How I Started Sucking Pt. 02

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Once again,this is a true story, even though it beggars belief sometimes.

My first suck had been an amazing experience. It was now almost a month later and not a single day passed without me thinking of that wonderful feeling of having a hard cock in my mouth. My thoughts were possessed by it and Sandi, my wife, was noticing a change in me. Sure, we still had an active sex life but it was definitely the oral parts I enjoyed most. Sandi was willing to suck me on a regular basis and I found that I spent more time than before licking her pussy. I wasn’t sure where my next cock was coming from but I knew I needed one soon.

One night, after making love, Sandi spoke up, in a hesitant manner.

“Can I ask you a big favour?”

“I’m listening.” I replied, in a curious tone.

Sandi looked rather sheepish and said “You know my cousin Robert?”

I laughed. “Obviously honey, is that not the one that’s in jail just now, for fraud?”

“That’s him” and Sandi gave a weak smile.

“So whats the favour?” I asked quizzically. “Well, he is getting out in just over a month and wants me to visit him, to help deal with some stuff when he gets out and I was wondering if you would come with me, I really don’t fancy visiting a prison on my own”. Her discomfort was plain to see.

“Look, I understand but that’s some favour, babe, when is it?”

I hoped it would be on a date I couldn’t manage,

“This Sunday”. Sandi said apologetically.

“But that’s just, what, three days away. That is short notice”.

I couldn’t get out of it though, as she knew my diary was free on Sunday. I wasn’t overly happy but what could I do?

“I’ll make it up to you, don’t worry”. Sandi gave me that sexy smile that always melted my heart.

“Okay, I’ll come with you, though I must be mad.”

“Oh, just one thing and it doesn’t make any difference really, you do know Robert is gay?”

I cast my mind back and could remember Sandi’s parents talking about him as if he’d disgraced the family. Now I thought he was in a good place if he wanted to have fun and I got hard thinking Bolu Escort it was me in his place.

On the morning of the visit Sandi was most attentive and even mentioned my cocksucking fantasies. I had never told her about my one experience, through guilt more than anything but I remembered she was up for me trying it out.

“Maybe I’ll find someone in the jail.” It was only a partial joke.

The drive to Edinburgh’s Saughton prison was uneventful and we joined a line of people waiting to visit their loved ones. The place looked like it had been recently modernised in the front areas and Sandi completed the registrations at the desk and was handed two red wristbands. We each put one on and after a few minutes, a call came over the tannoy for those with red bands to queue at the steel door beside the desk. Others, with blue and green bands made their feelings known about not being first. The big door opened and an officer in a light blue shirt and black peaked cap signalled for our group, of about twenty, to enter.

We went down a corridor, twice gates being opened and locked behind us, until we entered a big room that was furnished with what looked likel old school tables and cheap plastic backed chairs. The prisoners were already there and the numbers of chairs had been worked out for each.

Unlike American jails, the inmates were not chained in any way and Robert stood up and hugged Sandi as he looked me up and down. He was maybe 5″8 in height and was in good shape. He had a shaved head and green eyes and they bored into me.. At that point I felt naked and felt myself blush. He smiled at me and invited me for a hug too. I went into his arms and will never forget his next words.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”

Maybe it was just me but there was a seductive tone to his voice and I couldn’t help myself but harden. I let the two of them chatter away for a while, Sandi giving him the latest gossip about their family, even though he had been ostracised. Then Sandi suddenly announced she needed the bathroom. As she left, Robert looked me up and down again.

“So, Bolu Escort Bayan how long have you been interested in cock?”

His comment caught me offguard and I couldn’t answer at first.

“Who says I am?” I tried to counter but even I thought I sounded unconvincing.

“You just did, right there. If you weren’t, you would have hit me, or shouted at the very least.”

I looked him in the eye and in a low tone said

“Okay, I like cock but I’ve only sucked a guy the once.”

He gave a wide smile

“Did you swallow?” He asked eagerly.

I nodded.

“Oh good boy, I love a guy that swallows. Are you hard now?”

Again I nodded.

“Well, when you get home,think about sucking my 8 inch dick. I’ll be thinking of you drinking every drop of my cum.”

Before I had time to respond Sandi reappeared. There was only ten minutes left and Robert mentioned that the only thing keeping him behind bars now was the lack of an address to move to. There was a queue to get shared housing with other ex-cons and Robert did not fancy that one bit.

I couldnt help myself and blurted out

“Stay with us until you can find your own place”.

Both Robert and Sandi smiled.

“I was going to run it past you later but if you’re ok with it…”

Sandi squeezed my hand.

My mind was thinking about Robert’s cock when I answered.

“I’m sure we’ll get along fine.”

Robert was delighted

“That could get me out in two weeks! Thank you, thank you, how can I repay you?”

We both knew what these repayments would entail.

Sandi felt the need to reassure me, although it wasn’t necessary. She certainly showed me her gratitude that night, as she greedily swallowed my load but as she was sucking, all I could think of was Robert and his huge cock.

The next two weeks went past very slowly. News came in that Robert would be released on the Tuesday and would turn up around 9am. Sandi had to work, so I volunteered to take the day off. What a hardship. The night before, I barely slept, thinking over what I would Escort Bolu do to him. Finally, at ten past nine, the bell went and I stood up sharply, moving quickly to the front door. I opened it to see him standing there, carrying only a battered white suitcase.

“Aren’t you going to ask me in?”

I ushered him through the door and he dropped his case. Turned to me and in a low voice said

“I don’t know about you but I feel horny.” and he opened his arms.

I fell into them and straight away his tongue was in my mouth. I almost melted as lust swept through me. We parted long enough for him to remove his top and faded jeans. I could see his pole poking against his boxer shorts and I wanted him so badly.

He took my hand and went through to the lounge, sitting himself on the plush cream sofa, his legs apart.

“Come and get it, babes.”

I was on my knees in a flash and released his rock solid cock. It was a thing of beauty. He hadn’t exaggerated the size and he had such tight balls still.

He stopped suddenly and said “this is your last chance to pull out. If you start sucking me, I’ll be all you want, you do know that, dont you?”

I smiled, nodded and gently licked the tip of his cock.

“I want to be your cocksucker and I want you to fill me with your cum, not just now but always”.

I couldn’t believe the slutty words coming out of my mouth but just wanted to replace them with his cock.

I massaged his tight balls and licked his solid shaft. The taste and smell was beautiful and his pre-cum soon appeared, which I lapped up. I sucked greedily until he spoke up.

“I want to cum on your face”.

Seconds later, spurt after spurt of his cum hit me. Some went in my open mouth and as i could feel drops running down my face, I used my fingers to spoon it up and smear it on his cock, so I could lick it clean.

“Ooh babe, you are a dirty little cocksucker. We are going to have some fun over the next while.”

He then stood me up and in a husky voice said “I’ll make you cum later, soon, don’t worry.”

We both cleaned up and got him installed in the spare room. When he came downstairs, he put his arms around me, fondling my hard tool and whispered in my ear.

“You can call me daddy from now on. When you’re ready, I’m going to fuck your ass. But don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”

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