Hotel Getaway!!

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Big Dicks

After we check into our hotel and get the directions to our room, I pick up our bags (full of our toys and your sexy lingerie) and make our way there.

We let ourselves in and no sooner have I put the bags down we grab each other and start to make up for the time spent in the car traveling to the hotel.

As we’re kissing I start to ease you back towards the four poster bed. Once we are close enough, I turn you around and bend you over the end of the bed. As you stand there in your sexy high heels & dress I think to myself how beautiful you are looking and how much I want to be caressing your pussy right now.

I pull your dress up revealing your lovely peachy bum and to my surprise see that you are not wearing any underwear.

With this I get you to spread your legs a little and tell you to put your hands on your back. As you are doing this I reach into my bag and pull out my handcuffs. Once they are securely on you, I hold your wrists down and start to gently spank your sexy bum, getting slightly harder each time.

As the spanking gets harder, I notice the more you moan so I carry on giving your bum a good hard spanking.

Once your bum is lovely and red, I press my body into yours and lean forward whispering in your ear how beautiful you are looking and just how much I want to be deep inside you right now.

I then start to nibble your ear as I let my hands wonder up and down your thighs.

I run my hands up your thighs, up over your warm red bum and grasp your dress, pulling it further up your body.

Once it’s as high as it will go, I kiss my way down your neck onto your back and make my way kissing down your back, onto your bum. I give your bum a bite and then carry kissing down the inside of your legs.

Once I’m half way down your thighs, I stop and sit between your legs and then start making my way kissing up your thighs until I get to, what I can know see, soft wet pussy.

I kiss my way up over your pussy getting as close to your clit as I can without kissing it but lightly brushing over it with my tongue.

As my tongue reaches your clit, I feel your body twinge with pleasure. I do this a few more times, applying a little more pressure each time I do.

I then use my hands to spread your lovely soft pussy as I push my tongue down onto your pussy then slowly up to your excitable clit.

When I reach your clit I let my tongue circle it, before taking it between my lips and whilst lightly sucking it, run my tongue backwards and forwards over it.

I then run my tongue back down onto your now wet pussy and then run my tongue from your pussy up to your clit and back again, pulling you in close to my face as I do so.

After a little bit I then take your clit between my lips and push my tongue against it whilst moving side to side ;p I let one of my hands run up the inside of your leg and start to rub your wet pussy with my finger whilst I carry on running my tongue over & around your clit.

I so wish I was there right now, tasting your wet pussy on my tongue.

When I can feel that you’re nice & wet and just wanting me to be deep inside you, I slowly slide my finger deep inside you, making you moan as it slides deeper.

Once my finger is inside you, I slowly pick up the pace of my tongue running over your clit as my finger slides in and out of you.

Once I have you seriously wet I slowly slide in a second finger, again making you let out a sexy little moan. As you do so I give your peachy bum a good hard spank with my other hand. As I pull my fingers out, I then start to curl them forward applying a little pressure as they run over the front of your pussy.

I notice that every time my fingers Maraş Escort push against the front of your pussy and at the same time my tongue caresses the tip of your clit, your body wriggles a little.

As I slowly slide my fingers out once more, I feel your body move so I pull my fingers out, and lift one of your legs up and over my shoulder.

As you place your leg down my back, I lean towards you and start to caress your clit once more. You place your hand on my head and as you do so, I start to move my tongue faster across your pussy and clit.

As I do so, I start to feel your legs shake each time I reach your lovely wet clit. I start to feel my cock harden as I love the thought of my tongue making you cum.

My hands run up your luscious soft thighs and at the same time, I spank your gorgeously peachy ass a few times before grasping each cheek in my hands and pulling you even closer to me. As I do this I move my tongue around your wet pussy, tasting your juices as I do so, then up to your clit, where I flick my tongue back and forth, getting gradually faster as your body trembles more and more.

As I pull your body towards me, I hear your breathing get a little heavier.

With this I bring my hands around and through your legs, grasping your thighs. I lift you up, twist around and slowly lay you down on the bed.

I place your legs so that they’re apart but resting on my back. As I lower myself down, I can see just how wet my tongue is getting you and think to myself, how much I want you to cum.

My tongue starts by pushing between your wet lips, onto your pussy then makes its way up to your excitable clit once more.

As I do this I run my hands up over your tummy, lightly over your boobs, brushing your nipples as I go. I run them up over your shoulders, then down your arms until I have hold of your wrists…

Once I have hold of your wrists I push them out as wide as my arms allow and add a little extra pressure.

At this point my tongue is running from your pussy up onto your clit and slowly back again. I start to feel your breathing getting ever so slightly heavier. With this my tongue starts to move a tad faster and carries on doing so as I then start to hear you breathing deeply.

With this I notice you start to arch your body a little each time my tongue runs over your clit. I quickly put as much pressure as I can on your wrists, making sure you’ll have to stay in that position until I let you do otherwise.

After a short while, you let out a sexy little moan, making me add a slight amount more pressure with my tongue as I pick up the speed ;p

As the pressure on your very excitable clit grows, so do your moans until your body starts to shake and I taste your cum all over my tongue.

As you’re cumming I make my tongues movements a little faster and add more pressure, making your orgasm as good as I possibly can.

Once you have cum as much as you can, I stand up and start to strip all my clothes off until I only have my tight white boxers on.

I lean over and grab you before pulling you to your feet. I release your hands from the handcuffs and start ripping your dress off of your gorgeously curvaceous body. I help you take your heels off then take you by the hand and lead you to the bathroom…

As we walk into the bathroom I turn on the low lighting blue spot lights and then turn the shower on full and to a temperature that’s not too hot for us both.

Once I have the shower just rite, I turn around, take you by the hand and pull you in close to my body. We start kissing and running our hands over each other’s bodies and as we do, I start to feel my cock begin to throb at the Maraş Escort Bayan thought of being deep inside you whilst the shower rains down over our hot naked bodies.

With this, I slide my boxers down my legs and kick them across the bathroom.

I take your hand and lead you into the glass fronted, walk in shower. As you walk in I pause for a second and look at your gorgeous body up & down, thinking to myself ‘WOW’ you really have got one sensational body and I’m extremely lucky to have you here right now.

As I walk into the shower, I grab your waist, twist you around and pin you up against the showers glass front. I take hold of your wrists and lift them above your body and hold them tightly against the glass. I start to press my body into yours as the water showers down on our naked bodies and I start to nibble your ear before then making my way slowly kissing down your neck.

I lean my body against yours and tell you to “leave your hands where they are.” I then let my hands work their way down the curves of your body. I run them over your hips and then slowly around, over the base of your tummy to the tops of your thighs.

As my hands are running over your silky soft body, my cock starts to get progressively harder, with this I move myself so that it slides up the inside of your leg to rest on your pussy.

Whilst my hard cock rubs over your soft wet pussy, I grasp your thigh with one hand and let my other move between your legs and start to caress your clit with two fingers, making you moan a little as I’m doing so. I feel the water running down between our bodies, onto your pussy then over the head of my cock which feels so good, especially when I hear you moan whilst my fingers run backwards & forwards over your very wet excitable clit.

After a little while of caressing your clit with my fingers, I take hold of your wrists above your head once more with one hand as before. I lean my body back a little and with my other hand give your gorgeous bum a spanking, before taking a hold of your hip. I pull you back slightly and as your body eases backwards I push my hips forward towards yours, which in turn pushes my hard shaft onto your wet pussy once again.

I slowly ease my hard cock into you, without going in too far I pull my cock out and run it over your pussy once or twice before slowly sliding it back in progressively further every time. Each time I enter you, you let out a sexy little moan and each time you moan, I give your now shiny, red peachy bum a good spank.

I start to feel you push your body back onto mine each time my cock slides inside you, wanting me to be as deep as I can. With this I thrust my hard throbbing shaft as deep in your wet pussy as it will go, making you let out one big moan the deeper in you I go. As I slide in deeper I feel your body tense up.

I tighten my grip on your wrists as I start to pull my cock almost all the way out of you and slowly back in as deep as I can. Whilst repeating this I start to kiss the top of your back. I release your wrists and let my hand wonder down your body, running one arm around your body and hooking it around you, whilst pulling our bodies in tight together. My other hand runs up your body, slightly pulling you back towards me so that your body comes away from the glass and so that I can feel if your nipples are nice and hard.

As my hand gets more and more full by your luscious pert boobs I notice that your nipple is as hard as they could be. I position my thumb and index finger either side of your lovely hard nipple and with the water running over them, start to caress it. At the same time I kiss my way up your neck and take your ear between my teeth.

I Escort Maraş start to nibble on your ear and at the same time loving the sound of your sexy little moans, I start to thrust my hard shaft deep inside you getting progressively faster ever few thrusts ;p

My hand slides down your gorgeous wet body and with both of my hands, grasp your hips. With this you push your body back towards me, forcing me to take a step back as you lower your body so that you are now bent over in front of me, with your forearms resting on the glass.

My hands release themselves from your hips and with a little pressure I run them up your spine onto the back of your neck and then down across your shoulders. As they reach the middle of your shoulders and at the same time of my cock thrusting deep inside your wet pussy, I pull on your shoulders, making the thrust of my hard cock in your pussy even harder than it previously was.

With this, you let out a groan that sounds extremely sexy to me so I carry on pulling your body back as I thrust myself deep within you.

After a little while of deep hard trusting, I run my hands down your back, letting one slide its way around the side of your body, then follow the top of your thigh down, until it reaches just above your excitable clit.

I let my hand slowly move onto your clit and as it does I slide my cock as deep in you as it will go.

I hold my hips in place so that you can feel my throbbing shaft deep inside your wet pussy as my fingers start to run backwards & forwards over your clit. As the water showers down onto my body and all over your back, it runs down around your body and starts to flow my arm and in turn over your clit. This helps add a little heat to your clit as my fingers are caressing it and I can soon start to feel your clit hardening whilst my hard cock carries on sliding in and out of your extremely wet pussy.

I move my hands back onto your waist and then guide you to stand up and then turn you around whilst pushing you up against the front of the shower before starting to kiss passionately.

I lean forward a little into your gorgeous body and as I do, you lift your left leg up and curl it around my body so that it sits on my hip. Once your foot is around the back of my body, you tense up your leg which pushes my body even closer to yours. You reach down and grab my hard cock with your hand and guide it towards your pussy. I can feel my hard cock sliding onto your wet, hard clit and then all of a sudden I feel your leg tense once more and no sooner has it tensed, my hard cock is once more deep inside of your lovely wet pussy.

At this point we are both so dam hot, wet and horny that we start to fuck harder than we have before and as we do your sexy bum starts to slap against the glass as we both thrust our hips.

After a couple minutes of good, long hard trusting I can feel that I am very near to cumming. I take a hold of your hips nice and tight and start to trust my hard throbbing cock as fast and hard deep inside you as I can. As I take a hold of your hips I notice that you start to moan a little more and louder. You lean into me and whisper in my ear “I’m going to cum all over your hard throbbing cock”.

Within seconds of you saying this, you feel my whole body tense up and tremble ever so slightly. My already hard cock turns as solid as a possible before I start to let out a series of groans, almost matching yours. All of a sudden I feel the amazing feeling of my hard throbbing cock orgasm deep within you and with the best timing in the world, as I start to fill your luscious wet pussy with cum, I notice your entire body tense up and your fingernails start to dig in my back. I carry on thrusting my cock deep inside you so that we can both make the most of our own orgasms.

As I come to the end of my orgasm I slow my thrusting down and we both softly kiss each other and hold each other in our arms as the shower beats down on our exhausted bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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