Hotel Africa

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Sylvie was on top. She watched her husband seductively, his cock buried deep inside her and she squeezed and teased him. His muscular body had enough power to take complete control; to buck and fuck her hard if he wanted to, but he restrained himself, allowing her to give him pleasure. She through her head back, her long blond hair flowing over her shoulder and her pert breasts defying gravity in front. She was nearly on the brink now, her orgasm had been building for some time now and she was ready to let rip. And then her mobile rang.

Without hesitation she picked it up on the first ring. She smiled as she felt it vibrate in her hand and put the phone onto her clit. She groaned loudly. Two rings left and it would go to voicemail. It vibrated again against and she gritted her teeth, pressed answer and held the phone to her ear.

“Hello? Yes, this is Sylvie speaking. Okay. That’s great news, thank you. When do we start? Okay, we’re looking forward to it. See you next week.”

With that she chucked the phone down, gripped her husband’s torso and started fucking him wildly. Matt closed his eyes in ecstasy; he was ready to cum but he held off until Sylvie came first. Matt didn’t have long to wait. Sylvie was up and down like a wild cat, sweat dripping off her brow, her mouth open, her groans now turned to screams. She was anything but quiet in bed. Her first orgasm ran through her body as she screamed. Matt took his opportunity and started bucking his hips, taking the control away from his wife. As she started cumming again Matt ejaculated deep inside her. He gripped her hips and pumped furiously as he squirted deep inside her. Sylvie was almost crying as she came. His orgasm subsided but he stayed inside her, allowing her to have one final orgasm then she collapsed on him, kissing him, whispering in his ear how much she loved him and how much she loved to fuck him. They cuddled for a while before she got up.

“Who was on the phone?”

“The lady from the agency. We got the job managing Hotel Africa.”

Matt grinned. He really wanted this job more than anything. A husband and wife team running an exclusive Five Star hotel just outside of Cape Town.

The lady from the agency also hung up the phone, feeling guilty that she had eavesdropped on such personal business yet blessed having achieved an orgasm of her own by listening to them

They were half way across the Atlantic, Business Class of course, when Matt pulled out a neatly wrapped gift from his laptop case. How Customs hadn’t picked up on it or asked him to unwrap it he didn’t know. That would have been embarrassing and spoilt the surprise. Sylvie smiled as she pulled the paper off, revealing an attractive box. It opened from the top and as she pulled off the first sheet of sponge she was rewarded with a gold bracelet with an unusual looking pendant.

He put it lovingly around her wrist. She knew he was up to his old tricks as she removed the second layer of sponge, and lying in the box were a pair of love eggs. Matt explained.

“These are not ordinary love eggs; they vibrate. The pendant controls them. I’ll show you.” He took her wrist and flicked a tiny switch on the pendant. The eggs started vibrating in the box, fortunately they were separated by the wrapping so it was quiet. Then Matt took her arm and moved it above her head and as he did so the eggs almost stopped moving. As he brought her wrist down again the vibrated started, and the closer the pendant, the more aggressive the vibrations.

“They can be used vaginally or anally.” He added with a cheeky grin.

“Vaginally I think.” She responded coolly. Business Class wasn’t full and as it was night time most of the other passengers were asleep. She hiked her skirt and opened her legs, then took the eggs and rubbed them against her pussy. The first one hummed against her clit and she manoeuvred against her slit making it wet and lubricated. It slipped inside her easily and she sat bolt upright as she felt it go inside. The second was inserted just as easily and Sylvie felt as if she was about to cum right there and then. Knowing that it would be impossible to cum quietly she flicked the switch on her pendant and snuggled up to her husband.

“Thank you,” she whispered as she fell asleep.

Cape Town is hotter than Los Angeles in Summer but they were both accustomed to the heat. They were met at the airport by a limousine and taken to Hotel Africa; about an hour’s drive away. The hotel was spectacular – a mix of colonial style with modern facilities. As the porters took their luggage they were met by a young and attractive mixed-race girl.

“Welcome, I’m Katie, Assistant Manager. You must be Matt and Sylvie.”

The shook hands politely as Katie walked them to reception. Two good looking Americans. Katie wondered which one she fancied more.

She explained that the old managers had mismanaged the cash flow and had been terminated at short notice and she, personally, was pleased that the Directors had recruited from overseas. She didn’t trust the white South Africans very much, bursa escort even though her father was one. She gave them a tour of the site and in a professional manner she emphasised the areas that she thought were of greatest concern, as well as where the greatest growth potential stood. Security was always a worry and she had personally installed cameras throughout the site. After Sylvie had shown them their separate offices, she explained that she had work to do but she was available at any time for them.

“I’m going to check the bar and restaurant.” Matt stated. Sylvie nodded.

“I’ll check security.”

Matt was a little dejected that he hadn’t had the chance to fuck Sylvie, especially as he knew she still had the love eggs embedded deep inside her. He wondered if they were switched on. And then there was that cute mix-raced chick; Katie. He wondered how easy she would be. Damn, he was horny!

He entered the bar to find very few customers inside. Four bar staff were present, two ladies and two men. He didn’t hesitate.

“You two,” he pointed at the girls, “my office. Now.”

Obediently they followed and within moment he was seated at his over seized oak desk with two gorgeous black girls facing him. He liked the dress code – short black skirts and skimpy white blouses. Nice.

“I saw you two stealing from the till.” It was a statement that sent the girls into shock. Their jaws dropped as they tried to protest their innocence.

“Boss, we didn’t, we wouldn’t…”

“Forget it. Get your shit and get out of here. Your finish pay will follow.”

“But Boss, truly, we haven’t done anything wrong! ” The first protested.

“And it’s impossible getting work in South Africa…”

Matt already knew this. They hadn’t done anything wrong, the cameras would prove that, but he was enjoying his little game.

“We’d do anything to keep our job! Anything!”


“Yes, Boss,” said the first, “we’re loyal to Hotel Africa and we’ll do anything to ask us to.” She was visibly shaking and Matt began to wonder if he had pushed this too far. He decided he could go a bit further.

“Okay, prove your loyalty. Kiss.”

They stared at Matt as if he had gone mad, then shrugged and faced each other.

The girls had looked similar at first, probably from the tribe, but as he watched them he could see obvious differences between them. They both had great bodies but one had subtle scars on her cheeks; probably tribal scarring. He decided to call her Scarface. The other had braided hair so he called her Braids. He watched as Braids touched Scarface’s cheek and they brought their lips together. They touched, kissing gently. Matt felt a twitch in his pants, he suspected that they might have kissed before. Braids pulled her partner closer and kissed her passionately. Tongues intertwined and they pulled each other close. Matt wondered if this was a show in order to keep their jobs, nevertheless they seemed very happy in what they were doing. After two minutes of deep passionate kissing they pulled apart.

“Is there anything else we can do to show our loyalty?”

Matt grinned. He had them right where he wanted them.

“Yes. Undress each other.”

Without waiting, Scarface started unbuttoning Braids’ blouse and within seconds it was on the floor. She quickly unzipped her skirt and that too joined the blouse. Braids performed the same actions and the two girls stood before Matt in knickers and bras. They knew what he wanted and they were determined to keep their jobs.

Scarface’s bra was unclipped and her breasts revealed. Immediately Braids took a nipple to her mouth and sucked gently. As she did this Scarface unclipped her bra also, released her breast and pulled down Braids’ panties. Braids followed and the girls were stark naked. Their bodies were perfect – great tits and shaved pussies. Matt didn’t have to say anything as the girls continued their passionate kiss, hands roaming over each other’s bodies and gasps of pleasure could be heard from both.

Matts cock was fully erect now. He couldn’t believe how easy this was. Sylvie was busy with Security and he had these two beauties at his mercy.

As if understanding his needs, the girls joined him on his side of the desk. Braids kissed him as Scarface unbuttoned his shirt and undid his trousers. She rubbed his cock as she kissed his chest. Without asking, she removed his clothes as Braids pushed her tits into his face. He sat in his chair naked and the girls instinctually went for his cock. It was a good eight inches and Braids ran her tongue from bottom of his shaft to the top and Scarface took his balls into her mouth. Matt was in Heaven. Braids took his cock into her mouth, tonguing it gently, then forced it to the back of her throat. She couldn’t take it all but she was close. Meanwhile Scarface played lovingly with his balls, her other hand rested Braids’ bum.

Matt couldn’t take much more of this. He would blow his load if they continued. He stood, much to their disappointment, and Scarface bursa escort bayan obediently lay on his desk, her legs in the air. Matt took his position, her ankles resting on his shoulders, and he rubbed his cock against her clit. He could feel how wet she was. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. He pushed against her, his cock at the opening of her pussy, and he entered about two inches then pulled back. She gasped. He pushed in a little further, about half way, then retracted again. The look on her face was begging him to fuck her. He obliged and pushed his cock all the way, deep into her gorgeous pink cunt. She groaned involuntarily as he began to fuck her. Braids started playing with Scarface’s tits again, sucking and rubbing them and it wasn’t long before the groans turned into heavy pants and then quiet screams as she came. Braids teased her as her orgasms commenced; kissing her lips and running her finger over her Scarface’s clit to enhance the orgasm. It worked. Scarface bucked and Matt fucked her harder and harder. As quickly as he started he withdrew and it was Braids’ turn. She faced the table, placing her elbows on it. Matt came behind her. Her pussy was wet already and Matt’s cock was already well lubricated. He plunged deep inside her, sending waves of pleasure through her body, hitting all the right spots. It wasn’t long before she too was experiencing orgasm. Scarface had recovered and took great pleasure in enhancing Braids orgasm, sucking on her tits and fingering her clit.

It was too much for Matt. He couldn’t help himself any longer. He pulled out of Braids and Scarface was immediately on her knees and taking his cock in her mouth. She was an expert cock sucker and she handled his balls as she swallowed his dick. It didn’t take long. His balls contacted in her hands as he came in her mouth. It was more than she expected, more than any other guy she had sucked, and load after load was injected into her. She kept her cool. She knew how to please a man. She sucked until he had finished completely but she didn’t swallow. A small amount escaped though her lips and dribbled down her chin. Braids was ready for her and they kissed, sharing his cum between them, lapping up anything that escaped.

Matt watched them kiss. His cock stayed hard longer than usual but he knew he couldn’t do a second round. Sylvie would get suspicious. After a lot of swapping they finally swallowed everything that he had given them and they stood, nipples erect, facing him.

“Are our jobs safe?”

Matt sighed. He wasn’t that cruel.

“Your jobs are safe for now. I’ll consider a pay rise for you.”

And with that, the girls dressed and returned to the bar. Matt wondered if Sylvie would ever agree to a threesome.

Meanwhile, Katie sat behind her desk watching the surveillance monitors. Watching her new boss screw around so quickly with barmaids amazed her. She wasn’t sure which turned her on more – the amazing sex scene that she had just witnessed or the power that she now had over Matt.

As much as Sylvie loved her husband, she didn’t trust him. Okay, she was no angel and she had fucked many guys before and during their marriage, but mostly out of payback. She had seen him eye up the two sluts behind the bar and despite his gift, still vibrating deep inside her, she felt the need for revenge.

Security at Hotel Africa was heavy. Twelve guards were on duty at any one point. She handpicked four and motioned them into the gym which was deserted at the time. She had to make sure that they knew their jobs.

The four heavily built guards followed Sylvie into the gym, somewhat bemused as to what a petite white girl could teach such experienced and muscled security specialists.

“Ok, I want you to react.” She explained, then slapped one of the guards square across the cheek.

There was no reaction. He just took it.

“Is that what you do when someone hits you?” She exclaimed, and she punched the next guard on the cheek bone. Again, nothing.

“I’m dealing with a bunch of pussies!” And with that she kneed the third guard in balls. He fell back in pain and Sylvie shook her head.

“Guys, you have to do better than this.”

She raised her hand to slap the last guard, but he caught her by the wrist and his hand went to her throat, pinning her against the wall. He stood, almost in shock, at the action he had taken against his new boss. No doubt he would be unemployed very shortly. But Sylvie’s reaction took them all by surprise.

“That’s more like it!” She purred, whilst pinned against the wall. “You can release now.”

She eyed the fourth guard up. He was bigger than the rest and the emblem on his sleeve showed that he was senior to the rest.

“What’s your name?”

“Dexter. Ma’am.”

“Well, Dexter, I’m expecting big things from you. Okay!” she clapped her hands to get their attention, “you three, take your shirts off!”

Three of the guards looked at each other confused, but removed their ties and shirts obediently.

Sylvie görükle escort bayan admired their muscular torsos. “Shoes and socks off. Okay, good. Now remove your trousers.”

Only Dexter remained fully dressed and he stood to attention awaiting his command. Sylvie eyed up the three nearly naked men. “I don’t remember your names, so I will call you Shorty, Fuzzy and Willy. Here’s the scenario; I’m the innocent white girl who just left the bar. You three are the attackers. You’re after a bit of white arse. When I give the command you, Dexter, will rescue me. Okay? Let’s go.”

The men hesitated. The repercussions could be serious if this went wrong. A lengthy prison sentence at best. But she was giving the orders and disobedience would cost them their jobs, and good jobs are scarce in South Africa.

Sylvie slapped Fuzzy across the face. “Now!”

As if awoken, the three men started to act, hesitantly at first they pinned her against the wall.

“Yes, that’s it,” she encouraged them.

Fuzzy stood in front of her as the other two held her arms. With shaking hands he unbuttoned her suit jacket. Her breasts pushed hard against her blouse, her pink erect nipples clearly showing through the thin white material. He had never been with a white lady before and despite his nerves he was clearly getting turned on. He ran his hands over her breasts, catching her nipples between his fingers. Sylvie gasped.

“Unbutton me.”

One by one the buttons on her blouse came loose. As the last one was released her breasts were fully exposed. Sylvie’s breath was heavy now, waiting for him to make his next move. Shorty and Willy took the initiative and pulled the jacket and blouse off her shoulders and sleeves. With her arm released she reached behind her waist and unzipped her skirt leaving hanging precariously on her hips. The two at her sides retook control of her arms and again pinned her bare back against the wall. Fuzzy stared at the near naked woman with wide eyes. He had never seen such perfect tits in his life. Boldly, he made the first move. He brought his head down to her left breasts and took her nipple in her mouth, gently sucking and running his tongue over took. Sylvie gasped in delight, but she could see her protector about to make a move.

“Not yet, Dexter. Wait for my command.”

Willy moved next, taking her other breast and following Fuzzy’s actions. Sylvie closed her eyes as the two men sucked on his tits. She wiggled her hips and her skirt fell to the floor, leaving her completely naked except for her stilettos. She pushed the two men away then moved down onto her knees. Turning to her left, her face was inches away from Shorty’s crotch, his cock fully erect under his pants. She rubbed it, gauging its length, then pulled his pants away revealing one of the biggest cocks she had seen in her life. It was at least nine inches and as thick as her wrist. She wrapped her hand around it and gently stroked it.

“Get naked, boy,” she purred, “Dexter – stand down.”

With that she took him in her mouth, caressing his balls with her other hand. She could only take half of his cock, it was so big. She considered herself and expert at deep throating but not this time. Without warning, she felt hands taking her under the thighs and she was being lifted. It wasn’t part of her plan but she figured she’d see what happened. Dexter was there if things got out of hand. She was facing the ceiling as she was lifted legs first. She felt a head between her thighs and her legs rested on a pair of shoulders. Instantly a face dived into her pussy, lips and tongue pushing their way between her labia. She crossed her legs behind his head, pushing him closer to her to her hairless cunt.

Meanwhile, a strong arms was supporting the weight of her top body which was inclined. As she pushed her head back she was greeted with another black cock. It was about the same size as Shorty’s and she had no hesitation of allowing it to enter mouth. As she sucked it she felt a pair of lips against her tits. She forced herself to relax and enjoy the sensations going through her body. She always got off on oral sex and this was no exception. Willy was fucking her with his tongue – she had never experienced that before and it felt amazing. It was like being fucked with a small dick, except it was more agile and able to hit places that a dick can’t. Every few moments he would stop and run his tongue over her clit instead, licking it wildly, then the tongue would go back into her vagina again.

Shorty was on her tits, his lips wrapped around one nipple and his fingers playing the other. His other arm was supporting her body and keeping her in the air. The combination of having her pussy and tits eaten at the same time was sending her over the edge. She was going to cum soon and it was going to be big. She focussed on Fuzzy’s cock. She played with his balls as she sucked him, hardly believing that a cock could be this big and hard.

She started to cum. Waves of pleasure developed from her tits and cunt and her body started to shake. She wanted to scream but the cock in her mouth prevented her. She squeezed her thighs together which encouraged Willy to lick her pussy even harder. Her orgasm rippled through her body again and again until she could take no more. Without being told, the three men laid her gently on a table to recover.

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