I Am a Cocksucker, a Bi-Cocksucker Pt. 02

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What follows may be better described as Reflections on becoming a Bi Cocksucker. For that is what it is, rather than an exciting tale of a new cocksucker’s lust. It is more a story of my thoughts and actions rather than of actions alone. But facts are facts.

I am a cocksucker, a bi cocksucker. I love to suck cock. I am a natural, eager, cocksucker. I think I was born to suck cock. I want to be a willing bi-cocksucker.

Part 1 tells the story of my first threesome, my first bi encounter, my first time sucking cock, and of my encounter with the lovely couple who shared this experience with me. It also relates some details of my earlier chastity, propriety originating in the way I was raised, fear of sex and women as indicative of failure to live a life of virtue, personal failure to express sexual desire outside of marriage, and my terrified discovery that I could be sexually excited by certain types of attractive men as well as gorgeous women. I am a bi cocksucker.

* * * * *

My story.

It is important to know that I am a cocksucker, that I love to suck cock, if you are to understand my story. It is my true story. It is the story of how I learned to be a cocksucker, the cocksucker I was born to be, how I learned to love to suck cock and to love cunt. Well, at least how I became the cocksucker I am.

I am bi, I now know. “Living a genuine and authentic life is important to me. Why spend this life only wishing? Or dreaming? Life is meant to be lived,” an exciting, clear-sighted friend Dee wrote to me when I told her I was about to have my first bi encounter.

“I’m happy for you,” she wrote, “that you have been fortunate enough to be in a position that you can fulfill this yet unfulfilled part of you. There are very few actual connections made in life. Truth is, there aren’t that many sincere and honest people who meet online. You are one of the winners.”

“It sounds like exactly what you’ve been searching for. It sounds promising. You’re taking a step to live in the ‘now’ and by doing so you’re putting the past further behind you. You need that.”

She had been a good online friend and admirer ( “WOW,” she wrote when she first saw my cock pics, “That is one nice looking cock! Man o man…you wear it well, my dear.”) and, though we have never met in person she found herself advising me before I took a cock in my mouth for the first time, encouraging me to step forward into my first threesome and sucking my first cock.

“I like what you wrote to him. It’s enthusiastic and creative. It’s you. It’s important to always…ALWAYS…be you. It’s exhausting trying to be someone or something we aren’t. It’s *you* that he’s taking this step with. It’s you that he wants this experience with.”

“You mention the threesome with his wife. You say you can’t be sure if it’s just seduction. Don’t focus on that. Don’t let that be a distraction. Your goal here is to satisfy your desire for cock. She doesn’t have a cock so she isn’t a factor in your pursuit. If a threesome is something that they ask you to participate in, you can think about it then. True bisexual men aren’t in it for access to the wife. They want access to the cock. Are you a true bisexual?”

I did, it was wonderful, and I am, I think, my authentic self, the bisexual cocksucker I was born to be. My only regret in following her advice is that because of distance she and I and her bi hubby are likely never to be naked together.

I lust for a hot cock to suck and to spurt cum into my mouth to taste and swallow. I lust for cock at least as much as I lust for the touch, the feel, the taste of a woman. But the desire is different, the desire for cock, taking a cock into my mouth, being a cocksucker, tasting precum, having a cock in my mouth spurting cum for me to swallow. *Wanting* to have a cock spurting cum into my mouth, sucking and licking and lapping is different than the desire to be with women. Being willing to be bi is so right, so different, so liberating. I am a bi cocksucker.

Just saying it has my cock hard and firm and dripping. I am discreet about being bi and about my still virginal bi adventures. I am not a cock slut, yet. I have sucked just three cocks so far, my first perhaps 6 inch perfect cut cock which got very, very hard the only time I have been his cocksucker, so far, with his so very, very, hot wife watching, taking pictures for their, her, pleasure, being so excited; my second cock, a gorgeous 7 inches, though his wife is more lesbian than bi, and a third to whom he offered me.

We, the gorgeous grey blond and he of my first threesome and I, planned to meet for bi sex, a threesome, again, to suck his cock, to taste her perfect tits again, and her pussy this time, to fuck, I hoped. But his very hot wife, who urged me to suck cock, her husband’s cock, isn’t keen now about playing with others. So I will need to live in hope.

My second couple is bi, swingers in the LifeStyle. That is a different experience again. If I am a willing natural and very able new cocksucker (as they say, vouching for me online for other bi couples in bonus veren siteler the LifeStyle who may be interested in me to read), I owe it to them and his patience as I learn to be the best cocksucker I can be. He has a very nice cock and I love being one of his cocksuckers.

This is the story of my further journey into bisexuality, in a kinky sort of way.

I would now describe myself then as bi virgin, a step beyond bicurious and terrified to admit interest in cock even to myself despite certain fantasies about the elegantly dressed, so obviously gay, tailor who smiled at my embarrassment at my erection he had inspired and who dropped his card with his apartment address into my new suit pocket, so long ago. I have often cum in the middle of night at the thought of what might have happened.

Then, I was yet to have a cock in my mouth so when at last I confronted the desire, I took refuge in the thought that I haven’t swallowed cum straight from a spurting cock except for my own when I’ve cum hard enough, arching high enough, to land on my face giving me a facial, and into my mouth for me to swallow down every drop, scooping up cum shot on my face, in the curve of my neck, on my chest and belly and still leaking from the tip of my still pulsing cockhead. Years passed.

Spurting cum onto my own face while stroking had happened just twice laying on my back since I first tasted cum and swallowed, just two years prior to my first bi ventures online. I joined a bisexual chat page. There meeting a bi couple, who I was never to meet in person. Amazingly I forgot that I had swallowed my own cum, such was my denial that I want to suck cock, and said to them I first swallowed cum that spring. But this was the first time bi couple inspired. The two previous times were the inspiration of a hot woman. (I’d spit in horror, too but I wasn’t counting that.). Horny, I swallowed and liked the feel of the hot cum on my body and face, and I was intrigued by the scent, causing me to begin to get hard again.

Usually I cum much less. Rarely close to hard enough to spurt all over me or spurted cum so far. I have even dribbled. I had tasted cum before without swallowing, using the usual tricks guys use when younger – inverted with a good aim, and always spitted – but this was different and a little amazing at 111. Second wind and stamina with age? Bi means women too, especially really, I thought. The rest is fantasy. That’s what I thought. Now I know, as my encouraging lady friend said to me about bi men, especially me, it’s all about the cock.

In the early spring nine years ago, the bi couple – one of two mf bi chat couples I hadn’t actually been with to that time – offered to teach me to suck cock. Both he and she offered, when I was very, very horny and in a slight state of rum. I went ballistic, literally.

I was naked, throbbing with a hard cock for the ages. The conversation online was long. Stroking and resting required a lot of stamina for the hour I was up and running with precum. Edging…almost reaching the end point. A swig of rum to steady myself just made it worse…better…heart pounding. I began to near completion. Too near.

Capturing the head of my cock with my fingers to stop from shooting all over the place, I headed down the hall. I saw my image in the mirror. Still good body, nice chest and a hard straining cock, dangling balls. Then I exploded. White cum spurted from my cock filling my palm, over my fingers, some shooting on the counter. Hot warm cum, my cum, and in a state of rum I wanted it in my mouth. This time, a first time, a bi time, putting the past out of my mind, I so wanted cum in my mouth.

I looked myself in the eyes in the mirror. I knew. I popped it back into the back of my mouth, to the entrance of my throat in a single motion, so I’d do it, sticky traces hitting my tongue so I could just taste it. I swallowed. Deliberately. Looking myself in the eyes. I swallowed cum very consciously for the first time for a bi couple.

I licked the warm cum from my palm, the remains, all of it. I licked and sucked my fingers clean, tasting cum, the strange still new taste of cum and precum mixed. It was exciting. I loved the taste. I’d been tasting clear precum as I’d stroked for them the whole hour. So I knew I loved the taste of precum. This was different. I loved the taste of cum and precum. Still looking in my eyes, I knew.

Cocksucker, you’re going to suck cock. I was excited and inexplicably happy to realize it.

I leaned over and slurped up the warm sperm from the cool counter and, standing straight, held it in my mouth savouring the taste. I loved it. I love the taste of cum, I thought, and deliberately swallowed all of it down. I licked the counter clean to not miss a drop. It was good.

Cocksucker. Bicurious no more. Bi virgin. Definitely bi inspired. I’ve swallowed my own cum, I realized, my new reality. I am ready to suck cock. They will teach me. Back at my computer they were gone.

No matter. I will tell them, I thought, and once they’ve learned I will suck cock, bedava bahis they will teach me. I am looking forward to sucking his cock, swallowing his cum and having it shoot on my face, then she and I will fuck with cum on my face and lips and breath and the taste of his cock in my mouth.

I never heard from them again.

But I owe them, and my friend, the courage I found with my first couple, the gorgeous grey blond who offered me her husband’s cock to suck, in time. Years passed. Then, in my first threesome, as I have described, I sucked my first cock.

This, I have said, is my true story.

Almost nine months passed before I found the courage to try a second threesome with a new couple. I wanted to meet again with my first couple, to suck his cock, to play with and suck her tits and, if she wished and would let me, to worship her cunt as it deserves to be worshiped in every way it would please her, tongue and cock. I wanted her to watch me suck her husband’s cock again. Take more pictures. She said she would, of he and I. I wanted her too. She said no. It was not to be. Whether it was me, the first impression left by drink to overcome nerves our first time, or the end of her desire to play with others as eventually happened I don’t know. But it came to an end eventually even though eager notes were exchanged in the weeks after my first time sucking cock.

I met my second couple online too. Their sensual body types are different from my first couple and me. Different in sensuality. They offered a different kind of lust; my purpose would be to please them. She, voluptuous in breasts and body, he, stocky and sporting an amazing 7 inch+ nicely cut perfect cock. My first couple, who I had met for my first threesome, were full-breasted yet lean, athletic, offering me a very suckable cut cock to fill my mouth with cock and cum perfectly for my first time as a cocksucker. Equals in a sense of adventure.

My second couple are both bisexual, swingers who rarely play alone, he said. She prefers women so I had little hope of being invited to play naked with them or to suck his perfect cock but I persist in being titillating, with the assistance of pics of my very sexy body and, I am told, very beautiful cock helping my cause. Eventually they say *yes*.

So I found myself driving the twenty-five miles to their apartment when they finally invited me to join them for play one early fall afternoon, a Thursday. My heart is pounding in my chest. My cock and balls making my choices. My hands tremble on the steering wheel as I make my way to our assignation. What am I doing, I keep asking myself. I am on my way to suck cock, I am on my way to a threesome, the answer, makes it difficult to focus on the road. I want this. It’s so exciting, I keep thinking. I am a bi cocksucker. I am going to suck cock.

At the allotted time (well, a little late) I arrive at the address they have given me, pulling nervously into Visitors Parking, wondering if I am being watched and from what window of the three storey walk-up where I have been instructed to present myself. It proves to be four storeys with an elevator rising. He had said to ring the number I’d been given and he would come down to take me up to their apartment.

I am dressed in shorts and a smart Vee T-shirt, sock-free runners to kick off. Nothing beneath my thin off-white shorts, chosen to show the outline of my now slightly-stiffening cock, and balls, so when I look down I see a visible wetness of precum showing.

My fingers tremble as I enter the apartment number into the keypad to call up, and my trembling voice answering his hello with “It’s me.” “I’ll be right down,” he says.

A minute, maybe three, pass as I wait at the outer door for an eternity. The elevator door opens across the hall at ninety-degrees to the glass door to reveal a fit but stocky very average somewhat balding man step out in a nondescript collared golf shirt, shorts and sneakers, then walking toward the door with a purposeful, knowing smile, a smile I will come to know, as if to a submissive. I am here to service him, to suck his cock, and to be shared with his bisexual wife, who I know would prefer that I am a couple or woman coming instead of just me. “Come on in,” he says, as he opens the door, “I’ll take you up.” “Thank you,” I say trying not to let my panic show, my heart pounding wildly, walking in and over to the elevator.

He presses the button and I walk in with him leading and turning to stand beside me as doors open then close behind me, me looking straight-ahead, the only thing straight.

The awkward silence is deafening as we go upward. My head swims.

“Is this your first time?” he asks.

“No, I’ve done this once before.”

“We weren’t sure if you would show when you were a few minutes late. First timers often don’t show,” he says.

I glance at him, realizing he is looking at me, inspecting me through his glasses, sizing me up.

“I always do what I say I will do…but I did have to have a drink on the way,” I confess, “But I am here.” His silent pause deneme bonus expresses disapproval.

I am completely disoriented as we arrive at their floor. Lift door opening, I feel limp as I follow him. I am no longer in control. He leads me down the hall to their door, opens it, I walk in, he closing the door behind me. It is decided. I am here for a threesome and to suck cock, his cock, to suck cock for a second time.

“Would you like a drink,” I am asked, testing the waters for too much drink, “a beer, cider, juice, water?” I ask for a cider, something I can take a taste of, without a taste on my lips which might offend her who I now just see in the corner of my eye in the semi-darkness, or take me with pulse pounding over the top, as he introduces me.

She is beautiful in a sensual voluptuous way, curled on the couch, naked under a thin gossamer single-piece covering, large full breasts, nipples pierced with bars outlined in the sheer material. My cock stirs. He introduces me as Will, willing to play certainly. He knows it isn’t my real name.

She barely speaks beyond saying hello. I am asked to introduce myself, with sex, the LifeStyle, how new I am to this foremost. He joins her on the couch as we speak, at an angle to me with an end table between me and them, together on the love-seat, in their small apartment. Drapes are closed, giving a sense of intimacy despite the daylight filtering into the room. An empty, naked silence, that he fills with impatient questions as awkwardness begins to fill the air. Awkward silence.

He stands up, walks by me, turning to place his glasses on the table, pull his golf shirt over his head, take off his shoes and undo and let his shorts fall off to stand naked and tanned with broad chest and stiff nipples, his ample soft cock and balls visible for the first time.

Walking back, cock swinging, to sit down naked beside his wife, she is still curled sensually on the couch, her eyes evaluating me. The gauntlet dropped, his naked body shown, his cock and balls offered.

It is time. It is NOW.

My heart racing in my chest, I reach down, undo the laces of my shoes and pulling them off, looking up at them watching me as I undress. Undoing my shorts first, letting them drop to the floor also exposing my heavy full balls dangling, my left ball dangling slightly more than my right, a handful, and hanging cock, then pulling my shirt over my head I present myself to them naked. The air caresses my body, I feel my nipples erecting, the perfection of showing myself naked to them both to be enjoyed.

My mouth opens, breathing in and out excitedly. I step around the low table and toward them. Standing between his spread legs, I look down his body to his cock and balls then kneel between his thighs. Excited and wanting her approval, I look toward her, still curled on the couch, the thin covering emphasizing her heavy full breasts, bar-pierced tits beneath the gossamer material, our eyes meet and I reach out to take her hand.

Taking her hand by the palm, pulling her fingers to my lips, I kiss them sensuously, lightly, looking into her brown eyes. I kiss them again, tasting them. She looks back into my eyes almost coldly, confusing me before taking back her hand even though I am still looking into her eyes. Is she seeing me as a plaything, a disposable pleasure, or a task to please him. Am I too new, uninstructed, for pleasure?

I look back to the cock offered to me.

Laying over his balls and just on to his thighs, his cock is tempting, still soft yet perfect, cut, shaved, his large cock and balls laying between his thighs with a lovely full cock head above the distinct ridge to greet his smooth lengthening shaft. I want to take his cock into my mouth. On my knees between his thighs I lean my head forward into his lap. I tremble. My lips meeting his cockhead, I feel the firm, soft taught and firm flesh of the head of his cock against my lips. I kiss the tip of his cock. I taste the flesh of his cock. I am excited. I kiss it again before pulling away amazed at what I am doing.

I know I am going to suck his cock. I am a cocksucker now. Once you’ve sucked cock, you are a cocksucker for life, the saying goes. I have sucked cock. This is my second threesome, my second cock I am going to suck. I am a cocksucker.

Her hand leaves mine. I lower my head between his thighs again, mouth opening now to let my lips slide over his cockhead as it enters my mouth, heart racing as if for the first time to suck cock, this my second time, confirming that I suck cock, in terror, just like my first time. I want to suck his cock. I want her to watch me suck his cock. It excites me that she is watching. I pull back, his cock leaving my lips.

I extend my tongue as I lower my head toward his beautiful cock. His cockhead becoming even more firm, the smooth flesh taunt and warm and satiny as my tongue touches his cock, to give head. My tongue makes contact. I taste cock. I lap his warm cock flesh. I lick his cock. I open my mouth further, my lips slide over his firm cockhead. I take his full mushroom-like cockhead into my mouth, between my lips, sliding over the ridge to savour the cock in my mouth, his cock. My lips wrapped around his shaft hold his cock in my mouth. His cock lays on my tongue. I suck on his cock. I taste cock and precum. Cocksucker.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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