How I Became my Sister’s Sub

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This is a lesbian story, but it is also much more. It involves control and punishment, submission and obedience. It involves incest, and anal penetration. It involves sex with both women and men, as well as gang bangs and forced sex. If you find these beyond your comfort zone, read no further. I do not include these themes for any reason other than that as these events happened to me, I feel compelled to record them. All these stories posted under my name in this site are journal entries of the sexual adventuring of my life. If you enjoy this entry, you might also like some of the other journal entries I mention in cross-reference in this story.


This is the story of my sister Maria. She is the youngest of us four children, with my two brothers older than I, and she 5 years younger. At the time of the events I am about to tell you about I was 28 and she was 23. Much like myself, both growing up in a strict and deeply religious Italian family, she also felt the pull of the Convent and the sacred duty of being a nun. Also, like myself, she became as nun in her late teens.

Growing up younger than I she always seemed very envious and jealous of me. She claimed that I was daddy’s favorite, and that I always got all the attention from the teachers at school, and that I had more friends than her. She would eventually mature into a very pretty and shapely girl, with a slender build and well developed breasts. But as girls I developed before she did as the older sister, and she resented that my breasts remained always larger than hers. She always seemed to be in some kind of competition to have hers grow to be larger than mine, which they never did. This was a point of contention with her and she frequently accused me of flaunting my breasts to draw attention to myself, and that this was the only reason I was more popular than her.

Her anger toward me tended to draw us apart, and though I cared for her as my sister, we were never close. She resided at a convent a few hours drive from where I lived, and though we never visited each other over the years that she was there we did maintain contact. One morning my sister called me and was crying hysterically. She said that she had got herself into a great deal of trouble at the Convent and didn’t know what to do. I calmed her by saying that I would get in my car and come see her immediately. Within a few hours I was at the Convent. Signing it, I returned with my still shaking sister to her room. Typical for a nun, it was sparse, with a bed, a table and chair, and a closet and bureau for her few personal possessions. Giving her a hug to calm her dawn I asked her to slowly and carefully explain to me what all this trouble was that she felt that she had gotten herself into.

With hesitation she explained that she had her first sexual encounter at the convent with one of the other nuns. When new nuns arrived at the convent sometimes they would share double rooms with the more experienced nuns to help them understand the rules and expectations of their new profession. She had been paired with a young new nun named Jocelyn who she said had just turned 18 and who was very shy. She said that she was also very pretty. Looking down at the floor Maria said that she had often found other women to be attractive, but resisted the urge to explore these feeling further. But this girl she explained was so beautiful, so petite, and so meek that she could not deny her feelings toward her.

Maria said that she would watch as the girl got dressed each day, caressing her slender legs with her eyes, noticing how soft and flat her belly was, and how firm her young butt and small breasts appeared through her underwear. The girl was too shy to remove her bra and panties in front of Maria and my sister said that she found this to be a great tease, and that she spend long hours playing with herself imaging what Jocelyn looked like naked. Maria said that she would also lie in bed at night fingering herself imagining that Jocelyn was licking her between her legs.

When she got dressed and undressed each day, Maria said she would deliberately do so when her roommate was in the room, and she would take her time, deliberately revealing her body to the girl. She would get completely naked before her, hoping that this would inspire Jocelyn to do likewise. She said that the girl never did get naked when undressing, but Maria said that she did notice that Jocelyn would seem to stare at Maria’s naked body when she though Maria wasn’t noticing.

Maria said that they had a shower facility, where individual stalls were available, but also a group shower area existed. I said that I remembered a similar arrangement at my own convent. Typically Jocelyn showered in a private stall, too shy to let the older nun’s see her nude. But one day when no one else was using the shower room my sister said that she suggested to Jocelyn in the changing room that they shower together in the common area where they could discuss the plans for the day ahead. Beşevler Rus Escort The girl was reserved but Maria said she gently teased her, telling her it was just nudity and that there was no need for her to be so shy. At this prompt Maria disrobed and stood before the girl completely naked. “You see,” she explained to the girl, “just skin, no big deal. Come join me in the shower.” At this Maria went to the shower area, started 2 showers and started to lather herself, waiting to see if the girl would follow.

Sure enough, in a few minutes, she spied the young girl come walking into the area. She was completely nude but kept her hands positioned in front of her groin. Maria pretended not to notice and did not pay her any special attention when she joined her under the adjacent shower head. After a while of watching the slender curves of the girl, Maria offered to help her wash when she noticed the girl struggling to reach the small of her back. Without waiting for a response Maria said she started to wash the girls back with her washcloth. Jocelyn said nothing and did not resist, so Maria continued to wash Jocelyn. She washed her entire back, feeling the softness of her flesh.

She then ran her hands down over Jocelyn’s hips and with her bare hand lathered Jocelyn’s bum. She said that her ass was divine, soft as a baby’s skin, firm and round. With Jocelyn not responding but simply standing frozen in place, my sister’s nerve grew stronger, and kneeling down she began to wash Jocelyn’s legs. Starting with her calves, she worked her hands up her thighs, lathering first the outside, and then the inside of her legs. Maria said that she had such dainty and slender legs and that she found her own pussy getting wet as she explored her roommate’s soft white flesh. Maria let her one hand slide up between Jocelyn’s thighs, lathering her up until her hand make contact with her vagina. This made Jocelyn flinch and her legs to collapse a little. But Jocelyn kept her composure and remained standing in place.

Rising back to her feet Maria explained that with Jocelyn still standing with her back to Maria, she decided to explore this young girls body even further. Lathering her arms Maria told Jocelyn that she had a pretty little body, to which there was no response. Maria then placed her two arms around Jocelyn under her own arms, and began to wash her tummy. As she made circles on Jocelyn’s belly with her two hands to lather her nicely, Maria began to kiss the back of Jocelyn’s neck. In response Jocelyn pulled her long brown hair to the side, offering my sister better access to her entire neck. Maria said that now she knew that she had control of Jocelyn and continuing to kiss her neck she raised her hands to cup Jocelyn’s tiny breasts.

Letting out only a slight moan, Jocelyn did not resist my sister’s advances, and let Maria fondle her breasts and tease her nipples as she pleased. Maria said that Jocelyn had very erect nipples and that she could not resist pinching and pulling on them, which only made Jocelyn moan more as she legs started to quiver and shake. Maria said that she continued to kiss Jocelyn’s neck and whispered in her ear that she thought that Jocelyn was a very pretty girl, with a very nice body, a very sexy ass, and very pretty little tits. As she uttered these words she also gave Jocelyn’s nipples each a good squeeze, which made Jocelyn moan out loudly and her knees to collapse.

Maria said that she could not resist the urge to tease her new toy further and turning Jocelyn around and staring in her wide open eyes took Jocelyn’s hands into her own. Lathering them up, she then placed Jocelyn’s palms upon her own breasts. “Now you clean me.” She said. She watched as Jocelyn shyly started to slowly explore her own much larger breasts. As Jocelyn’s courage grew she began to caress Maria’s breasts more vigorously, while her eyes were transfixed staring at my sisters breasts in her hands. Deciding to tease her play toy further Maria explained that she asked the girl “Do you like my breasts?” Jocelyn nodded her head without looking up. “Do you like playing with my tits?” She inquired further.

“Yes.” Jocelyn responded, again without breaking her gaze upon Maria’s breasts.

“Did you like me playing with your little tits?” Maria asked.

Looking up and meeting my sister’s eyes, Jocelyn replied “Yes.”

“I think my boobs are clean now Jocelyn. But my pussy needs a good cleaning.” And pushing Jocelyn’s hands down to her crotch Maria ordered “Clean my pussy now Jocelyn.” Maria said that Jocelyn continued to stare into her eyes as she permitted her fingers to explore Maria’s bush and pussy. Maria said that she had never been with a man, was still a virgin, and had never had any other person touch her in her private area before. Now this girl’s fingers were freely exploring her sopping wet pussy.

Jocelyn rubbed Maria’s clit, and ran her finger up and down her slit, Cebeci Rus Escort sliding her hands over her labia and teasing her vaginal opening with the end of her finger. Maria said she started to moan uncontrollably and in an effort to stifle her cries laid a deep kiss upon Jocelyn’s lips. Jocelyn joined her willingly in the lip embrace, the first my sister said that she ever shared with another woman. Without thinking my sister said she then shoved her own hand down toward Jocelyn’s pussy, and the two were soon fingering each other’s bodies with ecstatic zeal as their tongues danced together in each other’s mouths.

But suddenly their moment of passion was shattered by the voice of someone else in the room. Looking up they saw that the Mother Superior was standing there, glaring at them hostilely. Breaking apart their embrace the two women stood silent and naked before the Mother Superior, staring down at their feet. “I expect to see each of you in my office in 5 minutes.” Is all that she said and then turning, promptly left the room. My sister and Jocelyn new that they were in big trouble and dressing without speaking a word approached the Mother Superior’s office door together. Knocking and entering they again stood before the older lady with their heads hung low staring at their feet. Locking the door behind them, the Mother Superior chided them deeply, saying that such behavior was not permissible. She said that each girl must either submit to severe punishment for their actions, or will be dismissed from the school. Maria and Jocelyn each agreed to accept the punishment.

The Mother Superior went to her desk and withdrew a long leather strap from a drawer. Approaching the girls she ordered them to strip. Shocked, Maria said that she had not expected this. The Mother Superior said in a harsh tone “Well you sure did not seem to mind being naked when you were forcing your fingers into this young girls sacred area, did you!”

With this each woman stripped completely naked. The Mother Superior looked them each up and down and walked slowly around them, inspecting their bodies with her eyes. As she passed by my sister she whipped her ass cheek hard with the belt, causing her to yelp. Standing before Jocelyn the Mother Superior reach up and seizing upon one of her nipples pulled it very firmly away from her chest. Jocelyn let out a cry of pain. “So you like your nipples being pulled do you, you little Jezebel.” The Mother Superior said. Then standing before Maria and reaching down the Mother Superior grabbed a fist full of Maria’s pubic hair and yanked up on it firmly, causing my sister to scream out. “And you like your sacred area to be played with by other girls do you, you little tramp.” the Mother Superior noted. “Bend over my desk now, both of you.” She then commanded. Maria said that she and Jocelyn obeyed and stood before the desk, each bent over it on their elbows.

The Mother Superior, standing behind each in turn, then began to deliver severe lashings to each of the women’s exposed rears. Telling them that sluts and whores would not be tolerated in her convent, she struck repeatedly on each girl’s ass cheeks with her belt, causing them to scream out in pain. Unconcerned with their level of suffering and screams the Mother Superior continued to deliver stiff firm lashings until each girls bums were completely red and burning. When she finally stopped Maria said that she assumed the punishment was complete. But she was to be sorely disappointed. The Mother Superior told each girl to turn around and sit their slutty asses on her desk and face her. She told each to repeat the words “I will not be a skanky slut”, and as Maria and then Jocelyn said the words the Mother Superior used the belt to whip at their breasts and ordered them to repeat the words again. Over and over their breasts were spanked and the words repeated until the women cried openly and pleaded for the Mother Superior to stop.

Stop she did, saying that they had received 2 out of 3 of their mandatory punishments. She then ordered them each to lay down upon her table and spread their legs wide. Hesitantly each girl did as ordered and laying their backs on the hard surface spread their legs, exposing their bare vagina’s to the Mother Superior view. And she explained “Now, with each lashing you receive, I want you to repeat the phrase ‘I deserve this punishment. I promise not to be a slut anymore.’ and once you do, ask me to spank your dirty cunt again.” Maria said she was shocked to hear these words uttered by the Mother Superior, but before she could dwell on the thought, the first lashing came down firmly upon her pussy. She said that she had never felt such pain before in her life and the leather belt stung her labia, and she screamed out. But the Mother Superior reminded her to repeat the words.

“I deserve this punishment. I promise not to be a slut anymore.” My sister said.

“And?” said the Mother Superior.

“Mother Kolej Rus Escort Superior please spank my dirty cunt again.”

With these words the Mother Superior did exactly this, and Maria repeated the words again and again, having her vagina whipped and spanked over and over until it burned severely. My sister said that she could not keep herself from crying loudly and constantly. Finally the Mother Superior said that this was enough for her and turned toward Jocelyn. But Jocelyn started crying desperately before receiving the whip and begged to be let go. “Then you are dismissed. Get out of my convent and out of my sight you nasty little trollip.” the Mother Superior said. And with these words Jocelyn jumped up and getting dressed ran quickly from the room.

Maria said that the Mother Superior told her she could now get up and get dressed but that she expected her to return each week for further punishment until she felt that she had beaten the slut out of her. She also warned her that if she was not convinced of her slutty nature being removed that the severity of the punishment would continue to increase.

True to her word, Maria said the punishments did get more severe with each passing week. The Mother Superior would make Maria get naked and whip her butt, her boobs and her pussy each week. But her punishment also became crueler. She tied my sister to her desk so that she could not move. She would pinch her clit and make her admit she was a whore. She would shove a folded sock into her mouth so that she could not scream out. She lashed my sister’s feet to the desk frame so she could not close her legs. She brought out a banana from her desk and showing it to my sister said that she was going to fuck the devil out of her.

My sister begged her not to do it as she was still a virgin but without any further ado she oiled the banana and shoved it into Maria’s vagina. Maria screamed and cried but to no avail, and after some minutes of being fucked by the banana the Mother Superior withdrew it from her sore pussy and showed her the trail of blood on the banana. “Not a virgin any more, slut.” the Mother Superior said and laughed. Maria explained that two weeks later the Mother Superior then also took the virginity of her ass in the same way. Maria said that she had a difficult time sitting on the hard wooden prayer benches because her pussy and ass hurt so much from the weekly lashings and fucking’s. She said the Mother Superior would also come to her room sometimes through the week to dispense additional spankings, saying the devil was still in her cunt and that she had to whip it out.

Maria said that she called me because the Mother Superiors cruelty had reached a new level in the last two weeks and Maria didn’t think that she could take any more of it. She said that the Mother Superior had acquired a large strap-on penis, and was forcing Maria to be fucked with this. She said the Mother Superior would wear it under her robe without panties on and then put my sister’s head under her robe while she squatted on the ground. She would then command my sister to alternate between sucking the head of her cock and eating her bare pussy. Maria explained that the Mother Superior’s pussy was the only one she had ever licked, and that this was certainly not the way she had wanted it to happen. Once the Mother Superior had an orgasm from having her pussy licked she would order my sister over the desk and pussy fuck her and ass fuck her with the strap on until Maria cried.

I could barely believe the story that my sister was telling me. I found myself questioning her honesty, thinking she maybe had made all this up. But just then there was a knock on the door and a heard the voice of a woman ordering Maria to unlock her door. “My God,” Maria whispered, “That is her. Please, hide in the closet, and don’t say anything, no matter what happens.” Through the crack in the door I saw Maria unlock and open the door and the Mother Superior step in, locking the door behind her.

“What have you been up to?” She demanded.

“Nothing at all, Mother Superior.” Maria answered, cowering in the corner.

“And why don’t I believe you, you little slut.” the Mother Superior replied. “Now, you little lying whore, strip naked so I can punish you for your continually wicked ways.”

I watched in anticipation as my sister disrobed. Removing her robe, she then also removed her bra, shoes, and stepped out of her panties. I noticed that my sister had a very nice body. Her figure was trim, her belly flat, and her breasts had grown to be much larger than I recall when we were growing up. She did not attain her goal of having her breasts as large as mine, but they were a good sized D cup. The Mother Superior seized one of her breasts firmly and squeezed it hard in her hand, making my sisters face flinch. “On your knees slut!” She commanded. My sister obediently dropped to her knees and approaching her the Mother Superior lifted her robe over her hips. Just as my sister had said, there she stood with a large strap-on tied around her. The big black penis shaped piece of plastic hung down over her untrimmed and bushy pubic hair. Lifting the penis with one hand while holding up her robe with the other she ordered Maria to put it in her mouth. Leaning forward I watched as my sister began to suck on the large black plastic penis.

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