Hotel Hi – Jinks Ch. 02

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They just left, sending messages on their phones to the rest of them with excuses.

In the cab, Debbie and Ben were full of many thanks for their friends ending the night early so they could go and fuck, but the truth was, Penny and Josh probably had more of a desire to get back to their rooms to fuck the shit out of each other than their friends did.

Within seconds of the door closing, he pushed her on top of the bed, where she had been before they had left for lunch; he launched himself on top of her, kissing her, biting at her lips and mouth. She responded to his kisses, moaning loudly and wrapping her booted legs around his arse pulling his bulging crotch into her pussy mound, and wrapping her hands around his neck, holding his face on hers.

‘I’ve been desperate to fuck you again for hours, you little cock teasing bitch!’

‘You and me both!’ she purred into his ear.

He pulled himself up off the bed and started to pull off her boots, and then her jeans. She was undoing his shirt and unbuttoning his jeans and trying to pull them down over the fat cock that was stuck inside them.

Once her jeans were off she was sitting on the bed edge with her basque and underwear on.

‘Get those boots back on, I want to fuck you wearing those boots!’

Penny did as she was told, and as soon as she had them on, he grabbed her hips and swung her over the edge of the bed, standing on the floor bent over.

He flung her hair to the side and started biting on her neck, with his hands on her shoulders. He started to trace his way down her back, over her lingerie with kisses, his facial hair brushing against her skin. It was an amazing sensation and she loved it. He reached her ass, and grabbed a cheek in each hand, slipping his fingers inside her panties and pulling them off.

He bit the cheeks of her ass, and forced her to part her legs. He continued tracing his kisses down her ass and all the way to her pussy.

She smelled amazing! What a woman! His fingers slid inside her sticky slit, and rubbed over her clit, Penny let out some groans, and she knew what he wanted to do. He kneeled beneath her and began rubbing his tongue into her pussy, his fingers gripped into her ass cheeks, before they slowly trailed inside her and started to massage his finger around her asshole.

He engulfed her clit in his mouth and sucked on it, and Penny was gasping loudly, whimpering his name as the sensation was so intense, between the clit sucking and his finger action, she could easy cum if he kept this up.

He left her clit for a while and revelled in the wetness of her pussy, shoving his whole face in it, smelling, lapping and covering his face in her juice.

Josh loved to have a pussy in his face; it was one of him most favourite past times.

He needed to fuck her; he stood up and aimed his cock deep into her wet slurping hole, and rammed his rod purposefully into her. His hands snaked over her arse cheeks again, and again, slowly he manoeuvred his finger so it was massaging her bum hole. She felt it clench involuntarily.

He let saliva pool in his mouth and drop from his lips onto where his fingers were working and used his spit as a lube so he could finger her ass while he fucked her hard. She felt a delicious pressure for a second, before her asshole relaxed and his lubed up finger slid into her tight bum. The pressure of having both holes filled made Penny groan. Josh could feel his finger inside her ass, separated by the thin membrane. Fuck she was tight. It was so fucking dirty.

He slammed his cock hard into her, fucking her hard like the dirty little bitch she was.

Josh pushed the air from her lungs as he rammed his cock home. Penny was panting and gasping as she started to talk dirty to him.

‘Ohh Josh, you really do know how to fuck me good. Ohhh, fuck me harder you tease, ARRHH, do you like that?’ Fuck me, fuck me Josh. Shove your finger up my ass you dirty bastard. Fuck me harder Penny asked as she clenched and worked her pussy muscles around his fat dripping cock.

Penny really was tight, she had teased him about it before, but she hadn’t lied, and the workout she gave her pussy as he fucked her was amazing, it was like she was cumming the whole time he fucked her.

‘Arrrhhh cummon Josh, Harder….uhhmmmm, I just Loooooovvve what you are doing with your finger, fuck my dirty little asshole…that feels so so gooooood.’

She was purposefully purring and talking as dirty as she could, to add to it all, she decided to turn her head round and look right at him, pouty lipped, looking right into him.

‘Josh, do you like pushing your finger in my ass? Can you feel your, uhh, fat cock pushing into my….hmmmmm…Hot. Uhhh…WET…Tight Pussy? Does it feel good? Feels..oh oh oh oh so good for me.’

Penny moved her finger from her mouth and began to rub her clit, she wanted to cum, not just for herself, but for Josh. She wanted him to see him make her cum.

‘Ohh Josh, please fuck me harder, ohhhhh, urrrhhhh, make me cum, you can make me cum, I want to cum all over your cock. Fuck me harder, fuck me into bursa escort next week!!’

So he did, he fucked her as hard as he could thrust, the bed started slamming off the wall as he shoved his entire body weight behind his cock as he rammed her, harder and harder. The things on the bedside cabinet top started to vibrate, and dance along the surface.

Penny was arching her back up as her finger worked furiously over her clit.

He could feel her pre cum kicks inside her, and in her ass all around his finger as he smacked forwards, and prodded deeply with his finger.

Penny was cumming, and hard too judging by the instant enveloping pressure inside her pussy as it clamped down on his cock.

‘Ohhhh that a boy, your gonna make me cum, all over you Josh, uhhh fucking hell, ohhh fuck, fuck , fuck me…jeeze, mmmmmm.’

Penny bit down on her lower lip and the experience of seeing Josh’s eyes focused on her own, thrusting into her, the feeling of his cock drive into her, with his finger and her finger too, a mad blur over her clit was insanely amazing.

She couldn’t remember feeling like this when she came before; it was in a different league.

Josh watched from his elevated position as the cum boiled in his balls. He felt her spasms and gasps become more irregular, and Penny felt her pussy tightened, and just hold his cock tight as she sat on the edge of orgasm, for what seemed an eternity.

Then, just like a freefall, she fell over the edge, and her cunt went crazy clenching in wild spasms irregularly all around Josh’s cock. He watched as his cock slowed and moved more gently in and out of her to enjoy her cum himself. He watched as the cream oozed from her, coating his cock, and his balls, her lips tighten around his cock with each spasm. He could feel the muscles in her ass tighten all around his finger at the same time as they tightened round his cock.

It was too much for him to take anymore.

‘Bitch, dirty, dirty bitch! Every guy in that club will be emptying his balls thinking of you tonight, arrrrrrrrrrr….you filthy bitch! But it’s me who’s gonna fill your cunt up, you’re my dirty little slut tonight!’

He quickened his pace until the bed was slamming into the wall again and seconds later he was filling her with thick lush ribbons of spunk, pulling at her hair with his free hand, feeling his cock wrench next to his finger, seeing his spunk ooze from her around him.

He removed his finger from her, and she collapsed onto the bed face down, heaving for air, he landed on top of her, his cock still sunk deep in her throbbing pussy as she lay squashed beneath him face down on the bed, her booted legs splayed wide, strands of hair stuck to her damp face.

‘Ohh I’ve been needing that all night!’

‘Tell me about it!’ Josh agreed, and laughter and sniggers escaped from them.

Josh rocked caringly into her, kissing her neck and laughing all at the same time before gently withdrawing his subsiding spent cock from her.

She pushed herself upright with her hands, like her feet were glued to the floor, and turned to him.

‘I need to have a shower after that, I feel filthy!’

Penny kissed her lover as she passed him on the way to the bathroom, ran the shower and hopped under the steamy jets to cleanse away the afternoon, the club, and as much as she didn’t want to part with it, the smell of Josh…. for the moment anyway. She removed the makeup from her face and thought for a while about returning home the next day.

Oh God! It hit her quite forcefully that once home; she wouldn’t see Josh for ages and ages. Fuck! She knew she was going to miss him. The treatment she had had for the last two days was something she could get used to. Not just the fucking, but how she felt when she was near him.

It was something she couldn’t articulate. She desperately wished he wasn’t attached, she wished that he was hers, so she could sit on his lap when she was boozy in the middle of bar and everyone would know how lucky she was. She blocked the thoughts from her head and got out of the shower.

Josh heard the shower turn off, as he straightened out the room, piling up Penny’s stuff on her bed. Her bed, what a joke, he might have just fucked her over it, but she had never slept in it the whole time they had been there!

He turned down ‘his’ bed, they would share that for the night.

Josh’s thoughts too turned to returning home. Oh how that would be a nightmare. Penny for fucks sake? What was going on? He had a girlfriend, and he loved her, but Penny and she were like chalk and cheese! Penny really was in a league of her own. She was almost indescribable. Sexy, ballsy, intelligent. Arhhh. Penny was possibly the most curvy feminine woman he knew, but she thought like a man! Her potty mouth, her intelligence. Arrhhh There was part of Josh that wished they could stay in this hotel room forever, stay in their saucy, dirty bubble and not leave. Stay in a little world where everyone got to look at Penny, but she was his. No one was allowed to touch her but him.

Then the thought of another man fucking bursa escort bayan her like he had just done brought back the ache in his guts! Arh! He hated that feeling, between irrational and enraging.

The door opened, and Penny appeared clad in a white towel followed by a cloud of steam. Her makeup was off, her hair unwashed and hanging in her mad waves over her sun-kissed soft shoulders, her olive eyes with innocence in their natural form. He looked at her, and he thought she actually had a vulnerability about her. Why did he just want to scoop her up and keep her? Keep her? Keep her from what? Harm? Trouble? Other guys wanting to fuck her?

‘Josh, fucking behave and get your ass in the shower too!’ he scolded himself in his head.

Penny was smiling at him as his mad thoughts raced through his head.

‘I’m gonna get cleaned up too, won’t be long!’

‘I’ll warm the bed for you!’ she laughed

Penny was sprawled over the single bed when Josh returned to her, he was clean, and smelling that fantastic smell Penny loved when he came out of the shower. She could have just eaten him alive if she wasn’t feeling so damn sleepy.

He climbed in beside her really close and hit the light. The room fell in darkness. The city lights were shining in. They lay face to face sharing a pillow in the city lit gloom of the room; eyes wide open, staring into each other’s eyes, just because they could. They could look and take this in for as long as they wanted without people seeing them stare.

The city lights glinted off of Josh’s light eyes, even in this light, they seemed to be eating her, full of a passion.

He wrapped his arms around her, slowly moving his hands over her soft clean skin. As he pulled her in, she slid her leg over him pulling him into her, loving the heat of him, the smell, the touch of his skin under her hands, she could feel the definition of his muscles in his arms as her hands run down them, over his waist and around his back. She tilted her head up, and nuzzled into his face, and found his lips, and kissed him softly. They engaged in the softest sleepy kiss. Penny pulled back and tucked her head under his chin, nuzzling into his chest and his smell as his arms pulled her closer and he kissed the top of her head. Before she could tell him how amazing he was, she was asleep.


Josh was walking up a hill, and as he walked up the narrow path, he stumbled and fell, hanging off the edge of a big sheer drop. He was clutching at the side of a rock, and desperately trying to pull up his leg up back onto the path, but he was slipping further and further, and then he fell!

THUMP! He startled himself awake when he landed, on the hotel floor, falling out of the bed. Fucking single beds.

It was very early, silly o’clock as Penny would say. He stood up, feeling a bit cold and looked at Penny in the bed. She was sound asleep, silent. Ha! He thought to himself, Penny can actually be quiet for long periods of time, but only when she was asleep!

She really was a picture, her hands above her head, the side of her head resting on the pillow showing her profile and the masses of hair falling off both sides of the bed, her legs splayed, one leg out straight to the side, and the other bent at the knee and its foot near her bum. The covers had been pushed down to her waist and her full heavy breasts and fantastically proud nipples were erect and exposed.

Josh carefully lifted the covers, and climbed into the bed over her leg so he was kneeling between her legs on the bed as she slept.

He watched her sleep, naked, beneath the cover. He could see her mound covered in pubic hair, and he could smell her pussy, a combination of her sweet musky feminine smell, and his own cum. It turned him on to smell himself on her, and he wondered how long she would smell of him after they got home.

As he moved on the mattress, compressing it beneath his knees, she stirred ever so, making light moaning noises, like she was even dreaming of being fucked by him.

She lay there asleep, like some feminine Goddess, her small waist, her big ass, her amazing tits, her hair, and her softly feminine face, her sexy face, her beautiful eyes closed to this world as she dreamed of another.

He carefully leant forward, placing his hands on her hips and running his hands up over her curves, into her waist. Her bent leg moved out straight, so she was lying asleep with her legs spread as he leaned over her. His hands moved up from her waist to her big tits, they were staring at him.

He cupped their fullness in his hands and kneaded them with a soft grip watching the areolas and nipples move in soft circles. He bent down and gently took one in his mouth, rubbing the stiff stump of her big nipple on his lips. He licked it, sucked it, massaging her tits together. She began to stir, moans escaping from her lips as she slept. He moved his face over her skin, up over her chest to her neck, sliding his hands up her arms until his hands reached hers above her head.

His cock was rock hard, and as he lay over her, escort bursa he could feel the heat of her pussy tease at the end of his cock. He moved his hips forward, and the head of his cock brushed her wet slit, making him groan at the knowledge it was just right there for him to have.

He moved his palms into hers and intertwined his fingers through hers, holding her hands in his above her head.

He bent down and kissed her head, and moved his face down past her ear into her neck, his facial hair skimming over her skin, he was smelling her. Her smell was so warm and inviting, he nuzzled into her neck, kissing her gently. His cock was still rubbing at her slit, and he was sure he felt her pussy get hotter as she slept.

He gently pushed his cock through the folds of her pussy lips, and found the source of the damp heat he could feel.

Ohh fuck! She felt amazing, asleep, splayed, sensually moaning lightly in her sleep. He gently pushed himself balls deep in her, and she moved under him. He clenched her hands in his and continued to kiss her neck, moving his face slowly in the direction of her lips and the small gasps, as his hips gently pushed into her in small circular motions, feeling her pussy walls tight around his cock and his cock pushing into them as he moved around in her.

His soft lips finally met hers just as she awoke and he continued kissing her softly, gently, moving in her gently, she responded to his kiss, letting their lips squash into each other’s as their tongues moved exploring around each other’s mouths. He felt her hands grip into his, and her hips move slowly matching his languid pace. The moans still left her as quietly and softly as they had when she slept.

Penny lay in heaven, the sensation of him over her, taking her as his, as she lay beneath him submitting to his every move. The sensation as she lay sleepy, with her pussy hot, and wet, as he gently moved in her, sensually. His kiss was to die for, ohh she loved his kiss. It was so soft, and deep. She felt complete with him like this. They were completely united, in some deep moment driven by pure passion and emotion and desire.

She lay there completely consumed in the moment and it occurred to her that this was more than just a fuck, it was so much more deeper, had meaning and purpose to it.

Josh slowly lifted his face from hers, unlocking his hands, and propped himself up with his arms. He wanted to watch him move in her as she lay there being ridden slowly and sleepily.

He ran his hands over her breasts, cupping one, and teasing her nipple, with a finger and thumb. Penny lay with her eyes closed, moaning the way she had done while asleep.

Josh traced his fingers over her skin to her stomach, and lay his hand on it, feeling his cock move in her. As he felt himself move he watched her heavy breasts sway ever so gently with the movement of him in her.

He watched her under him as his hand compressed gently into her stomach, and he thought about how many times over the last couple of days he had filled her with his cum. Suddenly he had a vision of what she might look like under him as he rode her with a swollen full belly of his own doing, and even heavier tits with even bigger stiffer darker nipples.

He scolded himself for his thoughts, and slid back over her, riding slowly, as he found her hands again, and reinstated his fingers between hers, clenching her hands in his. He nuzzled his face back into hers and found her lips and they kissed as they had before.

The sensation between her legs was intensifying, and she could feel her pussy swell around him as his face covered hers, and their grips clenched in each other’s hands.

She broke their kiss, to breath, and buried her lips into his neck as he did the same to her. She began to whisper in his ear.

‘Josh, I hate to tell you this, but this is a bit more than fucking, this is insanely good, isn’t this the feeling you get when you ‘make lurve’ with someone, hmmm.’ She was purring in his ear.

‘Hmmm, yeah, could be, Penny you feel so fucking good, hmmm, I don’t think I want to go home.’ He whispered too.

She was right, there was more to this than a fuck, they were totally connecting with each other, and the thought of going home and losing this was weighing on both their minds.

She nuzzled into his face until she found his lips, and they got lost in their kisses again. She moved under him, and moaned into his mouth as he kissed her. He could feel her begin to throb around him, the feeling he felt when she was going to cum, he picked up pace to hit her spot. The change in pace made him start to swell he couldn’t go on much longer either.

Penny was panting and gasping in between the moans as their kiss continued. Josh loved the state she was in, he pushed into her with long languid strokes and as she began to cum and clench onto his cock, her spasms matched his as he leaned heavy on her, he pushed his cock deep in her, their hands clinging on tightly as his cum filled her belly. He grunted in their kiss as he pushed his cock deeper with each pump as his cum left him and filled her. They were breathless and exhausted. Their clenched hands released and moved around their backs and shoulders as they clung onto each other as they caught their breaths, caressing each other’s skin gently under their finger tips.

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