House of Feathers Ch. 12: The Chair

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A story following others in the series, but intended as a stand-alone work. Enjoy!


“So that’s it?” I said.

“That’s it. And more high-tech you’ll not find.”

“And I’m supposed to use it when?”

“Might make editing more interesting,” he replied, smiling.

“Silly man – I have six papers to grade and a major article sixteen other people are waiting for me to proofread before it can get submitted for peer review. And you want me to sit on a vibrating chair for your entertainment?”

“Well,” he said, “more for your entertainment than mine. And it’s far more than a vibrating chair.”

“Dear, it’s a chair with a dildo. It’s been done. Much as I like your toys, what more can I say?”

“First off, you were the one complaining of how boring editing is,” he said, spinning the chair around, “and secondly, you’re looking at the first computer-controlled ‘chair with a dildo’ in history.”

I took a closer look. The chair itself wasn’t out of place in his lab – just a sturdy but otherwise normal swivel chair with five legs and castors. The seat however had a strategically-placed hole in it, though which lurked the bulbous head of a vibrator. Mounted on the back of chair was a box of some sort, with plugs, switches and cords leading from it around under the seat.

“I’m sorry you wasted your time with this,” I said, “but I really am busy right now. Maybe you can just explain this box to me and I can think on it?”

“It’s the interface,” he said. “It links the vibe, some sensors and this.” The latter referred to the iPad he held up.


“Yup. The whole thing is designed to monitor your state of arousal and respond to it.”

“Respond how?”

“Look at the screen,” he said, pointing to the iPad. “The top row indicates sensor readings. Middle row is your settings. Bottom row gives some options.”


“Mm-hm. Intensity, timing and so forth. And depth of penetration can be set or limited. And different programs.”


“See here?” He pointed to a section of the screen. A row of icons were labeled MANUAL, TINGLE, DELAYED, QUICK, MAX and T&D.

“These tell the system how to control your stimulation pattern and orgasm. ‘Manual’ allows you to enter specific parameters like vibrator speed and spin, penetration, time and so forth. ‘Tingle’ never even approaches orgasm. It just keeps you aware and a bit aroused. ‘Delayed’ leads to an orgasm, but stretches out the time it takes – more extended foreplay, I guess. ‘Quick’ monitors your reactions to give you an orgasm as fast as possible, although not necessarily a really strong one. ‘Max’ is what it sounds like; the system will give the strongest possible orgasm, based on sensor feedback at the time.”

“And T&D?” I asked, starting to get intrigued. He’d put a lot of work into this.

“Tease and Denial,” he said. “The machine keeps you hanging and monitors your responses so you get maximum arousal but never quite get to cum.”

“Why in hell would anybody want that? I like to Play with you, dear, but why would anyone do it to themselves?”

“Look over here. There are time settings. You could set it up for 5 minutes, an hour – any time up to six hours.”

“You couldn’t get me to stay there for six hours,” I objected. “I couldn’t keep myself in place with that much stimulation.”

“Nobody could,” he smiled. “So now we look at ‘Options’.”

He reached under the chair seat and pulled out from one side what looked like a fairly normal automobile seatbelt, tipped with a flat circular steel end. “Magnetic locks,” he explained. “There are others to hold your legs against the front of the armrests and two more for your wrists. You set them for a timed release, let the chair snug them up and… Voila! They’ll hold a rhino in place. And each one has sensors to determine how hard you are pulling against it.”

“But what if I really have to get out, like a fire or something?”

“No worries,” he remarked. “Look at the armrests, up front, on the sides.” He pointed to four out-of-the-way buttons set into the arms. “Push both buttons on either arm – and they’re redundant for safety – for 15 seconds and everything releases.”

He smirked. “Of course, if you do that, it also triggers the ‘skunk option’.”

“Skunk option?”

“Makes you have to really, really want to get loose – a spray of synthetic skunk juice on your lower legs. Pretty nasty stuff. Maybe I could just use cheap perfume – equally embarrassing.


“Or somebody else could take pity on you and hit the Stop button on the IPad. Me, if you were really convincing.”

“So how does the machine monitor me?”

Without realizing it, I’d fallen into the trap and had started talking as if it were me sitting in the chair.

“Sensor pads for brain readings, a slightly modified doctor’s office fingertip sensor for blood pressure and pulse. A couple of other things. Nothing intrusive.”

“I don’t think I’d want to get wired up like a Borg, almanbahis giriş dear. Too technical.”

“Well, I have some ideas for Gen 2, but without the sensors, it is as you said just a vibrating chair.”

He paused, then raised one eyebrow. “Wanna take it for a test-drive, lady?”

I sighed. I was facing several deadlines, but I was now very curious. He was a genius in the lab and workshop and his toys were usually pretty good… Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to try, just for a bit.

“Just for a minute,” I said, “then I have to get back to work.”

I sat myself down in the chair.

“I’ll need to make some adjustments for best effect,” he said. “Sit all the way back.”

I shifted as he requested.

“I need to adjust the… um, business end, too.” He knelt down beside the chair, bent over and started fiddling. I felt his loving fingers gently separating my labia, then the cooler touch of the tip of the vibrator. It was then withdrawn.

It helped that neither of us ever wore anything but a suntan unless leaving the villa grounds.

“Gen 2 should have an auto-adjust feature, but this is still a prototype.”

He handed me the iPad. “Set your time, here,” he said, and over here the programme you wish.” I set it for three minutes of tingle.

“Might not be enough time,” he said, in his Serious Scientist voice. “But you’re pretty responsive, so let’s find out. Push ‘Go’.”

I touched the icon with a forefinger. “Nothing’s happening.”

“Wait a bit,” he replied. “It’s subtle. If you aren’t feeling anything in a minute or two, we can make some adjustments.”

I waited. Then, barely perceptibly, I felt the tip of the vibrator slowly move up until it just barely touched my labia and turn on at a very low speed.

“I can feel it,” I said. “It’s good, but not exciting.”

“Not now, but how would you feel after an hour?”


“Let’s try another option,” he said, taking the pad from my hands. He made a poke or two at the screen and then handed it back. Under the seat, the slowly vibrating tip started to rotate in a small horizontal circle, passing over my lower lips again and again, then moving back and forth along their length. The sensation was not quite a tease, more of a very low-level genital massage. It felt very good.

“Oh! Oh, yes. I can see that could be fun over an afternoon.”

“Could you grade papers with this?”

“Maybe. I think I’d like to try. Thank you, dear. You come up with the most lovely surprises. Sometimes I think you know me better than I do myself.”

I sat with my eyes closed, dreamily absorbing what the system was delivering. A minute later, the sensation stopped.

I opened my eyes. The whole thing didn’t seem so silly now. “But you say I’d need the sensors for anything more?”

“Technically, no. We could just dial up the vibration level and have the vibrator move deeper, and that wouldn’t require the array. You probably wouldn’t get the same results, however.”

“Um, could I try them, for a minute? Just to see what they’re like? For later?”

“Sure.” He turned, picked up a pile of leads from a nearby tabletop and walked around behind the chair.

What looked like a skeleton bicycle helmet was placed on my head and a chin strap fastened. He passed the leads down under the chair arm and around behind. I could hear him plugging them into the box. “Dry sensors in the helmet,” he said, “so no need for gel.” Four sticky sensors went on opposite sides of my mound and a small plastic clamp put on the tip of one finger. A slender elastic strap went around my chest under my boobs. Two tiny cameras were aimed at me.

“How’s that?” he asked.

“Weird. Weird to be wired. What’s next?”

He passed me the iPad. “Whatever you’d like, but one last thing first for milady’s consideration.” He went over to a bench and brought back two cup-shaped affairs, each of which trailed a finger-thick group of hoses and wires.” Walking around behind, I could hear him plugging things in. He passed them under one arm and showed them to me.

Each cup was rather larger than a golf ball in diameter and rather bulbous, with a distinct indent in the centre, the size of a fingertip. Surrounding it were two rows of rubber nubs or teeth. I could also see what appeared to be more sensor endings.

“And…?” I asked.

“Watch.” He tapped his iPad. A small air pump started under the chair. I stuck my little finger into the hole. A vacuum inside immediately sucked it over my fingertip.


“And this…” He tapped the screen again and the rows of nubs started pulsing, every other nub squirming towards the centre, followed by the others, then the first ones – dozens of little fingers massaging anything inside it.

“This goes over…”

“Yes. And it’s rigged for vibration, too.” He touched the screen and my finger tingled.

“Oh, my!”


“And the system controls these?”

“As well as using them as sensors – erectile state and almanbahis güvenilirmi thermal readings.”

“I want to try these!” Papers be damned – it was still midnight in Europe.

He pointed at the pad in my lap. “All part of the package.”

“So, if I wanted to use them…?”

“Press this button, then this one over here. The system will give you a few seconds to get the cups onto your breasts before it really kicks in. We can lube them or wet them.” He took one from my hand and, pointing his tongue, started licking inside. I started to get wet just watching. I pushed the icon on the screen.

He centred the wet cup on one boob. The suction sucked it down over the nipple. Rather than licking the other cup, he bent over and gave a sloppy tongue bath to Nipple

, then fitted the cup over it.

The suction was pleasant enough, I thought, but not spectacular. Then it started to vibrate and then the dozens of little fingers started gripping and massaging.

It was amazing, like tongues with vibrators. And fingers. Fingers holding clitoris credit cards.

I squealed.

He turned it off and I groaned in protest. As the suction slowly faded, one cup fell off onto my lap.

“Still skeptical, love?” He grinned at me.

“I want this!” I turned to look up at him, opened my eyes as wide as they would go. “Please, sir, I want some more!”

He put his head on my shoulder and caressed my free boob. “More?”

“Yes,” I said. “I’ve changed my mind and I’m sorry for doubting you, dear.”

“You’re sure?”

“Oh, yes! Let’s start with… um…”

Like a kid in a candy store, I tried to make up my mind.

“I think Tease,” I finally announced.


I nodded.

“OK,” he said. “Get up for a moment, please.” He quickly spread lube on the plastic cock head protruding from the seat. “You can sit back down now.” I did so and felt the slippery tip just enter between my labia.

He came around to one side, reached under the seat and brought out the end of the lap belt. He passed it over my lap and then back under the seat. I heard a click before he stepped back.

I noticed he’d grown an erection. I reached out and stroked it.

“None for boys yet?” I asked. He shook his head. “Gen 3, maybe. Different problems.”

“That’s so sad.”

He leaned over for a kiss and I gave his manhood a few quick pumps.

Backing out of reach, he fastened my legs loosely to the front of the chair and then handed the iPad to my still-free hands.

“Let’s see how we do with a realistic test run,” he said. “You do it. Hit the T&D button.”

I touched the icon. It lit up and a box labelled RUN TIME opened, along with a keyboard. After feeling the nipple cups, I was tempted to enter something in hours, but reality checked in. I entered ’20’.

The screen changed, showing only the words, ‘T&D, 20 MINUTES. ARE YOU SURE?’

I poked ‘Y’.






“Ball gag? What the hell?”

“There isn’t one,” he said. “Just planning ahead for Gen 2. There’ll be sensors in that, too, for bite strength. Just ignore it.”

I tapped ‘IGNORE’.


I looked up at him for guidance. “Wait a second,” he said, then reached under one arm rest, brought out a belt end and clicked it in on the other side. The belt made a loose loop above the armrest. He repeated the process on the other side.

“Hit ‘Yes’,” he directed, “then put your arms through the loops.”

I hit ‘Y’ and handed the pad back to him. My hands slid through the loops and grasped the armrest.

After about five seconds, all the belts started slowly tightening. My legs were pulled apart and pressed up against the chair, my bum pulled into the join between seat and back and my arms held tight against the rests. None were overly tight, but I couldn’t move an inch.

He bent down and kissed me. “We forgot something,” he said, holding up the nipple cups by the cords.

“No!” I groaned. “Well, cut me loose so I can put them on.”

“Sorry,” he grinned, “but your clock is running.” A countdown clock on the iPad was clicking silently down from 30.

Instead of releasing me from the belts, he leaned over my right breast, cupped it with his hand, mounding it with his fingers. He began to give the nipple another tongue bath. I shivered. His beard and mustache ticked and I squirmed.

“There – all wet,” he announced, turning on the pump and placing the cup in place. “No extra charge.” He repeated the process with my other boob.

The clock clicked down to 10, then 5, then 0.

The vibrator slowly eased up into my vagina and stroked up and down. Looking down, I could see rabbit ears begin to flick at my clitoris. I strained against the bonds. Rock-solid. Whatever was going to happen, it was up to the machine.

The nipple cups started to vary the suction, up and down. I could feel the vibrators almanbahis yeni giriş in them start up and slowly climb in intensity. The nubs inside began to massage, slowly at first and then gradually faster.

One of the cameras was obviously aimed at my eyes, for on one side of the iPad I could see my pupils begin to dilate. The other side of the screen showed my torso, apparently in thermal imaging. Small target boxes on the screen overlaid body parts like my lips and nipples. My neck was apparently warmer than the rest of me and, surprisingly, my boobs were cooler.

Except for my nipples. My nipples were bright red.

The rabbit beneath me began to move up and down, its tip rotating, the band of rotating beads near its head swirling, vibration level oscillating.

The sensations began shooting up like a bottle rocket. I could feel perspiration bead up on my forehead. I heard myself begin to grunt and cry in arousal. My head was down on my chest, my eyes watching the rabbit thrashing my lady bits. I looked up to see him smiling at my pleasure.

And jacking.

I guess I was a spectacle. Hey, whatever works.

I could feel my orgasm building, starting to burn its way out of my clitoris. My arms and legs tensed against their bonds. My nipples felt like they were on fire. Everything was on fire. Everything…

… stopped. The rabbit slowly withdrew. I cried out in frustration. Damn!

One nipple cup restarted. The rabbit slowly reinserted itself, humming at low level. The other nipple cup started, sucking hard. My arousal shot back up through the roof. I began to try to roll my hips against the vibrator tormenting my pussy, but the lap belt was too tight.

I almost screamed when all the levels dropped again, almost to nothing.

It was true – the thing was keeping me on the very brink, but it wouldn’t put me over, wouldn’t let me get over.

I looked up. He was staring at the rabbit, his left hand quickly stroking his shaft, his right hand rolling his testicles. He looked up, saw me glaring, my eyes wide. He grinned. “Only 14 more minutes to go!”

“What? No!”

He simply pointed to a timer on the iPad screen, slowly ticking down. 13:58… 13:57… 13:56… .

The rabbit buried itself deep in my vagina, the nipple cups started sucking like starving colts. I yelled and writhed, trying to generate enough movement to cum, but the system, far more perceptive than a human lover, knew when I was about to orgasm and would switch off a split-second earlier.

Then, dammit, it would turn itself back on before I could at least settle down. Somehow it kept the stimulation to just less than I needed to cum. It was keeping me at the 98% level. Total, absolute horniness. Maddening.

09:34… 09:33…

Damn – only halfway through! How could anyone take this for hours? I was going crazy after just 10 minutes.

The rabbit withdrew almost all the way, but the vibrations increased sharply and the beads started rotating around and around just inside my swollen lips. I had never been this worked up in my life.

He stopped masturbating and strode over to the chair. His penis swayed an inch from my face. He smiled and stroked my cheek, raised his eyebrows.

“You bastard! You locked me into this thing and now you want a blowjob? Haista vittu! I’ll bite it off!”

“No, you won’t,” he said. He took my hair in his hands, bent down and kissed me hard, his tongue probing into my mouth.

I kissed him back. Frantically. God, I was horny!

The machines kicked in again, one by one, then all together. I think my eyes bulged. It was incredible.

He guided his rigid member into my mouth and, holding onto my hair, firmly pulled my head down on it. Its head thrust against the back of my throat. I had the choice of gagging, biting it off or swallowing his length. The choice became obvious.

I could feel his head slide down my throat, then back. Once. Twice. Three, four times.

He let go of my hair and pulled back. I gasped for air, then yelped as the system drove me almost – almost – to the edge and kept me there. I panted like a mad dog, looked up to see his hands gently stroking his engorged organ. His eyes were closed and there was a look of pure bliss on his face.

6:00… 5:59…

The suction on my nipples increased suddenly and both the ‘fingers’ and the nipple vibrators went into overdrive. The rabbit started moving in and out of me much faster. I could feel my toes tingle. I could hear moaning and decided it must be me.

The top row on the screen had four out of the six data boxes flashing, but I had no idea what I was looking at. The T.I. image of me looked like I’d been splattered with various shades of orange paint.

I put my fingers on the paired release buttons, then took them off again.

I was about to cum. The beads inside the rabbit spun one way, then the other. I closed my eyes – and didn’t. As I got closer to orgasm, they slowed down and the thrusting almost stopped. I screamed in frustration.

2:54… .

The rabbit seemed to have a mind of its own. It suddenly began pulsing, almost lifted me out of the chair. Looking down, I could see the nipple cups pumping and sucking on my aroused and swollen tits. I was going out of my mind.

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