I Became their Sex Slave

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It doesn’t take long for life to unwind. One day cock of the farm-yard, the next a feather duster. It took more than a day for me, just over a year. I had turned 50 when they moved my company abroad. I was a junior manager, more a supervisor really, having worked my way up from the shop floor. My wife and I had a house in a good part of town; our two kids were old enough to have left home. Then when I was let go, I couldn’t find another job. Who wants a 50 year old? We had bought a new house five years earlier when things were looking rosy, but soon it became obvious that we wouldn’t be able to continue paying the mortgage. My wife only worked three days a week and things weren’t good between us – we only fucked two or three times a month and the sex was routine. When we sold the house six months later before the bank took it, we got much less than we expected as others laid off were all trying to sell their houses too. After expenses, we barely covered what we owed. We moved in to a rental in a much poorer area. After five more months of financial worries, increasing arguments and even less sex, she was offered a promotion working full time in another town. When she told me she was going by herself without me, I found out she had been regularly fucking with the regional manager based in that town when on his visits here.

I moved to rent in a run-down area – it was all I could afford. Three more months of no work and I had little in the way of savings left. Then I was offered a job as a house manager – a combination of butler, chauffeur and gardener – a servant really. I didn’t think much of the idea, but I didn’t have much choice. I had been interviewed by the husband and wife, Mike and Alex, both in their early 40’s. He was polite but obviously ruthless and used to power. She was hot, displaying cleavage that I couldn’t resist looking at. She caught me looking and I thought I’d blown it, but no, I was offered a two week trial. The position was originally for a younger guy, but the last one they had hired had left with no notice and there was no one else but me anyways suitable at short notice. The money was lousy, but accommodation was provided.

They were obviously rich. The house had large grounds complete with pool and tennis court. My accommodation was attached to the main house, small but so much better than where I was renting. I started the trial on the Saturday immediately after being interviewed that Friday. I was expected to be on-call all day and evening five and a half days a week, but the work was light, as a maid and a cook came in part-time, with a gardening crew doing the heavy work once a week. That first Saturday and Sunday I spent most of the time acting as their chauffeur. We skipped my days off in the first week as I was on trial, and on the Monday I went for a medical check-up where it was obvious I was being tested for infectious diseases. By Wednesday I was getting the hang of things. That morning was her tennis lesson. My job during it was to run around picking up tennis balls. After the lesson she and the pro went into a small changing room and I could hear them fucking. She was noisy, shouting “fuck me harder,” not caring that I could hear. They didn’t take long. When they both came out, he got into his car and drove off. She was wearing just a towel and turned to me and told me to clear up inside the room. Inside were her tennis clothes and her panties that she hadn’t bothered to put on.

I took her clothes to the house and put them in the laundry for the maid the next day. She told me that she was going to the pool to work on her tan and to bring her a drink. I made it the way she had shown me, long with crushed ice, where the alcohol was hidden and would quickly make you drunk if you had a couple of them quickly. At the pool she was lying on a lounger, wearing a skimpy bikini. She took a long drink, then unhooked her bikini top and lay flat on her front.

“Rub my back with sun-tan oil,” she ordered. I rubbed the oil over her.

“Mmmm, you have nice strong hands – put some on the back of my legs.” I started at her feet working up to her thighs. I wasn’t sure how high to go but she told me to make sure I didn’t miss the tops of the inside of her thighs. Then she rolled over onto her back showing me her tits.

“Why don’t you do my front as well,” she said and squirted some oil over her nipples.

My cock went stiff and big – I couldn’t help it. I rubbed the oil over her breasts and her nipples which went hard.

“Oh, that is so nice,” she said. She pulled off her bikini bottom, saying that she wanted a tan all over, telling me not to miss any part of her. When I reached the tops of her thighs, she opened her legs and I rubbed her crotch. She sat up and reached for my hard cock.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” I was surprised. All I could think of saying was “Yes.”

“Drop your pants, let me see your cock and I’ll decide whether you can or not,” she said. I undid my belt and pulled my pants down. My cock sprung free, straight and erect.

“Mmmm, that looks nice. I wouldn’t want to waste using that. görükle escort Take all your clothes off,” she ordered. When I was naked she took hold of my cock and pulled me towards herself. I mounted her, and my cock slid into her waiting pussy without any foreplay. She was already very wet, so soft and warm. I began fucking her with long slow strokes that soon became fast and hard. Her body moved beneath me and before I could stop, I came, pumping a large load into her. My cock went limp and I pulled out of her. She was obviously disappointed it was so fast.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I came too soon. I haven’t fucked a woman for five months. You turned me on, you are so sexy and I was nervous with you. My cock will get hard again fairly quickly, if you will wait I can fuck you a second time without cumming, for as long as you want.”

“When was the last time you fucked your ex?” she asked.

“Five months ago,” I replied, explaining that I wasn’t getting much sex even before then.

“Haven’t you fucked anyone else?”

“Not for a couple of years – when I was away from town.”

“Don’t you jerk yourself off, to relieve the tension?”

“Yes, but it isn’t the same as fucking you,” I said, feeling embarrassed at having to admit doing it.

She told me to get her another drink. I was about to pull my pants back on, but she told me to stay naked as she liked looking at my cock even when it was limp. I brought her drink to her and again she took a long drink. The alcohol must be getting to her by now I thought.

“If I’ve got to wait until you get hard again, you might as well be useful, she said, lying back and opening her legs.

“Go down on me, lick my clit, make me cum.”

I went down on her, my head between her legs. My tongue found her clit and she gave a moan of pleasure.

“Push your finger into my cunt,” she moaned. I licked her and finger-fucked her until she came. By now I was getting horny again. My cock started to increase in length although it was still rubbery. She took hold of it with a tight grip and I let her wank me. I would have liked for her to have sucked me but didn’t dare ask. Her hand stroked my balls, her finger went round to my ass and rimmed me. My cock soon stiffened and went hard enough to penetrate her. Once again I began fucking her with long, slow strokes and squeezed her nipples. This time I didn’t cum straight away as she became excited. I fucked her hard to make her reach a climax and her body thrashed away beneath me. I still continued to fuck her after she had her orgasm, thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy.

“Oh God, do me, give it to me,” she cried and I brought her to another orgasm. I knew I wasn’t going to cum a second time for at least an hour, told her so, and promised her more orgasms. We fucked in different positions but mainly missionary. Which other position can you kiss with your tongue in her mouth, squeeze her nipples and fuck at the same time? My cock was under control. As I felt myself reaching the point of no return, I would stop thrusting, sometimes pulling out until my cock calmed down, then starting again. She was an insatiable nymphomaniac. After about an hour she was on top of me, riding me, but she didn’t stop in time and I came, spurting my cum into her. Both of us were well and truly fucked.

The next morning she asked me to bring her coffee to their bedroom. She was naked in bed and from the big wet patch there, Mike had fucked her before leaving earlier for work. As she sipped her coffee, she told me to strip naked and stand where she could see my cock, big and hard. We spent the morning and most of the afternoon fucking our brains out. I asked her if she was worried about her husband finding out, but she told me that he already knew as she had told him last night. He didn’t mind, so long as she let him fuck her whenever he wanted and let him fuck other women without her complaining.

Nothing happened Friday. Saturday I drove them to a party, and waited till the small hours to drive them home. They had been drinking and I could hear slurping noises from the back seat as she sucked him. Sunday they spent lounging around and I had very little to do, other than help the cook for dinner. I could enjoy this life, I thought. Monday and Tuesday were my first days off. I went back to my crummy apartment to check that it hadn’t been broken into. I wasn’t going to let it go just yet until I knew I had the job. I just missed killing the cockroach scuttling over the floor. The rooms smelt, the people next door’s TV was on loud and I could hear them arguing. In the evening when I went outside, a drunk threatened to beat me up until I made a hasty retreat, locking my door. Instead of staying Tuesday night as I had planned, by mid-day I was back at my new place with a sigh of relief.

The tennis lesson Wednesday morning finished with the young pro fucking her again. As she came out of the shed with only a towel wrapped around her, she told me to tidy up and then to bring her a drink to her room. Again she had me strip naked so she could look at bursa merkez escort my erect cock while she finished her drink. Then she told me to fuck her. We spent the rest of the day having sex, with her telling me what I should do to her.

The next day I was expecting to fuck her again in the morning after I had brought her coffee, but she was up and dressed saying she had four girlfriends coming for lunch and I was to wait on them.

Lunch included her long drink for everyone to start with, followed by several bottles of wine which loosened them up. Their conversation became more and more inhibited, with divorces, sex and who was doing whom as the main topics. The other women asked Alex if she had fucked me yet.

“Of course,” she replied. This was followed by questions on the size of my cock and my performance, as though I wasn’t standing there. Alex put her hand on my crotch and rubbed my cock making it bulge inside my pants. Then she unzipped my flies and pulled it out.

“Ooooh that’s a nice cock,” the women cried.

“Come here and let me suck it,” one of them said.

“Go on,” Alex told me, “but don’t give her your cum.” She undid my belt and pulled my pants down. I moved over and let my cock be sucked, pulling out of the woman’s mouth just in time.

“Shania hasn’t been fucked since she split from Chas, two months ago,” another said, “why don’t you let him give it to her.”

“Yes, do her,” the others cried and started wrestling Shania, pulling her bra off, pushing her skirt up and pulling her knickers down. Shania was saying “no” but was laughing. I didn’t know what to do, not wanting to make Alex angry.

“Go on fuck her, she wants it,” Alex told me. She took hold of my cock and pulled me towards Shania.

“Get your cock into her pussy, fuck her hard, make her climax and pump your load into her,” Alex ordered. Shania was being held down by two of the women, but had opened her legs for me. I slid my cock into her pussy which was already wet. I began thrusting in and out of her. The other women watched eagerly, laughing delightedly. One of them put her hand on my buttocks, fingered my ass-hole, and then pushed her finger into it. The effect on me was electric and I began fucking as fast as I could. Shania came, making me cum too, my cum spurting into her while the other woman continued to finger-fuck my ass-hole.

“He likes that,” the woman said. “He would like a man’s cock there too.” I’d not been fucked by a man before, but realised that she was probably right. She pulled her finger out and my cock shrank and slipped out of Shania’s pussy. The women were still excited but the lunch party broke up, leaving me to clear up.

Mike and Alexis were holding a party on Saturday night. They were organizing, I was doing the work, although they had hired a caterer. It started between nine and ten, with a range of people and ages arriving, including couples, tough male business types and a few very sexy looking twenty something girls. There was plenty of alcohol with me helping dispense the drinks and the party livened up quickly. The caterers left before mid-night and afterwards I noticed couples disappear into the shadows of the garden. Two girls took off their dresses and went for a swim in the pool wearing only lingerie. When one of them came out, two men stripped her of her wet things, laid her down beside the pool and she enthusiastically let them fuck her, one after the other, while a group stood round her and watched. A third man pulled his pants down. She wasn’t so keen on him, tried to get up, but he held her down, pushed her legs open and mounted her. She realized that she was going to be fucked again regardless, so obviously decided it was easiest just to let him. I had moved into the shadows where I could watch. As the two reached a climax, my boss Mike came up beside me. Quietly he said “watching a fuck like that is erotic,” then he turned in front of me.

“My wife likes the way you fuck her. You get a big hard-on easily.” He reached out and grabbed my cock and my balls. I made to move away but he said “ah ah, no. Stand still.” He tightened his grip on my balls, squeezing them, threatening to really hurt them. I didn’t move.

“These are the rules,” he said softly but with menace. “You fuck Alex when she tells you to. You don’t make a pass at her, or make the first move. You don’t fuck anyone else, unless we tell you to. Understood?”

“Yes, sir”, I said.

“And, above all, anything you see or hear stays confidential. You really will regret it, if it doesn’t. Clear?” He squeezed my balls hard, hurting them.

“Yes sir,” I said again.

“Good”. He let go of my balls, then moved off, after telling me that the party was finishing, I should help his guests leave and clear up.

The next day, they got up late and had brunch at the pool. I served the food, went away to tidy the kitchen, had my lunch then came back to see if they needed anything more. They were swimming in the pool, naked. Both of them were good swimmers, powerful and elegant. bursa sınırsız escort After a while they came out. I looked at Alex’s naked body as I handed her a towel. Mike asked me if I swam, then suggested I do a couple of lengths. I was going to go back to my room to change, when he said I should swim naked like them. So I stripped and slid into the water. I’m not a good swimmer, but made the first length OK. After the second I was puffing and out of breath, so gave up.

“We need to work on your stroke,” Mike said, to Alex’s amusement. I came out of the pool and Alex handed me a towel. As I wiped my head with the towel over my face, she took hold of my cock. It went hard almost immediately.

“Hey, I’m feeling left out here,” Mike called to me “why don’t you come and suck my cock and get it hard too.”

“Go on”, Alex said, “but don’t make him cum in your mouth. I want his cum in me.” I hadn’t sucked a man’s cock before and wasn’t sure that I wanted to. Somehow I realised that if I didn’t, I’d lose the job. The memory of the cockroach in my old place over-came my reluctance. He was sitting in a chair, I knelt between his legs and put his cock into my mouth and began sucking it. His cock went hard. She started stroking my cock again while I sucked, then suddenly pulled my head away from him in case he came. He laughed and looked at my hard cock as I sat back.

“Jerk him off, I want to see him spurt.” He told Alex. She wanked my cock and very quickly I came, shooting my cum into the air, landing it back on my body. Then, when she had milked me dry, she went over to him, sat on his erect cock and rode him until he came.

“Do you want the job,” he asked me.

“Yes sir,” I said.

“OK. It’s yours, but remember what I told you last night,” he said quietly. They let me go and clean myself up and I wasn’t required again until dinner time.

The next day I went to his company’s office to sign on the job. Technically I was employed by the company as an assistant to his personal assistant, on a salary that was the same as minimum wage for a 40 hour week. I had to laugh at the 40 hours. They gave me a contract to sign and I also had to sign the warning about confidentiality and the legal problems I would face if I broke it. I thought that legal problems would be the least of my worries and it would be my legs that would get broken. I got a cell phone that I was only to use for the job, no personal calls allowed, so that I was available 24 hours a day for the five and a half days I worked. I was under no illusions that I would be available for the other days if they wanted me. Then I went back to my old apartment, cleared all my things out and gave notice. No way was I going to spend another night there. If Mike asked me to suck him again, I’d do it. I’d let him fuck me if he wanted and that was what it took for me to stay at their place. The woman who had slid her finger in my ass was right, I had enjoyed it.

Wednesday was the tennis-lesson followed by sex with the pro and then with me. Thursday she had invited her girlfriends round again. I’d hoped that Shania would be there so I could fuck her again, but she wasn’t. In her place was a hard-faced woman. This time Alex gave me a very small pair of briefs to put on and told me to take everything else off. The briefs barely covered my cock as I helped serve the food and drinks. The girls laughed and kept rubbing my crotch to make my cock stiff and bulge out from inside the briefs. I had to go down on two of them, licking them. While I was bending over, the hard-faced women took a slim vibrator from her bag and slid it up my ass, switching it on to vibrate and pushing it in and out. I was their plaything for the next couple of hours. This time I didn’t get to fuck any of them, nor was I wanked off, so my balls were swollen and full by the time they had gone. I wasn’t able to give myself any hand relief as I was kept busy till after dinner.

“We’re having some friends come round shortly for some adult fun,” Mike told me, “we’d like you to join in. Wear those briefs Alex gave you. Is that OK?” As if I was any position to say no. It was an older couple and a younger man who came. We went to a spare bedroom I hadn’t been in before, dominated by a king-sized bed, some easy chairs and off to one side, a bathroom with a spa bath capable of accommodating at least six adults. I served drinks, and then stripped down to my briefs as I was instructed. Alex told me to entertain the other woman. She sat on the edge of the bed and I stood in front of her so that she could stroke the bulge inside my briefs. She lay back and indicated she wanted to be licked. I pulled her skirt up and her panties down, put my head between her legs and licked her clit. As I was giving her head, Alex and the older man undressed then lay on the bed kissing and stroking each other before the man began fucking her. Me and the woman moved fully onto the bed so that we were laying beside them with me licking her clit and her pussy. Mike took a few snapshots with his cell phone. I still had my head buried between her legs but now my ass was up in the air. That’s when I felt my buttocks being parted. I looked up and back to see the younger guy had stripped and was standing behind me. He pushed his finger which had lubricant on it up my ass-hole. Before I could say anything or protest, he withdrew his finger then slid his cock into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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