House Party Pt. 03

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Ross looked down at Adam’s satisfied smile, “I knew you’d fit right in, Ad.” He gave Adam a quick kiss before leaving the room. With Ross gone, all that could be heard were the sounds of three men panting and trying to get their breath back. Paul lay with his head on a pillow and beckoned Adam over, watching as he crawled up the bed before settling with his head resting on Paul’s chest. Instinctively, one of Paul’s hands made its way down Adam’s back, rubbing it gently. Adam could feel a light sheen of sweat covering them both as they recovered from the action. Realising that Dan was being left out, Paul tapped him on the shoulder and offered him the same. As Adam made room for him, Dan nestled himself in comfortably. Paul couldn’t help but grin and remark how lucky he was.

After a few minutes of snuggling, Adam suddenly became aware of how thirsty he was, “I’m gonna head back to the bar for a drink and leave you guys to it.” He gave Paul and Dan a peck on the cheek and headed for the door, grabbing a towel from the night stand and dabbing himself dry as he went, as well as wiping most of the lube from his ass. Paul shouted after him, “Hey, Adam! I think Ricky was looking for you by the way. It sounds like you made quite the impression earlier.” Adam muttered a thank you while blushing from the compliment. As he made a detour to drop his towel off in the bathroom, he noticed many of the doors were open now, with the occupants either gone or recovering from their fun.

Adam made his way downstairs and noticed how quiet it was. He figured a few people must have left and there was a lull in the proceedings. eryaman escort As he reached the bottom step, he saw some guys huddled together on couches while others lay on the floor 69ing each other. Making his way back to the bar, he found Pav making a round of cocktails. As Pav saw him approach, he smiled and handed him a Mojito, “You look like you need it. Having fun?” Adam nodded as he took a sip, “I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this.” In a flash, Adam had downed his drink and asked if he’d seen Ricky. Pav gestured towards the rear of the room, “Last I saw, he was out back. If you go through there and turn right, you can’t miss it. Have fun!” Adam put his glass back on the bar before heading out.

As he followed Pav’s directions, he found a covered outside area with a few people dotted around chatting to each other while they got some air. He stepped outside and noticed the area was bigger than he thought, with a massive outdoor daybed towards the back and an area of turf. A low voice behind him said, “I wondered where you’d been hiding.” As he looked back, he saw Ricky striding towards him. He had obviously lost his Lycra boxers at some point during the party and his cock flopped from side to side as he got closer. Adam smirked, “I’ve been um… easing myself in.” Ricky laughed softly before moving his hand to Adam’s ass, “May I?” After a quick nod, Ricky probed at Adam’s asshole finding it slightly wet but still fairly tight. Removing his finger, Ricky brought Adam into a close kiss. Ricky’s 6’2 frame towered above him so Adam was forced to tilt sincan escort his head back. His heartbeat began to quicken as hands roamed and he enjoyed a masterful French kiss.

Ricky noticed Dom standing over by the daybed with a drink in his hand, his eyes instinctively drawn towards them and his cock starting to stiffen from the view. As they parted lips, Ricky grabbed Adam by the hand and started leading him over to the bed. As they walked over, Adam found himself scanning Dom’s hairy bear-cub figure. “I guess you like what you’re seeing,” Ricky said with a grin. Dom nodded excitedly and his eyes widened as Adam brought his lips closer. Dom closed his eyes ready for a kiss but Adam stopped just short of his mouth. Dom felt Adam’s warm breath on his face. Ricky chuckled, “You’re such a tease. Seems like all it took was a good fucking to bring you out of your shell!”

Dom downed his drink and set it on a nearby table as Adam took his hand and led him and Ricky onto the daybed. Eyes closed, Dom tried to kiss Adam again and Ricky’s comment, along with the frustration and longing he could clearly see on Dom’s face, finally made him relent and their lips met. Meanwhile, Ricky knelt upright behind Adam, kissing his neck and gently nibbling at his left ear. As his hand found Adam’s cock, it started hardening. Within a few moments, Dom had broken their kiss and began making a trail with his tongue down Adam’s chest and torso. Once Adam’s cock had grown to its full length, Ricky used his hand to make it wiggle suggestively at Dom’s face. Quickly taking the hint, etlik escort Dom bobbed his tongue out and started lightly licking beneath the head before taking the end of it into his warm mouth. Ricky wrapped his arms round Adam’s body and he could feel the cock behind him nudging its way into the cleft of his ass.

It didn’t take long before Dom had worked his way down to the base of Adam’s cock. Adam suddenly had the urge to take control, grabbing onto the back of Dom’s head and slowly moving it up and down the length of his cock. Ricky relaxed his grip on Adam and moved a hand down to the peachy ass in front of him, squeezing it gently. As one of his fingers reached Adam’s hole and easily slipped inside, he could feel Adam clamping down on it. He started to slowly work his finger in and out as a gasp escaped Adam’s mouth. Afraid of cumming too soon, Adam pulled Dom’s mouth off his cock and his lips tightening gave Dom the signal to back off for a while.

As Dom turned around and moved further down the bed, Adam moved forward onto all fours while getting a view of Dom’s furry bubble butt. Before got too far away, Adam reached out and grabbed the front of Dom’s thighs to stop him going any further. Again taking the hint, Dom arched his back and proffered his ass towards Adam’s face. From behind, Ricky could see Adam’s tongue attempting to touch Dom’s asshole but finding it just out of reach. Dom backed his ass up until it was tantalisingly close while turning his head to lock eyes with Ricky, “Looks like the tables have turned.” “Touché”, replied Adam. Dom slowly lowered his ass until Adam’s tongue finally made contact with its target, lapping at it hungrily. Ricky watched as a couple of other guys scattered around outside starting walking towards the bed, having suddenly taken an interest in the scene. Ricky called out to them, “Hey, would you pass me some lube? I think Adam’s gonna need to be real slick for what happens next.”…

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