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I met Aurelie on holiday in Cuba. I had been in the hotel a few days when something went wrong with my air conditioning, so I stopped a young waiter and asked him who could fix it for me. He asked me to wait five minutes, and disappeared. Around five or ten minutes later, there was a knock on my room door. I opened it and had to catch my breath. The woman standing there was the embodiment of sexiness. She was small, around 5 foot 4, and very slim with skin the colour of Irish cream liquor, deep hazel eyes and curls of thick, light brown hair to her waist. She wasn’t wearing a bra under her white blouse, and although she was relatively flat chested, maybe an A cup, her dark brown nipples were slightly visible through the thin fabric. Her pink pencil skirt showed that her hip to waist ratio was perfect. She was perfect.

“Hello, Mademoiselle! My name is Aurelie Cantrelle, I’m the accomodation manager here, I heard you had a problem with the room?” From her accent and her use of the word “mademoiselle,” I guessed she was French. She was only a few years older than me, I was 19 and she around 24.

“Nice to meet you, Aurelie. My name is Gaby,” I said, reaching out to shake her hand. Instead, Aurelie shot into my arms and hugged me like we were old friends, before kissing both cheeks. I laughed and kissed her back. Was it my horny, smitten, bisexual mind or did she just turn her head? Was she trying to make me kiss her on the lips? No. Impossible. A girl like her wouldn’t be bi or gay. Suddenly I realised I should probably tell her why she was here. “The room is perfect, it’s just that the air conditioning keeps going off.”

“No problem,” said Aurelie. “I will send someone to fix it.”

I expected her to walk out then, having done her job, but she stayed. She sat down on the edge of the bed, and looked at me. “You’re very pretty, Gaby,” she said. I felt myself blushing. I was only a few inches taller than Aurelie, and slim too, but I am pale with thick black hair just past my shoulders, and blue eyes. The way Aurelie was looking at me, I felt naked even in my little blue playsuit, so I sat down next to her.

As soon as I did, Aurelie put her arm around me. “I think we should be friends,” she smiled. “I like you.”

Kissing her cheek, I told her I’d love to be her friend. She smiled widely, showing her pure white, fang-like teeth. “I’m going to go now,” she said, springing up. “Get someone to sort out that silly air conditioning for you.” I wanted to scream at her not to go, I wanted to spend more time with her, but I gathered that she was helping me and that now that we were friends, I’d see her again, and I let her go.

The guy came within minutes to fix my air conditioner. I wasn’t expecting him so quickly, and was in my bra and panties about to get changed when he came to the door. I opened the door anyway, figuring that the staff in a holiday resort in the Caribbean would see more than their share of half naked women. I saw him briefly glance at my 34C breasts, then he removed his gaze. I looked at his name tag, which told me his name was Dario. He was a handsome man, tall and muscular with skin the colour of caramel, thick black curly hair and black eyes. His blue T-shirt with the hotel logo on it was slightly too tight for him and showed off his pecs to perfection. “Hola, Gaby,” he said. I guessed Aurelie told him my name. And oh my god, that accent.. I always loved Spanish speaking men, and I was already so turned on by Aurelie that I found myself wanting to fuck this man.

I stepped close to him so that our bodies were almost touching. “Hola,” I breathed back to him. “I take it you’re here to fix the air conditioning?” Dario nodded. Now he was looking at me, and not even trying to hide it. I closed the door then walked away and lay on the bed, watching as he fiddled with the switches for a while before the air conditioner finally came on. Dario smiled and told me it was fixed.

He was just about to leave when, before I knew it, I called his name. He turned around and looked at me, sprawled on the double bed. “Come here,” I told him. I was so horny, I needed his big Latin cock inside me. He walked over and smiled again.

“Yes, senora?” he asked. I beckoned with my finger for him to bend down, and when he did, I kissed his lips before kissing and softly biting Pınarbaşı Escort his neck. He liked that. He lay on the bed next to me and we kissed each other all over our faces and necks before I got on top of him. I kissed him again, this time our tongues played together and we bit each other’s lips as we became more and more passionate. I was grinding myself against him and I could feel his huge cock growing hard beneath me so I got off him and opened his jeans. He sighed deeply as his thick, 10 inch rod sprung free and I ran my hand over it before sucking on the head until he was fully hard. Once it was hard and throbbing and lubricated with my spit, I got back on top of him and impaled myself on it. I screamed as I bore down onto him and started riding him. He moaned loudly and talked to me in Spanish and I responded by pulling his hair and grinding my body down on the full length of his cock. It was the best feeling I’d ever experienced and it drove him crazy too. He spurted his seed deep inside my pussy, and the feeling was too much to take. I screamed and bucked as my orgasm hit me, then fell down onto him and started kissing him tenderly. “Oh, Aurelie..” I sighed. Dario looked confused.

“Me llamo Dario,” he told me. I silenced him by kissing him again but when our lips disconnected he still had that look on his face, asking for an explanation. “You were thinking of Aurelie Cantrelle?” he asked. I nodded, embarrassed and feeling very guilty. However, to my surprise, Dario grinned. He pushed me off him and rolled me onto my back. “Aurelie would not have this,” he told me, motioning to his cock. “She would do this..” and with that, he moved down between my legs and started licking me. He happily licked his cum out of my pussy, then sucked on my labia and my clit until I squirted all over his gorgeous face, shamelessly screaming the name of my French crush.

Dario looked up at me from between my legs. “Wow..” he told me. “I heard girls could do that but never it happened to me before.” I smiled at his bad English, it made his accent even sexier. I couldn’t believe that with a cock and oral skills like that, that he had never made a girl squirt before, but he seemed genuinely shocked.. and really aroused. His penis was at full attention again, and I decided it was my turn to give oral pleasure. I pulled Dario off the bed, and pushed him with his back against the wall. Once he was there I slowly licked and kissed down his body until I was on my knees.

Looking up into his big brown eyes, I took his cock into my mouth. I wanted to give him all the pleasure he’d just given me. First I took the head into my mouth and suckled gently on it like a lollipop. “Gabyyyy..” he breathed, his breathing getting deeper and faster. I then moved down, taking the whole thing in my mouth. I’d never deepthroated anything near as big as Dario but somehow I managed it. As I bobbed my head, letting the head of his cock slide up and down my throat, Dario started speaking loudly in Spanish. Before I had a chance to wonder what he was saying, I felt a hot sticky liquid shoot into the back of my throat. I choked and let go of his cock, then swallowed his cum before licking him clean. He pulled me up and French kissed me. I was starting to get the idea that Dario liked the taste of his own cum.

After Dario put his trousers back on, we kissed one final time and he left. He had given me amazing orgasms and been one of the best lovers I’ve ever had, but there was still a need deep inside me that was begging to be quenched. The need for a woman’s touch. Aurelie’s touch.

I got in the shower and washed myself down. As I ran the shower head between my legs to ensure Dario’s cum was washed out of me, I moaned. I sat down in the shower cubicle and opened my legs wide, then let the jets of water stimulate me while I played with my nipples. I came twice. “What have you done to me, Aurelie?” I thought to myself. “I’m a raging fucking nympho now!”

After my shower, I got dressed. I wore a short red summer dress with laces on the back like a corset, and red lipstick. I put my dark hair up into an updo and put a black belt around my dress and black shoes on. I walked into the hotel restaurant and felt flattered when I noticed some of the waiters were looking at me, but also scared in case Dario Pınarbaşı Escort Bayan had told them what had happened earlier. It turns out they just found me attractive, as three of them approached me asking my name and two of those three asked if I had a boyfriend. I finished my meal quickly and left to find my new friend, my Aurelie.

In the reception hall I came across a tall Latino man with deep brown eyes not unlike Dario’s and pure white gleaming teeth. I smiled at him and he came bounding over. “Hello! Can I help you?” he asked. His name tag said his name was Eduardo.

“I’m looking for Aurelie,” I said, “Aurelie Cantrelle.”

Eduardo, or Eddie as he prefers to be called, looked surprised. “Aurelie is my girlfriend,” he said. “I think she’s gone back to our apartment, but do not worry mi amiga! We live in the hotel, so I could take you there if you want?”

My heart dropped. I felt stupid for ever thinking there was a chance. However, even if I couldn’t make love to her, I wanted to see her. “Yes please,” I said, trying my best to remain smiley. Eddie led me along a few corridors and up a fligt of stairs, then slid his key card into one of the doors. He called her name, and told her in Spanish that someone was looking for her. Aurelie, beautiful Aurelie, dressed in a tiny black dress with her hair cascading around her upper body and pink lipgloss accentuating her perfect lips, came out of the bathroom.

As soon as she saw me, she hugged me tightly just as she had that morning. “Eduardo my dear, this is Gaby. She is my friend. Gaby, Eduardo is my boyfriend,” she said. I realised she was speaking English for my benefit and smiled at her. “You have a beautiful smile!” she told me. “It’s funny you came here Gaby! I was just going to come to your room.. there is a party going on along the road, in the cave, and Eddie doesn’t want to come. I wondered if you would like to come to the party?”

I couldn’t believe my luck. This beautiful French angel was asking me to go on a night out with her? She really did want to be friends! “Yes!” I almost shouted it. “I’d love to.”

She smiled and hugged me. “Do you want to change or anything?” she asked. I said no, so she told me: “Come in my dear, you can talk to me while I get ready, then we can have a few glasses of wine before we go.”

As I walked into the room, I caught a glance of my reflection in the full length mirror. My hair and makeup looked nice, and those black heels had always been my favourite shoes, but the dress just didn’t look right. I must have looked unhappy, because Aurelie asked if everything was okay. “I’m just trying to think what else I can wear, I’m not keen on this dress..” I said. Aurelie grabbed my hand and pulled me over to her side of the wardrobe. She opened it, and it was packed full, one half full of her work clothes and one half full of beautiful dresses. She told me most of them would fit me, and I could wear whatever I want. I picked out a little black strapless dress with a puffy skirt, printed with little red hearts. “I love it,” I told her.

“Try it on,” she smiled. I couldn’t believe my ears. Just that morning, she was the accommodation manager, helping me with the air conditioning. Now she was lending me her clothes and giving me her wine. I took the dress and headed for the bathroom. Suddenly Aurelie put her arms around me from behind. “Just change here,” she said, “we’re both girls.”

So I shyly slipped off my dress and took off my bra so that I could wear the strapless dress. Suddenly Aurelie gave a low whistle. “You have a beautiful body!” she exclaimed. Standing in front of her in nothing but a pair of little black panties and my shoes, I felt my face turn bright red. “Don’t be embarrassed,” she laughed, and she came over and did what Aurelie loved to do. She hugged me. While I was completely topless.

The dirty thoughts I’d been having about her and the memory of me screaming her name as Dario licked and fucked me sprang into my mind, and my nipples grew hard and I got wet between my legs. Luckily my panties were black so she didn’t notice my wetness but she did notice my hard nipples. I thought she would push me away or be disgusted but she just looked at them for a few seconds then pulled me back into her arms. “Take your shoes off,” Escort Pınarbaşı she whispered. I was confused, but stepped out of my shoes. I was now only around 2 inches taller than Aurelie, and she looked into my eyes. I wanted to throw her onto the bed and make her cum until she passed out. Suddenly she shipped her dress right over her head. She only had a tiny, hot pink lace thong on. It was see through and I could see that she was shaved. “Now I’m half naked too, nothing to be embarrassed about,” she smiled, taking my hand and pulling me to a little sofa in the corner. She left me there as she made her way to the fridge and brought out a bottle of champagne.

“What are we celebrating?” I asked. Aurelie raised her eyebrows.

“Do you need a reason to drink champagne? Alright, alright.. how about.. we are celebrating our friendship?” she suggested. I smiled and nodded. It sounded good to me. She handed me the bottle. “Open it,” she smiled. So I did. And as soon as the cork popped, champagne spurted out of the bottle and onto my naked torso.

As I squealed, Aurelie cried out “OPAAA!”, a Spanish way of saying “woohoo!” or “yay!” that she must have picked up from Eddie, and grabbed her hair back with one hand before putting her lips all over my breasts and stomach and lapping up the champagne. She reached my panty line then looked up at me, winked and then sat back upright beside me. I pretended I was going to swat her head so she jumped up and ran to her bed. She lay there giggling, and I approached her with the bottle in my hand. “Nonononono!” she cried, almost hysterical with laughter. I tipped the bottle just slightly, letting a small amount drip down onto her stomach. She squealed and then looked expectantly at me and said.. “Not fair Gaby! I cleaned you! You clean me now!”

So I lay on the bed, resting on my elbows between her thighs and licked the champagne trickling down her body. I was dripping wet, and all I wanted was to go lower. Aurelie must have read my mind, because she looked into my eyes and said “oh dear Gaby.. you waited too long, some went inside my pants! Take them off..” I gasped with shock. “Oh my God.. I’m so sorry!” said Aurelie. “How could I think things like this?”

I replied by smiling and lifting her legs in the air before removing her little thong. She was shaven smooth, just as I thought, and was just as wet as me. I kissed her sex before letiing my tongue probe gently into her slit. I licked her up and down, enjoying the taste of her juices mixed with the champagne. I poured some more of the champagne onto her pussy and she moaned loudly, she liked the fizzing on her clit. She liked it even more when I took her pink pearl into my mouth and sucked it clean for her. She moaned and writhed around in ecstasy while I worked her little clit with my tongue and lips. After a while her moans got louder, so I added two fingers and finger fucked her hard while I flicked my tongue furiously on her clit. Her moans became screams, and she contracted onto my fingers and her whole body jerked and shook in time to her screams and moans. It was possibly the most erotic sight I’ve ever seen, this gorgeous French girl screaming and convulsing with pleasure, gripping my fingers inside her.

After Aurelie had finished cumming, she told me to lie on my back. When I did, she got on top of me and kissed me passionately then slowly kissed down my body. She then pulled my panties off and buried her face in my pussy, licking and sucking like no tomorrow, making me feel like crying with pleasure. I held her loose, mousy coloured curls in my hand so she couldn’t stop, even though I knew she didn’t want to. She never used her hands, only her tongue, but she made me cum harder than I’d ever cum before. She opened her mouth to take my juices when I squirted for her, then came right back in and gave me my second orgasm, then my third, then she crawled sexily up on top of me and kissed me deeply on the lips, letting me taste myself on her silky tongue.

After a good five minutes of passionate kissing, Aurelie looked at me. “We better get ourselves cleaned up for this party,” she smiled.

I must admit, at that moment, I felt disappointed. After the hottest sex of my life, she wanted to get up and go partying. But I soon discovered what my French vixen really wanted when she turned to me and, with the hottest mischevious smile I’ve even seen, said “I won’t want to wake Eddie up getting back too late.. can I stay in your room after the party?”

I kissed Aurelie and stroked her hair. “Of course you can,” I told her, and I knew that I was going to have the best night of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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