How I Raped My Mother and Got Away With It

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How I Raped My Mother
This is how I raped my mother and got away with it.

My parents married early in life, so she was just in her early mid-thirties. She was a natural redhead with fiery red hair and milky white complexion. She also had very nicely shaped full breasts. One day, I accidentally walked in on her as she was getting undressed. She had beautiful breasts with rather large areola and nipples that pointed just slightly upward and outward, yet were looking me right in the eye. She also had a full, fiery redhaired pubic mound which really excited me. I got a good look while acting like I was trying not to look. I apologized and excused myself from the room.

I was just in my final year of high school and was well into puberty. My hormones were raging. It didn’t matter that it was my mother I had just seen naked. It was a fully developed woman. I went to my room and masturbated myself furiously while the image of what I had seen was fresh in my mind.

After seeing her naked, I became somewhat fixated on her. I started window peeping on her. I would fix the curtains in her bedroom so that they appeared to be fully closed, but would leave just enough of an opening that I could spy on her from outside while masturbating.

We lived in a fairly undeveloped rural area and were surrounded by woods. Our nearest neighbors on the side of the house where her bedroom and behind the house were not within sight, so I could slip around the house without having to be worried about being seen. We had an area of closely located pine trees and evergreen bushes that created a natural shelter area where I would regularly take my sleeping bag and camp out when I just wanted to be alone. It became my home base of operations for things to come.

Dad was working two jobs and was gone all the time. He always got home late at night. One night after I had taken my sleeping bag and gone to my spot, I heard a car coming down the road and noticed that it pulled into our driveway. I couldn’t be dad, because he never got home this early. I went to investigate and saw that, indeed, the car wasn’t ours.
I went around to the bedroom and waited. It wasn’t long before my mom and a man I had never seen before came into the bedroom. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as they began undressing each other.

I watched with both a sense of anger and arousal as I saw my mother being undressed by a stranger. As her outer clothes were removed, I became more aroused than angry as she was wearing an underwired push-up bra (which she really didn’t need) that made her tits look like someone had cut the ends off of a couple of torpedoes and stuck them on her chest. She was also wearing silk knee-high stockings and garter belt that framed her milky white bottom cheeks nicely as she bent over and started stroking the stranger’s cock. It wasn’t until she started to take his increasingly thickening and lengthening member in her mouth that I realized that I was stroking my own cock. It was astounding to me that I was watching my own mother suck on another man’s cock while I had a perfect view of her beautiful, heart-shaped ass and furry redhaired pussy as I masturbated.

After she had primed him to a fully erect state, she laid on the bed and he positioned himself to penetrate her. He stroked her furry mound, slipping his fingers between her legs. With his other hand he grabbed his cock and put it between her legs. I watched with both revulsion and excitement as he pushed his cock inside my mother. After fucking her in that position for a while, I got the best view of the night as she turned around and bent over the bed and he fucked her doggie style. I could see her large breasts swaying with the rhythm of his thrusts. In the mirror on the dresser I could see a side view of him moving in and out of her from behind. That’s when I shot my load.

After dad found out about her indiscretions, they separated. They didn’t get divorced, but he moved out. I stayed there to finish school. I guess it was to finish school. Actually, I didn’t spend much time in school. I just went there to meet up with my miscreant friends. We skipped out more than we went. We were getting into drinking and smoking pot. We would go to my hideaway and get drunk and high all the time.

One day, while we were sitting around stoned and drunk, I told the guys about a plan that I had. I asked them if they wanted to help me rape my mother. “Dude, you are one sick fuck!”, they said. I told them they could see what they’d be getting if they’d meet me back at our spot that night. They agreed we’d meet back there and I would let them peep on my mother.

Early that evening, I made sure that the curtains in her room were fixed just right then I told mom that I was going over to a friend’s house for a few hours. I went to my hideout and waited for the guys. The three of them showed up together and since it was already getting dark, we headed to position ourselves outside the bedroom windows. It wasn’t long before I saw the light at the end of the hallway go out and mom came walking in. I had to shush the guys as they were getting kind of giddy as she started to get undressed.
After she had stripped down, she headed into the master bath to take her evening shower just like she always did. While she was in the bathroom the guys were going nuts. “Man, did you see those tits?!”, one said. “Forget that,” another one said, “did you see that hairy pussy?.” I told them that the best part of the show was yet to come. “Just wait ’till she comes out of the shower.” By now, everybody had their hands down their pants, stroking their cocks. I had to tell them to save it for our planned attack. I wanted them to have plenty of sperm to unload in and on her when the time came. When mom came out of the bathroom, she was toweling herself off, running the towel around her breasts , down her torso and between her legs. She was facing right at us as she toweled her hair, her raised arms pulling her large tits taught, her big topkapı escort red mound of fur in full view. After she had toweled he hair, she turned to get her nightie out of the bottom dresser drawer. That gave us a perfect view of her voluptuous ass as well as her furry slit.

“Come on, let’s get out of here,” I whispered. As we headed back to my hideout, the guys were giddy. “Man, are you seriously gonna let us fuck your mom?”, one of the guys asked. “Hell, yeah,” I said. “But you gotta do this the way I have planned.
Then, I revealed how I had planned for this all to go down. Since it was late fall, it was fairly cool and got dark rather early. The other guys would wear hoodies and stocking cap face masks, which we all had. They would all wait here, at my hideout until I flashed my bedroom light to signal them. They would come to the basement door, which I would make sure was left unlocked. After they sneaked into the house, they would sneak upstairs and bum-rush mom, overpowering her before she knew what was going on. I would come running to her aid, only to be overpowered by them. They would bring duct tape and rope to bind us with. After they bound her, one of them would get some sicko kinky idea to make me fuck my own mother while they watched.
After they had “forced” me to do everything I wanted to do to her, they could have her to do with as they pleased while I watched. “Man, you really are one sick fuck, aren’t you?”, one of them asked. “Let’s just say I have anger issues with my mother,” I said.

The next night, around dark, I told mom I was going to bed early. After I had been in my room for about half an hour it was pretty dark. I flashed the light half a dozen times and waited. It took around twenty minutes until I heard quite a commotion as they stormed into the den where mom was watching T.V. She screamed briefly, then was muffled by the guys. I came running down the hallway in my underwear yelling, “Mom, are you allright? What’s going on?” One of the guys met me at the doorway to the den and punched me in the gut, pulling his punch but I made it look like it doubled me over. Then, one of the guys kicked me in the ribs, again pulling his hit but with me acting like it rolled me over from the impact. I could see that they had already duct taped her mouth. I could also see the terror in her eyes as she watched her son being pummeled by masked strangers.

“Get him up!”, one of the guys said in a low, gravelly voice which we schemed up so that she wouldn’t recognize anyone’s voice, though I hadn’t introduced her to any of these guys. “Put him in that chair and tie him up.” “Don’t move, bitch!”, ’Danny said as he held her down in her chair, choking her. After they had made it look like they had tied me in that chair, one of the guys said, “Hey, why don’t we make him fuck his own mom before we rape her?” I could see the level of terror in her eyes really increase upon hearing that she was going to be gang raped. I said, “No way, you sick bastards. You’ll have to kill me before I’d do something like that.” That’s when Johnny took out his switchblade, flipped it open and put it to my throat. “That’s exactly what’s gonna happen to you if you don’t do exactly as I say.” Mom squirmed and made some muffled noises and Danny backhanded her and told her to keep still and be quiet.

“Now stand up and stand still, ya hear?”, he told her. He grabbed her by the hair and half yanked her out of the chair as she started to get up. “Untie him”, he told Johnny. “You do exactly as you’re told and nobody gets hurt, understand?” I nodded my head compliantly. “Get over here and tear her clothes off.” I moved slowly in front of her.
“I’m sorry mom. I don’t know what to do.” “Shut the fuck up and tear her clothes off or I’m gonna fuck you up!”, Danny yelled. I reached out and started to unbutton her blouse. “I said tear ’em off! You ain’t gonna make love to her, you’re gonna rape her, got it?!”
I grabbed a handfull of her blouse and yanked hard, tearing it off of her. “Here. Let me help you with that bra”, he said as he placed his switchblade between her breasts and sliced thru it with a downward motion. She winced as her breasts flopped out of their restraint and I pulled the remains of her bra off. She winced again as he slipped the blade beneath the waistline of her skirt and made a cut. “Now, rip her dress off”, he said. I grabbed hold with both hands and pulled the dress apart, the sound of tearing material filling the room. All that was left was her black lace panties.

As I placed my hand under the waistline of her panties, I couldn’t hide the fact that I was getting an erection as my hand brushed against her furry muff. I tore away her panties, revealing her in all her naked glory. I was sprouting a full on flagpole at that point.

“Damn, she looks good, don’t she”, Danny proclaimed. “I’ll bet you’d really like to fuck her, wouldn’t you? I can see you got a hard on. Why don’t you pull your shorts off and show your momma your cock while you tell her how much you’d really like to fuck her?”
“Come around here behind her and press that boner up against her while you grab a hand full of pussy and tit and tell her how much you really want to fuck her.”

I gave her that helpless look as I dropped my shorts, exposing my fully erect penis before moving around behind her. I pressed up against her, my raging hard cock pressed against her butt crack. I reached around and placed one hand on her furry bush and with the other, cupped my hand under her breast. I started moving my hand up and down working my finger into her vagina while the other hand squeezed her breast and pinched her nipple. I was kinda dry humping her butt cheeks as I told her, “I really want to fuck you, mom.” I wanted to stick it in her so badly I could hardly wait.

“Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with your momma’s body a bit, I think it’s time you move on to the next step. Tell your momma you want her to suck your cock while you eat etiler escort her pussy.” Obediently I parroted what he said. “Mom, I want you to suck my cock while I eat your pussy.” He told me to lay on the floor and, after telling her to keep quiet and tearing the duct tape off her mouth, told mom to get on top of me, more or less sitting on my face.

I watched with eager anticipation as she lowered that beautiful, milky white bottom and furry redhaired muff onto my face. “Now suck his cock, momma. Suck it like you want your boy to cum in your mouth. You want to taste his sperm, don’t you, momma?“, Donnie said as he started stroking himself. By this time, the guys had removed their sweatpants and were masturbating as they watched the show. I could feel her hard nipples rubbing across my belly as she lowered her head onto my awaiting erection. Next thing I knew, my cock was fully enveloped by her mouth. It was soft, slick, wet and warm. She was moving her head up and down and sucking hard on my tingling penis.
Gawd, I wanted to cum in her mouth. I had been lapping her vagina like a dog. Long licking motions, then trying to stick my tongue as far inside her as I could. I chewed on her clit and I could feel her wriggle as I worked the spot. She was really getting wet as I was really getting close to ejaculation. Without any provocation, I pulled away from her pussy and blurted out, “Gawd mom, I want to cum in your mouth. I want you to eat my sperm. Swallow it all!” “Damn, momma! Sounds like your boy is really enjoying that blowjob. Sounds like you need to get ready to swallow a little sperm. I don’t want to see you lose a drop, ya hear?”, Donny told her. With that, I started moaning and groaning as I arched my back and pressed towards her head as I nearly yelled, “YES!, YES! I’m cumming. Suck me bitch. I want you to eat my cum. Swallow it all!” I think she was kind of taken aback at my enthusiasm, as she started to hesitate, but Donny grabbed her hair and pushed her head down and told her to eat it. I produced a very strong projectile ejaculation that I had guessed squirted two to three feet. During previous masturbation sessions, I had squirted myself in the face and even hit the chair behind me. She choked a bit as I ejaculated in her mouth as I was young and full of cum. Yet, she dutifully kept it in her mouth and even squeezed my shaft from the base and pulled upward to the head as to milk every last drop of my jizz.

After she had swallowed my ejaculation, she looked up at Danny, who was standing over her with his cock in his hand and asked him if he was satisfied. He looked down at her and said, “No. Looks like your boy got satisfied, but me and the boys are just getting ready to get started.” “You just stay right there on your hands and knees.” “Tie him up, boys,” he told the other two. They went thru the motions of tying me up but I could have gotten loose. I sat back and got ready to watch as they defiled her in any and every way they wanted.

Now I rather fancy the way you suck cock there, bitch. So I think I’m gonna get one of those nice blowjobs. Now Johnny there, I think he fancies himself an ass man. I think he’s gonna butt fuck you while you suck me off. And Steve there, I think you can just stroke his cock while he decides to do with you after we’re through with you. “No, please. I’ve never had anal intercourse before.” Donny slapped her and told her to shut the fuck up. “Hooee, man. You hear that Johnny? You’re getting’ some virgin ass!” “Now start suckin’, bitch. Donny grabbed mom by the hair and jammed his cock in her face. She had no choice but to comply. I watched as Johnny took his position behind her. He grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them to reveal her brown eye. He dropped a big glob of spit there and pressed the head of his cock against it. “You might want to be careful, Donny. She’s liable to bite when I shove my cock up her ass. Matter of fact, you better tape her up ’cause I’m gonna make her scream. Donny pulled back, grabbed the tape and taped her mouth briefly as Johnny prepared to jam his rather large cock into mom’s ass. She flailed her arms toward her bottom as if to try and ward away the attack. Donny smacked her and told her to be still. She was going to be raped anally and there was nothing she could do. She screamed a muffled scream as he stretched her sphincter and, once he had the head inside, mercilessly thrust the entire length of his cock up her ass. She writhed in agony as he grabbed her hips and pulled her to meet his violent thrusts. He would ram it in hard and deep, then slowly pull it back until the head nearly popped out, then slam it back in, each time her muffled screams and cries revealing just how painful he was making it. There was blood on his cock, so I’m sure he tore something inside of her. After the initial searing pain had numbed to nothing more than a pounding sensation in her bottom, Donny tore the tape off her mouth, grabbed her by the hair and made her continue sucking him off.

It was a good thing mom couldn’t see me, due to her being face fucked by Donnie’s cock, ‘cause the sight of her being violently pummeled from each end against her will was making me rock hard again. I wanted some more of that. In fact, I wanted to butt fuck what was left of her ass after Johnny finished with her. But first, I’d have to let Steve have his way with her.

Donny was getting ready to cum and he told mom to open her mouth because he was going to give her a facial while aiming for her mouth. She reluctantly complied and he masturbated himself the last few strokes before he ejaculated. Mom held her mouth open as he pulled back about a foot and a half and began spewing cum all over her face, with a couple of spurt making their way into her mouth. Then he dick slapped her, rubbing his cock back and forth around her face, smearing his sperm all over her. “Now lick it off”, he told her as he pushed his cock back towards her mouth. With his hand, he wiped the sperm off ataköy escort of her face and told her to lick it off as well. With that, Johnny had reached his orgasm as well. He shoved deep inside her anus and let the spunk loose. You could see her tense up momentarily, then almost go limp as he ejaculated deep inside her butt.

Now it was Steve’s turn. He was fascinated with mom’s furry pussy. “You can turn over on your back for me, ‘cause I want to feel that sweet pussy of yours milk the cum right outta my cock.” He got on his knees and hooked his arms under her legs and hiked them up over her shoulders. With one swift motion his cock disappeared into her vagina. “Mmmmm. You got a nice pussy. I really like those tits of yours, too,” he said as he groped her. He squeezed, twisted, pinched, sucked and bit her nipples as he just rhythmically pumped away into her vagina. I’d say he took nearly half an hour before he started grunting and groaning that he was gonna cum. He started thrusting as fast as he could before he just kinda stopped with his cock up to the balls. “Aw, yeah. Aw, yeah.” That’s all he said while he ejaculated in moms pussy. “You got one nice cunt”, he said as he pulled out and milked one last little spurt of sperm onto her pubes.

Then Donny just about blew it for me. “Looky there momma. Your boy has got himself a full fledged hard-on again. Looks like he’s been enjoyin’ watchin’ his momma getting fucked in every hole. I’d say it looks like he’s about ready to have some more of his momma. Mom looked at me and saw that I was fully hard. I couldn’t hide it. The sight of her nipples, all puffy and swollen from the abuse they’d taken, her face all a mess from having sperm rubbed all over it, both of her lower orifices oozing with sperm, it all turned me on beyond description.

“Roll over momma”, he commanded her. “And turn him loose. I think he’s ready to fuck his momma now.” “How’s about you fuck her up the ass for me?” “Tell him you want him to shove his cock up your ass!” “Come over here and shove your cock up my ass, son.,” she complied. I got down on my knees behind her as she was in the doggie style position. I had no problem entering her anus as she was still oozing with Johnny’s sperm. The sensation of the sound of my balls slapping against her wet ass, the sight of my erection disappearing into her slippery, pre-lubed brown-eyed butt hole would normally have been enough to make me ejaculate right there but since I had already achieved orgasm earlier, I was able to butt fuck my mother for almost an hour. I loved every minute of it. When I finally felt the tingling sensation of my ejaculation welling up inside, I laid over her with my belly on her back and my head next to her. Right before I pumped my sperm into her bottom, I whispered into her ear, “I love you, mom. I’m sorry, but you know they made me do it.” Then I raised back up, arched my back and pumped as fast as I could while I ejaculated.

All in all, that night we each raped her three times. My final encounter was a vaginal penetration. I had to wait until the other guys had spent a couple of hours just playing with her, fingering both her holes, playing with her tits. I even went and got my dad’s vibrator that he used to unplug the drains. We searched the house for various things to shove into her vagina and ass as we applied the vibrator to them. I think we actually made her involuntarily climax a couple of times. I even used the vibrator on her while I was vaginally fucking her and put it against my cock to help bring myself to my final orgasm of the night. I couldn’t have cum again if I tried.

By the time the guys tied us up and left, she was completely spent and raw. I managed to get myself loose and untied mom after they had plenty of time to get home and get rid of all the evidence. We sat there, both of us still naked. Mom was more than a bit suspicious of my participation. She said she wondered how I had first become erect without having my penis stimulated. I told her, “Mom. I’m a teenager, well into puberty. My hormones are going full steam. Even if you are my mother, when I saw you naked, it was an involuntary natural reaction.” “If I wasn’t so drained, even sitting here now, looking at you naked would make me hard. After all, you‘re a very beautiful woman with a very nice body.” She looked at me kind of sideways. I could tell she was feeling more than a little bit uncomfortable after I had said that.
Then, she said she thought I was too enthusiastic in my participation-that I had said things about wanting to have sex with her or make her eat my sperm that I hadn’t been directed to say by the intruders. She also thought it was disturbing that I had become erect while I watched her being raped. She also thought I had been a little too creative in my groping and fondling of her and my performing oral sex on her and that she could sense when I was about to ejaculate in her mouth that I had really strained and arched my back to press myself deeper into her mouth and make my orgasm more intense.

I told her that, as far as the things I had said, I felt I had to play it up for the invaders. As for becoming erect while watching her being raped, again, teenager watching sexual intercourse, even if it was rape. And then I somewhat confessed to the degree of pleasure I had achieved in the course of the various acts. “Mom, I can’t lie. It felt really great when you were sucking my penis”, I said. “I’ve never had anyone suck me and eat my ejaculation and I guess I got caught up in the moment. It just felt so, so good.” And when I stuck my penis inside you, even though I didn’t want to, but they made me, once I got inside you, it felt really good. And when I started to get close to ejaculation, I lost all control. At that moment, that’s all I could think about. I just wanted to ejaculate. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help it. There wasn’t anything I could do or we could have been seriously hurt. “I was seriously hurt, son”, she said. I was violated multiple times by strangers, as well as by my own son. I was violently anally violated. It hurt me bad.
Deep inside I was glad. Too bad I couldn’t do it again! Oh well. I can still masturbate to the memories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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