Hot Stuff Ch. 02: The Trip Continues

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As the trip continued, several of those on the bus decided to get into a hot and heavy game of spades. Dixie was an avid player and Ricky knew after the first few hands that they were a team to be reckoned with. After an hour of playing, they were winning. Then came the hand from hell.

“Dixie, why did you bid that amount when you couldn’t make it from your hand?” Ricky asked, feeling disgruntled.

“Because usually you can cover my back and I didn’t want to under bid and go over.” Answered Dixie. She was totally flustered by that hand.

“Well, next time, don’t over bid, okay? I’d rather take the points back at the end than lose now. Damn.” Ricky was frustrated.

“Okay, relax, it’s only a card game, Ricky. Why are you getting so mad? It’s not like we are losing.” Dixie didn’t understand the edginess in Ricky’s tone.

Just as Ricky was about to answer Dixie the bus swayed, and a huge bang was heard. The bus had hit something and was swaying all over the ice- and snow-covered mountain road.

Ricky looked up in time to see a white van going over the side of the mountain, front first. Dixie jumped from her seat as she heard the screams of other passengers and saw the van going over the side.

“Oh My God, Ricky. Did you see that? What the hell happened? Was that a van that just went over the side of the mountain? Do something!!” Dixie was screaming and shaking and crying all at the same time.

“Baby, come here. The bus has wrecked too. Sit down and let me go see what is going on. Let me see how bad things are. Stay here and sit still. Do you hear me?” Ricky warned her to stay where he had made Dixie sit. She shook her head that she understood.

A female passenger was running down the aisle toward the front of the bus yelling that she was a nurse and to let her off the bus so she could go check on the people in the van. The bus driver, being stunned, didn’t seem to hear her. When she reached him, she checked him to make sure he was alright and then demanded to be let off. He obliged her and she and a male passenger ran back to the crash site. Dixie watched as the two of them disappeared over the side of the mountain.

Ricky took out his cell phone and called for help. Reaching the police dispatch he tried to describe where they were. Having been playing cards, he really hadn’t been paying much attention to the road. He looked for landmarks, but with all the snow it was hard to tell. He went to the front of the bus to ask the bus driver where they were, but he was of little help. Finally, dispatch came back on and said they had tracked him by his cell and knew where they were. Help would be there soon.

The road seemed pretty desolate, and no cars were passing by. They were pretty much on their own till help arrived. Ricky had Dixie get blankets to keep the passengers warm and drinks to keep them hydrated. He then he grabbed a couple blankets and told Dixie he was taking them down to the victims at the van.

What he saw astounded him. A woman was laying prone on the ground, a leg twisted underneath her, very apparently broken. Her left arm was also twisted and broken. Her face was scratched and bleeding. She was unconscious.

Ricky saw a young man sitting over to the side, his head in his hands, shaking and crying. After covering the woman with a blanket he took another one and wrapped it around the man. The nurse was busy working on the woman, so he stayed with the young man.

“What’s your name, man?” Ricky asked.

“James. James Simeon. I…I can’t bee.. belll… believe. I can’t believe this has happened.”

“Hey, man, it was an accident. The roads are slick…..icy ya know. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Help’s on its way. Who’s that over there?” Ricky asked.

“That’s Lillian, my mom. Is she hurt bad? God, she looks so bad. Oh man, I’m soooo sorry.” James was now crying uncontrollably.

“Sir, are you hurt anywhere?” the nurse asked when she came over to check him out.

“No ma’am. How is my mom? Is she hurt bad?” James asked with tears in his brown eyes.

“Well, yes, I’m afraid she is pretty bad. I have to go back to be with her. I just came over to check you out. Are you going to be okay?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. Please, take care of my mom. Don’t let her die out here.” James begged her.

“I’ll do my best. I’ll do all I can for her until help arrives. Okay? You have to stay strong for her.” then she left and went back to Lillian.

Ricky heard a rustling and looked up in time to see Dixie sliding down the mountainside. “Damn woman”…he muttered to himself. “I told her to stay put and safe. Should have known better.”

“Dixie, I told you to stay in the bus where it was warm and safe. What are you doing here?” Ricky grabbed her as she reached where the van had stopped.

“I knew you would need these.” she held up his gloves that he had forgotten in his haste.

“Damn woman. You aren’t dressed to be out in this weather. You’ll freeze to death.” Ricky was istanbul escort both angry at her not listening to him and pleased that she had thought enough of him to risk herself to bring him his gloves. What a woman.

He had his hands full, that was for sure. Ricky admired Dixie. She was stubborn and tenacious. Loving, kind and hot as hell. Whatever was he going to do with her? Then he smiled inside. Oh, he knew full well what he would do with her. Oh, yes, he sure did.

Several hours later, after the ambulance had taken Lillian and James to the hospital and they had switched to another bus, Ricky and Dixie settled back to rest and cuddle in each other’s arms. It had been a long and trying afternoon and evening. Nerves were still on edge and neither one of them could really relax.

They lay in each other’s arms, each in their own thoughts. Dixie had her eyes closed, her head on Ricky’s chest. Ricky held Dixie in his arms, looking out the window watching the stars and moon as the miles rolled by.

Ricky’s thoughts went back to the accident. What if that had been him and Dixie that had gone over that mountainside? Why did it bother him so much? He really didn’t know that much about her. Yes, he was enjoying his time with her since they had met. She was fun to be around. She was smart as hell. And Sexy. Damn was she sexy. The sexiest woman he had ever known. She was game for whatever he wanted from her. He’d never met a woman like her before. And he wanted her.

Dixie’s thoughts were confusing. She really liked Ricky. He was strong, kind, intelligent. He was great to have sex with. What was it that was drawing her to him so strongly? What was she wanting with him? This was only a bus trip. It would be over when she reached her aunt’s. Then he would continue on. Damn. This sucked. What was she going to do?

Dixie finally fell into slumber. She was dreaming a most pleasant dream. She and Ricky were laying side by side looking into each other’s eyes. She loved his eyes and the expressions he said in them. He touched her face. Gently, tenderly caressing her cheek, moving his finger to trace her lips. She kissed his finger. Then licked it. He moaned.

Her hand was on his chest rubbing his hair and playing with his nipples. She loved bringing them to a peak. Her hips moved into his and he reciprocated in like. Their movements were so easy, tender, and slow. They just took their time loving on each other. So sensual, sexy, and hot.

Ricky was sitting in his seat, still not able to sleep. He watched out the window, thoughts of not wanting to leave Dixie behind when she reached her aunt’s. But how could he convince her to continue on with him to his place. Lord God. Why was he thinking like this? He had never wanted a woman as much as he wanted her and had never wanted to take a woman home like he did her. What was is about Dixie that mattered so much to him. Certainly not just the great sex. No, it was much more than that.

Just then Dixie’s hand slipped from his chest to his waist. But it didn’t stop there. Her hand went on down to his crotch and landed right on his maleness. She seemed to be asleep, yet her hand went right for him.

Instantly he felt himself grow. He knew this was going to get uncomfortable fast. All she had to do was look at him and he got hard. Now she had a hold of him…oh yes…he was in big trouble now. And sure enough…he was growing harder and harder. Her hand seemed to be getting tighter and tighter on him. Dixie moved slightly….even closer to him and adjusted her hand to take a better grip of him. Damn this woman was going to drive him mad.

“She must be having one hell of a dream.” Ricky thought.

“Well, maybe I can help this dream along.” He smiled to himself.

Ricky wrapped his arm tighter around Dixie’s shoulder and reached for her breast. He lightly massaged it through her clothing, and she moaned. He looked over at the older woman and saw that she was dozing. He continued to slowly massage Dixie’s breast. Damn, she felt so good in his hand. He worked her nipple until he had it peaked.

Dixie was in the depths of her dream. She had rolled closer to Ricky, and he had a hold of her breast and was massaging it and tweaking her nipple. It felt so real. MMM… it felt so good. She had moved her hand down his body to his malehood and took him in her hand. She had started to stroke him. They were laying so close it felt like their bodies were becoming as one. Dixie wrapped her leg over Ricky’s. He leaned his head down and started suckling on her breast.

Dixie’s body responded at once to the feel of Ricky’s lips on her breast. Lost in the dream, it felt so real. She rolled her head on Ricky’s chest. Ricky pulled her closer to him. He knew by her movements what she was dreaming about and wanted to do to her what he knew was going on in her mind.

“Oh, God…to have that breast he had in his hand in his mouth.” he thought as his mouth began to escort istanbul water.

Ricky began to unbutton Dixie’s top as he looked again over at the older woman in the seat next to Dixie’s. She was still sleeping. He undid the first few buttons and reached inside. He pulled her breast so he could hold it in his hand. Damn, she felt so good. He massaged it…rubbed it. He wanted to take it in his mouth so bad. How could he maneuver it with the little lady sitting beside Dixie?

Dixie was not in a good position for him to reach her the way he wanted to.

Dixie and Ricky were in the hot throes of love making. She wanted him between her legs. She wanted to feel his lips on her womanhood, her love button, and his tongue inside of her. She was so hot for him and needed him. She rolled over and opened herself to him.

Not realizing what she had done in her sleep, she had rolled off of Ricky’s chest and back into her seat. Ricky lowered her seat as far back as it would go and turned in his seat to have better access to her. Now he could put his mouth on her breast, her nipple between his teeth. Oh, yes, this was much better indeed.

The woman in the seat beside Dixie had been watching what was happening and decided to give them a little extra privacy. She stood up and retrieved two blankets from the overhead compartment. She took one and covered Dixie with it as Rickey looked up at her, never removing his mouth from Dixie’s breast. He nodded his head in thanks. Their eyes met. She smiled and returned to her seat. She then covered herself and went back to sleep. Or so it seemed.

Dixie was so hot and ready for Ricky. She spread her legs in anticipation for what he could and would give her. She wanted him so badly. Her body craved him. Needed him.

Ricky watched as Dixie spread her legs. He knew that she was still in her dream and what she wanted. As he sucked on first one breast and then the other, he reached down and cupped her between her legs. She moaned. He wanted to feel her wetness. He wanted…no needed to taste her.

Ricky unbuttoned Dixie’s jeans and slid down the zipper. He reached inside her pants and panties until his fingers reached her most warm spot and he felt her warmth. Oh, God, she was so wet. He moved his finger around her clit and then to her opening and slid his finger inside of her. She was soaked. His finger went in easily and he moved with ease. In and out he stroked as she squirmed around, moving in time with his finger.

Ricky pulled his finger out and put it to his lips, smelling it as he did. He loved the aroma of her…the essence of her and then the heavenly taste of her. Dixie stirred. She rolled her head toward him.

Dixie knew she wasn’t dreaming anymore as she saw Ricky licking his fingers. The site was so hot. But she wanted his fingers back where they had been. She looked up into his eyes. He looked back and saw her raw emotions.

“Please baby, don’t stop. I need to cum.” Dixie pleaded.

“I’ve got you baby.” Ricky responded.

Ricky reached down and started to lower Dixie’s jeans and she helped him get them down to below her knees. He then licked his fingers again and put them back to her clit and circled it lightly, teasing her. Dixie moaned and he hushed her with a kiss.

Ricky looked over to where the older lady was and thought he saw her looking over at them…but wasn’t quite sure, so went back to playing with Dixie. But just the thought of the old lady watching them was turning him on more. He moved around her clit and let his finger extend down her slit to her opening and go inside of her. Dixie’s hips rose to meet his hand. She pumped her hips in rhythm to his finger moving in and out as her moans grew louder.

He thought he heard another moan, other than Dixie’s and looked up. He saw movement from the lady beside Dixie. He watched for a moment. Then the lady held still, and he looked back at Dixie. He concentrated on having Dixie reach her climax. She shook as she reached the pinnacle of relief. He heard the other moan again and looked up quickly.

Ricky couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw the other lady as she was playing with herself under the blanket and had reached her own orgasm. He smiled to himself. Apparently, she had gotten turned on watching the two of them. Well, at least he had just satisfied two women. Wow.

“Ricky, that was awesome baby. Thank you.” Dixie was saying.

“AH, you’re welcome baby.” Ricky turned his attention back to Dixie. He smiled into her eyes.

“Let me take care of you now.” Dixie said as she reached for Ricky’s cock.

“Not now baby. I’m fine for right now. I just wanted you so bad. I wanted you to relax after such a hard day and to show you how much I care about you. Go to sleep for a while, okay?” Ricky really didn’t want to put on more of a show for the little old lady sitting beside Dixie.

Dixie shook her head and curled up, put her head on Ricky’s chest and was soon istanbul escort bayan fast asleep.

Ricky’s thoughts wandered back to seeing the little lady beside Dixie reaching her climax at the same time as Dixie did. That amazed him. He had never seen anyone get off by watching someone else reaching their climax before. That was amazing. He wondered if that was the first time she had watched or heard them during their love making sessions? Interesting to say the least.

“Wake up sleepy head. We’ve stopped at a restaurant. You want to clean up and get something to eat?” Ricky asked Dixie.

As Dixie roused from a deep sleep, she smiled at Ricky. She was so relaxed and didn’t want to move. When she started to get up she realized that her jeans and panties were still below her knees and maneuvered to get them up without being noticed.

As the older lady had already exited the bus, Ricky folded the blankets and put them in the overhead bin, and they left the bus. The two of them walked hand in hand to the restaurant and Ricky opened the door for her. It was crowded with most of the bus riders having found seats already. The old lady was sitting by herself, so Ricky asked if she minded if they join her.

“Of course not. Please, have a seat. I would love to have your company.” She smiled sweetly up at them.

“Oh, God, if Dixie only knew what happened last night.” Ricky thought to himself.

But he smiled back, and they both sat opposite the little lady. They read over the menus and when the waitress came over they all placed their orders.

Dixie excused herself and said she wanted to freshen up a bit before the food came. Ricky got up and let her out of the booth. The little lady said she needed to also. So, they went together to the ladies room.

Ricky sat at the booth waiting for their food to arrive holding his breath until the ladies returned from the restroom. He wondered what the little old lady would say to Dixie and what her reaction would be if she found out what had happened while she was in the mists of a fantastic climax. He would just have to wait and see what her face looked like when she came back.

Dixie stood at the sink washing her hands. She had used the facilities and was cleaning herself up a bit when the little old lady came up next to her. They eyed each other for a couple minutes.

“Well, my dear, you seem to have quite a man on your hands, don’t you?” the old lady said.

“What do you mean by that?” asked Dixie?

“Oh, only that he is quite handsome, well built, seems to be educated and is very sexy.” stated the old lady.

“Thank you ma’am. He is wonderful. And he is very good to me.” Dixie replied as she blushed a bit.

“Yes, I can tell. He is most attentive. Especially at night. He is very attentive to your needs.” The little lady gave Dixie a knowing smile.

Dixie’s cheeks turned bright red. She really didn’t know how to continue this conversation, so she turned to leave. As she reached for the door handle the little old lady stopped her in her tracks.

“Well, I certainly wish my husband had been able to satisfy me like your man can satisfy you. My life sure would have been a lot happier.” The little old lady looked Dixie in the eyes.

“Oh My God!” Dixie’s hand flew to cover her mouth. She didn’t know what else to say. She was stunned. She suddenly realized that the little old lady had heard her and Ricky make love. How many times had she heard them? Had she watched them too? She grabbed the door handle and ran to the table where Ricky waited for her.

Ricky saw Dixie coming. No…running to the table. What the hell had happened? Oh no….he knew. That little old witch had said something to Dixie. Damn it.

Dixie quickly sat down next to Ricky.

“We have to get our food to go and get out of here. Now!!” Dixie exclaimed.

“Slow down baby. Tell me what’s wrong. What happened in there? Did she upset you?” Ricky tried to calm Dixie down.

“Oh My God. You won’t believe what she told me. Ricky, she has heard us making love on the bus. I bet she has been watching us too. Come on. We have to get out of here. I can’t eat in front of her knowing this. Please…..” Dixie was pleading with him.

“Okay baby…we need to talk about this. Come on outside with me.” Ricky took her by the arm and they headed for the door as the little old lady reappeared to the table.

“Are you leaving? Aren’t you going to eat your breakfast?” she asked.

“We’ll be right back. Just tell them to keep our food warm, please.” Ricky said. The little lady nodded as they left.

Dixie was totally confused and upset as they walked over to a bench beside the restaurant. Ricky had them sit down and he faced her and took her hands in his.

“Babe, I didn’t want to talk about this until later, but I suspected that she was listening last night. I wasn’t sure so I kinda watched her while I was playing with you. After a while she seemed to be sleeping so I didn’t pay any attention. Then, when you were really in your climax, I heard another type of moan. I knew it wasn’t yours. I looked up and I saw her playing with herself and she was in her own climax. I couldn’t say anything and ruin it for her. And I couldn’t ruin yours either. So, I just let it go.. I went with it.

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