How my girlfriend turned me into a fangurl

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Stephanie and I had been dating for a year when things began to change. She was a bigger girl, 5’5” and 175lbs with beautiful c-cup breasts and a luscious ass. She was band geek from high school and always been into the local music scene. She was one of those fan-girls in the front row with a camera. She always kept her hair brightly dyed, and as we neared our one-year anniversary it was a beautiful scarlet cut short in a pageboy.

Our sex life had been fairly active with one or two blowjobs to augment the weekly sex session, usually on the weekend. I guess you can say it was predictable. To spice things up, I bought a six-inch soft silicone dildo. It was slightly thicker than me, clear in color by realistic in texture.

So, a little about me…I was slightly older than her at the time but we had the same maturity level. At 5’9 and 180lbs, we made a cute couple in my opinion. I wore my hair long in those days, and my curls stayed blond from the hours I spent surfing.

I have had a pantyhose fetish as long I can remember. Some of my first memories are of crawling on the floor, touching ladies hosed feet and loving it. I probably put my first pair on at five, and put on my first dress when I was seven. Playing Thisbe in junior high was a great thrill. Getting to go into the girls dressing room to put on my tights and get made up was fucking hot, and each Halloween I would try to figure out a way to dress up like a girl without seeming like I wanted to.

Anyway, back to story. So on our anniversary night, I hid the dildo under a pillow. Soon after dinner we retired to the bedroom with a warm glow from the evening’s drinks and an after dinner joint. She was wearing red tights with a black dress and black ballet slippers. She looked amazing. We kissed deeply as I laid her on the bed. My hand traveled up her lovely thighs to her moistened mound. To my surprise I found her pussy unprotected. Grinning devilishly she told me “happy anniversary, baby.”

I told her I had a surprise for her too, but she had to wait. I positioned myself between her legs and began to slowly go down on her. My hand reached under the pillow and grabbed our little friend. Once she was properly prepared, I slid the head of the dildo up and down her slit, my tongue making contact with it fulfilled a bi fantasy I have had since I first saw “fuck-licking” on the internet.

I slid it inside and she let out a gasp. My tongue traced her clit as I slowly worked it home. Both hands grabbed my head as her hips bucked and moaned deeply with pleasure. In under a minute, she was cumming wildly, fucking the dildo in my hand and grinding my face into the junction of the two. After a minute two so she came really hard. I came up to kiss her without taking it out, keeping it moving ever so slightly. She purred in the pleasure of the afterglow as I kissed her neck and breasts.

“Ok, now your turn,” she said. Pulling the dildo out with a shudder of her eyelids, she set it on the bed and positioned herself between my legs. Her tongue went to my balls and I let out a moan. Then she stopped. I looked down and she was grinning wolfishly this time. “Why don’t you put on a pair of hose? I know you like them on me so much,” she said. I hesitated, not knowing if this was some sort of trap.

“Have you ever tried them on before?” she asked, squinting her eyes mischievously. I shook my head ‘no’, but she only smirked and went to her top drawer and withdrew and pair of suntan hose. She explained the steps to putting them on as she did it for me. The entire time she had a look on her face that said she knew I was clearly lying.
Up and over my ass they went and I nearly fainted. The act of putting the on always was a thrill, but having my girlfriend do it, was amazing. Once they were in place she started rubbing my cock through the material, bringing on fresh waves of ecstasy.

She ordered me back to the bead, and she resumed her position between my legs, rubbing and kissing my cock and balls. It was amazing. I spread my legs further and began rubbing my hose against hers, causing beautiful friction. After teasing me for a good five minutes, she poked a hole in the hose and withdrew my raging hard on.
Her blowjobs were always amazing and she didn’t disappoint this time either. Gradually building speed, I felt my nuts rise as the moment approached. Clearly she felt it too, as she deep throated me one last time, withdrew, and brought her hand to bear. Her hand hit top speed as she lowered her self to first lick my balls then even further to giving me my first rimming. I was in exctasy, as it was now my turn for my hips to buck. She returned her attention to my balls, but placed a finger at my now moistened pucker.

Her hand glided along my dick, while her tongue bathed my balls and her finger searched for my prostate. I was in heaven. She found the button and I shot my biggest load ever. Without pulling her finger out, she came up to lie beside me taking her time lick my belly as she traveled north. Kissing me deeply I could taste my saltiness on her lips and tongue. Sharing the load with me was clearly turning her on, because she moaned deeply and twisted finger in my ass.

She leant down and started circling my nipple with her tongue. “That was amazing baby,” she said. “Happy anniversary,” I replied and minutes later, we drifted off to sleep.

A week passed and we were both very busy so we didn’t get another chance to fool around until the weekend. I was cooking breakfast Saturday morning when she came up behind me and slid her hand down the front of my pajamas and kissed my back. “I’ve missed you. This week sucked,” she said. I reached around and cupped her ass, agreeing with her statement.

I was in grad school finals, and she was working with a number of bands from out of town to find them venues for the upcoming spring break week. We ate our breakfast and shared a joint over coffee. She said that one of the band’s lead singers was an ex of hers, and asked if I minded that they were working together. I said no, though it did give me a slight pang of jealousy. She reassured me that there was a reason they broke up and I had nothing to fear.

“Oh shit, I almost forgot,” she suddenly exclaimed, “I brought you presents.” With that she jumped up and went out to her car. She was smiling from ear to ear when she returned with a medium sized shopping bag. “Baby, I have always had kind of a lesbian fantasy, but never met a girl I was really attracted to, but seeing you in those hose last week was a huge turn on. Would you do me a favor and let me dress you all the way up?”

A thrill traveled my spine as I tried not to respond too quickly. “Anything for you my love,” I said, and she squealed with joy. It took the better part of an hour to get me completely shaved, made-up, and dressed. When she was done, she steeped back in admiration and whistled.

I wore shiny suntan pantyhose, a purple, long-sleeve bodycon dress that reached mid thigh, and purple patent leather four-inch pumps with a sling-back heel and open toe. Smoky eyes, matching lipstick, and a purple choker finished off the outfit. She leaned in and kissed me deeply but carefully so as not to smear my lipstick.
“Ok, now my turn,” she said, “go into the living room and roll us a joint, and I will be out in a few.” I did as I was told and was well rewarded for my wait. She returned wearing suntan hose, her Doc Marten low-top’s that were done red patent leather. She wore a black long-sleeved dress that came to her knees but had a high slit all the way up to her hip. Her make was equally heavy to mine, perhaps even a bit sluttier.

I handed her a lit joint and told her how “fucking sexy” she looked. She drew long on the joint before smiling and blowing a cloud of the fragrant smoke in my face. My hands traveled up and down her nylon legs, causing a bulge to bump out of my dress. She set the shopping bag down next to the couch and sat down next to me. Slowly she slid her hand under my skirt savoring every second of the pretend lesbianism. Our lips and tongues danced across our glossy lips, and she crossed one leg over mine. She lay back and I positioned myself between her legs in the missionary position.

It was at this point she reached into the bag and withdrew the six-inch dildo I had introduced into our sex life last week. Looking me in the eye, she brought it to her lips and began to give it a lovely blowjob just inches from my face. She then wrapped her legs around my so I couldn’t escape and brought it to my lips. Gingerly I licked the tip and she moaned, grinding our pantyhosed crotches together. Feeling her arousal, I opened my mouth wide and took it as far as I could.

“Oh, fuck yes baby, that is so hot,” she said as she guided it deeper and deeper into my mouth. Fighting back the urge to gag, she slowly worked it past my tonsils. Then took it out of her hand and bought it down with me as I lay between her legs to feast on her beautiful pussy. Again the crotch was already cut out of her hose, so I began to lick and such her at the same time as I eased it in. My tongue licked the entire shaft of the dildo before licking all the way up her cunt, eye contact between us never breaking.

Within minutes she was hitting her first orgasm with the same v******e as she did the weekend before. “God damn baby. You make me cum so hard,” she said as I retrieved the dildo and set it on the coffee table. “Ok, now time for your surprise,” she said with a devilish wink. Reaching back into the back she pulled out a funny looking L-shaped dildo that was purple but still somewhat realistic. She brought it up to my lips and asked me if I knew what a feel-doe was. I bought the head between our lips and kissed it while I ground my hard-on into her. She broke the kiss and told me to lay back. Pulling the front of her hose down just far enough to expose her pussy, she slid the shorter end in herself with a sigh. She then pulled the hose up to the base of it to help secure it into place.

She placed my heels on her shoulders and made a hole in my hose right near my anus looking at me devilishly the entire time. Two fingers of lube went up my hole, before she got into position and slowly slid it home. I gasped. It was a significant increase from the two fingers she just had in me, so she paused, reached down and turned on the vibration. She let the battery-powered toy slowly relax my asshole before pushing farther.

After a few tense seconds and everything began to relax a bit when I heard myself say, “oh my god, fuck me baby.” Not giving me time to wonder where those words had come from, she began working it back and forth, the knob insider her obviously hitting some sensitive spots. After 20 strokes she found her rhythm and we both experienced waves of pleasure from working the feel-doe between us. She lightly raked her finger nails across my nylon encase cock, causing me to let out a moan in a slightly higher pitch than I intended. Her rhythm increased as she and I both neared orgasm. Again, the prostate stimulation caused me to shoot a huge load as she screamed in ecstasy from her own orgasm.

We lay in each other’s arms, my legs still wrapped around her ample ass, slowly drawing the nylon back and forth. I told her I loved her and thanked her for fulfilling a fantasy I didn’t know I had. She tanked me in return, stating that her orgasm had been historic as well.

Later that week, I was working on my thesis at the computer when her text message popped up saying I should jump in the shower and shave because we were going to a show tonight. A lump the size of Dallas leapt into my throat. I had only worn pantyhose in public a few times. Once I even wore a pair of her heels and navy pantyhose under my jeans in the hopes I would get pulled over and made to suck a cop’s dick that night. No luck that night.
With a thrill of pleasure, I did as I was told and was sitting on the couch in hose with my hair in a ponytail when she arrived. She said she was happy to see that I had obeyed her as she ran her hands over my shaved chest and pantyhosed legs.

“We have to hurry though, show starts in two hours,” she said. She was wearing leggings and hi-tops, but by rubbing my hands along her legs I could tell there was nylon underneath. “That’s for you,” she said with a smile and a wink. She kicked off the shoes and pulled the leggings down, before placing a beautifully sculpted size 5 on my thigh and asking if I liked what I saw. I buried my face in her nylon crotch, but after a few moans, she pushed me back saying we didn’t have much time. Before I could protest, she was having me close my eyes for the shadow and purse my lips for the lipstick.

Brown tights and a brown tube-top dress that reached just below the knee comprised her outfit. The tights actually had a bit of gold shimmer to them, which went well with her gold ballet flats. A gold headband and plenty of makeup finished off her look.

Since we were close to the same dress size, she pulled out a red plaid mini-skirt and a black sweater, but first she said she had some presents. Out of her bag she retrieved a black corset and she fastened tightly around me. She started to stuff the cups but as I have always had slight man-boobs, she deemed it unnecessary and just pulled more of me into the cup. The corset did its work and I had slight waist and a bit of a bust when it was all said and done. She slid the mini-skirt up my legs, stopping briefly to kiss my cock as she went by. The sweater was next and she suggested I wear her maroon, platform maryjanes, as it was kind of an emo show we were going to. Her final touch was to pull my hair out of the ponytail and arrange it into two pigtails. I looked at myself and savored the transformation.

The band was good, but I was nervous. Three martinis’s helped ease my trepidation. Stephanie grabbed my hand to pull me away from the bar and said there was someone she wanted me to meet. Panic hit me as I realized this might her ex’s band. I don’t know why it hadn’t dawned on me before, but as we neared the stage I realized from her brief description of him I was right. Well over six foot tall, he smiled broadly as he saw her approach.

“So good to see you again,” she said as she flung her arms around his tall neck. As she stepped back from the hug, he leaned down and planted a kiss. Jealousy flared as I saw her open her mouth to accept his tongue. Realizing where she was perhaps, she broke off the kiss and said “this is my girlfriend, Michelle.” He said it was nice to meet me, but the show was about to start and he needed to get back stage.

Once we were alone again, I looked at her accusingly, but she just smiled and said they were together a long time, but I had nothing to worry about as she loved me not him. The fact I was dressed up as a girl quieted my protestations. Hard to get mad at her, when I am getting to indulge such a taboo fantasy.

The show was freaking awesome. The band had been playing together for some time and it showed. Despite the A/C being cranked up, the band had all been shirtless halfway through the set. Her ex had a pretty good build and long red hair that banged in time to the beat. When he stripped his shirt, her hand reached back under my skirt and cupped my package while she turned around to kiss me. I didn’t miss the timing of the kiss.

After the show we actually departed pretty quickly. I would have thought from her earlier performance, she would have stayed around to talk but no. The fifteen minute trip back to the house was quiet. As we pulled into the driveway, she turned to me and said, “I hope you don’t mind but I told Jason he could crash here if he didn’t have other plans.” My mouth stood agape, but before I could respond another set of headlight turned down our driveway.

She kissed me on my stunned expression and thanked me for understanding and being so cool. We met him on the porch, and she gave him another hug and a slightly longer kiss this time. My blood was boiling but dressed in drag as I was, I was finding difficulty in asserting my authority.

We went inside and Stephanie asked if I would make some drinks while she showed Jason where the bathroom was so he could shower. The drinks were made and I took the initiative to roll a joint for the party. Ten minutes later she returned leading him by the hand. She had apparently only lent him a pair of my sweatpants, as that was the only thing he had on.

I served the drinks and lit the joint as they joined me on the couch. Stephanie said she had the perfect movie to watch and slipped the in the DVD player without asking for input. It was a porno that started off with a magnificent blowjob. I knew it well. It was part of my secret stash that I had never shown her. I knew that pretty soon the camera would pan out to show a sissy tied to a chair, with the girl sucked a large cock all while not breaking eye contact with the sissy.
Her had found my thigh, stroking it reassuringly. I also noticed her had found his thigh and was working her way up. Both his and my hands worked down her respective thighs to rub her pussy. Our hands met and I didn’t shy away but rather moved my hand on top of his hand and pressed it harder onto her mound as he moaned softly.

She slid off the couch and got in between his legs. She stroked what had to be nearing ten inches through the material of the sweatpants all while smiling seductively at me. I instinctually scooted closer so I could get a better look. She retrieved his substantial cock from the waistband and kissed it gently, still looking me dead in the eyes.

His hand wandered to my thigh and I sucked in an involuntary breath. She grinned wider and began to bob up and down on his length. She reached up and grabbed my hand, guiding me down to join her in worshiping this massive cock. After a solid deep throat, she withdrew the saliva soaked monster to offer it to me. Pushing along the bottom of the main vein, she worked a drop of precum to the top, which I eagerly licked up, much to her satisfaction.

With an involuntary moan, I took her ex deep into my mouth. It felt good to feel him pressing against the back of my throat. I flicked my tongue and drove deeper, Steph’s hand encouraging my decent. She moaned again and I could sense the frantic movement as her hand vigorously rubbed her cunt.

After a minute of letting me feast upon his meat, she stood up and ripped an access hole into her tights before positioning herself over his cock facing me. “Put it inside me, baby,” she cooed and I complied. Once I positioned him at the entrance to her vagina, I greedily licked the intersection of their two sexes, eliciting a moan from both. “That’s it baby, don’t stop, just like you do with the dildo,” she said.

Soon she had buried his length down to his balls to my surprise. “Oh fuck yes, god how I have missed your cock,” she said to him over her shoulder. Watching her ex’s beautiful cock drive into my girlfriend’s wet cunt almost made me cum right then and there.

Luckily I didn’t, and was rewarded with a front row show of my love in total ecstasy as she rode up and down the turgid member. The combination of him hitting depths in her I could only wish to hit and my mouth never leaving her engorged clit drove her to an earth-shattering orgasm that lasted a full minute. Catching her breath, she slowly slid off of him. “Baby, I think it’s time I told you why we broke up,” she said. “You see, Jason is a fan off anal sex, and as you well know, that is not my specialty.”

Leading me by the hand she had me straddle him facing him this time. She made a hole in my hose large enough for him to fit through and slipped a couple of fingers of lube up my ass. “Ok now baby, just relax,” she said, aiming him at my wet hole. Her previous work with her fingers and the feeldoe paid off, as, though I did think I was going to split in half, I didn’t, and successfully slid my way to the bottom of the shaft.

The feeling was incredible. The warmth of his pulsing dick inside me made my cock jump. I could feel Stephanie’s hair on my nylon ass as she leaned in to lovingly suck on his balls. His hands slid up and down my pantyhosed legs, moaning as I slowly started to ride him. After a few minutes, he laid me on my back and began hammering at my backside. Steph stepped over and lowered her pussy to my mouth while she took my cock into her mouth on the other end of our 69.

Jason’s rhythm changed and before I knew it, he was shooting hot jets of cum into me. The feeling triggered my orgasm and Steph greedily drank from my spasming cock. After the fireworks, she knelt beside the couch and kissed me deeply, our tongues dancing with the slick cum between them.

She suggested it might be time for bed and me and Jason both agreed. The bottle wine and another joint accompanied us back to the bedroom. He showered first, while me and my girlfriend giggled about what had just happened. I went next and when I exited the shower I saw a fresh pair of crotchless, suntan pantyhose were laid out for me along with a satin teddy with a floral print. I came into the bedroom once dressed and was treated to the sight of my girlfriend looking me in the eyes while she took her ex’s semi-flaccid member down to its base.

“Ok, your turn,” and with that, she got up to take her turn in the shower. I laid on the opposite side she had been on and started to worship his cock for the second time that night. When she returned, she was wearing a fresh pair of hose and a black teddy. She then climbed into bed and lay opposite of me so we could share this wonderful gift.
He came after fifteen minutes or so, and fell rapidly asleep. Steph and I lay on opposite side of his chest and were soon asleep. Later on in the night, I awoke to the sounds of sex and looked over to see Jason hammering it into my beautiful Stephanie from behind. I slid underneath so I could lick her pussy while his balls d**g across my forehead. They came together, and while she shuddered under the force of her ecstasy, he withdrew and allowed me to suck the remainder of his seed from his deflating cock.

Soon he was back asleep, and she and I carried on in the 69 with me greedily lapping at her leaking cunt and her hungrily sucking my cock for more semen. Our satin teddies and pantyhose slid together luxuriously. I came and she rocked back with her prize in her mouth while she rode my face furiously. She finished and swung off of me, leaving me in the middle of the bed. We kissed passionately until we fell asleep.

I awoke to somebody kissing my ear and feeling pressure to my bum. I reached for the lube on the bedside table, and prepped my asshole. The insatiable bastard was back for round three. He finished pounding me just at dawn, and as he rolled off of me to return to the shower, Steph opened her eyes, and kissed me deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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