I Call on Cherrie

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Twenty-some years ago, a baby girl was born with a full head of hair. Her parents took one look at the color of that hair, and decided the baby’s name would be Cherrie. Until then, they had been inclined to name her Cherie, which is why the unusual spelling, but nobody ever called her anything but Cherrie. She grew up developing a great capacity for the enjoyment of sex, especially having her pussy eaten, and several years ago, she became one of my favorite lady friends.

The most recent time we got together was last week when she called me up to tell me how horny she was and how she wanted me to come over to her apartment and rectify this situation. She had cum twice from using her dildo, but needed something more and she knew that I could give it to her. I had just finished an article I was writing and had nothing better to do so I said I would. Actually, there are very few things I can think of that are more enjoyable to do than alleviating Cherrie’s horniness.

When I rang her doorbell I heard the sound of the peep hole being opened. Seconds later, it closed, and Cherrie unlocked the door, remaining behind it while she pulled it open and hurriedly closed and locked it once I was inside. When I turned to face her I saw why she was in such a hurry to get the door secured. She was completely naked; Cherrie doesn’t like to waste time on preliminaries.

“C’mon, George,” she demanded, grabbing me by the wrist and leading me to the bedroom. “I really need you.” She had previously arranged pillows for under her head and under her hips and, by the time I had been in the apartment for a minute, Cherrie’s short, sexily plump body was lying on her bed with her legs spread and her pussy propped up, ready and eager to share pleasure with my mouth.

When I lay down beside her and started kissing her, she only allowed it for a few seconds before she pushed me away and steered my face toward her pussy. “That’s where I need your mouth, George. You can kiss me later.”

“Make me cum fast,” she demanded when I was in position between her spread legs. “I have never been this horny.”

When I leaned forward to admire her pussy I could see what she meant. I had no more than kissed her mouth a few times, but her pussy lips were swollen and red, really beautiful against her lovely skin, and her clit was so engorged that it was pushing its way out from under the protective hood. Delightfully fragrant juices were running from Cherrie’s pussy onto her thighs and crotch and when I licked them off her, I proved what I already knew; they tasted even better than they smelled.

“That’s it. That’s what I need,” she exclaimed as soon as she felt my tongue on her legs. By the time I had finished licking the nectar off her crotch, her pussy was already fucking up into my face and she was moaning in pleasure. Cherrie was just as hot and horny as she had said so I decided to do what I usually do when one of my lady friends is in such a state. I would go right for her clit until she climaxed, and after that I would spend a long time eating her pussy again, building her up slowly until we both enjoyed her second orgasm. After that, we would fuck.

With that in mind, I briefly licked first one engorged inner lip and then the other. “Oooo, yeah, George. That’s it. Now suck my clit!” Her precious love button was so easily accessible, there was no need for my fingers to push aside its protective hood so I drew her clit into my mouth to suck on it while my tongue caressed the top and sides.

“Oooo. Ooooo. Yeah! Yeah! Like that,” Cherrie encouraged me in what I was doing until, after less than a minute, she shouted joyfully and incoherently as she started cumming.

Cherrie’s upper body thrashed wildly on the bed while her legs squeezed my head. Back and forth she rocked on her ass, holding me tightly and keeping her pussy plastered against my face. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” Cherrie whimpered from the intense pleasure she was receiving. I kept my arms wrapped around her legs and my mouth clamped on her clit while my tongue continued caressing the swollen sides and top. She climaxed, with a great spasm of her whole body, followed by relaxing completely.

After feasting on the fresh juices that Cherrie had produced in great abundance, I climbed off the bed and removed all my clothing. Just as naked as she was, I knelt in place and leaned forward, preparing to eat her out again. Before starting, I once more raised my head to gaze on Cherrie’s pussy. It is truly alluring, a mix of shades of pink and white. Her sparse pink hair is surrounded by smooth ivory skin, fetchingly splashed with freckles, and frames her labia, still dark pink and swollen from lust. At the upper end of her inner lips is her adorable clit, which had felt so marvelous in my mouth and was also still engorged. With my fingers I spread open her inner lips to expose her beautiful pink love hole, shiny with the nectar she czech pool porno was still producing. Even as I looked, I could see the juices bubbling up and trickling out.

“Hey, George, are you going to eat my pussy again or just stare at it?”

I smiled at Cherrie’s pretended impatience because we both knew that I would spend as much time as I could eating her lovely pussy and bringing her to another climax, even better than the first. Slowly, I lowered my face to let my tongue lick up the nectar that was already running down her crotch. It was even more delicious than it had been earlier, which I would not have thought possible.

Besides being truly beautiful and producing some of the most delightful juices I have ever tasted, Cherrie’s pussy pleasured my nose with its aroma, far more pleasing to me than any other fragrance I have ever even heard of. I strongly advise all my lady friends to refrain from using any artificial scents, especially perfumed soaps, in the areas of their asses or pussies because any woman’s own natural aroma is so much better than anything artificial. As wonderful as Cherrie’s pussy was to my senses of sight, taste and smell, my sense of touch was even more delighted. The wonderful textures of her silky skin and her spongy pussy lips as I caressed them with my tongue were incredible.

The silkiest place was below her wet love hole, where those lips start. From there, I licked upward between one pair to where the two labia are close together. Hooking my mouth over her outer pussy lip, I probed my tongue into the seam between her lips, reveling in their softness and wetness. Moving very slowly, I licked upward until I came to the end of the inner lip, where it merges with the other inner lip to form her clit hood. Barely pausing, I continued upward along the inside of her outer lip all the way to her mons. Cherrie’s feathery pubic hair was also a treat to my sense of touch, almost as delightful as her skin. By the time I brought my tongue back to below her love hole, she was blissfully moaning, a sound that brought pleasure to my ears. Eating Cherrie’s pussy has always been a delight to all my senses.

After relishing the juices that had been produced, I treated her other pair of pussy lips the same way, starting at their origin and licking all the way onto her mons. This time, I brought my tongue back to her clit hood and gently caressed her there, evoking moans, even whimpers, and pleas for me to lick her clit. I did what she asked for, but only briefly and very delicately, curling my tongue under its protective hood and fondling the sweetest of her sweet spots. I was rewarded with a freshet of her delectable juices and her pussy started fucking up into my face.

Staying with her movements, I licked up all the fresh nectar and started probing my tongue into the lower rim of her pink love hole. More of her fresh juices squirted out into my mouth; I relished their flavor, and let my tongue start working its way up the sides of that wonderful place. Moving very slowly, I explored under both her inner lips, switching my attentions back and forth between the sides of her adorable pink hole. More fresh juices were bubbling up and, as my tongue crossed over, I let it dip into their source and relish their heavenly flavor.

As my mouth continued to worship her marvelous pussy, Cherrie became more and more aroused. Once again she was rocking back and forth on her ass as her whole body thrashed on the bed. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was relaxed and wide open as her head tossed back and forth on her pillow. Cherrie was so lost in the exquisite pleasure I was giving her that she no longer interrupted her moans and whimpers to tell me to eat her pussy. That was okay; I knew enough to do it anyhow.

My tongue reached the top of her love hole and I squeezed it into that wonderfully wet place and wiggled it, caressing the base of her clit. “Uh! Uh! Uh!” she whimpered and I knew Cherrie was on the verge of cumming. Quickly, I drew her swollen clit into my mouth and sucked on the luscious morsel while my tongue caressed the sides and top. After just seconds of this, Cherrie gave a great jerk of her body as she started to cum.

As if she feared I might leave, Cherrie’s hands went to the back of my head to hold me in place while her legs squeezed my face. Any fears she might have had were groundless, for there was no place in the world I wanted to be more than with my face buried in her delightful pussy with her clit in my mouth. While my arms clung tightly to her thighs and with my lips forming a seal at its base, I wanted to suck and lick her precious love toy for as long as she was cumming.

She continued for longer than she had the first time, some of the most enjoyable minutes of my life. Still whimpering ecstatically, Cherrie rocked back and forth on the bed while her legs swung from czech sharking porno side to side, holding me a willing prisoner. Her movements were so strenuous it seemed like she was going to fall off the bed, but some reflexive balance kept her on it. Once again, when she climaxed, her whole body jerked, before completely relaxing. A truly beautiful smile spread across her face as she sprawled on the bed, her eyes closed, arms at her side and her legs draped over my shoulders

Besides enjoying her tremendous orgasm, I enjoyed the great wealth of juices Cherrie had produced. I licked them from her legs, her crotch, her belly and all around her pussy, but I left enough inside her to fulfill their natural function of lubrication. When my feast was through, I got up and went to my pants to remove a condom from my pocket and put it on. I returned to the bed where Cherrie was still lying flat on her back and smiling, but her eyes were open. When she saw my stiff cock encased in latex, her smile grew wider and more lascivious.

“That was great, George. And, I see you’re not ready to leave yet.” I smiled at her gibe, knowing that she probably would have brought me down with a flying tackle if she thought I was going to leave without fucking her.

“No, I thought I would stay for a while and see what came up,” I answered as I stood beside the bed.

“I see this has come up.” Cherrie gently fondled my cock as she spoke. “What do you think we can do with it?”

“I know of a nice, warm, wet place for it.” As I answered her question, I was climbing onto the bed, to kneel between her legs, my stiff cock aiming at the nice, warm, wet place I was referring to.

“Well, then that’s probably a good place to put it.”

Cherrie and I were both smiling as she reached down to spread apart her wet pussy lips and I approached on my knees, my cock pointed at the place where we both wanted it. Her juices were running freely and I rubbed the tip against her wet pussy to spread them around. With both of us ready, I pushed the head of my cock against the hole she was creating until it wedged into her. Cherrie sighed contentedly.

“Mmmm, yeah, that’s a really good place to put it.”

Lying back, her head nested in her pillow, she spread her legs wider, wanting to accommodate my entire cock. I leaned forward and put my hands next to her body before giving another firm thrust, driving another inch of my shaft into her tight, wet pussy. Cherrie murmured happily and urged me, unnecessarily to stick the rest in her. With another thrust, I was able to accomplish most of what she was asking for.

We are very fond of one another and like to make love in the missionary position, at least to start. The intimacy of her bare skin against mine, the chance to make up for the kissing we hadn’t done earlier, and the ability to whisper erotically to each other enhances the great times we have together. Lying on her back, Cherrie raised her arms, prepared to hug me. I leaned forward and curled my arms under hers so my weight was supported on my elbows and knees, allowing her to move freely under me. With one more stroke, my cock was imbedded deeply in her pussy. Cherrie spread her thighs as far as she could, and wrapped her legs around mine, allowing another fraction of an inch to enter her.

“Ahhhh, I love the way your cock feels,” she murmured. “Now, really give it to me.”

I started to do what she wanted, slowly drawing my body back and sliding my cock out of her adorable pussy. Cherrie released her legs to let me draw back until I had gone as far as I wanted. There, I paused briefly before plunging my cock into her again. She flexed her legs and pulled against my shoulders, propelling her body forward and up to meet mine, until we collided with a gentle “smack”.

“Mmmmm,” we both murmured, almost in unison, and I drew back for another stroke.

The second one was every bit as good, as were the third and fourth, and onward, until I would have lost track if I had been trying to count. Being in no hurry, and wanting to make it last, we fucked slowly, giving as much pleasure as we could to one another and each of us taking everything that was offered. We kissed; both of us whispered softly about how wonderful the other was, and continued for a long time. I could feel my level of sexual pleasure slowly mounting, and I knew Cherrie could too.

Besides fucking with long, slow strokes, I had been plunging my cock straight in and out of the delightful pussy under me. We had only minimal contact between my cock and Cherrie’s clit. Even with all our efforts to make our pleasure last, I could feel my climax approaching. I knew it would be a while yet but it was inevitable. Cherrie was getting closer too, I could tell, because of her movements under me and the way she was moaning and whimpering. She knew it too, and told czech streets porno me about it.

“God, this is wonderful, George. I’m getting ready to cum, but I want to get on top.”

No objections were forthcoming from me. One of my favorite things to do is lie on my back while a small, sexy woman like Cherrie moves up and down in the cowgirl position, her lovely breasts bouncing and swaying above me. With my cock remaining deeply buried in her, we hitched our way over to one side of the bed.

Cherrie unwrapped her legs from around me and let them lie straight on the bed beside mine. While she continued to cling to my shoulders, I reached my hands under her and took a firm grip on her buttocks. She giggled when she felt my fingers touching her on the sensitive insides of her ass cheeks. Moving in unison, we rolled over, ending with me lying on my back in the center of the bed and Cherrie on top, still maintaining full body contact. My hands remained on her lovely ass and we fucked for a few strokes in the new position.

This was not how Cherrie wanted to cum, though. After a long kiss, with our tongues mingling, she raised her upper body, pushing away from me with her hands on my chest. She moved her legs forward until she was on her knees, straddling me with her pussy impaled on my cock. I rested my hands on her thighs and we smiled at each other while Cherrie started to raise her body, slowly and tantalizingly removing her pussy from around my cock.

Just the head was still inside when she stopped, paused, and lowered her body again. The heavy lubrication that she had been producing, besides smelling delightful, let my cock slide easily into her pussy. Cherrie sighed happily as she felt herself being filled again, and I couldn’t hold back. After she had taken half my cock back into her pussy, I thrust up, pushing down on her thighs as I met her on her way down. Once again, our bodies met with a pleasant, wet sound and we both sighed blissfully. We still had minimal contact between my cock and her clit, but that was the last time for that to happen.

“I got to cum, George,” Cherrie whispered to me, and leaned back so her precious love button was pressed against the base of my cock.

She raised her body again and I felt even greater pleasure as her clit scraped along the top of my cock. From her whimpers and from the way her lips peeled back from her teeth, I could tell it was having the same effect on Cherrie. Once again I drove my cock up to meet her as she stroked back down, the intense pleasure eliciting moans from both of us.

Still leaning back to get maximum benefit for her clit, Cherrie moved her pussy up and down on my cock, and I matched her, thrusting up to meet her. With every stroke, her speed increased, making her luscious breasts bounce and sway from side to side, giving my eyes a treat. It couldn’t compare with the treat she was giving my cock, though; intense pleasure was pouring through my body from the path of her clit.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Cherrie whimpered in time with my cock and her pussy meeting. “Fuck me! Make me cum!” That was my intention because I could feel my own climax trembling on the verge, and it is the most fun for both of us if Cherrie reaches hers first.

“Yea! Yes. Oh, God. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Cherrie cried out joyfully and I knew she was starting to cum.

When she is in this state, I know that Cherrie tends to lose some control of some of her facilities, so I reached out to put my hands on her lovely hips while I continued to drive my cock in and out of her. Although she was on top, I was doing most of the work, and it was a labor of love. Cherrie’s arms and body were thrashing wildly above me but my hands on her hips held her in place. Every time I drove up into her, massaging her clit with my cock, I pushed down on her hips. She cried and whimpered from the intense pleasure, and I did the same.

A great spasm shook Cherrie’s entire body as she climaxed. She started to sag forward but I continued pounding my cock into her dripping pussy and let her fall slowly forward until she was sprawling on top of me. Until then, I had been holding back my climax but I hugged Cherrie against me and let go of my control. A great geyser of pleasure boiled up from within me and exploded, as I climaxed, shooting a big gob of cum into my condom. With a few more strokes, I had ejaculated two more spurts of semen, and was through cumming.

After our terrific climaxes Cherrie and I lay in a happy pile, resting and letting my cock soften and slip out of her pussy. “You know, George,” she whispered to me. “You were right. That was a really good place to put it.”


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Cherrie and I did. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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