How the Cook Changed Me Ch. 02

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Chapter 2. “Growing Accustomed to the Taste”

Throughout life we have experiences that fundamentally change us. Such was my first night in the car with Carlos, the 40-year-old Latino cook at the diner I worked at. In an abandoned parking lot I became somebody who had willingly sucked another man’s cock.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of the doorbell downstairs. “Well, hello there, Danny,” I heard my mother say. I knew my best friend would be extremely curious to know about that car ride. I quickly threw on clothes and called him upstairs. As soon as we closed my bedroom door, he asked: “What happened? What did Carlos do?”

Since Carlos was stern and religious it was easy to come up with a story. “You should have heard him. He kept telling me how God punishes the wicked and how what I did with you was one of God’s most wicked sins. I thought he would never shut up. He said if I did it again he would definitely tell my parents. He even gave me some Christian pamphlets but I threw them away. I didn’t even look at them.”

Danny had no reason to not believe me. But he was worried. “We should probably cool it with the .. you know.” (As usual he didn’t articulate the ‘playing around’ we did with each other.) “Don’t you think?”

I nodded. “At least for a while, yeah, maybe.” Although I agreed with him, I was disappointed that we were putting ‘playing around’ on hold.


After that first night I thought I was getting scheduling different shifts than Danny, but other than that there was no indication that anything had changed. I wondered if my parking lot encounter with Carlos had been a one-off occurrence. But the following Saturday Carlos came in the back and told me he would again drive me home. This time I knew what was in store for me. Once again he drove in silence while I stared out the window. Once again he parked in the parking lot o that abandoned factory. Once again he killed the ignition and pushed his seat back. And once again I undid my seat belt and reached into his lap.

This should have felt strange, eryaman otele gelen escort but somehow the act felt natural. After he unzipped his pants I took hold of his firm penis and stroked it to full erection. I spit on the tip and used my saliva for lubrication. I kept my hand wrapped around him, and when the spit dried up I worked up another mouthful of saliva and let it slowly drop down onto his cock. Then, without prompting, I lowered my mouth and began licking and sucking. At first I was lost in the moment, but soon my body grew uncomfortable from my contorted position.

I also grew anxious knowing that he was going to cum in my mouth. Although I thought I was ready for it I really wasn’t. My mouth got the first jet of hot sticky semen and while I fantasized about swallowing all his cum, I couldn’t. At least I didn’t jerk away from him; the back of his hand holding my head and my own desire to not pull away kept me remaining in his lap. But I gagged and coughed, and when I opened my lips cum flooded out and onto his cock and groin.

He cursed at the mess – I surmised he didn’t want his wife seeing his stained clothes – and I sat up. Again I stuck my head out the window to spit out most, but not all, of his semen. What remained I tasted, and what I discovered was that it wasn’t terrible.

“Much better this time,” Carlos told me as he handed me tissues to wipe my face. Then he extracted tissues for himself and proceeded to wipe up the mess between his legs. “And don’t worry, you’ll grow accustomed to the taste.”

So, he had more plans for me. I just nodded in silence, and fixed my own erection which was straining against my pants.


On our third visit to the factory Carlos drove to a further, more remote parking spot. After we each undid our seat belts he surprised me by opening his door. I watched as he stepped out and walked around the front of the car. When he reached my door he opened it and took a few steps backwards. He motioned for me to get esat sınırsız escort out and as I did he undid his belt.

We were both standing in the grass. As he lowered his pants and revealed his cock he said, “You may be more comfortable this way.”

Knowing what he wanted, and remembering how I had serviced Danny, I knelt on the ground, my knees feeling cool earth through my jeans. And it was more comfortable than being hunched in the car. I used both hands on his cock and balls; he used both hands to hold my head, to guide me back and forth on his cock. As usual he gave me instructions and encouragement. “Now, if you want to be even better, suck it like you’re sucking in all the air…” He was teaching me a new technique, and I guess I did want to be better at it, because I took his advice. I kept my mouth clamped around his cock, and sucked in like a vacuum cleaner. Carlos tightened his grip on my head and moaned softly. Then he gave another suggestion. “Move your other hand … touch me lower.” It took a second to figure out what he wanted, but I did. My hand on his testicles dipped to the patch of skin between his balls and his ass (the taint, I would years later find out). He let out a throaty ‘uh huh’ and started slowly moving his groin back and forth.

As he grew closer to orgasm he told me, “Tonight no spitting.” Then he held my head firmly in place, while he basically fucked my mouth, sliding his cock in and out of my lips. Soon enough I received another mouthful of cum, and this time I was unable to pull away. I wasn’t sure how many spurts he gave me, I just knew that my mouth was full. “Keep your lips tight,” he told me as he slid his cock out. He pulled away and I shut my lips and all of his cum remained in my mouth.

And I stayed there, kneeling on the grass, with his hands holding my head, knowing he wouldn’t release my until i swallowed all of his cum. I waited, bracing myself, and then took a first tentative swallow. I felt the liquid slide down my throat. I looked çankaya evi olan escort up at him. In the moonlight I saw his firm expression. And then I took a second, final gulp, and swallowed the remaining fluids.

When I finished he nodded in approval. “See, I knew you could do it.”


About once a week Carlos continued my training. Yes, training – that was what it was. He took me out to the abandoned lot, and each time he gave more instructions, more coaching. And each time I became more adept at pleasuring him and allowing him to cum in mouth. He also made me verbalize about what I did with Danny. “So how long have you been fooling around with your friend?”

“Not often. And we haven’t since.. ”

“Since you started sucking my cock?” I’m sure he knew I hated hearing those words – ‘sucking cock’ – but he used them anyway. After I nodded he asked, “Does Danny suck your cock?” When I shook my head he added, “So, you’re the cocksucker.” He reached for his belt. “But it’s OK. Just be honest and admit it.” His words stung, even if they were true. That’s what I was becoming – a cocksucker. “Do you let him cum in your mouth?”

I shook my head.

“So only me, then? I’m honored.” He let out a laugh, then turned his attention to the road, driving me to another session at the factory, where again I would suck him to completion. And during each of these encounters he never once touched me or reciprocated in any manner. Each time my own pleasure and release had to wait until he dropped me off at home, where I would head to my room and masturbate.

And on one of these occasions, after I came I examined the pool of milky fluid in my hand. Once many years before, I had tasted my own semen just out of curiosity. I had never done again since. But this night I was intrigued. What did my cum taste like? Would it taste differently than Carlos’s? To find out, I brought my hand up. There was that smell, a mild bleach-like aroma, not much different than Carlos. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked up a small puddle of cum. I closed my lips and let the fluid swirl in my mouth. It wasn’t terrible. I took another lick, another taste. And then I suddenly realized what I was doing: I was licking up my own cum. Carlos had been right – I would grow accustomed to the taste!

End of Chapter 2

Note: This is fictional story and is Copyright (c) 2018 by MRALX99. You may not copy or use it for any commercial purpose.

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