Hungry For Vixen

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AUTHORS NOTES: This is essentially a true story of how Vixen and I hooked up for a few hours of casual sex after she asked me to run her personal ad on my ASSTR site. Some details have been made up or exaggerated for the sake of the story, some of the awkward and clumsy things have been deleted that occur when two people who just met for the first time have sex, and the actual words between us are a little foggy as I write this, but it is based on the actual true event of a one-time meeting between an erotic writer and a self-described slut.


Guy had just got home from work and turned his computer on. After his usual shower, he sat and checked his email. As usual, most of it was spam, but there was a request from a woman to post her personal ad on his Kinky Personals page.

The page started when he posted a couple of his own ads, and a few for a couple of friends. Now, he gets so many requests from males that he has to turn most of them down, otherwise he’d end up running a full-blown dating service.

But this was a request from a woman:

>Attractive 43. yr. old single female cum-slut wanting
>to suck cock and then masturbate while you watch. I am
>interested in servicing clean, kind, safe men in New York.

He posted her ad and wrote back asking her to check it out, mentioning that he lived just north of New York. Her reply came within hours:

>Are you interested in meeting me? Although I am not into your
>particular kind of kink, we could still have fun. I have an
>image of a photo in my mind that would be fun to add to your site.
>You wearing me on your hard cock, a close up of my face, eyes big
>and pleading, tears mixed with mascara running down my face, lips
>held fast in a permanent O around your shaft, pubic hair in my
>nostrils, just taking the photo would be fun, but could I trust
>that you wouldn’t piss down my throat and that you’d unfasten me
>after the shot was taken?

She included two photos of herself, a hot slender girl in her late 30’s with long beautiful dark hair, though she mentioned that she had gained a little weight since those photos were taken.

Guy agreed to abide by her limits of no piss and to unfasten her. They exchanged phone numbers and decided to meet over the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

On the evening of their meeting, Guy had his toys out for her to see. The knock at the door came at the appointed time. Answering the door revealed a voluptuous curvy woman who vaguely resembled the photos that she sent to him.

“Hi Vixen,” said Guy. “C’mon on in.”

“Hi Guy,” she said as she walked into his living room. “These your toys?” she asked as she stepped up to his homemade slave box table.

“Yes,” he said as he Escort bayan pointed out his collection of shackles, butt plugs, dental gags, vibrators, and whatnot.

“Very nice,” she said. “And you’re all ready with your camera, too,” pointing to his camera on a tripod in the corner of the room.

“Yup! All ready,” said Guy.

“So what are you waiting for?” she asked and leaned into him.

Guy stepped into Vixen and put his arms around her. In a moment, he had leaned into her, pressing his mouth to hers. They stood there swapping spit for a while. His cock grew hard in anticipating fucking this woman whom he had just met for the first time only moments before.

Vixen broke the kiss and said, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” said Guy.

“Your stories brutalize women so much. Do you hate women?”

Startled, Guy hesitated, then said, “Well, I never really thought about it before.” Guy paused in thought for another moment before continuing. “I guess, when I started writing these kinds of stories, I was really shy and nerdy.”

“Really?” she said. “I wish I had known you then. Shy guys turn me on so much.”

“Yeah? I was one of those whiners who asked why nice guys couldn’t get laid. In high school, I was a total nerd, despised by bullies around the world. I started writing kinky sex stories as a substitute for the sex I was missing out on, and maybe a little out of anger and resentment toward women.”

“A little?” she asked.

“I expected to get lots of hate mail from women, and geeky guys to identify with my stories, but guess what?”

“What?” she asked.

“It shocked the hell out of me when women started writing to me, begging for more and more intense stories depicting women as sex objects.”


“And then women started writing to me asking me to meet them for kinky sex. Not often, but every now and again.”

“Only sluts do that,” she said.

“You’re doing it, Vixen,” he said.

“Because I’m a slut,” she said.

“Duh,” he said and kissed her again. Then he leaned back. “Now can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” she said.

“What would you come here to have casual sex with me if you think I hate women?”

“I’m just trying to figure it out,” she said.

“Is that really why you’re here? I’m just a psychology mystery to you?”

“Well,” she looked away and hesitated for a moment. “Maybe.”

“And fucking me is my payment for being your subject?”

She hesitated again. “Maybe.”

Guy sighed. “Well, maybe I once hated women, and I vented through my stories. But now I love women, and I continue to write these kinds of stories because it’s what women want and, honestly, I am turned on by using a woman for Bayan Escort raw sex.”

“Fair enough,” she said. Then she leaned back, smiling, and reached down to fondle his pants. “Can I see it now?”

Guy dropped his shorts and BVDs and kicked them away, letting his hard cock spring to attention. She fondled it for a moment, then said, “Where’s your bedroom?”

“This way,” he said, leading her by the hand through his home to his private space.

“What’s that?” she said, pointing to a low padded Bench placed along the foot of his bed.

“Oh, That? That’s the top of an exercise bench that I mounted to a storage box.”

“Perfect height!” she said.

“So what do you want to do first?” he asked, as his cock quivered in anticipation.

She grinned wickedly. “Can you stay hard while I do something?”

“Sure! I can stay hard as long as you need, babe!”

“Good!” Pointing to the bench, she said, “Can you lie down on that?”

Guy removed his shirt and lay on the bench.

“Can I turn the lights off?” she asked. “I’m a little self-conscious about my body.”

“Sure. You don’t have to be self-conscious with me, but turn the lights out if you prefer.

She plunged the room into darkness. Then he heard her undressing as his quivering cock stabbed the air straight up. Her shadow straddled him and sat, impaling herself on his rigid member.

The familiar buzz of a vibrator came to life as she stuck it into her twat.

“Do you want me to do anything, Vixen?” said Guy. “Or just lie still and be a sex toy?”

“Sex toy,” said Vixen curtly.

“Okay,” Guy chuckled. “I can be a good sex toy.”

Vixen didn’t answer, but he continued to moan and squirm as her orgasm slowly built.

“Squeeze my nipples,” Vixen suddenly blurted in the midst of panting and moaning.

Guy reached up and momentarily handled her ample “D” cups before he squeezed her nipples.

“Harder,” she moaned.

Guy squeezed harder.

“Harder,” she gasped.

Guy squeezed harder.

“Perfect,” she cried.

Guy lay there just squeezing her nipples with all his strength in his fingers as she began to bounce and scream while she continued to buzz her clit with her little vibrator.

Guy, too, felt to be on the verge of coming. Through she hadn’t been bouncing on him until just then, so his own orgasm hadn’t been growing very fast.

After another few minutes, she sighed and said, “Wow!”

“Good one?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said and stood off him.

He heard her dress in the darkness, then was dressed again when she turned the light back on.

“Now it’s my turn,” he said as he stood off the bench.

“What do you want to do?”

“Lie Escort down on that,” he said, pointing to the bench.

Vixen lay on the bench, looking up at Guy.

“What are you going to do?”

“I want to fuck you in the mouth.”

“Will it hurt?” asked Vixen

“Well, yeah,” said Guy sarcastically.

Vixen hesitated before answering. “Well okay.”

As she lay on the bench, Guy asked, “Can I tie you up?”

“I guess,” said Vixen, sounding not very comfortable with the idea.

Guy kneeled and buckled the shackles attached to the sides of the bench to her wrists and ankles.

Then, still naked, he straddled her face and lay on top of her. He then slid his hard hungry cock into her mouth and bore down with his hips, forcing his hard shaft down her throat until his crotch was pressed tightly to her lips. As his cock forced its way past her throat and down her esophagus, she immediately began struggling and pulling forcefully against her bonds. Had she still been naked, he would have sucked her off.

Before releasing his pent up orgasm, he first relaxed his bladder and let his piss flow. The last woman to drink his piss was Kathy in Ohio two years ago, and he ached to feel a woman’s throat muscles massage his cock as she struggled to swallow his piss.

As his bladder slowly emptied, her swallowing stroked his cock head rhythmically, bringing him ever closer to climax.

With his bladder finally empty, and well on his way to orgasm, he began brutally pumping her face.

By then, her body was quaking violently against her bonds, threatening to pull the heavy eyebolts out of the wood that held her shackles in place.

His orgasm slowly welled up as he pumped his cock up and down, mashing his crotch to her lips with each thrust.

After a minute or so, his orgasm welled up and squirted out of the tip of his cock, flooding her throat with his cum in squirt after squirt.

Finally, he lay there on her, still in a sort of afterglow from a powerful orgasm. Her own struggling had become an occasional feeble quiver.

With a satisfied sigh, he sat up on her face, letting his softening cock pop out of her mouth.

Vixen began gagging and sputtering the moment he stood off her. He wiped his cock off with a tissue as Vixen struggled to catch her breath.

“You going to untie me now?” she asked plaintively.

“Yeah,” Said Guy with a chuckle as he kneeled and unbuckled the shackles.

Vixen sat up and rubbed her wrists, which had become visibly cut and bloody from struggling against the shackles.

Standing, she grabbed her handbag, and rushed toward the door.

“Going already?” he asked.

She opened the door and faced him. “You bastard! You fucking bastard!”

Then she rushed outside and slammed the door.

Guy watched as she puked her guts out on his lawn before rushing to her car and speeding off. He then sat at his computer and began writing his next story.

* END *

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