Hot Tub

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I slide into the hot tub and watch for you. You come out onto the patio wearing nothing but a plush terry-cloth robe. Just before the tub you stop and undo the sash, and gently let the robe slide off your shoulders and to the ground. You look at me with a confident, hungry gaze, and my eyes travel down your neck to your breasts with nipples standing up in the cool breeze, and down your belly to your warm love spot, framed with your hips and thighs. My heart rate quickens in anticipation and I exhale sharply.

You mount the stair and begin to step over the edge into the steaming water. I watch your legs move, and enjoy the spectacular moment as your vagina comes into view. Your breasts swing gently, but your eyes are fixed on me. As you ease yourself into the water you give a slight groan, and the stiring in my groin matches it.

You drift across the water to the place right beside me, stretching out your body along mine and I feel your breasts and thighs nudge against me. The bubble jets swirl water around us, it bubbles up between us, and between our legs, across our buttocks, over our backs, but we don’t notice, we are engrossed, looking deep into each other’s eyes. Our hearts have been calling one another for hours and days, our minds have been working in tune, and now our bodies are here, naked, touching, responding, and there is little else to distract us. My arousal is evident in my fully erect penis, strong heartbeat, and quick breath. My face is flushed, and my eyes are dialated, and my hands tremble as they gently move over your body. Your nipples are firm, even thought the water is warm, your chest is warm from the blood pumping furiously in your veins, and your vagina is hot and wet, anticipating me, tingling, with excitement that sends chills down your back, even in the warm tub water.

Slowly we ease towards each other, my lips touch yours, your nipples brush my chest, my penis barely touches your vagina, our legs softly intertwine, my hand is on your hip, and the other on your side, under your breast, your hand is on my butt cheek and bursa escort the other on my shoulder. We stretch out into the water, floating gently on the currents set up by the bubbling jets, and kiss a kiss of passion and mystery, intimate yet barely touching, absorbing, yet we can each feel every point where we touch the other. As we kiss, our minds flow together, our hearts beat as one, we experience being lost in the universe, except for that kiss. Our lips barely touch, but our tongues dance like joyful fire spirits.

As the kiss breaks we flow closer into our embrace, I begin to kiss your neck and my penis slides up between your legs and your gently squeeze your legs together to hold it snug against your vagina. This creates a secure, safe feeling in me and I moan softly as I ease back and forth with my hips. We roll over with me on top, and I ease down to flick my tongue at your taut nipples floating just at the water’s surface. My hands work down your sides to your hips, and your ass and I pull you tight against me.

You roll us over until I am on the bottom, and then open your legs, releasing my penis. Letting the water float you up, you reach down between your legs and grasp my hard member and then begin to rub your vagina against its head. This sends waves of pleasure through my groin, both from your grasping me to the firm rubbing. Quickly my penis parts your lips and you slide down onto it. You moan and gasp as you feel my full penis sliding inside of you. You squeeze your muscles in rythm and stroke it in and out. I groan loudly as I feel your hot vagina sliding over my cock, and when you squeeze I cry out in pleasure.

You wrap your legs around mine, as we float in the surging bubbles, and together we thrust, my cock sliding all of the way in and out of your pussy. Each stroke sends waves of pleasure and joy through each of us as we gaze into each other’s eyes and feel the stroking sensations in our genitles. Our spirits merge and we look through the eyes of our lover at ourselves and then through ourselves back again at our lover. The bursa escort bayan rythmic flow of our bodies is so natural and gracefull as we float in the water, pull and pushing, my rock hard penis working against your labia on each stroke looking down I see your breasts and I run my hands down your back and over your ass.

You lean back, all the way until you are on one side of the tub, and I am on the other, and we are both gazing up at the stars, and I am deep inside you. We slowly stroke, sighing and moaning as the pleasure flows up and down our bodies. We look up and into each other’s eyes as my penis presses up against the front wall of your vagina. You make long gentle strokes up then length of my cock and back down. Each time my rod plunges into the amazing softness of your hot wet cunt I gasp as the pleasure flows up into me and down my legs.

Lifting one leg over me you turn until you are sitting on me facing away. I look down to you your beautiful ass working up and down over my dick. I put my hands down to rub your back and your ass as you work. Your breathing becomes short and sharp and you pant as you slide your pussy up off of my penis and then back down again. Each stroke fills me with pleasure. I slide my hands down to your thighs and stand up so I can thrust. You hold onto the edge of the hot tub, and float your body on the water as I pound my throbbing cock into your hungry pussy. You hold onto the edge of the tub as the bubbles trickly up over your body, titilating your breasts and your belly as I stroke from behind, my penis reaching deep into your sweet place. The water splashes with our rythmic motion. My penis bears down on the front wall of your vagina, and the watter splashes back and forth on your clitoris. You hold on and cry out with deep pleasure. I use my hands to stroke your back, and hold your butt cheeks, and pull you in close, sliding my dick in as far as it will go. The sensations on my penis are astounding and I begin to moan and cry out as the waves crash against us.

Then I reach down, ease you back, and escort bursa pull one leg up and over until you are floating on your back looking up at me as I stand between your legs with my dick in your cunt. You reach back over your head to hold onto the side of the tub as the jet bubbles run down your back to your ass, and tickly my balls. I begin to fuck you like I’ve never fucked before. I reach my hand down, take a nearby cup, fill it with water and pour it onto your pussy. Your clitoris sings as the warm water falls down on it in a concentrated stream. I alternate streams of water with my thumb, which gently strokes and rubs your clit as my cock strokes in and out along its length. You close your eyes as you feel the pressure building, my cock rubbing on your vagina’s walls, my thumb and the water on your clit, the bubbles down your back. Your moans get louder and louder. You are lost on an ocean, the waves lift you up, and just before realease you slide back down, only to be lifted again. Your body is being physically lifted as the same time your sex is straining to let go. Another wave lifts you up and you begin to cry out and just before you cum my thumb stops and the water starts and you slide back down for another try, and this one is big, its rushing in your ears, your eyes can’t see and your legs start to twitch in anticipation, the sensation on your clit is so fine and it builds, builds, builds, builds until you explode.

Your legs spasm, pulling me in and squesszing me, your vagina quivers and pulses as your hips buck and you arch your back. My penis is so hot and the feeling is so pure I can’t hold myself and I feel the semen backing up in me for a full scale rushing explosion. When I release it is like a bomb has gone off, I scream and pound my dick into your quivering pussy. I lean forward and hold you against me, feeling your breasts, kissing your mouth, and pushing my penis into you over and over and over. Each stroke triggers another rush of my orgasm as my seed spills inside of you, making both of us hot and wet. We go again and again for what seems like forever until the sensation starts to slip away and our muscles give out and we float into the steamy churning water. We lay together, and I am inside of you, and we lay there and kiss and look into each other’s eyes and dream …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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