Hunchback Road

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We lived on a country road which was named Ernest Road, though it’s nickname was “Hunchback Road.” It was given that name back in the ’40’s from the number of car accidents it has caused, particularly in the icy, snowy winter months. It was a tired, old, long road with seldom a house in sight – except for ours of course. To the nickname of “Hunchback Road”, teens and young adults have always put a sexual spin on it as well, but having grown up on Hunchback Road and being the only student in my graduating class to live way out here, I’ve pretty much heard it all.

I’m 20 years-old and having graduated college, but with no job and the demand for my field of work very little (floral design), I was jobless, broke and having to live back with Daddy.

I have to admit I was enjoying it though. After two years of living with roommates, one smuggling pot in a Adidas shoebox and the other arrested for embezzlement, I didn’t mind living with my old man in our run-of-the-mill house where there was peace, quiet and freedom from the cops pounding at my door every thirty seconds.

But back to Hunchback Road. It was just my father and I living together, my two older siblings having moved out years ago. And growing up on such a hazardous road, usually two or three times every winter season we’d go out and find someone stranded in his car, or someone knocking on our door if a tow truck wasn’t available, or if it was in the night, etc. When my Mom was alive, she’d take care of the drivers real well, fixing them a meal and hot cup of coffee and offering them a bed or the couch to rest on.

It was December 2010. A huge blizzard was coming our way. The weather people warned everyone to keep off the streets. My father and I did so and went to bed early that night after a heavy dinner. At about two o’clock in the morning, I heard a bang from downstairs and my father’s voice call out to me.

“Christine!” he hollered.

I rolled out of bed and put on my bathrobe, heading downstairs. My father was sitting a man down on the couch and then went into the kitchen. The man had walked two miles in the freezing weather and finally found our house after he had crashed his car into a ditch. He wasn’t injured, just a slight bump on the head. His pants were soaked from walking in the snow.

At that moment, he hadn’t noticed me standing there yet, his head was looking down at the floor. I tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up at me with soft brown eyes.

I smiled at him sympathetically. “Are you alright?”

He grinned, “Oh yes, I’ll be alright. It’s a mess out there!”

“I’m sure it is. Would you like to take a nice hot shower? I could lend you my brother’s bathrobe.”

He sighed in relief. “I would love one, thank you.”

“Hold on just a second,” I told him.

I went down the hallway on the first floor and went into the bathroom and laid out a couple of towels and washcloths for him and fetched my brother’s old bathrobe. I lead him into the bathroom and a moment later I heard the stream of the shower turn on.

My Dad was in the kitchen making coffee and I started to make a nice, hot breakfast for the man, though early it was for breakfast! I made waffles and bacon and set a place for him at the table.

I learned from my Dad that the man’s name was Robert. I was instantly attracted to him. He had this softness about him, this sweetness. He had soft eyes and I fantasized about them opening and closing in slow-motion, making eyes at me. He had brown hair and stood about 5’9″ with a skinny frame.

This is usually what I did for drivers who had gotten stuck in the snow, but there was an extra, additional instinct in me to want to take care of this man. I wanted to take care of his needs and it wasn’t long before I thought of his sexual needs and how I would love to take care of those, too. He brought out an instinct that made me want to mother him.

A few minutes later he came out with my brother’s blue bathrobe on and grinned when he saw the breakfast, which by now had been made for all three of us to be enjoyed. I sat next to my father with Robert across from us. The early-early breakfast was purely platonic, with not even a flirtation happening, but I couldn’t help but notice how truly beautiful his eyes were. Big, expressive and wide-set. He had a kind of nerdy look to him – not the stereotypical nerdy look with huge glasses and suspenders, but an average-nerdy look. I estimated his age to be about 42 or 43.

“Christine, show Robert to his bedroom,” my father said. “I’m going up to bed.”

I nodded. The three of us cleared the table and I lead Robert down the hall to his room. He was quite impressed with the guest room, with clean sheets and a television. I turned down the blankets for him, and I could feel him watching me from the doorway, my bottom bent over in my silk bathrobe. Or was I just imagining it?

“There you are, Robert,” I said to him and turned around with a smile.

“Thank you very much, young lady,” he said Antalya travesti to me. “I appreciate you and your father welcoming me into your home. I sense that this happens quite often.”

“In the wintertime it does. Good night, Robert.”

“Good night.”

I shut the door behind him and took his clothes to the laundry room and threw them in the dryer. I noticed they were slacks, a button-up shirt and a tie. There was also a pair of boxers, which excited me. I laid snugly in my bed, knowing Robert was right below me, myself fantasizing, wondering if he was too…

When I woke up in the morning, I saw how thick the snow was and how the road was blocked in. There must’ve been four feet of snow in the roads, and it hadn’t even been plowed yet. It was one of the worst blizzards in years, the weather man said, and I was happy that Robert would be staying with us for a little while longer.

He and I were up in the morning before Dad was and we were sitting in the living room, talking and joking. I saw something more in his eyes this morning – a little twinkle in them when he looked at me. I giggled at him flirtatiously and fetched his clean clothes for him to wear. I went up to my bedroom to get ready for the day, too. I showered, dried my hair, brushed it, brushed my teeth and put a pair of tight jeans and a violet sweater that was low cut and warm, but sexy at the same time. I put on some makeup and investigated myself in the mirror.

I had large breasts and a small waist, with long, wavy, dark brown hair and green eyes. I stood about 5’5″ and had very shapely legs and a butt that most of my dates had complimented me on. It was heart-shaped and stuck out. By the way I dress, most men think I’ve been around a lot, but I’ve had very limited sexual experience, though I was man-crazy.

Back downstairs, Robert saw me in my outfit and looked me up and down, his hand on his hip.

“Little lady, you shouldn’t dress like that in front a lonely, middle-aged man.”

I put my hand on my waist, jutting my hip out to side. I grinned. “Oh, why? Are you a wolf?”

“Would you blame me if I was?”

“That doesn’t answer my question,” I replied playfully. “Besides, what is wrong with my outfit?”

“It’s asking for trouble.”

I walked passed him seductively, teasing him and swaying my hips. He stared at me when I stopped and shortened the distance between us and wrapped his arms around my waist. He stroked my hair out of my eyes, looking into them lustfully. I knew he was hot for me. I was hot for him. He softly planted his lips on mine and one of us, I don’t know which one, opened our mouths. Oh, how our mouths were going at it, hungry, sexual, horny, with my Daddy right up above our heads sleeping. Our kisses slowly lost power and our faces separated. He smiled at me. Satisfied. I wanted to see how else he could be satisfied. We heard Daddy’s footsteps coming down the stairs. We parted quickly, he on the couch and I on the chair.

Daddy looked out the window. “The snow plow hasn’t even come yet. We should start shoveling the driveway and the walk though. What do you say?” Robert agreed quickly, very willing to pitch in and help. I grumbled some, but agreed to help.

Once outside, Daddy started to snow blow the drive way, and behind the driveway, diagonally, was the sidewalk and porch, where Robert and I agreed to shovel together. One shovel was strong, the other was old and rickety. We traded them every so often so one wouldn’t be stuck with the bad one all the time.

But it wasn’t long before our snow shoveling turned to flirtatiousness and we found ourselves in a snow fight. We were laughing like two children, throwing snowballs at each other and dumping snow on each other’s heads. I was laughing so hard and he gently tackled me to the ground. My laughter subsiding, I looked to see where Daddy was. His back was to us. I didn’t want him to see his young daughter playing with an older man.

Our laughter became quiet and Robert looked sexy with the snow in his hair. We began to feel each other’s arms. Though we were numb from the cold and had thick winter coats on, we could still feel each other’s touches, and in the midst of all that snow, the heat between us was boiling. I wanted him. I wanted his body. I wanted to see his cock. That’s all a little horny girl can do is want. He separated my knees and I obliged eagerly, spreading them. I was wondering what he was going to do and my silent question was answered when he pushed the crotch of his slacks into the crotch of mine. Oh, I could feel how hard he was. I was wet, though he couldn’t feel it through all the material. With his clothed cock, against my clothed, wet pussy, he began to rock back and forth, and I moaned as I felt the stick in his pants rubbing up against me. We were moaning softly as we dry humped each other.

“Ohh, oh Robert,” I groaned.

“Yes, oh yess Christine, that’s my sweet little Baby.”

“Hey, what’s going on over there?” I heard my İstanbul travesti father yell from down the driveway. Our driveway is very long and I doubt he could see the extent of what we were doing. Still, we scurried to our feet.

“Nothing Daddy!” I hollered back to him. “I just fell and Robert was helping me up!”

We resumed our shoveling and about fifteen minutes later Daddy put the snow blower away and announced that we should stop too and go back to it later, once we’ve had a bit of a rest. He always liked to think of himself as “King of the Universe,” so Robert and I did as we were told.

It was even dangerous for the snow plows to be in such weather. This truly was the worst blizzard our state had seen in years. I didn’t mind, of course. Robert’s car was still in the ditch and once the plows came by, then a tow truck could get in.

After talking about such matters over lunch, I invited either my Dad or Robert to play a game of ping pong with me. Obviously, I didn’t really want to play with Daddy, and I was lucky because he said he was tired, but Robert agreed to play. So he wouldn’t get suspicious about all our time alone together, I asked if Daddy would like to watch Robert and I play and again he declined.

I showed Robert downstairs where our game room was. We had a very nice basement, carpeted, with furniture and a television in one corner. For good measure, of course, we left the basement door open and started a fun game of ping pong. I’m very competitive by nature, but whenever Robert got a point, I would run up to him, very girlishly and give him a hug. We played three games and started our fourth. I was getting so excited playing with him. If the ball fell on the ground, I loved looking at his behind, so skinny and cute. I, on the other hand, would tease him as well. Ping pong isn’t like pool where you bend over a lot, but I found ways for him to look down my top. And I could feel his eyes down my top, too. I have big tits that men love and I could tell that Robert loved them too.

During the game I found myself fantasizing about him. About what he looked like naked, about what he was like in bed. I’ll admit I’m a cock-hungry little girl and I was hungry for his. Mmm, I had loved it when we dry humped in the snow. From what I could feel, I could feel he had a big one, and I wanted to see it.

“Christine?” my father said, coming down the stairs.

I was just about to serve the ball. “Yes, Daddy?”

“Darling, I’m going to go upstairs to take a nap, so I’d like you two to be quiet down here while I rest.”

“Yes, Daddy. Good Night.”

He trotted back up the stairs. Poor Daddy. A moment later I went back up the basement stairs and listened for his bedroom door to shut. It did indeed. I went back down to where Robert was and told him Daddy had just gone in his room. Robert walked around the table, passed me and went up the stairs, shutting the basement door. Without a word, Robert held me gently and we started kissing.

“Oohh Robert,” I moaned. “You are such a good kisser.”

“Mmm, so are you, little Baby.”

We moved ourselves over to the couch and started to make-out heavily. We started to stroke each other’s hair and a jolt went through my body when he put his hand on my hip. It was getting so hot. Robert took off his shirt, and I loved to see his bare, naked chest. I ran my hands along it as we kissed. I was more cock-hungry than ever and knew what I needed to do.

I got down on the floor on my knees and started to undo his pants, pulling them down with his boxer shorts. Robert was moaning and wiggling at what I was about to do. Oh his cock was so beautiful and it was so big, maybe eight or nine inches of pure manhood. Mmm.

“Ohh yeah, God, Baby, come on, suck it,” he encouraged me.

I teased him and stroked it instead, feeling it’s hardness and it’s wetness from all his pre-cum. I’ve never seen pre-cum like it, it was almost flowing out of his cock, heavily and on a consistent basis, yet he wasn’t cumming. I opened my painted lips, about to take his cock in my mouth – and pulled away, tormenting him.

“Oh God!” he exclaimed. “Come on Sweetheart, suck me, please, please suck me.”

This time I did as he asked and I started to blow him. With his encouragement and the feel of all his meat in my mouth, I was getting so excited. I licked it up and down like a lollipop and more importantly swirled my tongue around the head, centering in on that sensitive spot underneath the head. Then I went back to taking it in my mouth again. I wanted to try something I had never tried before – I wanted to deep throat him. I took my mouth off of his cock and took a few breaths and opened my lips up again, my gag reflex coming into action as the head came near the throat. I relaxed and opened my throat, my nose bumping into the skin of his belly – every inch of him was inside my mouth. Oh, I immediately fell in love with deep throating.

“Christine,” Robert moaned. “God yess, oh İzmir travesti I can’t believe that that little mouth can do all that. I’m in your throat, Baby. Oh you’re such a sweet little cocksucker. That’s it Baby, take it all for me, there you go. You like cock, don’t you Baby?” I nodded. “Yes, yes you do. Oh Baby, I have to cum soon, let me cum on those big jugs of yours. Take off your top.”

With my top being a button-up sweater, I could keep his cock in my throat and still undo my sweater and my bra. My tits were huge. He pulled his cock out and told me to lie down on my back and I did so. He pulled off the rest of his clothes and slid his cock between my knockers. I pressed my tits together, to “sandwich” his cock and he groaned and started to move his hips back and forth. I had never been titty-fucked before, but I found I instantly liked it. I loved his wet, slippery, velvet cock in between my fleshy, big breasts.

“Yes, yes, oh, fuck my titties,” I moaned to him, my head writhing back and forth as I felt his velvety skin fucking me.

“Oh yeah, you like it don’t you Baby? Oh what huge jugs, wow, oh wow. Oh God, here it comes Baby.”

At his instruction, I released my tits from my grip and I sat up. He jacked at his cock and started to cum, stream after stream after stream of long ropes of sperm. I rubbed the cum into my tits as he came, throwing my head back and moaning in ecstasy. My tits were smothered. On the spur of the moment, seeing my mouth open, moaning, as he was cumming he put the head of his dick to my lips, and I immediately caught on, starting to nurse him, feeling even more ropes of cum into my mouth. I sucked him dry and we were both satisfied.

I cuddled up next to him, taking his arm between mine. We started to kiss again, soft, gentle kisses, and he thanked me for letting him fuck me and for the blowjob.

“You were so, so good, Baby,” he told me.

I giggled and thanked him. “I love your cock. It’s so big and has so much cum for me.”

We heard some noise upstairs and hurriedly got dressed and went up to see what was going on. Daddy asked us if we wanted to help him shovel again. We agreed to. In low whispers, Robert and I agreed to meet each other again, privately, at 10 p.m. that night in his guest room.

Once outside, we started huffing and heaving like we did that morning. After what seemed like forever, we cleared the snow. The evening went by slowly as we ate, then watched television. We were like an odd little family, just a day-old. Robert didn’t seem too bored when we weren’t together in private and I have to say I wasn’t either – I was having fun spending time with the two men I (currently) enjoyed the most. But I was looking forward to spending sometime with Robert later on that night.

My father headed in for the night about eight o’clock and Robert and I went to our separate rooms. I wanted to wait till Daddy was asleep, and more so to get ready for the night. I took a bath. My bones were chilled from being in all that snow. I curled my hair, put on lipstick and dressed in a black lace baby doll with black high heeled shoes – you know the kind, with a little bit of fluff on the top, but no sling to go around the back of the woman’s foot. I put on my bathrobe and went down to Robert’s room. I knocked very quietly. He opened it and let me in.

He smiled. “It’s nice to see you, Baby.”

I giggled. “It’s nice to see you, too. How have you been?”

“I’ve been going crazy all evening looking at you.”

He took off his bathrobe and was just in his boxer shorts. His penis was sticking out, making a tent in his shorts. I giggled and took off my bathrobe, showing him my lingerie. He sat down on the bed and sat me on one of his thighs. The curtains were open and the moonlight was streaking through. No lights were on and his eyes took on a sparkle and his skin a glow.

Sitting on his leg, he tickled my neck with his finger making me giggle, and holding my chin in his hand, he kissed me, whispering to me that he had been waiting all evening for me. I reached down to feel his cock and it was so big and ready.

“You like ’em big, Sweetheart?” he said.

I nodded, “Yes, I do.”

The naughty talk rekindled our kissing and it was even more passionate than before. I stroked his cock through his shorts, and sitting there kissing him, I realized the magnitude of the events that had happened (and would happen) just under a day ago. I knew he would be gone soon, but I took every opportunity to enjoy his personality and his body, to enjoy the sex he offered, and to enjoy offering him the same thing.

I rubbed my body up against him, my thigh getting streaked with his pre-cum in the process. He took the straps of my lingerie down over the tops of my arms. He stared at my chest and I followed his gaze, seeing that the tops of my tits were nearly exploding from their cage.

“Let’s get out of this, Princess,” he whispered, started to take off my baby doll.

I was only too eager too obey him and now, naked, I sat on his lap kissing him. Our kisses were heated, excited at what was to come. We were two people very hot for one another. Our bodies showed it, the way we wiggled and squirmed. Finally, he laid me down on his bed and took off his shorts.

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