How to Punish a Vindictive Boss

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Smokey Saga 3: “How To Punish A Vindictive Boss”


First, not a ton of sex here—sorry about that—but a nice hot scene towards the end. More LesBDSM, although this is a CFFMNF setup (two clothed Fs, one clothed M, one naked F), but the sexual action is all girl-on-girl. You could call this “Horrible Bosses 3” or “Swimming With Sharks 2” (actually, this ended up similar to both those original films, except Kevin Spacey’s not in it)—but this title’s better; the more astute Reader may perceive this as the fourth “How To…” story in my library. The first three feature one of the same characters: everyone’s favorite…well, my favorite BDSMpress, Sandra Ariana Burton. It just happened that 14 stories after Sandy Burton’s first Saga came her second, and 14 after that came her third. And, they’ve all involved bondage and torment of some sort. As you can tell by these titles, she’s no Mother Teresa. But here they are, the Sandra Burton Chronicles—

“How To Break A Bad Rabbit” (Smokey Saga


“How To Wage A Wargasm” (


“How To Tickle A Girl Insane” (

They are not sequential; you don’t have to read them before this (although if you’d like to, be my guest!). The first two of those might need a little prying to fully explore what they’re all about. The third is really very self-explanatory. Oh, yes, and it’s worth mentioning that Sandy also appeared in a much younger version of herself, as a sorority sister in the ’80s-set “Erica Versus The House” (under her maiden name of Matthews). Now she’s back again in the present day. This is not really “her” story, and she will not be the first or only main character to appear in it, but her presence and role herein will definitely be substantial. Enjoy.


She Doesn’t Just Wear Prada

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015, 9:05 a.m.

Yet one more week of routine activity chugged along at J.D. & Associates, the office complex bookending Kit Kat Street at the north side. It was an upscale business corporation which demanded equally quality performance from its laborers to ensure job security. The company’s Associates did not mess about. While employees took care not to turn into completely colorless drones at work, they did check their senses of humor at the door. Once holding their own reins, they had been trained to cut themselves little slack. The venture had not earned its reputation of success by letting lazy workers slide.

Outside on this beautiful summer morn, far up into the air where man could not reach, nature was in full bloom. Trees waved to one another in the airy breeze. Birds tended dutifully to their young. Cloudlets drifted their innocent ways across the great big blue. All was right with the world outside the building belonging to J.D. & Associates. Inside, however, was something of a different story.

Tessie Ann McGilles sat working at her cubicle, anxiously awaiting the challenge she was to take on today. Starting at noon, a series of meetings would be held in the adjacent office, during which a handful of employees would take turns giving short presentations to their colleagues and higher-ups. Said presentations would consist of these workers’ own ideas and visions of how to run a more efficient and proficient office business, an objective for which the company continually strove. These goal-oriented employees had volunteered themselves to construct and submit their own original proposals, and Tessie was one of them.

Approaching the brink of middle age, Tess had been with the company for three and a half years, and had thus far hit some walls trying to move up within the hierarchy. The frustrating aspect was watching more and more colleagues promoted around her as time went by, some of whom boasted less seniority than she. She was a good, hard worker, but grew semi-frequently discouraged at her job’s thanklessness. There was a dichotomy vis-à-vis this occupation, depending on her mood. Sometimes she felt she should be grateful she even had a job, and could shake out a fair living in her late 30s. Other times she got to feeling indignant—or downright piffed off—at the level of regard with which she was treated. It seemed that reward within the company was based on favoritism or nepotism, rather than merit. She’d received one raise after her first year, and had been earning the same salary since. But raises conventionally came with promotions, which remained out of her reach. She did okay for herself, but everyone could use a boost in her paycheck. Here in the midst of summer, she tended to gaze out the window and envy all the beautiful green nature sported.

It wasn’t just the parallel in the color green outside reminding her of money that enchanted her. Tessie often wished she were a bird. Or a squirrel, özbek escort or dog, but mostly a bird. She admired birds so much. Hunters and other dangers aside, their lives were so simple and carefree. They got to spend every moment outdoors, they never had to worry about financial obligations of nest rent or food, they took to the open skies so gracefully, so majestically, exempt from the regulation of Earth gravity…they didn’t even know what a plane ticket was. And every year when winter came, they flew south. Tess wished she got to travel half that much. Oh, to be blessed with such freedom. To be able to take…a vacation. Good heavens, could she ever use a vacation.

Alas, she was not a member of the avian kingdom, nor had she vacation leave to burn. Furthermore, she was compelled to keep her mind from daydreaming about the winged wonders of nature, if she wished to keep her job. She issued herself countless reminders that she’d been trained to work like a horse. All the more reason and motivation to get back to her presentation for this afternoon.

And then, of course, there was that other little factor standing in the way of success and higher esteem in her position—as well as her greatest source of agony over being stuck in this rut.

A shadow fell over her desk as she studied her notes. This not usually signifying great news, Tessie slowly raised her head.

Sure enough, it was her boss, Paige Kinsington, leaning against her cubicle divider, rhythmically tapping her nails along the top. It was one of her signature bits. Click-clickity-click, click-clickity-click. The sound was almost indistinguishable from other office occupants typing on their keyboards. Paige smirked, her opinion of conveying a “professional” attitude.

“Well, well, well, well…” began Paige, working her facial muscles up into a full smile. “And how are we today, Miss McGilles?”

“We”? How are “we” today? Gee, I don’t know, Paige, you tell me; how are all of you today? How is your schizophrenic self?

“Good morning, Paige. Fine, just fine,” Tess replied obligatorily, managing the least necessary amount of eye contact, thanking God Paige couldn’t read her mind. “Yourself?”

One hand’s fingers tap dancing along the surface of Tessie’s cubicle divider, Paige blew on her other’s nails, shining them up on her Armani business suit. “Ah…it’s good to be the boss, Miss McGilles.

“Uh, I wouldn’t expect you to know about that, of course.”

Tess resisted the urge to blow out her breath in exasperation. She honestly didn’t know if she occupied Paige’s employ as a skilled hand who turned in quality work, or merely as the boss lady’s whipping girl. She had no clue why, while simultaneously overseeing a number of other co-workers as well, Paige had ostensibly singled her out as a day-to-day target of bullying and harassment. She didn’t torment her other employees with such gloating sentiment, rubbing their noses in their subservience. Tess couldn’t keep her nose remotely clean, yet everyone else’s were spotless. Especially that of a younger woman in another part of the office named Demmy. Demmy Kinsington—Paige’s niece. A perfect example of nepotism at its finest, Tessie thought whenever Demmy came to mind. Paige discouraged favoritism on the part of her employees, but didn’t exactly seem to practice what she preached.

It wasn’t as if Paige was perpetually on Tessie’s ass, breathing down her neck eight hours a day; it only felt this way to poor Tess, enduring doses of verbal abuse from Mrs. Kinsington each day which felt like tetanus shots. She’d have thought Paige would have more constructive things to do around the office than be a thorn in her side.

“Of course,” Tess parroted under her breath.

“So then,” Paige went on, “Working on your presentation for this afternoon, I see, hmm?”

Tess didn’t feel this was any of Paige’s business, as it was really a separate issue from her direct duties, but she confirmed.

“Well, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your work.”

“No, ma’am,” Tessie shook her head, relieved that Paige had actually completed a full sentence without criticizing, insulting or lambasting her. “I promise I’ll have it all done and on your desk by the end of the day.”

“There’s a good girl!” came the condescending sing-songy tone. “Don’t you let me hear any different! Bye-bye now!” Paige waved, strutting her way back to her economy-size boss office.

Once she was out of earshot, Tess executed the Sigh Of Irritation, a signature bit of her own under Mrs. Paige Kinsington’s wicked watchful eye. Again, it was illogical and unfair how Paige picked on her over small offenses for which she let others slide: forgetting to log out of her system before going to lunch, misstapling documents, a typo on a memo that went no further mecidiyeköy escort than the two of them. Tessie knew it was unwise to dwell on it—that like it or not, Paige was her boss right now, and this was all there was to it—but one thing she could do was use this torment as motivation to give the finest presentation possible to Paige’s bosses and their bosses. If the bigwigs saw her as a visionary, a true asset to this organization, she could finally garner some of the recognition and status she desired. Maybe she could even move up on the corporate ladder and, God willing, escape Paige’s clutches of mockery. Why, perhaps she could advance to the point where she could take over as Paige’s boss! Well, okay, so this may have been reaching a bit, but, Ho-ho-ho!…How sweet would that be?! Tess hadn’t a mean bone in her body, but this didn’t keep her from fantasizing about assuming the post of Paige’s superior, and spoon-feeding her some of her own mean-girl medicine, just so she’d know how it felt for once.

Yessirree…one thing is for sure: Miss Tessie McGilles is going to deliver a damn good presentation today.


Enter Sandwoman

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015, 12:34 p.m.

Tess had done a brilliant job thus far today of balancing her efforts between regular duties and her ideas to submit to the company superiors. She was so pleased with her accomplishments she hadn’t even been watching the clock. At half past noon, her tummy rumbled. Gurgle-gurgle-hungry-feed-me, it told her.

Tessie sometimes went to lunch by herself, and sometimes with an office companion or three. She took lunch this afternoon a bit later than normal, so the friends with whom she normally went out to eat were already gone. She didn’t feel like dining on her own, so she retrieved her cell and dialed a friend who worked at the nearby Juniper Mall.

Lucky for Tess, her friend Sandy Burton, a saleswoman at the department store Ford & Maylor, had not yet run off to her own lunch break. Naturally happy to hear from a fair-weather pal, Sandra cordially invited her to the mall food court for some tasty eats. Sandy’s half-hour lunch was little to write home about and held no candles to Tessie’s full hour-long repast, which was why Tess usually agreed to meet at her turf. Ordering their food courtesy of Sushi Hut and the Salad Experience, they took a table.

“So! What’s the story, mornin’ glory?” chortled Sandy, nabbing one end of California roll with expert manipulation of chopsticks.

Tess fork-speared a generous helping of greens. “Oh, the usual: my boss is making life a living nightmare, thanks very much.”

Sandy’s smile faded. “Aw, I’m sorry, sweetie. Well, but hey, don’t you have that big meeting coming up?”

“Mm,” Tessie nodded, chomping through the delicious mess of lettuce, tomato, egg, cheese, avocado and dressing she’d just shoved into her mouth. “Right on. I will be damned if I’m gonna let that little rat just walk all over me forever.”

“Well, good for you, Tesser!” congratulated Sandy, giving her a light playful punch in the arm. “We all think we’ve got something to say, but I’ve known you a long time, and I know you’ve got the stuff. You go in there and show them what’s up! Let ’em know that you are a force to be reckoned with! That you are something special!”

Tess gave a modest chuckle. “Well, I dunno if I’d go that far.”

“I would!” Sandra asserted. “If I may be so bold as to go third-person, Sandy Burton happens to be an excellent judge of character, and as such, takes full confidence in stating that Tess Ann McGilles has something to say, something to show, and places to go!”

“Heh! Not if Mrs. Paige Kinsington has anything to say about it,” Tess groused, snippily biting off the syllables in her boss’ name.

“Well, I’m sorry she’s putting you through such an ordeal,” Sandra said sympathetically. “For any consolation it’s worth, though, I can…kinda relate. Sometimes my superiors annoy me too.”

“Yeah, but you’re so much better at handling it,” replied Tess. “You’re able to just laugh stuff like this right off and let it slide under the bridge. I wish I could be more like that.”

“Mmm, don’t be too sure, hon,” her buddy chuckled. “I may be cooler than a cucumber in some situations; others, not so much. I am only slightly greater than human,” she winked.

“You are an awesome person, Sandy. There’s actually a number of ways I wish I could be more like you.”

“You spoil me with your words, flatterer. Seriously, though, give yourself a little break now and then to just take some deep breaths, Tess. You’ll thank me for it, and your body and sanity will thank you.”

“I will,” Tessie smiled, patting Sandy’s hand. “And in the meantime, I’m gonna knock that presentation outta the park.” azeri escort

“‘At’s my girl,” praised Sandra. “And, as regards your boss…want me to pay her a little visit, and, uh…lean on her a little?”

Passably familiar with Sandy’s escapades, Tess eyed her uncertainly. “Define ‘lean on her.'”

“Oh, y’know…” Sandy gave a few tosses of the hand, matter-of-factly elaborating. “…Teach her a lesson?…Cut her down to size?”

A playful smirk crept up the corners of Sandy’s lips. Tess felt the need to halt her before she got too enthusiastic.

“Whoa. Okay,” Tess chuckled, raising her hands. “Down, girl. That won’t be necessary.”

Eyebrows falling, Sandra’s smirk went from playful to a bit disappointed.

“Dang it. A’right, well, change your mind, you know where to grab me,” she winked suggestively. Tess giggled, dropping her eyes.

“Don’t be naughty,” she flirted. “We’re in public.”

“And your point is?” Sandy flirted right back.

“Sandra, you’re married.”

“Yeah, to a swinger, who right this moment, even as we speak, is with one of our models, shooting a blow job video.”

“D—Sandy!” Tess hissed, as a few nearby curious heads turned their way. In reply, Sandy innocently sucked her milkshake and held out her free hand as if to ask, “What?”

Tessie lowered her voice and leaned in to her. “Doesn’t that kinda…bother you just a little?” she wanted to know. “I mean, having your…your husband’s dick in some other babe’s mouth?”

Out of respect and deference to her, Sandra took the level of her own voice down to meet Tess’.

“Apparently, you’re less than familiar with what we call a ‘swinger,’ babe. Yes, we’re legally married to each other, but we learned early on that we both like to play around, so that’s what we do. Trust me, Tess, it’s totally consensual. On both sides. Sometimes together, sometimes separate. And yeah, we do like the occasional three-or-more-some, an orgy here and there.

“In every other regard it’s just like a normal marriage, honey,” Sandy went on, floating back up to regular volume. “We live together, we sleep together, we share everything; our whole lives. Actually, that’s my favorite part. I mean, yeah, Tess, I know I get on Lou’s nerves sometimes, and God knows he can sure get on mine. But there’re reasons we’re married to each other, and not to all our friends and models and swinger playmates. There’re reasons he’s my favorite person in the world, and I’m his.”

“Really? Like what?”

“Oh, goodness, where do I start,” Sandy giggled, tossing her hands. “Like…like, only Lou knows exactly where the remote controls are at all times, for instance. He’s the king of the remotes. And only I know where he leaves his socks, so only I can find them and do his laundry for him. Just a hundred sweet little things like that. Yeah, we routinely give our bodies over to our friends to have done with as they please, but our lips, Tess, are only for each other. No one else gets to kiss mine, and no one else gets to kiss his. Most of the time when we have sex with someone else, we’re only thinking of each other anyway. And we are the only ones who go grocery, Christmas and birthday shopping for each other. Nobody else takes me out to a candlelit supper for Valentine’s Day. No one else joins us to see those sappy romantic comedies we all love. No one else cracks him a beer and rubs his feet after he’s had a tough day. Sometimes when he knows I’ve had a hard day, he straightens things up around the house, just ’cause he knows how much it means to me. I’d do, say or give anything for him, Tess. That’s how much I treasure my marriage. It’s my most prized and dear possession. So as many naughty things as we’ve done with our friends, our hearts are only for each other. And that’s all that matters.”

Tessie was touched by Sandra’s heartfelt speech. There was more than met her eyes. She knew Sandy and Lou pretty well, she’d been to their house, though only as a social guest. She was single and unattached, but she didn’t participate in the Burtons’ sexcapades. She just didn’t think she was into that. And that was fine; Lou and Sandy respected her feelings and interests. So she paid them visits for a cup of tea, a nice dinner, a few hands of gin, or just to kick back and watch TV. And she could clearly see the devotion communicated in their expressions. But she still hadn’t anticipated that their espoused love ran quite so deep. It was really rather…well, just as Sandy had said, sweet. It made Tess envy her as she stared into Sandy’s honeyed eyes.

“Wow, that’s beautiful.”

“Yeah,” gushed Sandra. “So sure, I can see how our situation would seem kinda bizarre to someone else, or hell, just plain ass-backwards. But y’know, we subscribe to the philosophy of ‘to each your own.’ ‘Judge not even if you are judged.’ Someone else disapproves, hey, whatever ya say, buddy. We don’t have time for that. We’re good, moral people with solid values. And when we see immoral things done, especially to our friends, we feel obligated to jump in and try and put things right. Ergo, I’ll ask you again—

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