How I Got My Mother Pregnant

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My mother and I had been having sex for about a year. We had always been affectionate with each other, exchanging lots of kisses, hugs and cuddles, and once Dad was gone that affection increased and intensified. Over time, kisses became more passionate, and eventually turned into French kisses. Hugs became longer and more intense, and hands began to roam. Cuddles turned into something very much like make-out sessions. As they say, one thing led to another and we became lovers. Once we gave in to our desires, the affection in between sex sessions got more intense too. Kisses always became deep, passionate French kisses. Hugs and cuddling became full-on make out sessions with lots of groping — mom caressing my cock, me caressing her breasts and pussy, and oral teasing and pleasing as well. This all kept us in a high state of arousal, and led to us jumping each other multiple times a day, fucking in every room in the house! Mom had no problem with us sucking and fucking, but said it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to get pregnant by me, so we were careful to avoid that. We would use condoms when she was in the most fertile part of her cycle, and the rest of the time she would use foam or I would pull out.

Naturally, we loved it the most when we had no barrier between us and it was skin-on-skin. There were a few times when she was in the safest part of her cycle when we got so hot for each other that we even skipped the foam so we could get the full, natural experience of sex with each other, completely unprotected and ending with me cumming deep inside her. That drove both of us wild and gave us the biggest orgasms of all, knowing that there was a chance, even though it was a very small one, that I could get her pregnant. Those times in particular, and even at other times, we would tease each other, using the risk to get each other even hotter. (Even though Mom said it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to get her pregnant, the thought of it still turned us on!)

As I was getting ready to cum, I would moan that I was going to cum inside her and get her pregnant, or she would lock her legs around my waist, pulling me in deep and moaning for me to cum in her pussy and get her pregnant. Sometimes when she was at her most fertile and we used a condom, I would say things like “Just think, if that little piece of rubber breaks, all that hot cum is going to go deep inside your pussy and you’ll be pregnant by your own son!” She was just as bad, saying things like “If I feel that rubber break, I’m not going to be able to let you pull out. You’ve got me so hot, I’ll make you cum inside me and you’ll get your own mother pregnant!” Maybe all of that could be considered playing with fire, but then again maybe that’s why we got so hot!

As I said, we had been having sex for about a year, when I ended up having to go into the hospital. I didn’t realize that I had been born with a small hernia, and one day when I was moving something really heavy, I felt a sharp pain. I went to the doctor and she diagnosed the hernia, and said I was going to need surgery to have it repaired. She assured me that it was a very routine surgery and that everything would be fine. In fact, I would be in and out of the hospital the same day, although the recovery would take several weeks. This was not something either of us wanted to hear, since we knew that would mean no sex for a while, and we were used to having sex multiple times a day! But, there was no way around it, so we went ahead and scheduled the surgery. The doctor was answering all my questions about when I could return to normal activities, and so I went ahead and asked about sex. The Çeşme Escort doctor seemed mildly surprised that I would ask that in front of my mother, but never suspected that she was as interested in the answer as I was! We were both dismayed to hear that it was going to be at least a week before I would be in any shape for sex, and maybe longer depending on how the recovery went!

The surgery went really well, and when Mom got me home, she doted over me. Over the next week, she did everything she could to help me feel better. The first couple of days were pretty uncomfortable, but after that, I started feeling better. Mom decided that part of what she could do to help me was to provide proper motivation for me to recover quickly. To that end, she began wearing some of her normal revealing outfits again, and the affectionate kisses and caresses began to return. She didn’t want me to overdo it, but she wanted me turned on enough that I would have plenty of reason to want to get well fast. Suffice it to say, Mom may be the best motivator in history in that regard! As the days passed, she did as much as she could to keep me as turned on as possible. In the process, of course, she got equally turned on!

As we got close to a week after surgery, she was getting me close to the point of cumming, but then stopping, since we had no idea what the muscle contractions of orgasm would do to the areas that were healing. For my part, I hated the fact that Mom had to go without because I wasn’t able to do everything with her, so I encouraged her to masturbate. She went with my recommendation, but she made sure that I could watch her, so I got to enjoy it too! Naturally, as I felt better and better, I began to “help”. I would French kiss her, and lick and suck on her breasts as she played with her pussy. This drove me crazy too. We also used this as fuel for stoking our fantasies. As Mom caressed my cock and balls, she would say things like “Over a week without sex — you’re going to have so much cum stored up. If we’re not careful you’ll flood my pussy and get me pregnant.” I did too, with things like “I’m storing up so much cum for you, Mom. When I do get to fuck you again, I’m going to pump enough cum in you to get you pregnant 100 times over!”

At the one week mark, I had my follow up with the doctor, and she said everything looked good, but I needed to be careful, as I still had a lot of healing to do. The hernia had been a large one, so she recommend I wait til the 10 day mark before I did much more. Damn it! I didn’t want to push too hard though, lest I set myself back and it take even longer. That night, Mom and I both agreed that we would keep on as we had been, and give it a couple of additional days before we actually tried to have sex. We did, however, decide to go ahead with another “assisted” play session for Mom.

We began as we had been doing the last few nights. Mom pulled out her favorite vibrator, and started to play with her pussy as I kissed her passionately and licked and sucked on her breasts. It wasn’t long til Mom was cumming like crazy, alternately buzzing her vibrator over her clit and plunging it deep into her pussy. My cock was rock hard just from watching her, and the ache I was feeling had very little to do with the damn hernia repair! I decided I could do more and I moved her hand aside and began licking and sucking on her pussy. Mom was already cumming, and the changeover from her toy to mouth sent her into an even higher gear. She had several HUGE orgasms, each more powerful than the last. Finally, she couldn’t take any more and pulled me up to her and kissed me passionately, Çeşme Escort Bayan licking her cum off my face.

“Oh my God! That was incredible! It was SO good to have that beautiful mouth back on my pussy! I can’t wait til I can fuck you again!” She stroked my cock through my underwear as she said this.

“Me too, Mom!”

We kissed and cuddled, and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next night as we were getting started, Mom asked me if I was OK to lick her pussy again. I told her absolutely, so after a lot of deep and very passionate French kissing, she suggested that I lay on the bed with her straddling my head. This would give me a great view of her using her vibrator on her pussy, and would also give me easy access to lick and suck on it afterward. I thought both things sounded wonderful, so I lay down on the bed next to her, and she moved up and straddled my head, bringing her gorgeous pussy within inches of my face. I was going crazy with lust for her as I watched her work the vibrator over her clit, up and down her lips, and deep inside her pussy. Before long she was cumming repeatedly, and her juices were dripping down on my face. I rubbed my cock through my underwear, being careful not to go too far and make myself cum, as I still wasn’t sure what the associated muscle contractions would do to the areas that were still recovering.

After she came a few times, Mom moved the vibrator away and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I immediately went to town on it, licking and sucking her lips and clit, and fucking her pussy with my tongue. Mom went even wilder, holding onto the headboard, moaning and gasping as she came again and again, covering my face and filling my mouth with her delicious cum. My love and lust for her finally got the best of me, and I slid out from under her and came up behind her. Looking at her gorgeous rear end and pouting pussy lips, I quickly stripped off my underwear and ran my cock over her pussylips.

“Hey! What are you doing back there? I thought we were waiting a few more days to make sure you’re healed enough.”

“So did I, Mom, but I can’t stand it anymore. I need to be inside you, even if I don’t cum. I just want you so bad!”

“I want you too, baby, but I don’t want to risk hurting you and slowing your recovery. Also, did you forget to keep track of where I am in my cycle? I’m right in the middle of it. This is my most fertile time. If you cum in me you really WILL get me pregnant!” Even as Mom was saying this, she was pushing her hips back at me. She was as hungry for me as I was for her.

“Oh Mom, I just want you so much. Let me put it in you for just a minute. I won’t make myself cum, I just want my cock inside you!” As I was saying this, I was holding Mom’s hips and pushing the head of my cock in between her pussylips and into her pussy. As wet as she was from all that we had been doing, I slid right in easily. We both moaned as my cock slid deep into my Mother’s pussy in one long, slow stroke.

And I immediately realized I had greatly miscalculated.

After a year of fucking, Mom and I were accomplished lovers. We knew our own bodies and each other’s bodies so well that we could time our orgasms to suit any situation…under normal circumstances. What I didn’t take into account was the fact that we had been teasing and “revving up” each other for almost a week, in my case with no release. As soon as my cock all the way inside my Mother’s unprotected, fertile pussy, with the head right up against her cervix, I realized that at that moment I had a “hair trigger” on my cock and it felt like ANY movement Escort Çeşme would set it off! I didn’t even dare pull out, because I knew I would start cumming before I could get it out of her. It didn’t matter. When Mom really gets going, she can have orgasm after orgasm, and it takes very little to trigger the next one. The combination of her vibrator followed by my mouth had given her pussy a “hair trigger” as well, and as my cock got all the way inside, she gasped and came again. When she did, her pussy muscles squeezed my cock, and that was enough to set me off.

“Oh Mom, I OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” I moaned and started cumming! My cock shot a huge jet of hot, sperm-filled cum right at Mom’s cervix, right on into her womb. Followed by another, and another, and another, and…. We were both holding still, not thrusting, but my cock kept throbbing inside her sending blast after blast of cum deep into my Mother’s fertile pussy, doing its best to impregnate her.

“Oh my God! You’re cumming inside me! I can feel it! You’re really doing it! You’re getting your own mother pregnant! My son is getting me pregnant! Oh yessssssss!!!!!”

Feeling me cumming inside her prolonged and intensified Mom’s orgasm, and her pussy kept squeezing my cock, trying to milk out every last drop of cum. It felt like we would never stop cumming. My cock must have pumped at least twice as much cum as usual, maybe more, and every drop went deep inside my Mother’s pussy.

Finally, our orgasms slowed and stopped. We stayed the way we were, not moving, my cock still deep inside her pussy, only now it was holding an absolutely HUGE load of my potent cum inside her.

My Mom spoke first. “Oh my God, that was incredible! Not moving like that, I could feel everything happening inside me!”

“Me too, Mom!” I agreed.

“I could feel every throb of your cock.”

“I could feel every squeeze of your pussy.”

“I could feel every jet of your cum shooting into me.”

“Yeah, I could feel every jet shooting through my cock and into you.”

“My God that was hot! Of course, so was your cum!” she giggled. “We were right about what all the playing around would do to you! What a load you just shot into me! I’ve NEVER had that much cum inside me from just one orgasm!”

“Well yeah, because I’ve never cum that much in just one orgasm! You got me SO HOT!”

“So much for you being careful! It looks like your trip to the hospital is going to result in one for me — to the Maternity Ward!”

“Oh Mom, I know. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how fast I’d cum.”

“It’s OK baby. As much as we’ve been playing with that fantasy it was probably inevitable that this was going to happen. I didn’t exactly try very hard to stop you from getting in me or rush to get you out of me either. When I felt you cumming inside me, and realized that you really were probably getting me pregnant, it made me cum like crazy and made my pussy suck as much of your cum into me as possible.”

“Yeah, and when I heard you say that I was getting you pregnant, and saw that it made you cum even harder, that kept me going too! So what now, Mom?”

“Well, did having an orgasm hurt your incisions at all?”

“No, Mom, it was fine!”

“Well then I think we should stay the way we are for little while and keep that beautiful big load in my pussy for a while, and give your body some time to make more. Then, I think we should go ahead and make love again. No protection, no pulling out. For the next few days I want you to fuck me as often as possible and I want every drop of your cum deep inside my pussy. Since you probably already got me pregnant, let’s take advantage of it. I’m pretty sure the big load you just shot into me did the trick, but we’re going to make sure. What do you think about that, baby?”

My cock throbbed in her pussy and I wrapped my arms around her. “Sounds like Heaven to me, Mom.”

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