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Dejected, I walk through the bar. Mike and Leah are sitting at a table by the large window facing the river. Her familiar crutches lean against the wall beside her. He half stands and shakes my hand then sits back down. I take a seat on the opposite side of the table.

“Where’s Janet?” she asks.

“She left me. All of her things are out of the house now.”


“Something about my face being between her legs too much.” I groan.

“Jesus, I love Mike’s face down there.” She chuckles.

I look up at the willowy, buxom server with an extra button unfastened exposing a healthy amount of cleavage, and give her my order. I watch her ass sway nicely under the tight, short skirt. Her legs go on forever until they reach feet in high-heal shoes.

“Man, that sucks,” he tells me. “You two had been together, what, almost a year?”

“Yeah. I was actually thinking about marrying her. Guess that’s out of the question now. Shit! I loved that pussy.”

I shake my head a few times as the server stops at the table. I chug at the fresh drink and order a second before she walks away.

I look at Leah and study her angelic face wrapped with long blond hair. Her ice-blue eyes blink as she smiles. I think about what it would be like to kiss her wonderful lips. A thought I have had many times. I’ve known them since just before I met Janet. They live a few blocks away in the same neighborhood.

“Jack, we’re going to the coast for the weekend,” Leah says. “A friend of mine is flying in and going with us … Marcie. She’s between guys and I know she loves oral sex.” She snickers. “She’s going to move here, I think.”

“How many legs?”

“One. Like I said, she’s a friend of mine.” She snickers again. “Join us.”

“I don’t know….”

“Why, ’cause she’s missing a leg? I’ve seen you watching me. Marcie is hotter than I am. Tell him Mike.” She taps on his arm.

“Not to make comparisons, but she does have a body to die for. She makes Janet look like a hag.” He watches my face for a moment. “She’s missing a little more of her leg than Leah and walks on crutches all the time … never wears a prosthetic leg.”

“You say she enjoys being eaten out.”

Leah blinks a few times. “I’m not promising she’ll get naked with you this weekend, first meeting and all, but yeah, she digs that more than having a cock in her cunt. Oh, she gets off on naughty talk.”

My second drink is almost gone and the server catches my attention from the bar. I hold the glass up and she nods then I finish the small amount in a single gulp.

“I can e-mail you a picture of her,” she says.

“Never mind, I’ll come along regardless.”

“I knew you had a secret thing for women like me.” She snickers.

I park my car on the far side of the driveway just in front of the garage door. Mike, Leah, and Marcie walk from the front door towards me. I watch Marcie carefully as she gracefully crutches along the walkway. As they had said, she is even prettier than Leah is. Her long, curly brown hair drapes around her beautiful face with lips, uncovered with lipstick, that need kissing for a lifetime, past her bare shoulders. The snug white tube top barely covers inviting breasts. Toned and tanned bare skin calls to me. The short black skirt hides only her shapely ass cheeks and just a hint of thigh. The single leg is long and slim, the partial thigh peeks below the hem.

“Did I pass inspection?” Her voice is heavenly, soft, and sensual.

“At least a ten plus.” I laugh.

I give her a gentlemanly hug. We are the same height and her face rests beside mine. She lingers in my arms for longer than necessary, I hope letting me know more will happen this weekend. She pulls back, but does not release the hand holding my side. She studies my face for a while then steps back several feet.

“It’s nice to meet you. Leah’s told me a few things about you and I look forward to knowing you better.” She snickers as if she has heard about my never waning interest in feasting on pussy and the wonderful fragrances between a woman’s thighs.

Mike opens the back of the SUV and drops my duffle bag next to the other luggage. Marcie and I settle in the backseat; Mike and Leah sit in the front. Mike starts the car.

“Everyone ready?” He says.

We all agree with excitement.

Marcie slides to the middle of the seat and rests a hand on my thigh. Her long slim fingers rub lightly for a moment and she looks longingly at me. Her hand becomes still, but continues to rest on my thigh. If the fingers move just a little upwards, they will find a growing erection. I turn my head and give her a small kiss. Not rebuffed, I am encouraged.

Before we have even poker oyna turned onto the highway, she kisses me letting her tongue tease my lips. I feel Mike watching us in the rearview mirror. I don’t care as I feel her tongue touch mine. My hand strolls along her thigh near the upper reaches. Her breath blows harder and she sucks my tongue into her mouth.

She pauses for an instant to whisper into my ear. “No panties.”

The kiss resumes. My fingertips become damp as I feel around the shaved mound and though the folds of skin. She gasps lightly, but in pleasurable tones. I want to lay her down on the wide seat, but resist the temptation. My hand finds the piece of thigh. It is short, maybe as long as my hand is wide. I fondle the soft end and feel the skin bunch and mold itself into different shapes under my palm.

She pulls back just a little and stares into my eyes. “I hope you like that part.” Her voice is quiet, suggestive.

I continue to fondle as she holds my face with both hands and kisses my lips a few times. Her lips move by my ear. She nibbles my earlobe.

She whispers like telling a state secret. “I hear you like to eat pussy.”

I nod as she nibbles a little more. “My favorite,” I return in a whisper. “I want my tongue deep in your cunt.” I draw the last word out with emphasis.

I listen to her snicker. She pushes my hand under the skirt, a finger goes inside her, and then she pulls me out. “Taste.” She holds my finger to my lips. I suck.

“I’m not sure I want to wait,” I say.

“Don’t mind us,” Leah says.

Marcie lays back. Her skirt rides higher, leaving all exposed. The right foot rests on the floor and the stump raised, resting against the back of the seat. I quickly forget Mike and Leah as I inhale her fragrance and take the first sip. My hands hold her hips and she is tight against my face with my tongue buried deep.

She makes pleasurable sounds as I lap and kiss. Her juices drain along my tongue and are delicious. Her stump strokes the side of my face from time to time. I enjoy the short piece of thigh. She quivers and thrusts her hips in silence. I feel her squeeze against my tongue a few times then she relaxes from the climax. I take a few last laps before she sits.

We giggle as she adjusts her skirt and top. Her hand brushes though her hair a few times. “Maybe I won’t look like I was just fucked in a backseat.” She laughs. “How was the test drive?”

“Fine. It has a major dent. I don’t mind. I might just buy this one, but I want to drive it some more.” I laugh heartedly at my joke. The others do too.

“Once you have a chick with one leg, you’ll never want one with two.” Leah laughed. “Right Mike?”

“Two rooms,” Mike tells the clerk at the Sands Hotel. “One for them, one for us. Suites if you have any. Oh, king sized beds.”

“Do you have reservations?”

“Yes,” Mike says and gives him the information.

The clerk pushes the cardkeys across the counter. Marcie grabs ours as I put my credit card back in my wallet.

“204 and 206, facing the ocean. The elevator is over there.” The clerk points with her finger. She smiles as she watches the two women walk away.

In the elevator, Leah says, “I bet she never sees ‘two’ women with one leg.”

“I think she dug us,” Marcie says in a serious tone.

“Baby, I dig you,” Leah says to Marcie, then snickers as she pats Mike on the back.

I look from woman to woman and wonder if they have been alone in bed together. Marcie catches my glances and smiles.

“Wouldn’t you like to see that?” She laughs, and then Leah does too. Mike just smiles. I realize they have and Mike probably knows and has at least watched, if not joined in.

As the doors click open in near unison, Mike says, “We’ll meet you at the patio bar. Don’t rush.”

“Don’t do anything we wouldn’t,” Leah teases, and then disappears into the room.

The door shuts. Still not far into the room, I pull Marcie tight against me. Her arms surround me as her crutches clank to the floor. Her mouth surrounds mine and our tongues play as we grind and sway against each other. I swell and press against my trousers. Her hand envelops the bulge and rubs against the fabric.

“They said there’s no rush.” Her hand reaches inside the waistband and holds me. “God-d, that’s nice.” She lets go and I can feel her push me in the direction of the bed as she takes short hops.

I turn and move towards the bed. Out of the corner of one eye, I see her hopping beside me. Her breasts sway pleasantly with each one. The skirt rises and falls exposing the stump and her ass cheeks.

“Your cunt tastes great.”

“Oh-h, I love that word. It’s so much more wicked than ‘pussy’. canlı poker oyna Just don’t call it a vagina when we are having a good time.”

She snickers then lands hips down onto the bed with a slight bounce.

“Damn-n, that was fun in the car. Reminds me of high school when I’d go to the drive-in.” She rips the tube top over her head then shoves the skirt past her foot. “There, ready for action, Captain.” She salutes and lays on her back with both thighs spread. “Eat up.”

I undress then resume where I left off in the car. Now she is more vocal, freely moaning loudly and rocking wildly as I nibble along the folds of skin. Her aroma is more fragrant and I enjoy her more. I imagine with pleasure what she might smell like after a good workout in the gym or a long bicycle ride.

“Finger my cunt … deep,” she begs as she rips at her breasts, pulling them in all directions. “My cunt needs to be tongue fucked … finger fucked … badly.”

Her hips flail as her crotch bounces off my face. I hold her ass cheeks to steady her. The stump wavers and slaps my face. My lips grip her clitoris, pull and suck. My tongue bats the engorged nub of flesh. I drive several fingers inside and feel around until they touch that special place. I press hard. What had been simple thrusts against my face, become like a wild bull under a cowboy at a rodeo. I struggle to hold her. No rope around my wrist and I am close to being thrown.

“Oh god-d,” she begins loudly repeating in long drawn out gasps.

I can sense the waves of pleasure washing over her as I continue kissing and sucking all the exposed pieces of pink skin. Her juices drip towards her asshole and along my chin.

“Coming-g,” she roars excitedly, once, then again. Then falls like a dishrag against the bed.

“That was good for starters,” she teases as she curls on her side, the stump on top of the other thigh. “Give me just a moment.”

I stroke her hip and stump. She rubs the end of the stump against my palm as I watch.

“Hmmm, that’s so-o nice,” she whispers.

“Yeah. I like this part.”

“Have you known others like me?”

“Nah, only Leah. I guess I’ve lusted over her a few times.”

“Why did you go with women with two legs then?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I was….”

“Scared? I think most people are afraid of what others might say or think.”

“Maybe. I don’t care anymore … not if you are with me.”

“Thanks. I want you to know, there isn’t anything you can’t talk to me about. Especially about this.” She points at her stump. “I’m happy I have it and I don’t mind letting it be seen. I love walking on crutches. I just need to know the man I am with, enjoys me being this way.”

“Oh yeah-h, I do. I just need to know the woman I’m with, enjoys plenty of oral action on her pussy.” I snicker. “I think so far, we are both finding things we are after in a partner.” I snicker again and watch as she nods.

“Do you enjoy being sucked?” she asks. “I love the sound of saying that, it almost makes me come.”

Marcie did not wait for permission. She teases the precum from my piss hole with her tongue and small pecks of her lips. A fingertip strolls lightly along the bottom of the shaft causing it to reflexively jerk a few times. Gradually and deliciously, the swollen head slips between her lips. Her head bobs and sways as she enjoys more of the shaft.

She maneuvers her hips closer to my face until her pussy rides my face and she lies across my body. Quickly, far too quickly, I let streams of cream fill her mouth. She does not stop until long after I have no more for her.

We follow Mike and Leah past the ‘warning – clothing optional’ sign, the crutches of the two women sink into the sand with each step. I watch their hips struggle to come free of the skimpy swimsuit bottoms with great interest as the fabric slips deeper into the crevasse of the ass.

“Aren’t they fine?” Mike asks me, hardly taking his eyes off the two women.

I look down his front and his swim trunks poke the fabric like a tall tent poll. I had never compared length with another man, but he seems longer than I am. Marcie hadn’t complained. Maybe it doesn’t really matter. My eyes linger on the bulge. I don’t even notice how my trunks are bulging.

He glances along my stomach to my trunks and smiles then returns his attention to the two women.

The coast is a mixture of high rocky cliffs and sandy beach. Boulders lay scattered about. Small waves lap at the sand as lovers do.

“Over there is more secluded,” Leah says, as if she has been there before.

Mike drops the cooler of beer and sandwiches while Leah and Marcie spread a blanket. I watch as they hop about, internet casino smoothing the wrinkles away. They sit and strip out of the bikinis.

“Don’t be an old fuddy-duddy,” Marcie says to me with a huge grin.

I look and Mike is already undressed and starting to sit across from them.

“When in Rome,” I say, and undress.

I drop my swim trunks on top of Mike’s and sit next to him so I can see the women head on. I compare them and quickly decide that I have the prettier woman, but Leah would be a close second. I study between Leah’s thighs.

“Did you two enjoy each other?” he asks.

“Yeah, does she taste good enough for you?” Leah questions.

I glance around at each person. I notice his erection freely standing between his thighs. I look back at Marcie and it appears she is watching Mike’s cock. The look is familiar, as if she has been closer than a mere look.

“The best pussy I’ve been around,” I finally say.

I lick my lower lip and alternate my looks between the crotches of the two women. I feel Mike’s stare as Leah leans close to Marcie and let her lips wander over her mouth. A hand cups her breast and wantonly holds it.

I feel a hand on my thigh moving upwards.

The warm thick fingers wrap around my shaft and his lips kiss my neck. It has been a long time since I had been with another guy, not since high school when Curt spent the night at my house a few times. I wonder if this will be strictly guy-guy, girl-girl, or if it will be a foursome at some point.

My face turns, almost as if willed, and our lips meet. My hand falls between his thighs and holds his cock for a moment before beginning to stroke. I steal a quick look and Marcie’s face is between Leah’s thighs. The sounds from the other side of the blanket make it clear there is pleasure occurring. I let my tongue dive inside his mouth and we lay down next to each other.

We turn and take the other’s shaft in our mouths. The taste and feel is unexpectedly nice. I gag as I realize how little of the length I can swallow and concentrate on the head. I feel him tighten his lips and I can no longer tell the difference between his mouth and Marcie’s. I relax and continue to enjoy to the renewed contact with another guy.

Our climax happens about the same time and I feel a face kissing my hip, tracing a path up my back. I look and find Leah about to kiss my neck.

“Hey darling,” she coos.

His thick cream drips from my lips as she pulls my face to hers. She licks what is new to me and familiar to her then we let our tongues pleasure each other. I feel her stump, longer than Marcie’s stump, against my cock as we roll away from the other two. I reach down and cup her crotch, rub her mound, feel her growing wetness, and drive fingers inside. She grinds hard against my hand, hips moving, and folds of her pussy fucking my hand. Her skin is smooth, so different from Mike’s hairy body, smooth and familiar like Marcie’s body. Both women missing legs provide a similar feel against my body, one I am growing to love.

I feel her lone foot against my back as she pulls my hips between her thighs. I’m in her. Her mouth fucks mine as my balls slap rhythmically against her.

“Oh god-d,” Marcie moans, not far away.

Gentle moans waif around Leah’s face still tight against mine, my thrusts growing more frantic as are hers. She steadies my hip on one side with her stump, guiding me home. Her face rolls away and her mouth gapes open. Her crotch remains tight against me, convulsions racking her pussy around my shaft, milking me into another climax.

“Goddamn, that was good,” she says to no one in particular, though probably directing the comment to me.

“Oh-h, oh-h,” Marcie repeats quickly as Mike’s hips pump hard. “Oh-h,” she continues, seeming to be in a prolonged state of pleasure. “Oh-h, come on damn it.” There is silence, other than his cock sloshing into her. “Oh-h,” she finally drawls for a long time then relaxes as his hips stop moving.

Leah drags a towel between her legs then tosses it near the pile of clothes. Mike settles next to me and puts his arm around my waist before giving me a peck on the lips.

“Welcome to the family,” he says, and then kisses me deeper for a moment.

Marcie sits on the other side of me and kisses my chest, sucking a nipple into excitement. She looks into my eyes and her face pushes Mike’s away. Her lips take over where he left off. The kiss lingers for a while.

“Honey, that was hot watching you with them. I hope we can continue sharing.”

I feel Mike’s hand between my legs as she resumes her kiss. Now Leah’s body is against me and her hands stroll over my back and around my waist as her lips kiss along my neck.

“Next time we can get one room,” I say then chuckle.

“You two can visit our house anytime,” Mike replies. “I assume Marcie will be living with you.”

“I sure hope so,” Marcie and I say in unison.

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