Hot Tub Evening

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It is a rainy cool night, a fire burning in the fireplace, Jacuzzi is warm. We have just finished dinner, and have moved to couch in front of the fireplace. Talk is light, yet each is waiting for the other to make the first move. I get up to put another log on the fire and you excuse yourself to freshen up.

When you return you stand in front of me wearing a thin dark silk robe, that I can see your choice of lingerie is black and red, silky bustier and thong panties. You spin to let me get a good look at your sexy body. Bending over to me to kiss me on the lips, you move to your knees in front of me. Kissing me slowly and sensually. My hands run across your face and caress your back. Your hands pull my shirt up and over my head, kissing and licking at my nipples and up my neck back to my mouth. You unbutton my pants and pull them off exposing me completely naked body. As you move back between my legs I feel your warm breath on my thighs and your breasts through the silky robe rub against me legs. Your mouth works the inside of thighs up to my rising manhood. Slowly moving your mouth across my balls up the base of erect cock. Your tongue tracing up my hard shaft as you reach the head, your tongue moves around it flicking it. My hands slowly caress your head and back resisting the temptation to pull it hard to take me deep in your mouth. The blood rushing, making me harder and harder, throbbing with anticipation of your teasing.

Slowly your mouth begins to move down, swallowing me manhood, I watch as you take me in your mouth, moving slowly down towards the base. Your tongue flicking along the most sensitive portion of me, your take my full length in your mouth. Sucking me further in deeper, your mouth then moves slowly and tightly along me shaft. Your hands spread my thighs to allow you to fondle and tug at my balls with your hands, while your mouth licks and sucks my shaft. I reach for you breasts and caress them slowly enjoying the anticipation of tasting your skin myself. As if you can read my mind you pull away from me tugging at me with out hesitation as you lay on the ground. I lay on you kissing you, I quickly move to licking your neck and move down your body. Your hands move to the top of shoulders encouraging me to move to your crutch. As I spread your legs open tasting your skin of your thighs, slowly rubbing my lips against your silk panties, I feel your hips rise your hands press against my head pushing me into you. I reach under your buttocks caressing them and pulling them off.

My tongue licks against Manisa Escort your lips, teasing you as you press me to you. My fingers spread your lips of your pussy, while my tongue tastes your wetness. My tongue moves from your ass, up the length of your pussy flicking at your clit, moving back to plunge into your wet hole. Your hands press me head hard into, begging me, to have my tongue penetrate your pussy. Pushing deeper and harder with my tongue, sucking your juices into my mouth. My tongue thrusts itself in and out of your pussy, flicking at your clit as I push it deep into your pussy. My hands reach under you and pull you closer to me, feeling your orgasm building to its climax, I lick your clit until the orgasm reaches its peak then plunge my tongue deep into you pulsing pussy licking and sucking your juices from you. While holding your ass in my hands I move atop you pressing my manhood between your thighs, pushing slowly into you. My strokes are slow long and deep, bringing you quickly to your next climax. As you climax for the second time my thrusts, begin to quicken and I plunge harder and deeper into you, bringing you to a third and powerful climax. As this climax subsides, I press myself against you kissing you slow and deeply. My hard and throbbing cock deep inside you. Your body against mine , I can feel the glow of the orgasmic pleasure of our passion and lust. Your heart and breath beating rapidly as we rest from the first round.

So as we lay there kissing pressed against each other I pull you closer to me, rolling you over on top of me. My hard stiff manhood pressed deep inside you. My hands caress your back and your firm buttocks. As you kiss me you begin to move your hips back and forth on my cock. You slowly left up and place your hands on my chest as you begin to ride my manhood. My hands rub and squeeze your ass, I lift myself up to suck on your breasts, pulling your nipple into my mouth with my tongue. I lick and suck them both one at a time, but you push me down hard. Your pussy thrusting at my hard cock, trying as you can to get fuller and long strokes on my cock. You look down at me and tell me how much you love the feel of my cock in your pussy. You push harder and faster, as I squeeze your ass, and your breasts with my hand, tugging gentle on your nipples. I feel your pussy pulsing on my cock as you begin to cum again. Pushing harder and harder against me as you climax completely. You kiss me softly and whisper in my ear thanks. You tell me your going to help me cum and you get Manisa Escort Bayan off me and help me stand up. As I stand you kneel in front of me and begin to suck on my cock. My cock glistens in the light from the fireplace from your sweet juices that have poured from your pussy. You use your hands to play with my balls while you tongue me expertly. Your hand stroking my shaft and balls, while you thrust your mouth along the length of my cock.

I begin to match your thrusts myself feeling the explosion building deep with in me. Watching you as you ravage my cock, bringing me to climax. As you feel the explosion building your tongue works against the head of my cock, just taking it inside your mouth. Your hand is now stroking my shaft from the base up towards the head, moving smoothly against my skin thanks to your juices from your pussy. I can see that you hunger for the taste of my cum and I know that you are watching it like a cat, you’ve stopped licking me, your mouth open and waiting. Your hand strokes me harder and faster as I scream with pleasure. I watch as you stroke it harder and faster, my cum shooting out at you as you try and catch it with your mouth. It is a wonderful pleasure that I feel in my climax and watching your face being covered in my hot white juices. As my orgasm decreases and the ejaculation of semen just drips from the head of my cock, you lick the cum from my cock and then suck it hard to be sure you got it all. Your hand wipes the cum from around your lips that missed your mouth and you lick that up also.

While your still down in front of me your mouth slowly sucks my just spent manhood, deep into your mouth, sending a hot shiver through my body. I pull you up to me and kiss you soft and deeply. Wrapping my arms around you and pull you closer to me. Kissing you deeper and harder, you reach for my hand and begin to pull me to the hot tub. You lead me in to the tub and you sit against the far end, your back against the pulsing jet. You lean your head back as the heat and jets relax your body, you moan with enjoyment. I come to you and begin kissing you from above. Reaching behind and under you to massage your ass, my tongue moves to your neck and down to your breasts.

My tongue moving across your left nipple and sucking it into my mouth. My left hand caresses your and squeezes your left breast as I suck it deeper in my mouth. My right hand reaches under you and pulls you up floating my hand moves to caress you right breast squeezing it and fondling your Escort Manisa nipple between my fingers. I move my mouth to your right nipple and gently tease it licking around it slowly pulling it into my mouth sucking it deep into my mouth. I continue to suck and lick each breast switching back and forth. After several times on each breast as I suck and lick them I can feel what I am sure is a small orgasm from my attention to your tits. I move down your stomach with my tongue and press my face between your legs. The warm water keeps you floating as my tongue begins to lick at the outer lips of your pussy just brushing lightly between them, teasing you.

My mouth suck against the lips slowly pulling them into my mouth, allowing my tongue to penetrate your waiting pussy. My tongue works slowly across your entire crotch licking and teasing you. Slowly my tongue brushes your clit, spreading the hood of your clit with my tongue and licking and sucking your clit into my mouth. My tongue penetrates your sweet, wet and waiting love hole. Pushing deep into your warm wetness my tongue pushing deeper, and deeper, trying to reach your g-spot. My hands spreading your legs apart to try allow my tongue to penetrate deeper into you. Slowly and gently my tongue brushes your clitoris. My tongue moving quicker against your clit as I penetrate your pussy with my finger. Spreading the lips of your pussy with one hand and pushing my finger into your tight, warm and throbbing pussy, reaching for g-spot. Pushing against your g-spot as my tongue rapidly increases its speed against your hard and swollen clit. The pleasure building in your crotch I feel the orgasm building in you. Your legs pressing tightly against me, as the ecstasy and pleasure explode, my tongue flashes against your clitoris as the orgasm begins my tongue dives deep insider your pulsing pussy. Sucking the juices of your orgasm into my mouth, feeling the blood flooding into my crotch from the excitement of your pleasure.

I pull my head away from you and stand up between your legs my just hardening manhood standing above the water, I guide it slowly and gently deep into you. Long slow, deep strokes of my manhood into you. We both are able to watch the strokes quickly bringing you to another climax. I reach for your buttocks and stroke my hard throbbing cock continuing this orgasm. I pull from you and turn you over and you move to lean over the side of the tub. My hands spread your buttocks as I move you to you. My cock enters your pussy from behind. I push slowly deep long strokes, my throbbing cock against your throbbing tight pussy. I increase my speed long and fast strokes pushing deep into you. My balls slapping against you as our orgasms begin to build together. My strokes are very rapid as I hold your hips, pumping you deep and hard we climax together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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