I Check Out The Checkout Girl

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rutger5 An Original Story (Copyright 2011)


“Sorry I have to ask you this, but can I see your I.D.?”

The cashier who asked me this question didn’t look old enough to buy beer herself but in the supermarket where she worked it was store policy to verify everyone, no matter their age.

“I know you’re only doing your job. Glad to help fight the menace of underage drinking,” I said with a straight face while handing her my license. She typed my birth date into the computerized register before returning my license to me.

“Wow, that’s how old you are? Sorry what I meant is that you don’t look that old. Still sounds wrong though. Never mind, forget everything I’ve said. Sorry.” The girl seemed embarrassed by her comments and at a loss on what to say next.

“Well Kelly is it, if my old eyes haven’t failed me in reading your nametag, you’re complimenting me and saying I’m not that old, or at least I don’t look bad for my age.”

“No, I just thought you were a lot younger is all, closer to my age.”

For some reason after saying this her pale face reddened and she looked away from me. After putting a sold sticker on the case of beer she sent it down the belt then continued ringing up my order. As I packed my groceries I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was a cute young thing with short, spiky blonde hair that was so bleached it was almost white. Both her roots and eyebrows were black and on her it looked very attractive. Kelly wasn’t a thin girl by any means and like much of modern American society she was thick, but in her case in all the right places.

She definitely had an hourglass figure with a big, round ass and thick thighs encased in a pair of black tights with a short denim skirt worn over it. A store uniform top was worn over her own shirt but I could still tell that she had a nice rack hidden under her clothes. Her arms did have an extra layer of fat over the muscles but there was no jiggling and as she handled the groceries I saw she had a cute set of biceps. Like many of the kids of today she had multiple piercings in her ears as well as having a stud ring in her nose. On her I found the effect enchanting but I figured she was far too young for me, being I was thirty three.

As she worked, her phone sitting on the counter rang. Kelly picked it up and looked at the screen before putting it back down. She had just about finished my order when it rang again. This time she answered it before putting it to her ear.

“What is it? You know I’m at work and can’t talk. Yes, but that’s during my break. Fine; hurry up Mother. No problem Mother.”

She had run all my items through the scanner and was standing there with a helpless look on her face as she continued to listen to the phone. Kelly held up her finger to me telling me one minute and I smiled and nodded at her. Finally she collected her breath and spoke in a low tone.

“Listen I have to go now, I’m dealing with a customer and I’ll get in trouble. Don’t worry I’ll be home in time. Goodbye Mother.”

She put down the phone and turned toward me with an apologetic half smile.

“I’m so sorry. Thanks for not getting mad at me; some people would have lost it. Your total comes to $112.56.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m not in a rush.”

“I try to tell her that they don’t appreciate me taking calls but she never gets it. Thanks again, if you made a scene then I’d get written up.”

“Like I said I’m not in a rush, just a couple of errands to run today,” I told her as I handed her the money, “besides I enjoyed the view while waiting.”

There could be no doubt what I meant and Kelly turned beet red as she took the money and I heard her mumble something. She handed me my change without looking at me and I wondered if I had offended her, which was far from my intention.

“Thank you for shopping with us and you saved $8.70 today.” She then looked me in the eye and gave me a sweet smile. “And thanks for everything from me as well.”

“Have a good day Kelly and hang in there.”

“Thanks I will.”

Pushing my cart to the exit I resolved that the next time I shopped there I would certainly see if she was working in order to have her ring me up. Soon I’d loaded the groceries into the back of the extended cab and was heading to the location of my final errand. The masonry supply store was busier than I’d expected and by the time my bed was loaded with the bags of gravel and some concrete mix the skies looked like they were about to open up. As I drove I was glad that the last stop I needed to make was done. Halfway home the rain started although it wasn’t hard yet.

Driving down the highway service road I noticed a car on the other side of the road with its hazards flashing and a totally blown out front passenger side tire. There was a figure pacing by the side of the vehicle with a hand to her ear. As my truck passed by I did a double take for the person with the flat was none other than Kelly, the young cashier from before. After first checking my side view mirror I pulled a quick u-turn and escort pulled up behind the disabled vehicle and turned on my hazards before alighting from my pick-up. When I approached she looked up at me and her face showed surprise at seeing me there.

“Hold on one minute Mother,” she said into the phone before turning to me.

“What happened to you and are you alright?” I asked.

“I don’t know; I’m not sure. Some animal ran in the street in front of me. When I swerved and hit the brakes I skidded into the curb because of the rain and damaged the tire.”

“Well what about you, are you okay?”

“I’m fine; thanks. It’s just the tire is destroyed and I have to get the car to my Mom soon. She needs it to get to work and I don’t know what to do.”

As she talked she seemed to get more and more upset and looked like she was about to cry. I put a hand on her shoulder and her big brown eyes met my own.

“Two things Kelly, do you have a spare tire? And is there any chance you have roadside assistance?”

She shook her head no. “I don’t have roadside assistance, I can’t afford it. I’m not sure if I have a spare either. I think I do.”

“That’s okay we’ll check. Can you pop the trunk?”

When she did I opened it and rummaged thru the junk she had back there. Her spare tire was in a little compartment in the bottom of the trunk so I removed it and checked it out and it seemed okay. Kelly joined me at the back of the car still looking worried and holding the phone in her hand.

“You have a spare so I can change it for you no problem. I’m just going to use my jack and lug wrench. Yours is a little flimsy.”

“Oh my God really, you’ll change it for me. Thank you, if I had to do it myself I think I’d be stranded here forever.”

“Well don’t worry; I’ll have you up and running in no time. The rain is starting to pick up so if you want you can wait in my truck where it’s dry.”

She followed me to my truck as she talked on her phone.

“Good news, someone is going to change the tire for me. No, it’s someone from work who happened to be passing by. Hopefully I’ll be there in time but I can’t control that.”

Kelly got in the passenger door as I removed my lug wrench and jack then removed my shirt leaving me in a wife beater. Between the rain and the grease there was no sense in ruining my shirt I figured. Her voice faded as I headed to her car. After loosening the lug nuts I jacked her little rice burner up and proceeded to replace the tire with her spare. It didn’t take too long but the rain had really come down hard while I was doing it and I was soaked. Her flat was in such bad shape with a huge gash that it couldn’t be repaired so I decided to throw it in my truck bed so I could dispose of it for Kelly. It was while putting it there that I got careless and skinned my knuckle bad, making me laugh. Last and easiest part and that’s when I messed up. When I opened the door Kelly saw the blood on my hand and gasped.

“What happened to you?”

“Just a small scrape, it’s nothing,” I said while opening the glove compartment and removing hand wipes and a small first aid kit. She took the first aid kit from me and opened it.

“Give me your hand,” she said in a no nonsense tone. The antiseptic wipe stung a little while Kelly cleaned it. She then applied some ointment and finished up by putting a bandage over the broken skin.

“There all done,” Kelly said inspecting her handiwork critically.

“Good work Kelly, a bit of overkill maybe,” I said at which she delivered a withering glance my way.

“Sorry, sorry,” I apologized while throwing my hands up in mock surrender. “One day you’ll make a great mom.”

“Thanks but why do you say that, wait what is your name? I know I saw your I.D. but I didn’t notice.”

“My name’s Kevin. You took care of my boo-boo and kept me in line just with a look, two big qualifications to be a mother.”

“Yeah but what about being a nag, I’m not one of those.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “Are you talking about your Mom?”

“She can be such a pain in the ass. I love her but sometimes she makes me want to scream. That reminds me, what’s the time? I have to get her the car so she can go to work.”

“Time is three forty five. You guys share a car, that’s rough.”

“Well her car died a bit back so she’s been borrowing mine. Either that or I’d have to drive her to and from work all the time. Damn that means I have to hurry home. I wanted to reward you for all you’ve done for me.”

“Helping you and seeing your smile was enough of a reward for me Kelly.”

She rolled her eyes at that. “Okay if you say so. But truthfully what would you go for now if you could?”

“I could go for a beer after the fun I’ve been having. You can buy me one if you like.”

“Two problems, I’m not 21 and I have to get the car home now.”

“You can get the car home and buy me a beer in a bar near where you live. You don’t have to be 21 to pay.”

“Okay Kevin, follow my car and I’ll see what I can do.”

Kelly got out of my truck and izmit escort bayan ran to her car while I started the truck. We drove for around twenty minutes when she pulled into the driveway of an attached townhouse in an all right section of town. Before going to the house she came up to my window.

“If you drive two blocks and make a right there is a sports bar another block down.”

“You’re not coming with me Kelly? Where is the fun in that?”

“Want some fun, is that it? I’m going to meet you there but I didn’t want my Mother to see you is all.”

“Without a car you’ll get soaked. If you want I’ll pass by in a little while and get you.”

“Sounds like a plan. Come by in ten minutes. She’s late already so she can’t wait around.”

Kelly started to the house then changed her mind and returned whereupon she leaned in my window and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek before running to her house. Feeling on top of the world I pulled away from the curb and drove to the bar to check it out. It seemed to be a standard strip mall bar but it did have a front courtyard with tables under umbrellas that was fenced off from the parking lot. That looked promising to me as the rain had almost stopped now and I could see streaks of azure skies through the dark clouds.

Ten minutes later I drove up to Kelly’s house and her car was gone. I parked in front and rang the bell. After a couple of minutes the door opened and she stood there in front of me. She had changed her shirt and was now wearing a cream colored sleeveless top with a scoop neck that revealed some of her ample cleavage.

“Wow you look great.”

“Yeah right. I’ll just be a couple of minutes more so come in and wait.”

As I followed her in I did check out her butt again but it was so nice I couldn’t help myself. The living room was a tad messy to say the least with the coffee table buried under a ton of things but it was by no means dirty. The TV was blaring, tuned to some video program. Kelly gestured to the couch where an unfriendly looking gray cat was sprawled. When I came in it raised its head and gave me the once over. Kelly cleared some space by moving a pile of folded clothing.

“Don’t mind Zelda, she’s not too friendly with strangers but she doesn’t attack. Sorry but its laundry day and it’s a bit crowded. I’ll be ready in a minute.”

After saying that she disappeared around the corner. Sitting as far from Zelda as I could manage I returned the feline’s stare. When I made no sudden move the pussy cat got up and stretched its lithe body. I held out my hand with my index finger extended until Zelda deigned to come and sniff it. She must have liked my smell as she then rubbed her face along my hand. By the time Kelly returned a few minutes later Zelda was stretched on her side across my lap whilst I stroked her belly.

“I don’t know how you did it but Zelda has never taken to someone so fast before.”

“Maybe I have the magic touch with kitty cats.”

“We’ll see about that. Shoo Zelda, Kevin has to go now,” Kelly told the cat.

Zelda moved but took her own sweet time as befitted royalty. First she stood and languidly stretched before rubbing against me a final time. Then with her tail in the air she slowly climbed from me and hopped to the floor. After standing I brushed the cat hair from my pants and headed to the door with Kelly who had already turned the TV off.

The sun was peering through the clouds as we emerged from the house and walked to my truck. I held the door while she got in then closed it and headed to my side. In a few minutes we were parked in the lot and the sun was shining brightly. It had been a typical summer thundershower in that it was gone a little after it arrived. Again I held the door for her and for this she rewarded me with her dazzling smile.

“Not that I mind but since the rain stopped I could have walked here Kevin.”

“True but then I couldn’t have met Zelda or arrived with such a pretty young lady. The tables outside are nice, do you want to sit out here then.”

Kelly nodded in agreement so I held her chair for her as she sat. After a few minutes of sitting there I was about to go look for someone to take our order when a waitress came outside. Kelly ordered an iced tea and I asked for a draft. In a couple of minutes we were drinking and laughing as we talked. Kelly was nineteen I learned with mixed Irish, German and Italian heritage and she liked rock and country music and of course cats. When I asked her about if she was still in school her face got all serious and she paused before answering.

“No Kevin I really want to go to college but right now I need to work full time to help my Mother pay the bills. Things aren’t good with the economy and she lost her last job which paid better. She’s been working at a gas station/convenience store and without my salary she couldn’t afford the mortgage now. Which is why I wished she would cut me a little slack, I’m being responsible and helping out. I know it’s been tough on her all these years since izmit sınırsız escort my Father left and her supporting us both.”

“Sorry Kelly, I’m a child of divorce too. It’s never a good thing when marriage doesn’t work.”

“Yeah he left when I was seven and I haven’t seen him since I was ten.”

She looked sad and wistful now and it broke my heart that some guy would abandon a sweet girl like her. If the marriage went south and her parents hated each other that was one thing, but to move and cut all ties with your kid forever was unforgivable. She started to rub her neck now and I saw her wince. Maybe I couldn’t help her psyche in regards to her father but perhaps I might be able to help her out with that.

“Is your neck okay?”

“Lifting and packing groceries all day sometimes makes my neck and back hurt. I’m used to it by now.”

“Sorry for the part I caused with my shopping today.”

“Oh no, you actually bagged your own and a lot of people won’t lift a finger. Besides that’s how we met.”

She said the last part quietly like she wasn’t sure if she should say it.

“Your right about that last part,” I said while standing, “so let’s see if my magic touch works on pretty women like it does with cats.”

Standing behind her I let my hands touch the back of her neck. When I did we both felt what seemed like an electric current travel between us. Slowly I began to rub and massage her neck and shoulders. Her muscles were very tense but as I worked my strong fingers on them they began to loosen up. My thumbs worked between her shoulder blades and I felt the knots in her lower trapezoid muscles. Bringing all my skills to bear I worked at the tight muscles, alternating the use of my fingers with using my knuckles to rub firmly but not roughly on the afflicted area.

It must have had a beneficial effect as she sighed with pleasure and her body sank deeper in the seat. When the waitress came out to see if we wanted anything she looked a bit jealous at the treatment Kelly was receiving. I ordered another round and the waitress left but she looked back longingly at us. Again I moved my hands to her neck and this time she put her hands on mine.

“Kevin that feels incredible. They are magic hands, did you see how she wished it was her in my place.”

“Well she’s plain out of luck then. These hands are for you Kelly.”

That statement just came out without me thinking but she smiled and squeezed my hands gently. When the waitress returned with our order Kelly made a big production of paying, letting the woman know that she was treating me. All the time she kept one hand on top of mine. Sitting down so I could look at her eyes I asked her the question that I’d been putting off.

“Kelly I want to ask you something but I have to ask this first. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No and right now I’m glad I don’t.”

“So am I. Then can I ask if you are free tonight so I can take you to dinner.”

“I’m free but I’m wondering if instead of taking me somewhere we could,” she began before pausing.

“Go on Kelly, what is it?”

“I could cook for you if you wanted and then maybe I could have a drink too.”

“Damn, I have steaks at home but I just realized that while I’m running around with you my groceries are sitting in the back of the cab.”

“That’s not good. Sorry I caused that, didn’t I?”

“It’s not your fault but we should hurry.”

We finished up and left. As we drove I would catch glimpses of Kelly out of the corner of my eye sitting and staring at me with a little smile. When I would actually turn she would invariably look down before returning her gaze to me. When we reached my house I backed into the driveway to make unloading the bed easier. But first I had to unload the groceries and with that Kelly helped. Mindful of her sore back I only allowed her to carry the light items. We brought them to the kitchen and as she put the refrigerated items away first, I selected a nice bottle of red wine and put it in to chill.

“Kelly I still have to unload gravel and concrete from the truck so after you finish make yourself at home. Feel free to get a drink or whatever.”

“Okay Kevin but where do the rest of the groceries go?”

“Except for stuff that has to go in the fridge don’t worry about it. You are my guest so you shouldn’t be working anyway.”

I worked up a good sweat unloading and moving the supplies into the back yard but in present order I was finished and back in the house. Kelly was searching through the refrigerator for something when I came into the kitchen. She came out with some salad fixings and placed them on the counter.

“All right I can make a salad to go with the steak but do you have potatoes to go with them?” she asked.

“They are in the pantry but you shouldn’t trouble yourself Kelly.”

“Nonsense, I’m going to make you a nice meal; you should sit and relax. Do you want me to get you a beer?”

“No thanks, I put the wine in to chill and I think I’m going to jump in the shower real quick.”

“Wait,” she said as she approached me whereupon she pressed her sweet lips to mine for our first kiss. She tasted great and I found myself eagerly returning the kiss with growing intensity until Kelly pinched my ass and stepped back breaking our clinch.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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