House Hunting Ch. 02

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As Paul and Linda both turned to look at the doorway, they weren’t sure who was there. Neither of then knew what the homeowner looked like, so they had no clue who was there.. Paul’s career could be in serious jeopardy for sure.

Linda blinked and looked hard at the woman in the doorway. She thought she knew her, but then realized that she had seen her in the newspaper. One of the newer and younger Real Estate agents she had seen advertisements for. She quickly pictured the ad, but couldn’t quite remember the name.

As Linda’s mind was working in overtime, Paul tried to get dressed, but since Linda still had him in her mouth, she wasn’t letting go. She looked past him again while she held him in place, and thought she caught a wink from the mystery woman.

Finally it clicked, the mystery woman’s name was Kris.

Linda grabbed Paul’s pants as he scrambled to pull them up, keeping him in place, and not letting him run away. He noticed Kris walking toward them. Still not sure who it was, Paul did notice she had a name tag on so he did figure it was someone in his profession, as opposed to the homeowner. The closer he looked, he now noticed her name.

As Kris was nearing Paul & Linda, she was slowly taking her blouse off, showing the black lace bra that she was wearing. Her breasts bounced slightly as she walked across the floor. Her blouse fell to the floor as she walked over.

Linda could feel Paul’s cock begin to respond to the action that was taking place. His cock was getting harder by the second, as Kris closed in. She walked right up to Paul and leaned in for a kiss.

Paul was shocked and excited as he felt Kris begin to kiss him. He could feel her tongue work its way in between his lips, and then felt her tongue swirl with his. Paul’s hands grabbed her, pulling her against his chest, feeling the lace of her bra against his shirt. His hands began to move up her back, unclipping her bra along the way. He had her step back a little Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort so he could look at her.

She was about 5’5 in heels, probably a “C” cup he guessed. Her shoulder length hair was pulled back in a pony tail and her blue eyes showed pure lust at that moment. Paul took her bra and threw it to the ground. He had almost forgotten about Linda until he felt her again suck his cock back into her mouth. Kris quickly dropped to her knees before Paul could even think of what to do, He almost felt like he was in shock.

As Linda took his cock back into her mouth, she felt someone close by. She glanced to her right, and saw Kris dropping to her knees and leaning toward Pauls thighs. While Linda was still sucking on his cock, she could feel Kris licking Paul’s thighs and working her way to his balls.

Paul thought he was going to die from excitement. He looked down to see two heads around his cock and balls. He could feel Linda sucking his cock deep down her throat, and now felt kissing and licking around his balls. In a flash, Paul felt his balls being swallowed in Kris’s mouth.

Linda was enjoying herself, but starting to feel her leg being to cramp. She pulled her head off Paul’s cock, and as she did, she glanced at Kris and leaned in, for a kiss. While Linda had never kissed a woman before, it was on her fantasy list for sure. She felt a little shock as their lips touched. As soon as this happened she almost forgot about Paul. Linda’s lips locked with Kris and put her hands along Kris’s head. Their tongues dueled, swirling around each others mouths. They shared a deep deep kiss, neither of them wanting to break away. Linda felt a surge of passion course through her as she felt the slender hands of her new partner caress her face.

The women broke apart for a second and stood up. The three of them shared a 3way kiss as Paul shuffled them toward the bed. Paul lay both women down on the bed next to each other. As they turned to face each other, Paul stood by the side of the bed, running his hands up their skirts. He knew Linda was naked under hers, and quickly found that Kris was naked as well. He slid his hands up and touched each woman’s pussies, both wet and slippery, his fingers easily sliding in. He could hear both women moan with pleasure, as they continued kissing. Paul slid his fingers out from them and pulled each skirt up so he could see their pussies.

Paul felt them raise their hips letting their skirts slide up further as he stared at both women. They were still kissing and tentatively fondling each others breasts. Paul stood between Linda’s legs and began to tease her pussy with the tip of his cock. He began to slide his cock inside Linda, feeling her pussy sucking him in. Kris turned more as she watched Paul begin to fuck Linda.

As Kris watched, she ran her hand down to her pussy and began to stroke herself, Linda felt lips encircle her left nipple and realized Kris was teasing it very well. She felt a surge run through her body as her nipple was being suckled.

She couldn’t believe what was happening. Not long ago she was this prim and proper Mother of 3, and now she felt like a wanton slut, but enjoying every second

Kris began to change her position, she could see Paul’s cock sliding in and out wet and shiny, hard and fast. But she needed more. She leaned over Linda and let her breast brush against Linda’s lips.

Linda quickly flicked her tongue out and caught the nipple as it past over her lips. She sucked hard. While feeling Paul still driving his cock in and out of her wet Pussy. Kris kept moving her body above Linda, while Linda’s next fantasy was about to happen.

Kris sat on Linda’s c hest.Linda could feel the heat and wetness of Kris’ pussy on her chest as Kris slid up further. Her pussy sliging across Linda’s hard nipple. Kris could feel the nipple tease her clit, and stopped moving forward, just savoring the feeling.

Linda grabbed the Kris’ ass and pulled her closer to her face so she could taste her. Her lust was controlling her actions, and the anticipation was commanding her to pull at Kris harder.

As Paul continued to fuck Linda, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Kris was sliding up further, resting her pussy on Linda’s mouth. He could hear Kris sigh as Linda’s tongue made contact.

While Paul continued his thrusting inside Linda, he reached forward and took her nipples in his fingers, pulling them and twisting them slightly. Each time he twisted Linda’s nipple, he could feel her pussy squeeze his cock ,raising her hips off of the bed with his thrusts.

Kris kept her pussy on Linda’s tongue, and began helping herself by playing with her clit while Linda’s tongue drove inside her pussy. Kris opened her lips so Linda could tease her clit. Kris could feel Linda’s tongue time the thrusts she was receiving.

The sounds in the room were of sheer sex, moans from each of the three participants. The slapping on skin on skin, the sound of the bed moving as well, all added to the climaxes that were imminent.

Paul could feel the pressure building as he continued his thrusting into Linda, as he neared his climax he grabbed Linda’s thighs and pulled in tight. He could feel the muscles in Linda’s pussy clench tighter as her orgasm took hold.

Linda felt Kris rocking harder on her tongue, and felt a pressure in her belly as she was ready to climax around Paul’s cock.

The crescendo built to the top as all three of the group orgasmed in succession. Paul’s cum pumping into Linda, as her pussy milked his cock and her body shuddered. As she did this, she sucked harder on Kris’ clit as she felt Kris slump over in a heap.

Paul slowly withdrew and had to pinch himself to be sure that what just took place actually did. He surveyed the room. Clothes tossed all over the place, and two women lying exhausted on the bed. Paul heard a noise outside. Quickly looking out the window, he saw a car pulling into the drive.

The scramble then began…stay tuned.

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