How I Gave in to Temptation

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I am writing this as a warning to young college professors who may be tempted to succumb to the temptations that female students create. I failed my family, my profession, and myself. This is my story.

I graduated with my Ph. D. in history from a prestigious university at age 29; one of the youngest Ph. Ds ever graduated from the university in a non-science field. There were many job offers and I accepted one at a state university that offered me the most money and greatest chance for promotion.

Within three years I had published my first book-cannibalizing my Ph. D. dissertation, and four articles, three of which represented new research, the fourth was a sort of abstract of the main points of my dissertation. I was a workaholic.

I had married my college sweetheart and by the time I was thirty-five had three children, all beautiful daughters. My wife was an attractive woman who preferred to stay home and mother our girls rather than work, using the degree she had earned in Special Education.

While I had made a reputation for myself academically the money I had expected did not materialize. The state was short of funds and was cutting all budgets. This did not set well with my wife, who reminded me almost daily that I should have taken a job at a private university.

I taught a massive introduction to social science course via television; 2500 students in all. This was a major enterprise, which required me to tape lectures, incorporate a variety of visual materials, and in every way possible make the course interesting to my students.

Unfortunately I was competing with commercial television with its fifteen-minute segments, professional actors, and sexy plot lines and lots of tits and ass. The end result was that my wife had become a shrew and many of my students found my class boring.

The one consolation was that I was also teaching a graduate level class in my chosen field of history; the Civil War. This was a small class, never exceeding six students. Because of the small size I had them meet with me once a week in my home.

We had bought a house when we moved to the city in which the university was located and discovered only after we closed the deal that the low price was because the house was in a transition zone-meaning people of color were buying into the neighborhood which cause white flight.

We were mortgaged to the hilt but had a lovely home. My large study accommodated my students and I delighted in meeting with them on a weekly basis. My wife, on the other hand, disliked the situation and made no secret of her unhappiness. What pissed her off especially was that I served tea and cookies during the class.

You get the picture? A complaining wife who gave me no rest, a back breaking teaching load, little chance for big money in the near term, a house we could not sell because of the bigotry that existed. I was in the perfect position to destroy myself.

It all came to a head one fall semester. A female student kept calling me toward the end of the semester, keeping me on the line with silly questions. My wife accused me of having an affair with the student.

She would scream at me when the phone rang; “Why is this bitch calling you at home? Don’t you see enough of her at school or wherever it is that you fuck her?”

It was impossible. Our sex life went to zero because she said I was getting plenty from a certain co-ed. Life was pure hell with my wife. I tried to placate her by getting her a used car and letting her have Saturday off while I took care of the children and this helped some, but she was still the screaming bitch she had become.

I was going out of my mind and should have recognized the signs but then I would not be writing this. It began when the female student who had been calling me made an appointment to talk with me about her grade.

My cock was hard the second Shelia, Shelia Logan was her name, came in the door. She smiled at me, her small, sexy tongue licking along her soft full lips. Posing a moment at the door, I heard her push the lock into place.

I had not been this excited sexually since my honeymoon. The sight of this young girl, her skirt so short I could almost see her panties, a blouse cut so low I could see almost to her nipples, and the sensuous way she walked, no minced, to the seat by the side of my desk almost had me hyperventilating.

She crossed her legs very slowly when she sat down and her panties, that tiny little band that barely covered her pussy lips, was in full view. I licked ankara escort my lips as I stared at her crotch, imagining the soft, warm pussy behind this bit of nylon.

She leaned forward as she began to speak and I was now looking down her blouse. I had to swallow the drool that almost escaped my mouth at the sight of the softly rounded curve of her beautiful teen breasts. I had to ask her to repeat her question. My hands were shaking when I found her name in my printout to check on her grade.

She pleaded with me to help her improve her grade. I explained to her the techniques I knew would help but knew we were going to improve her grade by something other than her studying.

When she put her hand on my thigh and leaned forward, her thighs open, I knew it was all over. I could see that she was stimulated; her panties were glistening from her precum and her nipples stood out against the thin cloth of her blouse like ripe strawberries, hard and pointed and ready.

Her boldness startled me. It was as if she knew I was unable to resist her. I just sat thee dumbly as she caressed my thigh, sliding her hand upward until she was rubbing my hard cock through my pants. Of course I could have stopped her.

I’m six feet and weigh 180 pounds and it is mostly muscle. I was on the swim team in high school and college and sweim every day even today. It is one way to get my wife’s voice out of my head

But I did not stop her. I sat there watching as if I was seeing a film in slow motion; as if it was happening to someone else and I was just an observer. Her hand pressing on my hard cock belied this, but this was the image in my mind. It was happening to me and there was nothing I could do about it.

She smiled broadly as her hand stroked my hardon, her tongue moistening her sexy mouth. Still smiling, she stood and removed her panties. In one swift motion she had my pants unzipped and my throbbing cock out and in her warm hand. Straddling me she ran the head of my cock over her wet slit and then her hot, grasping, moist, tight, God how tight, pussy was wrapped around my cock.

Her hands lifted her blouse over her head and then went to the back of my head, pulling my mouth to her full, firm, teen breasts and those delicious hard ripe nipples.

I closed my eyes and let her fuck me, my mouth full of her breasts, my hands fondling the one not in my mouth. She cooed to me how wonderful it felt to have me inside her and how hot I made her by sucking on her tits.

I can hear her voice now: “Yes, baby, suck on mommy’s tits, lick and suck her nipples.” And I did feel like a child suckling at her breasts, loving the feel of her taut nipples sliding in and out of my mouth, the softness of her teen skin pressed to my face. God it was wonderful.

I was so turned on I shot off in just minutes and felt disappointed that it was over so fast. I wanted to feel her tight pussy around my cock forever. To my surprise and delight, she used that wonderful tight teen pussy to get me hard again and fucked me again and then a third time. I had not gotten off three times ever in my life and felt more turned on than I had ever been turned on in my life.

When she asked if her grade had been improved I just nodded, unable to speak. She cleaned herself and my cock with tissue. When she saw the way I was staring at her panties as she began to put them on. She gave me a saucy grin and handed them to me.

She kissed me lightly as she did, telling me, “Something to remember me by.”

I sat in my chair for an hour after she left, replaying every minute of what had happened. There was a sandwich baggie in my desk and I put her panties in it. The office smelled of sex, of her pussy and our cum and I just sat there inhaling it and reliving the feel of her pussy and tits.

I drove home late, reluctant to open the door, knowing I would be assaulted by my wife’s shrill voice complaining about something; telling me how mischievous the girls had been, that there was not enough money, and when was I going to mow the lawn, and on and on. It was always money. There was never enough.

And now, after the delightful sex I had just had, I found her absolutely insufferable. I fought back verbally and this shocked her. I had always taken her abuse without responding and the way I lashed back at her actually managed to get her to shut her mouth.

We ate dinner in silence. The sight and feel of Shelia’s tits in my mouth and the feel of her hot, tight, teen pussy around my cock filled my mind. What my wife was escort ankara thinking I did not know and I did not care.

I prepared the children for bed and after they I had read them a story and tucked them in I went to my study. All I could think of was Shelia and her tight pussy and firm tits. I tried to work on my latest research project but was unable to concentrate. Neither Norma, my bitch of a wife, nor I spoke when I came to bed.

We ate in silence the next morning. The only words we spoke were when she handed me my lunch and I thanked her for it. When I got to the office I locked myself in and took out Shelia’s panties.

I held them close to my nose and smelled them, filling my nostrils with the scent of her sexuality. Tentatively, I kissed the little band, still wet with her precum and then sucked it into my mouth, savoring the taste of her. I had never eaten pussy, though I had begged my wife to let me. The taste of Shelia made me wild to eat her pussy.

My pants were unzipped and my cock was in my hand before I knew it. I jacked off into some tissue and put Shelia’s panties away. I managed to get through the day somehow and was horny as hell when I got home.

I hugged and kissed Norma and took her into our bedroom and fucked her as soon as I got home. I got off and there was pleasure in my orgasm, but Norma was no substitute for Shelia. Norma’s pussy, stretched after three pregnancies and ten years of fucking was no comparison to Shelia’s tight, hot, teen pussy.

I helped with dinner and the children and worked in my study until time to go to bed. Still horny, I fucked my wife again, which startled both of us.

A week went by this way; me jacking off each morning thinking of eating out Shelia and then fucking my wife silly every night. I was going out of my gourd. A few days before finals I gave up fighting and called Shelia.

She seemed surprised to hear from me. I told her I wanted to help her earn a better grade and I felt my face redden at the way she laughed when I told her this. She did, however, agree to meet me that afternoon.

I felt like such a fool, an idiot, a demented nut sniffing after her young body but could not control myself. I needed her and was sure she would let me eat her pussy. She had been so uninhibited when we had sex I was sure she would enjoy being eaten out.

She was almost naked when I got to the apartment she shared with her sister and we went into her bedroom immediately. I pulled off my clothes. When she sat on the bed, leaning back, resting her body on her elbows, her thighs open I went for her. I fell to my knees between her open thighs and kissed her crotch.

“Oh,” she giggled, “Baby is hungry for mommy’s pussy. Has baby been thinking of mommy’s pussy in his face all week?”

I didn’t care that she was laughing at me. I just wanted to feel and taste and smell her pussy; her warm, moist, sensual, teen sex. I wanted to feel her climax, to feel her cum in my mouth. I was out of my mind with hunger for her pussy.

She put her hands behind my head and held my mouth to her pussy, telling me, “Yes, baby, eat mommy’s pussy. Make mommy cum in baby’s mouth. Mommy loves having you lick and suck her pussy.”

And I did. I could not believe how good it felt to have my mouth on her. I sucked her rubbery outer lips into my mouth, licking at them all over, inside and out. It felt so good to have them in my mouth, to taste her precum juices. She took my hands and put them to her tits and I squeezed and fondled them as I licked and sucked at her pussy.

I almost came when she put a finger on her clit as I sucked and licked her pussy lips. “That feels so good,” she whispered as she fucked at my face with her pussy. She pressed her thighs against my cheeks, one hand behind my head, holding my face to her pussy, a finger on her clit, her hips moving back and foth, fucking at my mouth and tongue.

I shoved my tongue between her lips and it was so exciting to feel my tongue slide into her warm, moist, tight vagina that I was afraid I would cum. My cock was jerking and dripping as I shoved my tongue in and out of her. When she climaxed her thighs tightened against my cheeks and her hand behind my head pulled me so tightly against her spasming pussy I thought I was going to pass out from lack of air.

When her body came down from her orgasming high her thighs flopped open and she let out a sigh, cooing to me how nice it felt to be tonguefucked and how much she liked fucking my face.

I was so excited my entire ankara escort bayan body was trembling. I sucked on her pussy, pulling her cum out of her. It felt like honey and tasted like nothing I had ever experienced before. I drank it down and gobbled at her pussy. “Ohhhh. Baby like’s mommy’s cum,” she whispered, and then giggled as she ran a thigh across my cheek. “Here’s more of mommy for baby.”

My eyes closed, I began to kiss her thigh and then I had an overwhelming desire to kiss and lick her legs and feet. I wanted to know what it felt like to suck on her toes, to kiss and lick all of her. And I did. And if felt marvelous.

When I finished sucking on her toes I kissed and licked and sucked my way back to her pussy.

“Does baby want more of mommy’s pussy?”

I just looked at her and nodded. God. She looked so sexy; her pert teen tits tipped with her erect red nipples, her flat teen tummy, and the soft silky pubic hair, all mesmerized me. I would have died for her that afternoon.

My mouth went to her lips and I kissed and sucked on them again and then ran my tongue upward until I found her clit. I was going to replace her finger with my mouth and tongue. She took in a sharp breath when my tongue touched her clit.

“Yeah, baby,” she told me. “That’s a boy. Lick and suck mommy’s clit. Make mommy cum.”

And I did. Damn. I mean, my God, did it ever feel good to have her clit in my mouth, sliding back and forth past my lips, my tongue licking at it. I loved the way she squeezed her soft yet firm teen thighs against my cheeks and ran her fingers through my hair as I sucked and licked her clit. I was in heaven.

I don’t know if you eat pussy or maybe haven’t and want to but I will tell you that there is nothing in this world like sucking on a clit and feeling the way a woman’s body responds.

In and out of my mouth went her clit, around and around it went my tongue and then I felt her orgasm swelling from her loins. She pressed her thighs more tightly against my cheeks and her hands went behind my head, holding me in an unbreakable grip. She shoved her pussy hard against my face and held it there as her body shuddered through her climax.

I felt so good, knowing it was my mouth, my tongue that was sending her spiraling out of sexual control into the outer regions of sexual satisfaction. If anything, this orgasm was more powerful than the previous.

When finally she released my head from the viselike grip of her thighs I cleaned out her cunt again, loving the feel and taste of her warm viscous cum sliding into my mouth and down my throat.

I kissed and licked at her thighs and pussy lips, kissed her mound of Venus, reveling in the feel of her silky soft pubic hair tickling my face. I couldn’t get enough of her. And so I went back to her clit and stayed between those lovely thighs for how long I do not know.

I just know that after she climaxed her hands pulled at my shoulders and she told me, “That’s enough, baby.It’s time to use what is between your legs. I want you inside me.”

And so I fucked her. As before I shot off almost immediately but she coaxed me into hardness twice more. It felt so good to fill her with my cum, to feel her hot, wet pussy grasping at, playing with, massaging my cock.

We showered after the last fuck and lay down on her bed. It was so exciting to be next to her, too exciting. I kissed and licked at an ear and her neck and then kissed and licked my way down her body until I was back with my mouth on her pussy.

She giggled when I began to kiss her ear. “Oh. You naughty boy. Hasn’t baby had enough?”

I had just begun to eat her out again when we heard the outer door to the apartment open. Shelia jumped out of bed and locked her bedroom door.

“My God. Look at the time? It’s my sister home from work. Get dressed.”

We rushed into our clothes and Shelia wiped my face with a towel. She introduced me to her sister. I doubt she believed Shelia when she told her I was tutoring her for her final exam. I was beyond caring at this point. I was disappointed that we had been interrupted. I made a date to see Shelia the next afternoon when she walked me to the door.

“But not all afternoon,” she told me. “I have to study for my other exams.”

So this is how I gave in to temptation. Shelia and I were lovers the four years she was in school. Shelia is married and has children but she comes back each year for homecoming and we have our own homecoming celebration.

I found out after Norma and I were divorced why she wanted a car. She was banging a man across town every Saturday afternoon while I took care of the girls.

Small world. Let my story be a warning to young professionals, especially teachers. Co-eds can be dangerous.

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