House of Feathers Ch. 14: A Shower

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Upward bow… up to a handstand, legs up… then slowly opening to full split… twist… up again… and slowly, slowly down into lotus.

I felt absolutely serene. I was aware of the sunshine, of the grass beneath me, of the breezes on my bare body, of the sounds of leaves and surf, but it was as if I was floating above them, outside of their world. I was incredibly aware of my heart beating, of the air flowing in and out of my lungs, of the position of every part of my body. Blissful, utter calm.

After a while, I opened my eyes to see him sitting on the porch. Seeing me coming back, he came down the steps with a glass in his hand. Kneeling, he gave me a quick kiss and handed it to me – iced peppermint tea, water beading on the sides. I took it from him and had a sip. Such a kindness . He must have finished his katas early.

“Oh,” he said. “Forgot something.” He got up, went back up to the veranda and fiddled briefly with our camera, which I now noticed was set up on a tripod.

“What are you filming?”

“Was filming.” he corrected. “Your routine.”

So he’d filmed 45 minutes of me doing yoga in the nude… Meh. I knew he wouldn’t share it without asking me. And I had taken enough clips of him in what most people would describe as ‘compromising’ situations that I couldn’t object. I was mildly curious, but too peaceful to deal with it now.

“Shower?” he asked gently.

I smiled. “Yes, please.”

He helped me to my feet and we walked, my hand on his arm, up to the outdoor shower on the upstairs veranda.

With a frame of shiny, wrist-thick copper pipes, it was big enough for eight – not that we had that many people around here. Massive shower heads allowed monsoon-level water flow across the full area if we wished it. Standing in it, one could see our little slice of the Pacific Ocean over and between the palms. A bamboo privacy screen could be lowered on the water side if somebody sailed in close. Presumably it worked; Lord knows we never used it. Let them look.

He turned on the water in the centre, adjusted the temperature, waving his arm into the downfall, then offered me his hand and escorted me under it.

I walked in, let the flowing water run over me, then raised my face to the warm ‘rain’. He’d installed two sets of soft web loops long before, just at the right height to support me in a standing position with my arms above my head. Nothing more kinky than a passenger strap on a city bus, they allowed me to stand upright to be washed without having to worry about balance; I could just enjoy.

I slipped my wrists through them and held onto the straps above. pendik escort I lifted my face to the warm water and relaxed. For me, there’s something about flowing water as primordial as there is about fire. People can sit for hours watching an open fire; some say we’ve been conditioned by 10,000 generations of keeping cave bears away. Most people, I think, feel the same way about warm water flowing gently over their bodies. I certainly do.

He waited patiently for a couple of minutes. There was no hurry; 12 hours a day of tropical sun solar fed a hot water tank the size of a politician’s ego. Eventually, he turned the water off. I could hear him pumping soap onto his hands.

He started low for a change, washing my left foot, then up the calf, then the thigh. His thumbs brushed lightly against my labia before he started on my right leg. He lingered over my feet, knowing how much I liked his efforts there. I often wondered where he had learned to be so attentive.

Finished with my legs, he rubbed gel over and into my bum, hips and lower back. His strong fingers usually turned a shower into a minor massage and today was no exception. He kneaded and pressed as he washed upwards onto my back, strong thumbs sliding along my spine, stiff fingers spread out and trailing on either side.

He leaned in against my back with a hug. I could feel his manhood between us and shifted my hips from side to side to give him some pleasure back. His hands glided along my flank, fingers slipping in between us to cup and fondle my cheeks. What a wonderful feeling from a man I loved.

He stepped back and began washing my shoulders and neck. Again the bath gel became massage oil as his fingers stroked and manipulated my muscles.

Even with my eyes closed, I could feel the glow of his love for me as he walked around to my front and gently washed my face. He turned the water back on for me to rinse soap out of my eyes, then turned it off and returned to washing me. His hands slid down my arms, stripping them at the end, then my shoulders, which had received a pretty good workout. I hung supported by the straps, glowing in the pleasant feeling of his loving hands moving over my skin.

His hands moved down over my breasts. He wouldn’t have been my man if he didn’t salute them properly in passing and he did. Such amazing feelings he gave; I could feel my nipples pop to attention as his palms moved over them. Give him his way and I’d have the cleanest boobs in the world.

He lifted them and caught my nipples in the V between thumb and forefinger. Clasping them there, he pulled and stretched them as his hands roved.

Looking escort pendik down, I could see he had an erection. The pleasure was clearly not all one-way.

He pulled his hands downwards, soaping my ribs and stomach. Bring washed by your lover is wonderful; having done with their bare hands is heavenly. Washcloths just get in the way of the love.

He soaped his hand and slowly washed between my legs, his fingers stoking and feeling along my labia, strolling over my clit. For the first time, I stood upright. On my toes. Toenails.

He continued down my legs to my feet. I relaxed again when he sat down behind me and began rubbing them, soapy hands gliding over and around. It went on long after they were clean.

He came around in front of me for a long kiss. His slippery hands slid down my arms to my hips, then down to my behind. He didn’t spend a lot of energy fondling my cheeks; he merely held them firmly in loving hands, pulling our bodies together. It felt heavenly. I could feel his rigid length between our stomachs. I wiggled a little in tease.

He stepped back and turned on the water again. Soap suds flowed down and off my body. After a bit, he turned off the water and began to wash my hair, kneading and rubbing shampoo through my mane. After another rinse, he rubbed in conditioner. Reaching around from behind me, he gently stroked me from neck to knees. After turning the water on for a rinse, he came around to in front of me and grasped my body in a firm hug.

We stood in the warm water for a few minutes. What a wonderful thing, to be absolutely turned on at the same time as absolutely relaxed.

I slipped my hands out of the straps and knelt in front of him. Cradling and fondling his scrotum with my left hand, I took his shaft in my right, slowly stoking his skin sheath back and forth and holding his head under a stream of water. Now he reached up for his own straps.

Water flowed down over his abs as I worked him back and forth. It ran into my eyes and I closed them, sensing his pleasure through the tautness of his thighs against my forearms.

How I enjoyed pleasing him! Never did I feel so happy, so proud of myself as when we were making love. Doing anything really well is worth being proud of; doing so for one’s heart-love is really exceptional. Despite all of my academic and institutional success, pleasing the man I loved so well was something very special, something on a different page entirely. I knew he felt the same when he gave me the extraordinary loving only he was capable of.

I took his head into my mouth and flicked my tongue up and down his slit. pendik escort bayan His cock throbbed between my lips. As I stroked the velvet-over-iron shaft, his head grew in size, pulsed as my tongue teased it. His one hand came down and gently caressed my head.

I got up to my feet, turned the water off and led him, dripping, a few feet down the veranda to the two-person hammock suspended there. I guided him into lying down across it, face-up. His engorged penis swayed as the hammock swung back and forth.

I carefully climbed in beside him and took him back into my mouth. Sunshine through the palms warmed my back and I could feel a warm hand slip between my legs. As I rolled my tongue around and around his head, the tip of one finger stroked between my lips, giving a little swirl as it crossed my clitoris.

Continuing to lap at his helmet, I began to suck hard and pump with one hand. One of his fingers slid into me while his thumb rolled my love bud under it. I moaned my appreciation.

I pulled away and shifted to straddle him. His length slid unguided into my wetness and the mesh bed began to swing more.

We were both close and settled down to feel the love. Nobody could do it like the man I loved. Nothing hurried and neither of us had to move more than it took to keep the hammock rocking slightly. As it moved, it carried the two of us in a shallow arc. As it did, I could feel him slowly shift inside me and started clenching my vagina to the rhythm.

His hands reached up to my breasts and began to slowly mound and stroke them. His fingers slipped one by one over my erect nipples. I felt a glow growing inside me.

He reached behind him and caught the railing. He flexed and the pendulum motion increased. The hammock swung higher and faster. As we reached the bottom of the arc, gravity pulled on my sex. It was glorious.

His eyes were slits, concentrating on his approaching orgasm. The hammock was doing all the work; he was free to just enjoy.

My nipples were on fire under his hands.

I started rolling my hips on his cock and he gasped at the sensation. Seconds later, I came in a burst of sunshine. Somewhere far away through my joy, I could feel his hands seize my buttocks, his glorious stiffness pounding in and out of me as fast as he could.

I was still cumming when his whole body went rigid. His fingers dug into my cheeks and he growled. His penis throbbed inside me. Our combined juices flowed down my thighs.

After an endless time, I lay down on top of him. Both of us were still gasping for air. His hands stroked down my back and over my bum. The swaying of the hammock slowly stopped as, still locked together, we fell into that sweetest possible sleep.


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