I Find a Fabulous Piss Sex Geriatri

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I am a sexual paradox. First, I am 35 yet only attracted to old women — I get so fucking turned on by their droopy tits, flabby bellies, wrinkles, fat hairy cunts, and shitholes. In my early 20s, I hooked up with a plump geriatric nympho who wore a girdle when we fucked. And afterward made me piss on her hairy cunt every time she wanted a piss.

Now, I can’t often find randy old birds who wear girdles and have saggy tits and bellies but none at all to date who enjoy or will have piss sex.

What I wanted was a fat randy old lady who had some fetishes and liked piss play. Little did I know that the answer was solved by Rosemary who was a tenant in a small block of flats let out to seniors, and I was the general factotum.

She was around 65, buxom going to fat but and good looking with great legs. On Tuesday last week, she asked me if I could help her with a ‘delicate situation’.

She had surfed the web and found a site called dark secrets and had struck up a friendship with an elderly couple who had sent her some personal videos and they wanted some of her.

“The problem is, I cannot film myself, can I? Would you do it for me? I am desperate because, for the first time in my life, I have found someone who shares my long-term but sadly unfulfilled interest in what I now believe is now called water sports.”

As soon as she said water sports my nice thick eight-inch cock took notice and I agreed to help her.

That evening whilst having a sherry in her apartment, I asked how her interest in water sports was triggered.

“Well, I was a lot older than other women when I discovered masturbation. And my workmates always laughed at me because I never went for a pee all day. I went to the doctor about the situation and he put it down to the fact that I had a large bladder.tor said. Believe me, it was embarrassing at the time. Well, one day on holiday, I was lying enjoying the sun in a field and started daydreaming about being fucked which made me horny and as no one was around, I took off my knickers and started wanking and as I was coming, I had this massive urge to pee urgently, so just let it gush out which triggered the most fantastic orgasm.”

She added that she continued with her fetish on her own for many years as she thought she was a freak and not something elderly ladies should enjoy.

“You know, this is the first time I have truly found someone like me and I intend to enjoy it”.

“Well, Rosemary, I am pleased to tell you I too am a devotee of piss sex and like you until now have never found a lady to share it with.”

“Oh, that’s divine.

We arranged a time for us to shoot the video the next day. Arriving that evening, Rosemary opened the door dressed not too dissimilar to that of a young public-school girl. A simple blouse covering a pair of ripe 36 DD melons finished with a flared light brown skirt that stretched over her bulging sexy belly and finished about 2 inches below the knee.

“Go through to the living room, I have set up the basics, so to speak, but we need to get run through how we will film this….I am just going to have a drink, would you like a beer?”

Bringing me and herself a generous pint of larger, she added, “whilst I am not embarrassed in acknowledging my ‘kink’ so to speak, this is the first time anyone has seen me do it. The last thing I want is to feel humiliated. So, if what I am about to do is going to make you feel uneasy, please say so now and we will forget all about it.”

“Fuck me, Rosemary, I share your interest too. So no, I won’t be embarrassed….more like excited. Shall we have another pint?”

She beamed and hurriedly refilled the glasses. “Now we know where we stand, let’s make a great movie”. Lifting the settee cover, she showed me the plastic sheets and those around it

“Now, I am swinger seks hikayeleri not very creative, how do you think we should film this. Don’t forget this couple has been kind to send me some movies but they are rather basic…her on the toilet, him peeing on her at the same time. I would like something a bit different. What do you think?”

My mind was going into overdrive. “What about this? You’re sitting down reading and sipping a drink, very refined. Then, think back to when you were younger, when it first started, you start daydreaming and slowly you pull up your skirt and start fingering yourself. You get carried away, the book drops, and you undo your blouse to show off those luscious tits and pert nipples.

Now bearing in mind that I am not here, you slowly open your legs wide for the close up of your clit… and then I pan away. The thing is the film will surprise the viewer. What do you think?”

Her smile gave me the green light.

My opinion of porn videos is that they are never very erotic; an erotic video, as opposed to a porn film, is harder because you have to engage and build up the viewers’ emotional climax as well as the participant’s physical climax”.

“You are great, I can see you like the finer things in life.”

I set up the lighting and put on a soft jazz cd whilst Rosemary went to ‘make some alterations’. Stepping out of the bedroom, she said “This doesn’t look tarty does it?”

She had replaced the plain cotton blouse with a see-through one that clearly showed what could be called a platform bra and a sheer nylon see-through open crutch girdle. The platform came to mind because all the top half did was support those lovely luscious tits showing off her large rich brown aolaes surrounding extremely fat nipples.

Her ensemble was finished off with a very short grey skirt but this time her thighs were encased in delicate 10 denier nylons held taught by flimsy suspenders. She was getting into the mood and quickly finished off another pint of larger!

With her on the sofa, I started shooting but there was a problem…stage fright, I suppose. She looked like a very bad actress. “Look Rosemary, will it help if I help get your imagination going. That should get you in the mood.”

“Think back to that first day, the sun is hot and you’re thinking about being fucked by a 10-inch cock.” Suddenly, as if a switch in her was turned on, she was in the mood. The music and the effect of the larger took over. Languidly she slowly opened her creamy fat thighs and started caressing her silver-haired cunt which was highlighted by her open crotch girdle.

Rosemary had a lovely bush of fanny hair. Whilst dreamily fingering herself she gradually unbuttoned her blouse, revealing those great tits. She was getting into the mood as I swear those nipples had grown by at least another quarter of an inch. She was shedding inhibitions as fast as her clit came out of her labia.

So far, I was just the cameraman, but I was also the voyeur. And boy did I want to fuck her. Fully reclined with her eyes dreamily half-closed, she started talking extremely dirty.

” I love my clit. It’s like a small cock in a way, don’t you think? And when I do this — rubbing her finger over the top – it makes me want to spurt.” As she said that, a golden shower of piss arched across to me. With three pints of larger in my straining bladder and a very big lob on I was getting both randy and uncomfortable.

Seeing my bulge, she added ” I do believe I am turning you on — look at those trousers”

Looking down I saw a large wet patch.

“You’re dribbling, you naughty man. Take off those trousers right now and come over here.”

Still filming, I scrabbled out of my trousers and walked over. Taking my semi-hard dick Rosemary put it in her mouth and tongued my piss hole.

It was fantastic but it also loosened my bladder and I squirted. With my piss dribbling down her mouth Rosemary smiled and swallowed. “Now you know how to squirt too,” she said.

Never once during all this did, she let up pulling and tugging her clit and was getting very excited. “I don’t think I can hold out much longer, time for the close-up. This will make it easier for you.”

Lifting one leg up and still rubbing and tugging her ever protruding thick clit she was gone…. Sighs and moans and then: “Hey, I have a great orgasm when I piss, but I was thinking, it would be even better if you piss inside me at the same time. I know you can.”

This was not in the script, but my bladder was near to bursting, and not having taken my magic tablet, my semi-hard cock was up to the job. Why waste this experience?

Placing the camera low and checking that we would get a great scene, I went over and eased my piss proud cock into her very wet cunt.

“That’s great, you are going to make me very happy.”

“Oh, that’s lovely, not hard, not soft…just the way I like it. Then, slowly but steadily, surges of hot piss gushed from her hole as her orgasm started.

She started writhing underneath me and I opened my bladder and pissed deep into her. As soon as it hit her wall she went nuts and I was showered in more piss. It went everywhere.

Suffice to say that as soon as it started it was over…. the climax.

The film? It looked great. Rosemary’s cyber couple loved it so much that they invited her to bring ‘her friend’ when she visits them next month. I said that I was not sure as piss sex can only last as long as one’s bladder is full.

“Oh, you are a silly one. Look, Philip and Gwen, my new piss friends are into all sorts of perversions and fetishes. And as for me, I am looking forward to having lots of your lovely spunk up my cunt as long as you don’t mind if I squirt.”

Before meeting Philip and Gwen, I wanted to explore more kinky fucking with Rosemary. One thing that she fucking loved was when I put my hand up her skirt in the morning and shoved all my fingers up her hairy hole. Of course, she always pissed herself when she orgasmed.

And to my surprise, she took great delight in pissing in public. Her favourite was wearing a plastic mac and walking with me in the park. So when she pissed herself while she walked in front of me, I told her she was a dirty, fucking piss whore. She loved being spoken to like that.

Needless to add of course that at home she always wanted me fuck her shit hole so she could piss freely as possible. I preferred fucking old ladies” arse holes as they are usually much tighter than their cunts.

Before we left to drive to our hosts, Rosemary informed me that it had been agreed, that the first lot of sex play would be focused on piss as she and they wanted to, as she said, ” soak up and enjoy the fun.” She had no idea what they had in store. But we had to arrive with bladders nicely filling up and ready for action. Rosemary added that the hosts had kindly said that it would be best if we both wore minimal light clothing and no underwear

Philip and Gwen, you could tell were a very sexual couple.

Gwen was similar to Rosemary in build, fat with big tits. Philip was a small guy and looked very unassuming.

They made us extremely welcome with Philip giving me a very tight hug, grinding his crotch into mine which I liked as I was pleasantly surprised to feel his cock get nice and hard as was mine. Rosemary and Gwen were also hugging pressing their massive titties against each other and I swear I saw Rosemary put her hand up Gwen’s very short skirt but it could have been my imagination.

After a few minutes, Gwen said that she was positive that we would all like a nice big drink and went to make the coffees. Of course, I should have guessed, the coffees came in very large mugs.

I looked over at Rosemary who had the biggest smile. Suddenly she said to Philip, ” tell me, Philip, how did you get into enjoying piss sex?”

“Well, Rosemary, I was obsessed with wanking but I used to cum too soon. But I found that if I had a full bladder, I could last a lot longer and after shooting my spunk, I just pissed myself and it was glorious.”

Whilst he was telling us his story, Gwen was looking at me and at the same time, pulling up her skirt and parting her fat thighs to give me a bird’s eye of her grey hairy cunt. I could see that Rosemary had taken this as the sign previously agreed she said to Philip: “Philip, your story has got me quite excited. I just love my cunt filled with spunk and then washed out with strong streams of piss. Have you ever tried it with Gwen? Here let me show you, you don’t mind do you, Gwen, you’ve told us to help ourselves.”

Gwen, now unashamedly fingering her gash said, “Of course take him into the conservatory and your young man and I will watch”.

Their conservatory was extremely warm with underfloor heating and with the lack of rugs and plastic-covered easy chairs and sofa it was their pissing palace.

My now naked Rosemary was getting Philip nice and hard and I was jealous. His cock was not big it was very thick. Laying on her back, he entered her hairy twat and started humping her.

Gwen had got my cock out and said, “I bet your bladder is fit to burst — mine is. Now let’s get you nice and hard and you can fist me. I don’t know if they both timed it but we all came at the same time. Philip then pissed up Rosemary’s fanny for a least a minute and, I don’t know what came over me, but Gwen and I were pissing over each other she urged me to piss in her mouth saying ” give momma another hot drink”. It was fucking wild and very erotic.

After we cleaned up and showered it was time to leave but they promised us some more fun and games next Saturday.

The following Saturday could not come quick enough as far as we were concerned. Arriving in the afternoon, Gwen invited Rosemary to go shopping with her and said for us boys to amuse ourselves — “we have some lovely horny videos you can watch”.

Phil made us a drink and put on one of the videos. It was kinky. There were two guys dressed in stockings and knickers feeling up and double fucking a fat granny with a massive hairy twat.

I must admit it was making me very horny and my cock was tenting in my trousers. Phil’s cock was doing the same. So we agree to wank each other as a change. It was lovely, lots of pre cum made it very easy. And we took it real slow so as not to cum too soon.

Phil said asked if I was bi like him. I said that I had not considered it, but I must be a bit as I was enjoying our wanking.

Then he shocked me by admitting that not only was he bi but also cross-dressed. He said that he loved wearing ladies’ panties and sheer nylons and his favourite thing was being fucked up in his shithole while fucking his wife. “But the best bit is that when we’ve all cum, we piss up the holes and then let it all ooze out.

“It is the ultimate orgasm,” he added.

We both agree that our piss session was good. But I said the trouble was that they didn’t last very long as you can only piss so much.

Then he started telling me how he and his wife can make it last for hours.

“First, you make sure that your bladders are full to bursting but you hold it in. For us guys it’s easy as when we have a hard-on we can’t piss, I cannot at least.”

“The wife and I go shopping and she just loves dribbling her piss all over the place and nobody knows a thing. And back in the car, I start fingering her and as she cums she also squirts out a fuck load of hot piss. You will have to teach Rosemary how to dibble her piss. It is so fucking erotic”.

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