, to taste it.

And so, almost instinctively, I bend down, and take Jeff’s cock in my hand. Jeff’s the first guy I’ve ever been with, this is the first cock I’ve ever touched, but I’ve watched enough porn, had enough fantasies, it’s like I knew exactly what to do.

Jeff moans as I hold his thick, hard cock. I bend down and kiss the head, slowly, licking the precum from his dick. It’s salty and sweet, the taste fills me with a sexual craving. I want more, want to taste more of his cock. I let more of his cock fill my mouth, Jeff moaning and placing a hand on my head. He begins to move a hand through my shaggy hair as I begin licking his dick, swirling my tongue around the head.

His cock is so hard and tasty, wet from my spit and precum. I choke down more and more of Jeff’s dick, as he begins to move his body, softly humping my mouth. I gag a bit, but continue sucking, wanting more of his massive cock inside of my mouth.

I swallow his cock deep, my spit spreading all over his shaft. I gag again as Jeff face fucks me. I take his cock out of my mouth, for a minute, to breathe, both of us moaning loudly.

“Oh yeah,” he says, looking down at me, rubbing his chest. “You’re a natural.”

I hold Jeff’s dick upwards and lick up and down the underside of his dick, his thick shaft. With one hand I massage his large balls and continue licking his cock, the taste and warmth of it filling my mouth.

I look up at Jeff and he seems to be enjoying it. His mouth is hung open, he’s moaning and rubbing his chest as I suck his thick cock, kissing it and coating it with my spit. His precum and salty, sweaty dick is so tasty. I want to devour him, choking and gagging as he face fucks me.

Jeff looks close to losing it, he pulls me up I gasp at his strength. He pulls my body towards him and we kiss again, our lips locked as our tongues meet. My naked cock is smashed against his, and the feeling is overwhelming.

His hand grabs a hold of my ass and he squeezes and grabs it more forcefully now, pulling me into him. My cock is so wet and hard now, humping and grinding with his. The looks on Jeff’s face has changed now, he’s not serious anymore, just lost in deep lust. He groans and moans as we hump, slapping my ass.

I love the feeling, I feel so safe yet dominated and vulnerable. Jeff mumbles into my ear, softly, “I want you so bad. I’m gonna fuck you. Fuck that tight little ass.”

“Yeah?” I say back, his tongue traveling up and down my neck. “Uhhhh”

“Yeah, that’s right.” He squeezes my ass hard, pulling me into him. Jeff grabs a hold of my cock and jerks it up and down fast, his hand a blur.

“Oh!” I moan out loud and fall forward, grabbing onto Jeff. His hand was moving so fast on my cock, up and down, causing me to moan louder as his other hand grabbed my nipple, pinching and twisting it.

“Yeahhh” he softly moaned into my ear. My god, what was he doing? He was jerking me way sooo fast.

“N..No, Uhhh,” I moaned. “I’ll cum,” I whispered. Jeff didn’t listen. He just kept stroking me forcefully, to the point of near climax, his hands squeezing and touching my bulging tip. And then he turned me around, my hands grabbing onto the counter. I gasped.

I took a deep breath and Jeff positioned himself behind me, his hard cock now pressed against my ass, so wet with precum. His hands traveled down my sides and I shivered at the touch, my cock bulging and ready to burst. My god, he was going to fuck me! Good! I wanted it, needed it. I was more turned on than I’d ever been, I’d let him do anything to me.

Jeff got down on his knees and took a hold of my ass in his hands. It was the best feeling. He began to massage my cheeks softly, pulling them apart and back together. I moaned. His lips met my soft ass cheek and he began to kiss and suck softly. With his other hand he grabbed my dick and just held it, his fingers gliding up and down, but I was so sensitive now, so close to cumming.

My eyes were closed, my mouth hung open as Jeff kissed and worked at my ass. I was lost, in pure bliss, my whole body tingling. Jeff stood up and I heard something opening, a condom! He put it on and grabbed something out of a drawer, some lube. I looked back for a second to see him working the lube over his massive dick, his hands on my ass. He leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips.

“Oh god,” was all I could say, my body trembling.

I felt the pressure of Jeff’s cock press against me, against my asshole. He held my hips and slowly, very slowly worked more of his massive dick inside of me. I bit my lip and gripped his counter, arching my back. I wanted him. Wanted him to fuck me.

Jeff groaned and moaned as more of his dick entered me. The lube and the condom coated my asshole well, it felt soooo good and wet inside of me. I arched my back as Jeff fucked me slowly. He grabbed my throbbing cock and held it, fingers slowly going up and down. “Mmmmm,” I moaned loudly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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