Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 96

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Jessica took her sweet time on her way to the bedroom, and by the time she got there the girls had Erica stretched out nude, her wrists and ankles bound to the bedposts with bathrobe belts. There were actually two large beds in the enormous bedroom, and they had chosen the one closer to the window. A hint of moonlight played on Erica’s gorgeous skin, which was interrupted only by a perfectly trimmed patch of dark pubic hair.

There was a plush chair against the wall opposite the bed, so Jessica sat down and took a sip of her drink. Marie and Jane were standing on either side of the bed, patiently awaiting further instructions. Erica too was gazing up at Jessica, her big brown eyes expressing a surprising amount of innocence considering what she did for a living.

“Marie, sit on her face,” ordered Jessica. Marie obediently slipped off her panties, leaving on her garter belt, and climbed onto the bed. She turned to face Jessica and slowly sank down until her her pussy was poised over Erica’s mouth. Seeing what the client wanted, Erica extended her tongue and ran it along the length of Marie’s slit.

“Jane, eat her pussy.” Wasting no time, Jane dropped to her knees and leaned forward to get her head between Erica’s legs. For a few minutes Jessica just sat, drank, and enjoyed the scene: Marie bouncing up and down on Erica’s face, her boobs shaking gently; Jane’s head bobbing around as she hungrily licked, sucked, and fingered Erica’s cunt; Erica’s soft moans escaping from between Marie’s legs.

Standing, Jessica crossed the room and opened the suitcase full of toys she had brought along. She picked out a pair of nipple clamps and returned to where Antep Escort the others were. She reached down to rub and pinch Erica’s nipples, and when they were good and stiff, she snapped on the clamps. Erica yelped, temporarily distracted from her work on Marie’s pussy. After a moment she resumed, only to be distracted again when Jessica yanked on the chain between the clamps.

Erica yelped again, slightly louder this time, then sighed audibly as Jessica released the pressure. Now Jessica leaned forward to kiss Marie on the mouth. Just at that moment Erica’s lips clamped down on Marie’s clit, so Marie moaned into Jessica’s mouth, the first hint of an orgasm rumbling through her body. Jessica pulled Jane’s head up from Erica’s crotch and began to slowly, slowly, slowly finger-fuck Erica’s with one hand while intermittently pulling on the nipple clamps with the other.

Having climaxed satisfyingly, Marie hopped off the bed and sat down in the chair Jessica had vacated. She watched as Jessica stimulated Erica’s clit and nipples, Jane meanwhile moving up the bed and softly kissing Erica with lips covered in her own juices. When Erica finally came, it was violent; her body quaked and she strained against her bonds, groaning helplessly and gasping for breath.

Shooing Marie off the chair, Jessica sat and picked up her drink, contemplating her next move. Marie curled up at Jessica’s feet, resting her head on her mistress’s leg. Erica was struggling to catch her breath and maintain her composure. She had never come like that with a client before, and didn’t know what she could say without sounding unprofessional. She finally settled for a loud Antep Escort Bayan exhale and a quiet “Wow.”

Absentmindedly petting Marie’s head, Jessica looked over at Jane, who had a look on her face that Jessica recognized. The poor thing had given without receiving, and was badly in need to some attention.

Standing, Jessica gestured for Jane to take her place in the chair. “Make her come,” she said to Marie, and left to refill her drink. Marie was pulling Jane’s panties down as she left the room.

Fresh martini in hand, Jessica stood for a few minutes looking out over the city. It was completely dark now and there were lights everywhere. She remembered the line from that old TV show, “There are eight million stories in the naked city.” She had always liked that phrase, “naked city” — it gave her ideas….

When she returned to the bedroom, Jane had her legs splayed and draped across either side of the chair. Her face was scrunched up into a mask of pleasure as Marie serviced her and Erica looked on attentively but expressionlessly. Jessica could tell that Jane was close, very close; her face had started to turn red, as it often did when she approached orgasm.

Leaning down so that her lips were right against Jane’s ear, Jessica whispered, “Come for me, honey.” With that Jane moaned, gripped both arms of the chair, and humped Marie’s face until a climax wracked her body.

Sitting her drink down on the bedside table, Jessica made another trip to her suitcase and dug out a 10-inch black strap-on. After harnessing up she walked over to Jane and Marie and they obediently leapt into action, running their tongues up and Escort Antep down the thick shaft, putting on a show for Erica.

When she felt ready, Jessica moved over to the bed and poised herself over Erica so they were very close but not touching. She looked down into Erica’s eyes, which were intelligent and warm, but with a steely edge to them that Jessica felt a kinship with. When Jessica began to push inside, those eyes rolled back into Erica’s head and her mouth fell open. Impulsively, Jessica leaned down and kissed Erica on the forehead, feeling a real tenderness that surprised her under the circumstances.

Supporting herself with both hands, Jessica took the chain connecting the nipple clamps in her mouth and began to tug on it as she slid the strap-on all the way in. It was quiet in the room and Jessica concentrated on Erica’s breathing as she moved in and out, pulling on the chain, making Erica gasp and then moan, gasp and then moan.

Pushing both feet against the foot of the bed for leverage, Jessica began to drive up into Erica harder, lifting her physically off the bed as she flexed her hips to meet each thrust. When Jessica sensed that Erica was about to come she eased off, teasing Erica with slow strokes while jerking harder on the nipple clamps.

“Jane, Marie, come here!” ordered Jessica, and a second later they were there at the side of the bed. Leaning on one hand, Jessica pulled off the nipple clamps and had Jane and Marie each begin to suckle one of Erica’s breasts. Now Jessica resumed pounding into Erica with full force, and it didn’t take long before an intense climax wracked the bound woman’s body. Erica again strained against her bonds and her screams echoed through the suite, making Jessica wonder how close their nearest neighbors might be. Not that she cared that much — she felt like the queen of the world right now, invincible and ready for whatever challenge might come her way.

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