How did It Happen? Pt. 08

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Hello! This is part 8 in a series of stories. I make no real effort to catch the reader up. So if you want to know more, then it’s best to read the other parts first!

I’m sorry that this has taken so long to get together and publish.

Warning: This story deals with incest, domination, submission and cuckquean. There’s a lot of sexual content, but I wouldn’t describe it as a ‘jerk off’ story. If any of the above themes offend you, please read no further, as this story is likely not to your taste.

Also if you are aged 18 years or below (Or your legal age equivalent), please do not read further.

How did it happen? Pt8

I stood stock still in the kitchen. My daughter’s hand inside my trousers and underwear, her dexterous fingers squeezing my shaft, lightly stroking me.

“You’re out of your mind Abby! You can’t watch Mum and I have sex!” I hissed.

“Sure, I could.” Abby said simply, bringing her face near to mine. “I’m not interested in joining in. I just want to see what it’s like.”

“It’s crossing the line is what it’s like” I replied angrily. Abby Rubbed her thumb over my tip, spreading a generous drop of pre-cum around my crown. She just grinned.

“You do know how silly that sounds don’t you Dad? I mean, seriously? You’ve got your daughters hand wrapped around your throbbing cock, and you’re talking about crossing a line? After all the things we’ve done together?”

I gulped and closed my eyes, leaning my head back against the wall.

“You’re not going to try and force this are you, Abby?” I asked, remembering some of Abby’s previous actions to get what she wanted.

“I won’t need to. You’ll give me what I want to see. You’ll want to. I think you like the idea” she said, her lips close to mine, her hand massaging my fully erect shaft. She could see the effect that she was having on me.

I became aware of a stillness from upstairs.

“Abby, I think Mums finished in the shower. Stop, please!” I pleaded. I knew I didn’t have the willpower to stop her, but I also knew she didn’t want to get caught either. She simply moved her lips the final inch and kissed me hard. I melted into her kiss. Her passion for me sent a shiver down my spine. Then she let go of my engorged shaft and pushed herself away from me. I watched in awe as she raised her sticky fingers to her mouth, looking deep into my eyes she sucked my pre-cum from her digits one by one.

Then she was gone, twirling from the room. I stood catching my breath and rearranged my painfully hard cock into my underwear.

Not for the first time, I wondered what the hell I’d got myself into.


I spent the next 2 weeks reflecting heavily on what had transpired between my daughter and I recently.

I’d come to some kind of acceptance that I had strong and very unfatherly feelings for my 20 year old daughter. Abby had asserted that she was in love with me. The truth was that I probably felt the same way about her. Yet I tried extremely hard to deny it.

I still hadn’t forgotten about my wife, Abby’s mother. I still felt crushing guilt at the betrayal and I felt considerable fear about returning to the stressed-out state that had led me to my collapse.

I couldn’t fathom why Abby wanted to watch me have sex with my wife. There was no scenario that made me think it was a good idea. It spelled disaster if I let it happen.

I was so against the idea that I refused to have sex with my wife whilst Abby was in the house. We’d always been open about sex, never really bothering about if Abby was in the house or not. We’d always tried to be private about it, but we wouldn’t have denied ourselves if the urge was there.

Abby pretended not to be interested in sex, presumably to ‘encourage’ me to get overwhelmingly horny and careless.

However, there finally came a weekday where we were both at home. Abby was out at college and it was a great time to try and reconnect with my wife without worrying about being caught by our daughters’ prying eyes.

After 2 weeks without sex, I was well and truly ready for a good session. Sex with my wife had always been good. Like many marriages though it had gone through stale patches for a while.

Walking into the kitchen that morning I got a good inkling that my wife and I were on the same page. She was wearing a short sundress; it barely covered her ass standing straight. I knew that if she bent, the thin material would hike up exposing her soft buttocks. I stood against the door jamb, watching her wash up crockery. I scanned up her back, I couldn’t detect a bra strap. Coming up behind her I wrapped my arms around her waist.

“Mmm hello” She sighed as I gently squeezed her. “I was starting to think I’d have to jump you if you didn’t start paying me some attention”

“Well, I see you’re wearing that short dress. You only wear it when you want something, and I figure I know what that something is” I said in her ear, as I caressed her midriff.

“Oh Magosa Escort really? What would that be?” She asked coyly.

I slowly moved a hand upward, cupping her breast. I could feel her erect nipple. She gasped, leaning back into me. My other hand smoothed down the skirt of her dress till my fingers caressed bare flesh. Grazing my palm up her thigh, gathering the light material as I went, I only encountered bare skin, till I reached a thin strap at the top of her waist.

“Thong and no bra? I think you want the same as me” I whispered in her ear.

“Tell me” She sighed.

“A good seeing to”. She spun in my arms and suddenly we were kissing. The kind of kiss that only a husband and wife can share. It didn’t have the same fire as the kisses with Abby, but instead it held a level of need and understanding that only time can build.

“So, the outfit does it for you?” She said breaking the kiss, her arms wrapped around my neck. I laughed and gazed down at her adoringly.

“Yes babe, it very much does. You’ve got a great body, I nearly bent you over on the spot” I confessed.

“That’s still very much an option” she teased, breaking my hold and spinning around. Placing her hands on the worktop, she bent slightly. The dressed rose swiftly, her glorious ass peeked into view appearing bare. I was reminded immediately of Abby in the same position, and I mentally slapped myself. Both my women had very similar bodies.

She looked over her shoulder at me and slowly slid her feet apart as she bent further. Her buttocks parted and into view came the dark blue strap of material covering her sweet pussy. Transfixed I gazed at her.

“That what you had in mind” she said, a dirty smirk teasing the corners of her mouth. My cock jerked, she was in a dirty mood and I strained and salivated at the anticipation of what was to come.

“Oh hell yeah” I croaked, moving toward her.

Suddenly she stood and turned to face me again. I stopped, surprised at her sudden movement. She stepped toward me again and reached for the obvious bulge in my pants.

“Not so fast, big boy. It’s not a quicky that I’ve got in mind today” She said squeezing me, before breezing passed me. I followed eagerly. I entered the hallway, to see her climbing the stairs. I hurried to catch up, glancing upward I was treated to a perfect view up her skirt. My heart beat faster as I stopped to enjoy the view.

She seemed to slow, enjoying the show she was putting on for me and wiggled her ass more than was necessary. She disappeared, and I followed. Entering our bedroom, I saw her reaching for something in the cupboard. She pulled out a bunch of my neck ties and threw them onto the bed. Next, she turned to me, placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head toward the bed.

I grinned and strode toward her taking her in my arms again. I kissed her neck as she nuzzled against my ear.

“I need it bad Babe. I want you to tie me up. Do anything you want to me. Fuck me” She whispered seductively.

My pulse raced, I ran my fingers down her spine, grasped the zip and tugged hard. The top half of her dress sagged and I pulled the lose material free of her arms, exposing her full breasts. Her nipples were fully erect, and I knew for many previous experiences that as soon as I nibbled on one or other of those nubs she would go weak at the knees. I gently pushed her down onto the bed, and reached for a necktie. Quickly I fastened one of her wrists to the head board, then the other. Tying tight but comfortable knots.

Her breathing was now rapid and coming in gasps as I ran my fingers over her exposed chest, carefully avoiding her swollen nipples. Unable to move her arms, she squirmed her hips.

“Oh god don’t tease me, just fuck me! Get you fat cock inside me! Please baby, please!” She begged. She knew how to turn me on, but I was feeling in control and I enjoyed seeing her submissive to me. I grabbed her hips, under her skirt. Searching for the thin waistband of her tiny thong; I pulled. She raised her hips and the delicate underwear slid easily over her ass and down her legs. Extracting it from her feet, I reached for another tie and bound her ankle to the bed footer. Binding the second ankle, I looked down at my sexy wife spread wide before me.

Her dress was bunched around her waist, her breasts were heaving and I could see more than perspiration glistening on her thighs. I flipped the short dress up, uncovering her open pussy. I wanted nothing more than to plunge my tongue into her, and hurriedly began to undress.

“Wait! Blindfold me!” She moaned.

Searching the headboard I saw her sleep mask and quickly slipped it over her eyes, making sure it was secure. I finished undressing and stood over her, my proud erection throbbing to my beating heart.

I lowered myself next to her head and nudged my tip against her parted lips. She eagerly turned her head and took me past her moist lips. My wife gives a wonderful blowjob. We both Kıbrıs Escort get off on oral sex, but somehow seeing her so submissive gave us both an extra kick. She gasped as she licked and kissed my swollen crown. I held back from touching her, letting her anticipation build whilst she began to suckle me. A warm pleasure crept over me. I gently pushed my cock further into her eager mouth. She used her tongue to bath the underside of my straining shaft, and began to rock her head back on forth slightly.

I kept still and gave her control over the tempo. Soon she began to bob her head faster, her face and chest blushing red and she groaned around my cock. She pulled her face as far back as she could and my cock popped free, a strand of saliva connecting us.

“Touch me!! Touch me!!” she begged breathlessly. “Please baby! Please!”

I was so hot for my wife right then; I slid my cock against her lips again and mused that I had been an idiot to cheat on her. I saw her willingness to please me, the sick feeling of guilt washed over me. It was then that I resolved to stop this madness with Abby and pay my wife the attention and love that she deserved.

I must have wilted slightly, as she sucked me with renewed energy. I withdrew my semi erect tip from her and bent to kiss her. I ran my hand over her sides and cupped her breasts gently. I slowly stroked her nipples. Our kiss deepened and became a series of long passionate kisses. As I worked her nipples, pinching and rolling them, she sighed, moaned and gasped into my open mouth.

Our tongues twirled and I felt my manhood rise again. Our kisses turned to pants of desire and I rubbed my body against hers. I trailed a hand down to her spread legs. She jerked her hips upwards, desperately seeking my touch. I was in a sexual haze; my desire was ruling my entire body and mind. I couldn’t wait any longer and ran my finger through her folds. I immediately encountered her warmth. Her pussy was slick and I sank a finger into her easily. She gave a throaty groan into my mouth. I quickly pulled it out, gathering some of her juice and spread it around her clit. It was like an electric bolt raced through her. She arched her back and thrust her hips upward. Breaking our kisses, she moaned in sexual relief.

“YESSS!!! OH MY GOD YES!!” She yelled. “That’s it, right there. Oh, fuck I need to cum so bad” She groaned.

In truth I didn’t need to do much, I curled my fingertip, flicking and rubbing her sensitive nub. But her hips jerked and thrashed and the majority of the stimulation she got was from her own movement. I shifted and fed her my now fully erect cock again. She gasped as she took it in her mouth and sucked hard. I continued to play with her clit. The blush on her chest deepened and her cheeks flushed. She was approaching orgasm fast. Faster than I’d seen her before. After only a few seconds, her whole body went rigid. She held her breath, her body trembling. Then with a great explosion, she came. Her hips slammed onto the bed and a sudden single stream gushed from her quivering pussy, arching over the sheets and splattering between her feet. I’d never seen her squirt before. I didn’t even know she could do that. I watched in awe as she wailed and thrashed against her bonds, her orgasm crashing over her again and again. Every time I touched, stroked or caressed her, she tensed and another small orgasmic wave crested.

Finally, she seemed to come down slightly, I bent to kiss her again, my raging hard on brushing her side.

“Fuck me” she mumbled.

“Do you want me to untie you?” I asked.

“NO!” she replied sharply. “It’s so hot” she continued quietly.

I shifted my body off the bed to move between her legs. As I did, I noticed a shadow by the door. I glanced up sharply. Abby leaned in the doorway, hand over her mouth, biting down hard. Her other hand was wedged inside her leggings, her fingers clearly busy inside her panties. I stared at her uncomprehending. Abby stared back into my eyes, and squeezed her legs tight together, a wave of pleasure washed over her face.

My mouth went dry and my head reeled. The sheer wrongness of letting our daughter watch us fuck sent a perverted thrill through me.

“Please!! Please! Fuck me. I need it soooooo bad, fuck my pussy, I’m so hot for you!” Wailed my wife. My desire throbbed and pulsed. What the hell was going on?! My wife had never been hot like this before, but just recently, she’d had a sexual need that seemed to match mine and Abby’s.

I gave in. Rubbing my engorged head against her slick folds, I plunged inside her with one smooth stroke. My testis came to rest against her ass as I came to rest, deep inside her. We both let out a loud groan of satisfaction. Her tunnel gripped and caressed my shaft, I unable to contain myself and began to pump her fast and hard.

“Fuck! You’re dripping wet!”

“OHHH GOD!! FUCK MY CUNT!” She screamed. Whoa, this was new, she hated that word. She could be dirty when the mood took her, Lefkoşa Escort but she’d never said that during sex before.

“Treat me like a slut” she growled as I pumped her harder.

Her pussy rippled and gushed. Wetness soaked my shaft and balls, whilst it ran down her crack to seep into the bed sheets. The slapping of our bodies together filled the room.

“Oh baby, I’m not going to last long” I gasped, trying to hold back my impending orgasm.

“FILL MY CUNT. FILL YOUR SLUT’S CUNT UP WITH YOUR HOT CREAM!” She bellowed. Her face and chest flushed crimson.

“Oh my god. Get ready slut, get ready to take all my cum deep in your cunt.” I hissed. Suddenly I felt a presence behind me. Abby’s hand reached under my ass and gently squeezed my balls. Another hand slipped two fingers into my mouth, I greedily sucked her sticky digits. Her pussy tasted wonderful, and it was too much to bear. With a great groan I jerked my hips forward, slamming into my bound and blindfolded wife. I held still for a blissful second before the world seemed to explode. My mind turned to mush and I convulsed as a powerful orgasm ripped through me. I was so unaware of what else was going on I failed to notice the thrashing orgasm that my wife was having under me.

I pumped shot after shot into my wife. I yelled in pure ecstasy, straining to plant my seed deep into the woman below me, whilst Abby caressed my testicles. I nearly blacked out, and fell backward, slipping from the well-used pussy. The roaring in my ears subsided and I heard my wife’s ragged gasps, as her own orgasm subsided. Her sweat glistening body shook, as the aftershocks cascaded through her and she lolled her head to the side in exhaustion.

I sat in a heap on the floor, gasping for breath. I glanced around, aware again of my surroundings. Abby was staring transfixed as my wife’s swollen and gaping pussy. A thin trickle of cum was slowly dripping toward her ass.

I could barely move, let alone stop her. As if in a trance she edged forward till she knelt silently on the bed. Abby leaned in till she was close, she seemed to be breathing in the scent of sex. My wife appeared asleep or at least resting, after the earth-shattering orgasm she’d just finished.

I panicked, afraid of what may happen next. Afraid of discovery. But if I pulled Abby away, my wife was sure to know that we weren’t alone. I tried to grab Abby by the ankle, to restrain her, but it was too late. Tentatively, Abby jutted her chin out, and dipped her tongue in the thin stream of semen. Inevitably she made contact with her mother’s pussy. This seemed to give my wife a small electric shock, she gasped quietly.

I pleaded with Abby silently, but clearly my attempts at Extra Sensory Perception were not working. Abby looked thoughtful, jutted her chin forward slightly and flicked her tongue out again. She gave her mother a long swipe with her tongue making the bound woman sigh and shudder.

Inexpertly, Abby ran her tongue deeper into my wife used pussy, collecting more of our spent orgasmic juices.

Dread ran through me as I watched, paralysed, afraid to make the slightest move in case I gave the game away. Yet Abby was oblivious, entranced with her Mum’s cunt, licking and probing with her tongue. Before long there was no more of my cum left. Abby then settled on her clit, flicking the sensitive bud over and over. My wife was panting by now, in and out of consciousness, weariness battling against the sheer pleasure coming from the oral ministrations. After all the years married to her, I knew she was close to orgasm. The flush was creeping across her chest again and her hips were shaking, whilst her pelvis gyrated. Abby kept up the rhythm, having found her sweet spot.

With a strangled cry, my wife’s body tensed, her hips jerked into Abby mouth. Abby locked her lips to her mother’s clitoris and rode through the orgasm. My wife was spent of energy, and let the climax wash over her. It was too much for her and she went completely limp.

I came to life at that moment, I grasped Abby by the shoulder and pulled her roughly away from my unconscious wife. She looked dazed, her mouth and chin were dripping with juice, she leaned into me and lifted her chin toward me as though to kiss me. I pushed her roughly away, disgusted with her and myself. I strode to the bed in quick bounds, checking my wife breathing and quickly unfastening her bonds.

Bringing her arms down, I made her comfortable. Her eyelids fluttered and I placed a kiss on her forehead. Exhaustion claiming her, she mumbled and surrendered to sleep. Laying next to her, I found sleep difficult to come by and lay staring at the ceiling, my cock was rock hard again, but my mind troubled by the events I let happen.


I didn’t see Abby Leave the room. I was so pissed at her. I had no intention of letting Abby try to coerce her mother into the same fucked up relationship I had with her.

I actively avoided Abby for the next few days, waiting for my wife to go out and leave me some time with Abby.

I waited for the house to go quiet, Abby was in her room, sulking, as I’d paid her no attention. I pushed her door open and stood in the doorway, trying to look as stern as possible.

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