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Desi hot sex involving my MIL and wife

Ever since our house was being renovated, Me, my wife and my Mother in law have been camping out at relatives or at the hotels. The house was taking longer than expected to finish, the whole place was upside down. We once tried staying in one of the rooms at our home, but we couldn’t get a good night sleep. So we decided to camp out.

It was getting expensive to stay in hotels and separate rooms so we decided to rent a 1 BHK service apartment instead.

My sex life was gravely affected due to this, My wife is totally my type. She is curvy, well rounded, chubby and has enough curves, submissive most of the times. It was all I needed to keep me turned on all the time. I am glad I married a woman who I was greatly attracted to, I could never get attracted to a woman who was beautiful, slim and a trophy-wife.

We are used to being intimate almost every day, sometimes twice in a night. Ever since our situation all I get from her is a hand job or a quickie in a shower. I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t have her as I am used to, butt naked, wild and loud!

This is an incident from a one particular night when I couldn’t take it any longer.

We were having crazy summers and the apartment had a single AC, I would sometimes sleep in the hall but the heat was unbearable. Sleep is important to us cause our days were longer with office and the construction work. We could never tell her mom to sleep in the hall, so we slept in the same room on a single bed.

We were mindful of her initially, she wouldn’t dare touch me in her mom’s presence. But after few nights we couldn’t resist our lust for each other bodies so we did what we could, she jerked me off, I fingered her, squeezed her breasts and we kissed sometimes but that was it.

It was a Friday night, I went out for an office party and got little drunk. Nothing I am not used to, but I had a good time and was little tipsy. In a mood for a good slightly rough sex!

They were already in bed, I changed and crashed next to her. She was already asleep, I got inside the sheets that we two shares and pulled her closer to me. She opened her eyes and kissed me, I reciprocated by kissing her passionately and ran my hands all over her ample body. She saw me getting restless and tried to calm me and moved her hand as usual in my track. But I was not doing the regular today, no way!

I lifted her nighty, she didn’t mind since we were covered. She made room for my hand which was between her warm legs, her thighs were sweaty. God, i miss tasting that! I made her way to the vagina, I slid my fingers and began playing with her clitoris. It was wetter down there than usual, we kissed passionately. I wanted to just tear that nighty of her and fuck her like a man under me.

She got my pants down totally and was squeezing my butt. She wanted me to take me her too. I finally removed her nighty entirely and threw it under the bed. At this time she freaked out a little, what are you doing !! She exclaimed, I didn’t care and kept exploring her body freely now.

I got inside the sheet and sucked her breasts, oh it has been so long since I sucked em this way. I squeezed them, bit the nipples, licked both of them together, sucked both of them together. I almost forgot how big they were.

I emerged sweatily, she was wrapped around me as though I were her clothes. She knew how to calm me down so she started stroking my penis quite hard. I pushed her hand away and removed whatever clothing I had been wearing. We were both naked right next to her mum.

She whispered, let’s go to the hall and we can do it there. Na ah, I wanted her now right now! She pleaded, but I was not in my right senses. I took my penis and rubbed it into her vagina. It was impossible to have an intercourse lying side by side. She had to come under me, she had no clue how this would end.

I promise she won’t know! I whispered in her ear. I turned her away from me, she was now facing towards her mum who was a sleep. My penis now rested at my favourite place, her butt! I rubbed it comfortably between her large butt cheeks, while I smelled her hair and bit her neck and both my hands squeezing her breasts.

I finally parted her legs and entered her from behind. Oh my Fucking God! Its been forever, I thanked every God that ever existed that led me to have this amazing feeling ever, I was about to cum but I froze. Her mom turned over our side!

I froze but she didn’t, she kept squeezing my butt to get me to go deeper inside. She must have closed her eyes, I didn’t want to freak her out. So I kept going It was exciting, more than the time when we did it on a train or in the moving car.

I had to keep an eye on her if she wakes, her mum slept quite carelessly, she always slept in a saree. After all, i am a man so quite naturally my gaze wandered lower to her breasts. They were Huge! Huge is an understatement, I could see the long and dark cleavage. I couldn’t help imagine the luck of the man who had gone inside and explored it. My mouth watered, the breasts of my own wife seemed quite underwhelming.

My gaze was fixed on her cleavage and I was selfishly fantasizing about my face buried inside it, until; when she finally adjusted her saree and covered her exposed cleavage. Freaked out I looked at her face, she was wide awake and our gaze met.

She didn’t flinch, neither did I. We both knew what was going on, I kept my thrusts going all the while locked in a gaze battle with her mum, I had a devilish smirk on my face. she finally blinked and I exploded inside her daughter as she looked on. I bit her neck while gazing her mum and recovering from the ecstasy and loosening the grip on my woman and panting.

She turned the other way and pretended to sleep but I knew what she was up to.

My wife turned and kissed me, we fell asleep.

We woke up the next morning to find ourselves alone in the room, my mil was in the kitchen. The sheets were barely covering us, I immediately got up to bolt the door. My mil was passing by the hall right when I was about to shut the door fully naked, we both stopped dead in our tracks. She just gave a look at my organ and smirked. I immediately bolted the door, her smirk gave me an erection. I had a naked and sexy women lying in the bed. I resolved that problem quite well.

My wife was working late today, it’s not usual for her to work late during Mondays. The routine is I go check on the construction and pick her up and come home, she was going to be late and told me she will take an office cab and asked me to go home and eat. The thought of my mil and me alone did get me excited.

There was nothing unusual except that I couldn’t help but imagine her naked all the time, my gaze was on her waist, butt, and boobs. How did I ever miss to recognize her figure, I was getting attracted to her by the minute. When she passed nearby humming I could smell something nice, does she wore perfume before as well? When was she humming before? She looked pretty, and all I wanted to do when she passed nearby was to grab her and have my face suffocated in those huge melons.

I occasionally touched her hands when she was passing me plates or something, we lingered our touch a little bit longer. I decided to move past the small talk and asked her about the day, we finished our food. I purposely went in the kitchen when she was finishing up and was making tea, I brushed past her back and extended my hands behind her neck, I could literally see the goosebumps on her neck and back. I could see the deep dark cleavage from up top.

She told me to go on and she will make it and get for me, I asked her if she could also massage my head. She agreed readily, I sat down and she sat up on the sofa and handed me the tea, while we watched tv. She did a good job and also massaged my neck, which felt really great. I leaned back in her lap, she did not resist – in fact, made more room by parting her legs for me to be comfortable. My head was touching her warm breasts, she was fully aware. Her fingers ran slower and were also reaching down my chest.

I mumbled with my eyes closed, you’re good. She leaned in to hear, her locket was dangling near my neck and her warm cheek touched mine. I caught the locket with my hand and observed it, knowing where it rests every day made me jealous. I asked her where she’ve got it? She still leaning in told me that her husband got her that. While one of her hand still was running from my neck, back, and chest. Our mouths were really close when we were speaking. I was getting an erection and I could tell her nipples were giving her a hard time too.

I let go of her locket, she leaned back and I went and sat next to her, she put the locket back inside which slid down comfortably between her breasts. She knew I was looking, she didn’t care much to adjust her pallu, she let me enjoy the show. I kept my hand behind her on the sofa and was just scrolling through my phone while she watched the tv.

I laughed at one of the memes a friend shared in a WhatsApp group, she leaned in to see what was it, we literally sat next to each other quite cozy. I wanted her to stay like that for longer, so I kept showing her my collection of memes. She laughed at them mostly – I now had my hands on her arms and we both together were watching the memes, she had my phone in her hand and her hand was in mine and I was scrolling.

There were a lot of adult content in there too, which she obviously didn’t mind. We were both laughing hysterically, she would occasionally lean in and laugh uncontrollably. Unwary of her clothing, I had a clear view of her cleavage now. She noticed my wandering eye and cleared her throat. I smiled, she looked at me and said what? I said nothing and tucked her hair behind the ear. The goose bumps on her neck and the upper breasts area were evident. I could imagine whats happening to her nipples.

She began, “Looking at your phone content, it says something about you”, “It means that I have quite an appetite” I responded. At this point, I kept the phone aside and we were conversating. She sat aside distancing herself and asked: “How much is it”. I lowered my gaze to her breasts and exclaimed “Quite a lot” she lifted my face by my chin and said. I am up here and she smiled.

I moved closer to her, my erection was very evident and the pre-cum was already oozing. “Is this normal?” she asked looking at the tent my track had become, I confessed not until last night, she teased by asking, what happened last night?

I leaned closer to her and said. Something in your eyes that gets it up. I can read in these eyes, that it can give me pleasures that are unknown to me, it has done things that I couldn’t imagine. It longs to see something that she hasn’t seen in a long time, they want to see all the sins and witness all the crimes of passion. They have been starving for long, they won’t shut now. They will be open, they want to see everything that is being done to her and remember it for as long as they can so she can revisit these memories again and again and again.

It worked she opened her mouth and have been breathing heavily, her pallu was long fallen and her blouse couldn’t contain her gigantic breasts. Her cleavage was smelling inviting. She has now submitted herself to me. She was in my arms and was inches away. That’s when my phone rang.

It was my wife. She needed to pick me up as her cab bailed, by the time I finished my call she went to the kitchen. I left to pick my wife.

By the time we reached it was late, my wife and I went to bed. My mil was already on the bed, pretending to sleep. My wife was too tired, right when she entered the room she was freezing due to the ac, she checked with my mil why is it so low. She responded that she needed it she is feeling hot, my wife requested me to sleep in between so that she could sleep in the corner.

It was really cold, my wife was too tired. But my erection was killing me. I was caressing her body and was spooning her, I kissed her neck and she was too tired and she requested me to do it fast, I lifted her nighty and pulled down her panty and pulled down my track as well, rested my penis in between her warm butt. I started rubbing my penis on her butt while squeezing her boobs. I suddenly realised that my mil must be awake and I wanted her to enjoy the show as well, so I lifted the sheet and pulled my pants all the way down my butt was exposed while going back and forth on her daughter, I had no idea if she was awake and enjoying the show. I couldn’t dare turn and see. That’s when I felt a hand on my butt.

It went up to my back to my butt to my lower legs, its like she was motivating me to fuck her daughter. She put a single finger between my butt and was rubbing my ass hole. It was weird in the beginning but it was strangely pleasurable, it was too much for me to take, my wife was almost deep in sleep and my mil knew what was going on. She now started squeezing my butt as my thrusts were becoming faster. I exploded and my cum went all the way into my wife’s hair and I moaned loudly and hugged my wife with one hand and caught my mils hand with another which was on my butt. It was the best orgasm in days,

I slowly let go of the grip from my wife and so from her hand, she stroked my butt gently almost patting as though I have done a good job. I cleaned my wife and tucked her properly on the sheet, she was asleep.

I slowly turned to the side facing my mil, she was there with her wild stair, I was sweating. She took out her pallu and wiped my forehead and was blowing air from her mouth at a distant. She was putting back her pallu, but I hinted her not to. So she left it like that. I lowered my gaze and gave her another hint to pull her blouse down. I wanted to see them badly.

She pulled her blouse a little further down, I could see her erect nipples. She wasn’t wearing a bra – obviously, she was now showing her belly button. She pulled her saree down to reveal her plump belly. She played with her finger around her belly button and was putting a finger in it. My mouth fell open and I so wish my tongue was instead exploring it.

She started squeezing her breasts now and lifted saree till her thighs. My god they were some fleshy ones. She parted her legs and was fingering. I couldn’t see the sight of her vagina. She maintained her eye contact while she did all of this things. Then she removed her fingers and started sucking them, I lost it there. I wanted to fuck her then and there so badly. She was killing me! She started licking her middle finger and demonstrated how will she suck my cock. I couldn’t wait to have my dick sucked by her.

My penis was erect in no time again. She moved her hand towards my track and held my penis for the very first time. Her plump and soft hands made me feel right at home. She was gentle, she moved her fingers down and fondled my balls, it was all wet with the cum and sweat, I parted my legs for her to explore whole of that area. She then replaced her hand with another while she tasted my juices on her finger. I was going to explode cause this was too much to take.

That’s it. I grabbed her breasts and started squeezing them wildly. I put my hand in between her cleavage, I undid her hooks and set them free. Her cleavage was all sweaty, her nipples were huge and her areolas were wide. I couldn’t handle them with two hands of course. I pinched her nipples hard, she barely made a sound.

I then moved my hand inside her saree and found my way to her hairy vagina. There were fumes coming out and I slid 3 of my fingers inside. She was spasming pretty hard and my fingers were feeling the spasms. I rubbed her quite roughly and it was getting wetter and wetter. Then I wiped all her juices on her belly and started squeezing her breasts. She understood I am almost there.

She took her paloo and covered my penis with it and now increased her speed. She kept poking her nail at the tip of my penis, it was little painful but pleasurable as fuck. I squeezed her breasts in full force as I exploded, she got all of my cum in her pallu and cleaned it all.

Before my wife could wake up, she pulled up my track and wiped the sweat from my forehead and she covered herself too. She touched my lips and said good night 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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