House Rulers

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Misty looked at the house from the outside then at the ad she had printed off the computer. She took another look at the large two story house with the dark brown paneling. The black door and black mailbox clashed greatly with all the other white or brightly colored houses on the block. She couldn’t help but think that this misfit house was the place where she belonged.

Misty walked to the front door and knocked. She reread the number on the house then compared it to the number on the page. It was a match. So now all she had to do was wait for someone to answer the door.

A woman with long blond hair and two black streaks down the curves of her face opened the door. She was wearing a tight black tee shirt and no bra clearly showing rock hard nips on a pair of large round breasts. Her body was a perfect hour glass shape. She was wearing a pair of tight light blue jeans with the sides of a black pair of thongs sticking up out of them. She had on no socks or shoes and her toe nails were painted black.

“Can I help you?” the woman said flashing a bleach white smile.

“Uh yeah my name is Misty and I found the ad for the room you had for rent.”

“Oh okay.”

“Is it still available?”

“We have a couple people looking at it but it’s mostly don’t call us we’ll call you situations. Why don’t you come in and take a look?”


“My name is Ms Christy by the way. Most people call me Madame or Mistress though.”

“Those are interesting nicknames. How whipped are some of the people you know.” Misty quickly learned the error in what she had just said then took a step back.

Ms Christy just looked at her with a smirk and said, “Trust me you have no idea.”

Misty said nothing else on the situation and just kept walking behind the barefooted beauty. She couldn’t help but notice the sway of the world’s most perfect ass in front of her.

“So do you live here alone?”

“No I live with my husband but he’s at work. You’ll probably get to meet him later.”

“Oh alright.”

Misty was led to a room with an old fashion knocker on it. The door was pretty much the same as the one to the entrance of the house except without the small window on it. The room was rather large once the door came open. There was a large cherry wood dresser by the back wall with a small 3’x2′ mirror above it. There was a window in the corner of the room covered by thick red curtains. The bed was located in the corner opposite of the window. It was a full sized bed with a large head board and a heavy red comforter on it. The walls were a color caught some where between a cherry and blood red.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t have supplied you with a TV but you know the one in the lounge is always available and its hardly ever in use. Follow me and I’ll show you.”

Misty looked around the house which was mostly dark colors. There was a lot of large rooms to the side of things with older looking furniture. The furniture was mostly black and dark brown leather chairs and couches. There was a TV in pretty much every room including the bathrooms. No TV was smaller than twenty inches and all were flat screen.

Once they reached the lounge Misty looked inside. There was a large black leather sectional in the corner of the room and mounted on the wall was a seventy inch TV with a small stand for a cable box right below it.

“We get pretty much every channel you want. Even the naughty ones if you’re into that kind of thing.” Ms Christy smiled. She winked at Misty then heard as the front door came open. She looked behind her back and Misty tried to look around her. A man walked up behind Ms Christy and kissed her neck.

The man was tall and lean built. To no surprise he had jet black hair and dark brown eyes. He had large strong hands that he gripped Ms Christy’s waist with. He moved his eyes up to meet Misty’s gaze.

“Oh hello. Are you here for the room?”

“Yeah. I don’t understand why no one hasn’t swooped in to take that room yet. I mean the ad said that you pay eight hundred a month for rent and that includes water heat and power. Is there any hidden costs you want to warn me about saying why people don’t want to stay here?”

“The only hidden costs are the ones that you use for personal things. You have to pay for your own groceries and clean up your own messes. You can eat our food but we would suggest that you ask us first before you eat something from the cabinet because we might be using it for a dinner or something.”Ms Christy smiled. “Oh where are my manners today? Mr. Roscoe this is Misty. She might become our new room mate that is of course if she’ll have us.”

Misty got the marriage purposeful joke and put her hand on her heart. With a fake crying voice and the pretend wipe away of a tear she shook her head in agreement and said, “I will.”

“Great when can you move in?”Mr. Roscoe asked excitedly.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” Ms Christy asked pulling Mr Roscoe out of the room. She looked back at Misty who was just staring curiously. She put her cihangir escort hand up and mouthed ‘one second’ to her. She walked to the kitchen trailing Mr Roscoe behind her then whipped around to look at him. “Don’t you think you’re coming on a little strong?”

“What do you mean, all I asked was when she could move in.”

“Yeah we haven’t even had the chance to talk to her. I mean what if she doesn’t want to live here when she finds out.”

“Look maybe we should hold off on telling her about it. She can get used to the place then when she feels comfortable we can talk to her about it. When we bring it out the first time we meet someone you know they just think we’re freaks and we can’t get them to even consider just living in the room any more.”

“So you think we shouldn’t tell her?”

“Tell me what?” Misty asked stepping into the room.

“Um nothing. How would you like it if we moved your rent down to seven fifty a month? We need to rent out that room and if you would take it then we would greatly appreciate it.” Mr Roscoe smirked.

“I feel like there’s something I should know.”

“Why did you even come in here.” Ms Christy snapped.

“I wanted to know where a bathroom was.”

“Oh,” Ms Christy said sheepishly. “Its the door right next to the hallway closet. Sorry about that.”

Misty couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable in the house. For all she knew these people could be masked murderers or rapists. She tried to shake it off and went to the bathroom. The bathroom, like every other room in the house was painted with a dark color being dark blue with a black door. Misty looked around at the bathroom. She glanced at the painting on the wall above the toilet. It was of a long legged slender woman with long black hair covering her boobs but with nipples sticking through. She was wearing a black one piece outfit that had an open front with a black criss-cross pattern going across the chest leaving everything exposed. The one piece looped around her neck and had two circles cut out for her breasts. She was wearing fishnet stockings, black knee high boots and black leather gloves that went up a little ways past her elbows. She had on black lipstick and dark eye liner.

Misty looked at herself in the mirror. She looked at her own black hair and felt along her sides trying to picture herself in that kind of outfit. She always liked the thought of being seen in such a light. She looked at the picture of the large breasted woman again then looked at the face. She stared at it carefully then noticed that this was not just a painting of a random woman but it was a painting of Ms Christy.

Misty used the facilities then walked out. She looked at Ms Christy and Mr Roscoe who still appeared to be fighting. They glanced over at them then smiled.

“You know I thought about it and I would really like to take the room.”

“Really?” Ms Christy asked. “I mean you’re sure about this?”

“I just need to know when the soonest time I can move in is.”

“Any time is good with us.” Mr Roscoe smiled.


Misty left the house and went back to what was soon to be her old apartment. She looked at all the unpacked boxes trying to figure out what she was to keep and what she was to put in storage. She started sorting and sifting through the stuff. Then the very next morning she paid some movers to deliver the stuff she had decided to put in storage. She then packed the remainder of the stuff in the back of her beaten up old Honda CR-V and was off to Mr Roscoe and Ms Christy’s house.

Mr Roscoe helped Misty with her stuff then both he and Ms Christy helped her unpack. There was one box that Misty hadn’t thought about before she agreed to let the practically strangers unpack her stuff. She was putting clothes away in the dresser when she heard a light “WOH” coming from Mr Roscoe. She whipped around then saw as Mr Roscoe pushed a box away with his foot. Ms Christy took a quick second to peak into the box then pulled her head away. Misty walked over and glanced down at the box and closed it while her face turned a bright red.

“Look I’m sorry I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” Mr Roscoe said feeling bad.

Misty quickly pushed the boxes under the bed then moved on to the next box.

Once all the boxes were unpacked Ms Christy and Mr Roscoe left the room. Ms Christy grabbed Mr Roscoe’s hair and dragged him through the hallway. Once they were a decent distance away from the bedroom she pushed him up against the wall roughly and kissed him. She grasped his hair throughout the entire embrace and released it the minute they stopped contact.

“And what was that for?”

“Did you see the type of stuff she had?”

“So what she has a riding crop, silk scarves and a pair of hand cuffs. That doesn’t mean she would want to play our type of games.”

“So we play hers for a little while. And in time we introduce her to our games.” Ms Christy grabbed Mr Roscoe’s hair again and he slowly started to go to mecidiyeköy escort his knees. Ms Christy looked at him as his eyes begged for an order. He placed his hand on Ms Christy’s leg and ran it up her thigh. She just stared him down as he rubbed her clit through her jeans and could feel as it got increasingly hard and her nipples reverted to their hard state pointing quite noticeably from her shirt. “Stop!” she ordered abruptly. “Now go in that room and make that girl feel just as special.”

Ms Christy released Mr Roscoe’s hair and pushed his head away. She walked away down the hallway and Mr Roscoe went back to the room. He knocked on the door and heard as something slid across the floor. It was a couple seconds before Misty said, “Come in.”

“Hey.” Mr Roscoe said as he walked into the room and sat on the bed. Misty was sitting on the floor looking at the box that was still somewhat visible under the bed. “Look I’m really sorry about earlier.”

“Its fine.”

“I wasn’t aware that you had that kind of stuff. I mean it kind of turned me on but I feel bad for making you feel so embarrassed.”

“What do you mean, it turned you on?”

“Well you know I think that when girls are into that kind of stuff it’s one of the hottest things ever. I mean I could tie you up right now and put this boner to good use. Or if you want the control than I can do that too.”

“I’m not exactly sure how to respond to any of this.”

“Well you’re already sitting on the floor so why don’t you just come over and blow me. That’s a pretty good way to respond when some one is offering you sex.”

“What about Ms Christy?”

“Oh you want her instead? I can make that happen.”

Misty sat uneasily on the floor then got up. Mr Roscoe watched with wide wildly excited eyes. Misty sat on the bed beside him then put her hand on his leg. He put his hand on top of hers and moved it up toward his crotch. There was a clearly formed tent in his pants and Misty couldn’t help but run her hand along side it over the jean fabric. She fumbled with the zipper for a few seconds then pulled her hand away. Mr Roscoe looked at her hand which was now sitting on the bed beside him. He waited a couple seconds to see if she would reposition her hand then took the next step of unzipping his pants and pulling them along with his boxers down a little ways past his butt. He sat on the bed with his seven inch rock hard cock standing up proudly. He sat back and Misty reached her hand out.

“Grab it.” Mr Roscoe demanded.

Misty was about to wrap her hand around the solid shaft then pulled her hand away. She looked at Mr Roscoe who was just pleading to be played with. He took her hand on put it on the cock before she again pulled away. Mr Roscoe sighed in frustration then started to rub his dick with his own hand. Misty watched with excited eyes as Mr Roscoe cupped his hand around his cock and moved it up and down rapidly. She was tempted to grab it and help him out but the fact that he was the husband of her new landlord stopped her. She watched as he came and the thick white sticky liquid raced to the base of the shaft. Misty looked at him and without even thinking pushed him back as he was about to stand up. She pushed her hair behind her ears and licked all the cum off Mr Roscoe’s hand, base of his cock and the stuff that had remained on the penis. She quickly sucked on the head of the dick as she noticed a little trickle of cum racing out.

“Damn.” Mr Roscoe squirmed as Misty cleaned his cock clean of any cum. He then slid across the bed to the edge and stood up. Misty stared at the firm lightly tan ass before her, before it disappeared into the tan work pants. She smiled and wiped any residue off the corners of her mouth before watching Mr Roscoe walk out of the room and close the door behind him.

Misty laid back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. She kept the image, of what she had just saw,in her head as she slid off the bed and pulled out the box for a third time. She sifted through the stuff and pulled out a light blue vibrator. She got back up on the bed and lay back as she turned the vibrator on. She placed the it on her clit and felt as her body squirmed under her own touch. She then moved down to place the shaft part of the vibrator as far as it would go into her pussy and letting the vibrating attachment tickle and tease her clit.

Misty kept her eyes shut as she pictured Mr Roscoe jerking off and finally as she felt a strong climax coming on she pictured his cum sliding out of the head of his cock. She released the orgasm with a loud moan followed by a small sigh. She had arched her back as she had climaxed then as the sensation began to die down she lowered herself into the bed.

Misty fixed herself up and walked out of the room. She went to the lounge and turned on the TV. Ms Christy came in and sat beside her.

“I hear you got a little visit from Mr Roscoe.”

“Yeah I’m sorry about that.”

“Don’t be. I was the one who sent him.”


“Yeah he wanted kurtuluş escort to play and figured that you would like to also.”

Misty was confused about what she was hearing but still went through the day normally. She was invited to join Ms Christy and Mr Roscoe for dinner since it was her first night there. When she sat down at the table Mr Roscoe stared at Misty from the seat across from her. She tried to look away and looked at Ms Christy who sat down at the table with a smile on her face.

“So is the room alright for you?” Ms Christy asked as she seated herself.

“Uh yeah perfectly fine.”

“That’s good.”

“And if after tonight you find that there’s anything wrong with the bed or something then you can just tell us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.” Mr Roscoe couldn’t help himself from smiling. Ms Christy looked at him and laced her fingers together. She darted her eyes back from looking at Misty to looking at Mr Roscoe. She picked her fork up and slowly started to pick at her food.

After dinner Misty went back to her room and pulled out her laptop and lay back on her bed. She went to a website full of free short and long stories. She was reading a story about a girl who gets kidnapped by a couple of men and after being raped almost every night she actually starts to fall in love with the man who has been raping her. Misty looked up at the ceiling for a quick second then thought about the story she had been reading. This was the third night she had been reading it and this had been the only night she really started to find herself drawn in. She thought about what it would be like to be helpless and having some man do whatever he damn well pleased inside of you. She could only think to be able to let someone take control of her if she had actually knew them and originally cared about them. Granted she felt sympathy for girls and women that were victims of rape but she couldn’t help but feel her panties moisten at the thought of her own body being controlled.

Misty read more and more into the story finding it almost impossible to not play with herself and tease herself with the vibrator as she read.

There was a knock on the door and Misty rushed to turn off the loud noised toy. She quickly pushed it under her pillow then allowed entrance.

“Hey I just wanted to let you know that Mr Roscoe and I are going to bed but if you want to get a snack in the middle of the night then you can just go to the fridge and have any of the left overs that you want.”


Ms Christy left the room leaving the door cracked a little ways. Misty was about to get up and close the door but was too busy watching Ms Christy walk away wearing nothing but a guys tee shirt. She bent over to pick something off the floor and Misty realized that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Her pussy was nothing but a tight slit and perfectly waxed. Her ass looked even more perfect without any pants on.

Misty saw as Ms Christy turned around and she quickly shut the door. Ms Christy smiled then walked back to the room. She knocked on the door again and waited to be invited back in. She watched as Misty was climbing into bed.

“Hey would you want to have a beer with me?”

“I thought you were going to bed?”

“Yeah but Mr Roscoe’s a good boy, he doesn’t masturbate when he knows that I want sex.”

“How are you able to do that?”

“Do what?”

“Control him.”

“Its not that I control him. He offers himself to me in exchange for a few small favors. See,” Ms Christy ran her hand along side Misty’s face and turned her head so that they were making perfect eye contact. “I enjoy what people would consider power games. I can get him down on his knees begging for me to simply touch him. You know how you had all those toys, whips and whatever else?”

“Yeah.” Misty embarrassingly admitted.

“What do you think those are meant for?” Ms Christy waited only a few seconds before saying, “They’re for power. You let a guy tie you up, he has the power over you to do whatever he damn well pleases. Hell he could flip you over and cum in your ass if he wanted to. Its all about power in the bedroom. So what if I want to be the one taking the power. He loves it and knows that there is no other girl that can make him feel the way that I do.”

“And you don’t worry that he’s gonna go and cheat on you?”

Ms Christy gave a slight chuckle and then stood up. She walked out of the room then came back with the two beers. She handed Misty one and popped the top off hers. She retook her seat.She ran her hand along side Misty’s face a second time and pushed the hair behind her ear.

“You know you’re really pretty.”

“No I’m not.”

“Really you are. You gave Mr Roscoe an insti-boner when he saw you. He hoped that you would come and live here. I allowed it because he and I shared the same view.I mean look at you, you’re fucking gorgeous.”

Misty began to feel a bit of discomfort. However she felt kind of right at the same time. She looked at herself trying to figure out what could be so sexy about herself. She had always hated the way she looked. Her legs were too long making her taller than most of the guys she knew. Her hair was one of the only things she liked about herself being that it was the perfect shade between a dark brown and a black.

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